Nazis in US
18 November 2019

A network of Nazis around the US planned defacement of synagogues in two states.

18 November 2019

A Green Party senator in Australia has been castigated for comparing the planet-roaster politicians "arsonists".

In general, someone else's supporting a policy which you believe will have result X is not in general morally equivalent to per personally supporting or doing X. Person might honestly believe that the policy won't cause X, and even if perse turns out to be mistaken about that, it is still a mistake rather than an intentional choice. Anyone can make a mistake.

However, in the issue of global heating and climate disaster, the relation between fossil fuels and wildfires has been so fully established, for so long, and so widely explained, that we have gone past the point where a politician can be excused for disregarding science on this question. Promoting fossil fuel use today is indeed equivalent to fomenting arson.

New York Times denialism
18 November 2019

The New York Times supported global heating denialism by equating the Green New Deal with the bullshitter's border wall.

The difference is that one fights a real and moral danger, while the other fights only a scapegoat.

Protests in Bolivia
18 November 2019

Massive Anti-Coup Protests Explode Across Bolivia 'Against the Many Violations to Democracy'.

In Cochabamba, the thugs shot at these protesters, and perhaps killed some. The Bolivian thugs defended the right to protest for the upper-class protesters that opposed Morales, but not those of his (often indigenous) supporters.

18 November 2019

The Environmental Protection Agency determined that atrazine was poisoning fish, so its unofficial Republican replacement, the Environmental Poisoning Agency, is going to permit 50% more of it.

Atrazine is an endocrine disruptor and also associated with birth defects in humans as well as in aquatic animals.

Public broadband
18 November 2019

Many cities and states are building public broadband internet so as to offer the limited network neutrality that Republicans eliminated.

These cities and states should take the opportunity to prohibit making any record of who a user contacts over the internet, in the absence of a specific subpoena.

Human rights lawyer in house arrest
18 November 2019

Human rights lawyer Steven Donziger is effectively in house arrest because of a ruling that Chevron obtained from a judge that is obviously biased.

Chilean referendum
18 November 2019

*Chilean lawmakers agree to referendum on new constitution.*

Deportation excuses
18 November 2019

Carrying vindictiveness to an extreme, US officials deport foreigners for using marijuana and ban them for life.

Dakota Access pipeline
18 November 2019

*Our fight against the Dakota Access pipeline is far from over.*

Israeli former official call on ban
18 November 2019

Former Israeli ministers and ambassadors call on the EU to prohibit import of goods produced in Israel's colonies in Palestinian territory (the West Bank).

Global heating in UK
18 November 2019

Floods due to big storms have destroyed crops in the UK.

The storms are caused by global heating, so they will get worse.

Journalists treated as criminals
18 November 2019

Two Gay Saudi Journalists 'Treated Like Criminals' in Australia After Seeking Asylum.

Urgent: no discrimination
18 November 2019

US citizens: call on the Senate to pass the Equality Act, which would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or orientation.

If you call, please spread the word!

Urgent: no former military personnel's family deportation
18 November 2019

US citizens: call on the Senate to pass S. 2797, to protect the families of present and former military personnel from deportation.

If you call, please spread the word!

Converting Veterans Day back to Armistice Day
17 November 2019

Armistice Day celebrates the end of World War I, but the US turned it into a celebration of soldiers, Veterans Day. Veterans for Peace seeks to convert it back.

Opposition to war to keep Netanyahu on throne
17 November 2019

Gush Shalom: A war to keep Netanyahu on his throne.

Behrouz Boochani
17 November 2019

Behrouz Boochani, Voice of Manus Island Refugees, Is Free in New Zealand. But only for a short time. It is not clear where he can go and stay.

Citizenship of journalist Aatish Taseer
17 November 2019

More Than 250 Authors Urge India's Prime Minister to Reinstate Overseas Citizenship of British Journalist Aatish Taseer.

Unrecycled plastic
17 November 2019

Very little plastic is really recycled — often plastic collected to recycle is just thrown away — but the plastic companies promote America Recycles Day as a distraction from reducing production of plastic.

UK gives children criminal records
17 November 2019

Most of the children under state custody in the UK get criminal records. Part of the reason is that the "care homes" call the thugs for minor infractions.

Putin replicating Soviet Union
17 November 2019

Ukrainian film-maker Oleg Sentsov, recently released from political imprisonment in Russia, says that Putin is building a tyrannical system that replicates the Soviet Union.

Medical data of millions of Americans
17 November 2019

"I'm the Google whistleblower. The medical data of millions of Americans is at risk."

I have to point out that anonymizing a database gives people little protection because it is often easy to deanonymize, and that HIPAA is not strong enough as protection for patient's privacy.

Rebel leaders in Ukraine ordered by Russia
17 November 2019

The rebel leaders in Ukraine were obeying orders from Russia.

This is significant for the moral significance of the rebellion as a whole. It was clearly a Russian attack on Ukraine.

However, this does not show that any of them knowingly and intentionally fired on an airliner. I think they assumed it was a military plane.

The right-wing coup in Bolivia
17 November 2019

The Right-Wing Coup in Bolivia Is Exactly the Opposite of What Democracy Looks Like.

What Evo Morales achieved for the non-rich in Bolivia, especially the indigenous people who tend to be quite poor.

It seems clear that his enemies organized a dishonest campaign to force him out, but it isn't clear to me what tangible acts the military did to further that campaign. I think this is an important question. We should not call it a "military coup" unless the military played a central role.

Rodney Reed's execution
17 November 2019

Rodney Reed, facing immediate execution, has been given a stay to evaluate the claim that he was framed.

Green New Deal
17 November 2019

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez proposed a detailed plan for the Green New Deal in the area of public housing. This would address the housing shortage in US cities as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and in the process create many good jobs.

Space tourism greenhouse gas
17 November 2019

Space tourism would emit lots of greenhouse gas: one rocket launch would equal 200 round-trip transatlantic flights.

Guatemala civil war
17 November 2019

The violence and cruelty of Guatemala's 36-year civil war was mainly due to US aid to the right-wing government installed by a US-supported coup in 1954.

Buyout of Buttigieg campaign
17 November 2019

(satire) Deval Patrick Acquires High Favorability Numbers, Good Iowa Polling After Leveraged Buyout Of Buttigieg Campaign.

Nature revenge
17 November 2019

*Minutes after the Venetian city council voted down a resolution addressing the climate crisis Wednesday, the council chambers were [flooded] with water for the first time in history.*

Urgent: reject Keystone XL pipeline
17 November 2019

US citizens: call on the State Department to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

If you call, please spread the word!

Mike Pence encounter
17 November 2019

(satire) … Mike Pence was reportedly against a bathroom wall for hours Thursday following an encounter with a doorknob resembling the female breast.

MSNBC Sanders' coverage
17 November 2019

Analysis of Primetime MSNBC Programs Finds Sanders Received 'Least' and 'Most Negative' Coverage of Top 2020 Democrats.

Biometric data in Russian bank
17 November 2019

The Russian bank Sberbank is pressuring its clients to hand over biometric data even though this is not actually required.

EIB and fossil fuels
17 November 2019

The European Investment Bank decided to stop investing in most fossil fuels.

There are two weaknesses in its decision: it won't take effect for another 14 months, and it has a loophole for gas.

According to a medical study, delay in curbing global heating will endanger people's health and cause premature death — especially for children.

Tax cuts against non-rich
17 November 2019

Plutocratist senators, including some Democrats, are pushing a law for "automatic deficit reduction" — to work by cutting spending, not by increasing taxes.

In other words, every tax cut for the rich will automatically cut support for the non-rich.

Facial recognition on Capitol Hill
17 November 2019

Fight for the Future scanned the faces of passers-by on Capitol Hill, tracking people including congresscritters and senators, to bring home to them why they should make such scanning illegal for anyone to do.

The Situation Room, October 2039
17 November 2019

The Situation Room, October 2039: the president and vice president, and other high civil and military officials are following the damage from Hurricane Monica, Hurricane Nicholas, and Hurricane Ophelia, as well as Southern California where "millions of people are under mandatory evacuation orders with essentially nowhere to go because of a maelstrom of raging wildfires."

Fortunately, the US no longer needs to worry greatly about Russian and China, which have been hit by their own human-caused climate disasters.

In 2019, important US military bases have already been ruined by storms and threatened by wildfires.

Civilian life will be in constant danger from these events, too. It will not be easy to grow as much food as we produce today.

The soundest policy would be for the US, China and Russia to join together now and force all countries to join them in rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is foolish to wait until the disaster makes it impossible to delay any longer.

Nonpartisan Journalism
17 November 2019

US college student newspapers face relentless pressure from activist students to become overtly partisan.

I support the campaign to abolish the US deportation thug department,

ICE, and I would have joined in protesting Sessions' visit to Northwestern if I had been there. But it is important for newspapers (not just those of students) to cover these protests in a nonpartisan way. One of our deep political problems (not new) is that our journalism is too politicized. This makes it hard to determine what really happened — so how can we decide where to stand on an issue?

Urgent: Restore the DACA program
16 November 2019

US citizens: call on the Senate to restore the DACA program, that allows people brought to the US as children to remain and become citizens.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Social-credit score systems in America
16 November 2019

Various little-known companies are setting up America's embryonic social-credit score systems. Well-known internet dis-services give them data, and they make the derived scores or ratings available to those dis-services and others.

Requiring these companies to give you the raw data they store about you will only give you a partial idea of just how much power they wield. To reduce their power would require reducing their data collection.

Fraud is not a good thing, and in principle I am in favor of preventing fraud, but doing it by prejudging people (often based on bias along with the data) is not a solution. We should adopt solutions that respect anonymity and stop fraud — such as GNU Taler — so that there is no need to guess who might be likely to commit fraud.

Facebook sponsoring Kavanaugh
16 November 2019

Facebook sponsored the rightwing Federalist Society to host a dinner honoring Justice Kavanaugh, who tried to commit rape years ago and lied about it while testifying to Congress.

Urgent: Ban cyanide
16 November 2019

US citizens: call for banning the use of cyanide to cull wildlife.

If you call, please spread the word!

Thugs in prison
16 November 2019

Two Italian thugs have been sentenced to 12 years in prison for beating a prisoner to death.

Selling Alberta bonds for environmental reasons
16 November 2019

Sweden has sold bonds issued by Alberta, because that Canadian state pushes tar sands oil.

It is noteworthy that Alberta complains it is unfeasible to start new energy projects, but I suspect that is an exaggeration. If it were true, the Keystone XL pipeline project would be abandoned.

Firefighting in Australia
16 November 2019

Australia's firefighters are worn out after two months working with little chance to sleep. But the fires are not finished.

Australians must insist on curbing global heating now, for otherwise it will get much, much worse.

Lift of Hong Kong highway blockade
16 November 2019

Hong Kong: Protesters Lift Highway Blockade on Proviso [that local] Elections Proceed [as scheduled].

Wars by US and Britain
16 November 2019

"The US and Britain face no existential threat. So why do their wars go on?"

CIA's torture
16 November 2019

The CIA could resume torturing prisoners.

Burning plastic in Indonesia
16 November 2019

Burning imported plastic waste in Indonesia spreads toxic chemicals in the neighborhood. The toxins then get into local chickens and their eggs.

Abandoned mines methane leaks
16 November 2019

Coal mines leak lots of methane — even after the mining stops.

Does anyone know how to stop the methane emissions from an abandoned coal mine?

Violence in Hong Kong
16 November 2019

Both protesters and thugs in Hong Kong are causing deaths with their violence.

I don't know the local conditions in Hong Kong, but I do know that violence on the part of protesters tends to lead to defeat as it gives the state an excuse.

Markets role
16 November 2019

"Capitalism" and "socialism" are vague words. Bernie Sanders's views can be considered to fit either one. The article says that the real question is,

"if we say markets will play some limited role — as opposed to gobbling up all of society like they do now — then we're not really saying anything until we start laying down specifics."

16 November 2019

reCIRCLE — the Swiss reusable system for take-aways.

Miners transition
16 November 2019

As the Coal Industry Shrinks, Miners Deserve A Just Transition. This means developing ways to support the ex-coal-miners other than mining coal.

Fighting the border-industrial complex
16 November 2019

Fighting the border-industrial complex, which profits from the disasters that the US causes in other countries, which drive people to flee.

Sanders denounces coup in Bolivia
16 November 2019

Sanders has denounced the coup in Bolivia; Warren has not.

Bully's immigration advisor
16 November 2019

Leaked emails prove that the bully's immigration advisor, Stephen Miller, really is a white supremacist.

Legalization of same-sex marriage
16 November 2019

Legalizing same-sex marriage in Sweden and Denmark led to a big decrease in suicide for people in same-sex relationships.

China's figures on organ transplants
16 November 2019

Accusing China of falsifying its figures on organ transplants and continuing to get organs by executing prisoners.

Investigation into persecution of Rohingya
16 November 2019

The International Criminal Court has approved an investigation into Burma's persecution of the Rohingya.

Student poverty in France
15 November 2019

A student in France set himself on fire to protest against poverty, and this led to wider protests about poverty.

Assyrian empire fall
15 November 2019

The Assyrian empire seems to have fallen after a decades-long regional drought.

That drought wasn't the result of humans' greenhouse gas emissions. But that is what causes today's increasing droughts.

Flood in Venice
15 November 2019

Venice had another flood, the highest since the 1960s. Predictably, there was a lot of damage — but didn't people expect this? They ought to expect it to get worse.

Unless we curb and then undo global heating, the occasional flooding of Venice will become more frequent and higher. Protective barriers will work only temporarily until the sea surmounts them. Eventually only dams will do the job.

Damming off the lagoon will change its water and life; I wonder if it would be adequate to let water flow into the lagoon some of the time, while pumping water out at other times.

Russian funding of Tory campaigns
15 November 2019

Tory election campaigns have been funded for years by Russians, which is why the Tories are blocking an investigation.

Urgent: Support impeaching the bullshitter
15 November 2019

US citizens: phone your congresscritter to support impeaching the bullshitter.

It wouldn't hurt to ask for the investigation to cover other crimes as well as the Ukraine shakedown.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

Deaths caused by US wars since 2000
15 November 2019

US wars since 2000 are estimated to have caused three million deaths.

There is no way to get anything more accurate than an estimate. For Iraq, the organization Iraq Body Count counted only specific casualties which could be verified — and that was clearly a small fraction.

Thugs illegally keep juveniles' fingerprints
15 November 2019

The New York City thug department keeps fingerprints of juvenile delinquents, in direct contempt of the state law prohibiting this.

I gather that they are all teenagers rather than "children", but that is no excuse. The law applies to teenagers, too.

Journalist Ahmet Altan arrested again
15 November 2019

Turkish journalist Ahmet Altan has been arrested again, for bogus political reasons.

Erdoğan has thousands of people jailed or fired from their jobs using the failed coup as an excuse.

Human rights responsibilities evaded
15 November 2019

Can the government evade its human rights responsibilities in regard to a certain service by outsourcing it? A court in Scotland ruled yes.

Faster Amazon shipping speeds
15 November 2019

(satire) Amazon officials announced Wednesday that they’ll be encouraging faster shipping speeds by strapping a cinder block to the accelerator of their drivers’ delivery trucks.

Increasing inequality in the UK
15 November 2019

Increasing inequality in the UK has shrunk the tax base. The top 1% now pay 1/3 of the income tax.

It is good to tax the rich, but getting a lot of income from a few gives them power they should not have.

The situation calls for spreading the income more widely.

Improper advantage at the ballot box
15 November 2019

"When a rotten administration repeatedly seeks to gain an improper advantage at the ballot box, it no longer makes sense to regard the ballot box as the only means of removing the president from office."

Call-out culture
15 November 2019

"I’m a Black Feminist. I Think Call-Out Culture Is Toxic."

Rich deposit of natural resources
15 November 2019

(satire) Cursing their luck after scientists confirmed their nation’s worst fears had been realized, officials in Paraguay were reportedly panicking Wednesday after discovering a rich deposit of natural resources.

EPA wants less science and fewer rules
15 November 2019

"The EPA wants to ban [regulatory consideration of] research that doesn’t violate the privacy of its subjects. That means less science—and fewer rules for polluters."

Israeli forces violated the rights of Palestinian journalists
15 November 2019

Palestinians report that Israeli forces violated the rights of Palestinian journalists 600 times this year. That includes 80 instances of shooting journalists.

Sewage on Palestinians land
15 November 2019

Israeli soldiers blocked Palestinians from harvesting their olives. That was after they discovered that someone had dumped sewage and pig parts on their land — most likely the Israelis from the nearby colony.

A war to keep Netanyahu on his throne
15 November 2019

Raluca Ganea: A war to keep Netanyahu on his throne.
(Translated and published by Gush Shalom.)

Bolivia's lithium reserves
15 November 2019

Morales wanted to develop Bolivia's lithium reserves in a way that would benefit Bolivians, not mainly multinational corporations. Western companies refused, and recently Chinese companies accepted.

Border thugs need suspicion to search
15 November 2019

The EFF won a court judgment that US border thugs need a specific suspicion to authorize searching travelers' computers (including phones).

Lawful ways to subvert US politics
15 November 2019

Foreign governments have lawful ways to subvert US politics, with their money.

General lack of trust
15 November 2019

Of Americans under 30, over 70% distrust other people in general. Could this be a consequence of their controlling upbringing, which teaches that every stranger is a "danger"?

The lack of trust interferes with the cooperation that makes society function. It can cripple the functioning of society.

Foreign students leaving Hong Kong
15 November 2019

After thugs attacked some Hong Kong universities, foreign students felt threatened and began leaving.

Increased sales of SUVs
15 November 2019

The IEA warns that increased sales of SUVs could wipe out the greenhouse gas reductions achieved by electric cars.

That the IEA pays attention to global heating is a change for the better.

Nobel Prize conspiracy
15 November 2019

A 1990s conspiracy theory was believed by Nobel Prize jurors and that is why they gave the Nobel Prize for Literature to Peter Handke.

International Energy Agency is worried
14 November 2019

The International Energy Agency has become seriously concerned about global heating. It has warned governments that their current plans are not enough to avoid disaster.

Deforesters responsibilities
14 November 2019

Scientist Bambang Hero Saharjo is an expert on demonstrating in court how deforesters are responsible for specific wildfires and thus for the destruction they caused.

14 November 2019

Britons of Indian descent have pressured Labour into treating the issue of Kashmir as a dispute between India and Pakistan.

The article takes no notice of the fact that Kashmir is now under Indian military occupation.

Morales election
14 November 2019

There was no anomaly in the Bolivian vote count. The quick partial count, which covered 87% of the votes, found that Morales was not leading by 10% and a second round would be needed. The full count found a margin of over 10%, meaning no second round.

Morales had heavy support in rural areas whose votes were not reported in until the quick count had got enough votes to issue its report.

Morales says that he fled Bolivia because someone offered a $50,000 reward for murdering him.

It looks like this was not a military coup such as we are accustomed to seeing. Rather, the OAS fabricated the suspicion to create an excuse to overthrow the government, and the wealthy right-wing minority seized the opportunity.

This is what Republicans threaten to do in the US next year if they lose. We must not let this daunt us. If we don't dare try to vote them out of power, we have already lost.

Violent Hate Crimes in US
14 November 2019

Violent Hate Crimes in US Reach Highest Levels in 16 Years, FBI Reports.

This seems to happen generally in countries where right-wing extremists get into power, and they provoke it as a strategy to gain more power.

Vote to arrest global heating
14 November 2019

Greta Thunberg's parting call to Americans: vote (to arrest global heating).

Global heating discussion in Australia
14 November 2019

New South Wales (a state in Australia) held an event to discuss how it can adapt to global heating effects. Some of its officials were told not to say anything there about the global heating effect that is causing destruction just now — ,greater fire danger than ever before recorded there.

The choice of "adaptation to" as the topic, rather than "prevention of", reflects Australia's political decision to prioritize continuing fossil fuel profits over everyone's survival a few decades from now.

Insect Apocalypse
14 November 2019

"Insect Apocalypse" Poses Risk to All Life on Earth, Conservationists Warn.

400,000 known insect species could be wiped out by pesticides.

"It really worries me to hear people say we need more long-term studies to be sure. [More certitude] would be great, but we can't wait another 25 years before we do anything because it will be too late.”

Automatic fail asylum interview
14 November 2019

The bully has made the first asylum interview much more strict, in some secret way, such that almost everyone is rejected at that point.

Thug violence increase in Hong-Kong
14 November 2019

Hong Kong protests continue, increasingly chaotic, as thugs gradually increase their level of violence against protesters and the protesters retaliate.

Suicides in Turkey
14 November 2019

Poverty and hopelessness in Turkey are leading to a steadily increasing suicide rate.

Erdoğan's tyranny surely contributes to this, but I suspect that population growth plays a role too. The best possible government policies could not compensate for the effects of overpopulation, but could perhaps avoid it.

Chile's constitution
14 November 2019

Chile developed so much inequality by following the advice of right-wing economists in the US.

Thousands of Chileans are participating in local meetings to discuss how to move Chile out of crisis.

What most everyone wants is a new constitution to replace the one imposed by the dictator Pinochet, who seized power in a bloody coup on Sep 11, 1973 with US support.

Protests in Lebanon
14 November 2019

Analyzing the protests in Lebanon: demanding an end to the sect-based corruption in which the leaders of the various religious groups split up the country's wealth, and dribble out some in their groups to maintain support.

OK boomer
14 November 2019

Chlöe Swarbrick spoke in the NZ Parliament and said something ageist: "OK boomer", which expresses bigotry against old people.

What she says in the article seems valid to me. Also, if I lived in her district I would probably vote for her, since she is in the Green Party. Nonetheless, using the ageist rebuke is not right, and I hope she will avoid it in the future. If an old white man does something unfair to her, he deserves criticism for his conduct (and perhaps his political stand), not for his age.

Intolerance in Salafi Arabia
14 November 2019

Categorizing Feminism, Atheism, Homosexuality as Crimes Exposes [Salafi] Arabia's Dangerous Intolerance.

Snooping on students' communications
14 November 2019

When schools monitor students' communications, that can put them in danger.

Labeling products from Israel's colonies
14 November 2019

The European Court of Justice ruled that products from Israel's colonies in Palestine must be labeled as such.

This will make it easier for people in Europe to practice the boycott originally proposed by Gush Shalom in support of peace between Israel and Palestine.

Slave labor in Myanmar
14 November 2019

Europe is importing shrimp from Myanmar and disregarding the use of slave labor to cultivate them.

Refusal to have a mobile phone
14 November 2019

Some celebrities refuse to have a mobile phone. For some, one of the objections is tracking.

US military's view of global heating
14 November 2019

The US military regards global heating as a dangerous and deadly enemy to the United States — not solely to the military.

Analysis of the situation in Brazil
14 November 2019

An analysis of the situation in Brazil — what Lula faces as he starts to reawaken the Brazilian left.

I don't know that what the article says is true. I don't have confirmation of most of it. But it could be true.

The ouster of Morales
14 November 2019

Was the ouster of Morales a protest or a coup? I don't have enough information to draw a conclusion. Did the army actually do something? I don't know. Did the OAS find real evidence of an invalid election? I hope to see the CEPR report soon. What I do know is that the "opposition" to leftist governments in Latin America is often made up of the prosperous fraction of society that finds it profitable to manage their country on behalf of foreign companies.

Bullshitter's faithful servants argue
14 November 2019

Two faithful servants of the bullshitter argue about who was dishonest.