Honduras former police chief faces drug trafficking charges
24 May 2020

President Hernández of Honduras is suspected of being a major drug trafficker. His former chief of the national police faces US drug trafficking charges.

Hernández got into power in the dubious election held after the US-supported coup. His brother was convicted already of drug trafficking.

Prohibition of recreational drugs is futile and stupid, but that doesn't make trafficking good. For addictive drugs, the state should provide them to addicts in a safe way, so as to pull the plug on the black market.

San Francisco war on homeless
24 May 2020

San Francisco continues its war on homeless, especially its uniformed thugs, but some people are being allowed for the time being to live in tents on the street.

Eradication of Covid-19
24 May 2020

A vaccine for Covid-19, even if it works, may not be effective enough to eradicate the disease.

Biden considers being more progressive.
24 May 2020

Biden says that he will consider being more progressive than he was advocating previously.

For this to win my vote, he must endorse specific progressive policies, not merely say he is thinking about doing so.

New Deal-type policies to help young people
24 May 2020

*Recessions blight young people’s prospects for decades. We need New Deal-type policies now to help them.*

Republicans won't allow this.

German safety laws for meat processing plants
24 May 2020

Germany has adopted new safety laws for meat-processing plants.

We should ban use of subcontracted workers in all areas of work.

Study of hydroxychloroquine found to increase death rate
24 May 2020

A study of almost 100,000 patients given hydroxychloroquine as a putative treatment for Covid-19 found that the drug increases the death rate.

The bullshitter may be safe taking hydroxychloroquine, for the time being, if he does not have Covid-19.

14 day quarantine for international arrivals to UK
24 May 2020

The UK will make people arriving internationally pass 14 days of quarantine.

It might make sense to quarantine travelers from high-sickness countries such as the US and Brazil. However, it is pointless and irrational to do this to people coming from other EU countries. They don't have a higher infection rate than the UK itself.

Urgent: Everyone: Call on Chase to stop lending to planet roasters.
24 May 2020

Everyone: phone Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s office at +1-212270-1111 and call for Chase to stop lending to planet roasters. 350.org suggests saying these words

Hi, my name is _______. I'm calling Jamie Dimon's office today to urge him to stop giving loans to the fossil fuel industry. I want him to do this for the sake of people around the world and the future of our planet. As a consumer, I will refuse to bank with any company that is so out of touch that they're still funding fossil fuels.
if you can't think of something better to say. No insults or name-calling, please — use a polite tone to state your criticism. Fossil fuel infrastructure is expensive. If banks won't lend for that, it can't be built.

Urgent: Stronger health and safety protections for US frontline food workers
24 May 2020

US citizens: call on stronger workplace health and safety protections for US frontline food workers.

UK Tories treaty will encourage environmental degradation
23 May 2020

UK Tories are as bad as always, on most issues. Now they propose a new business-supremacy treaty that will encourage environmental degradation.

By denying Parliament the power to vote on these imposed changes to the UK's laws, the British state h s made itself nondemocratic and therefore illegitimate.

China repression on Hong Kong
23 May 2020

China has announced plans to impose direct rule and direct repression on Hong Kong.

At least China's dishonesty will be exposed completely.

Black Americans, Democratic party
23 May 2020

*Black Americans are in an abusive relationship with the Democratic party.*

Scheme to bypass conflict of interest rules
23 May 2020

A new scheme to bypass conflict of interest rules: the head of the US Covid-19 vaccine program was appointed with 10 million in stock in GlaxoSmithKline, one of the companies whose activity the program is involved with. (He got the stock as an employee.)

The cheater appointed him as a contractor rather than an employee and claims that this makes conflict of interest rules irrelevant — but that doesn't prevent conflicts of interest.

Real climate defense in the DNC
23 May 2020

Climate defense activist RL Miller has been elected to the Democratic National Committee and plans to use her position to push the party towards real climate defense.

I wonder how members of the DNC are elected. I have never seen any campaign about who will be a member.

Lobbying against single-payer universal medical care
23 May 2020

The American Hospital Association funds lobbying against single-payer universal medical care (Medicare for All), through a hypocritically named lobbying group, the "Partnership for America's Health Care Future", for which a more accurate name would be the "Partnership for Unaffordable Health Care and Future Patient Bankruptcies."

Doctors have organized to demand that the AHA stop supporting that lobbying.

US billionaires vs most Americans financial difficulties
23 May 2020

While most Americans are in financial difficulties, US billionaires have gained 434 more billions since mid-March.

Deregulation of toxins.
23 May 2020

The head saboteur of the EPA claims all his acts of deregulation of toxins are changes for the better.

The article includes a long list of them.

Microplastic toxins climb up the food chain.
23 May 2020

Microplastics accumulate in sea sediment. In some areas, layers just under the surface can contain 2 million crumbs of plastic per square meter. Animals that crawl through the sediment to feed eat the microplastics, and the toxins climb up the food chain.

The fish humans eat may become dangerously toxic, or perhaps they already are.

Pandemic likely to boost the pace of automation.
23 May 2020

The pandemic is likely to boost the pace of automation, which could eliminate a substantial fraction of all today's jobs in a couple of years.

I don't understand how it could possibly work to buy clothing without trying it on. When I buy pants, I know which size I need — but not all the pants of that size fit me. Would I have to buy six pairs of pants, then return five of them or six of them? Would I have to buy six of them and give away those that don't fit me?

Urgent: Investigation of Pompeo
23 May 2020

US citizens: call on Congress to pick up where the ex-Inspector General's investigation of Pompeo left off.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

If you call please spread the word!

No Covid-19 support for tax-dodgers
22 May 2020

*Scotland bans Covid-19 support to firms based in tax havens.*

If your government fails to take this obvious step, that shows it is controlled by tax-dodging rich parasites.

Second wave
22 May 2020

Science advisors of the Obama administration say the US will face a second wave of Covid-19 around September, and must stockpile medical equipment for it.

It is lunacy to have wasted the first stay-at-home period without building up the capacity to follow it with test, trace and isolate. The bullshitter appears to have made this choice this intentionally.

Low herd immunity
22 May 2020

Despite Sweden's high Covid-19 death rate, a survey in Stockholm found that it has gone only 10% of the way to herd immunity (7% have antibodies).

Reaching herd immunity without a vaccine entails lots of deaths.

Hiding their pay
22 May 2020

Rich people hide their pay as capital gains to pay less taxes. They mostly do not give much to charity, and they have not lost much in the stock market's decline.

Contact-tracing for medical workers
22 May 2020

The big obstacle to contact-tracing in the UK is that the contacts of infected medical workers and nursing home workers are mostly other medical workers and nursing home workers — and if they all self-isolate for a week or two as a precaution, the system will fail immediately.

The first step in fixing this is obvious — give them all sufficient protective equipment — but the UK hasn't got its act together to do that.

National Security law
22 May 2020

China is moving to impose a repressive "national security" law on Hong Kong.

*Hong Kong’s security laws: what are they and why are they so controversial?*

FDA on hydroxychloroquine
22 May 2020

*FDA appears to soften stance on hydroxychloroquine* after the numskull announced he was taking it.

This suggests that he is attacking the independence of its regulation of drugs.

As a separate matter, the FDA has been undermining inspection of production medicines since Obama's day. Obama could do some good things, but only when business wasn't interested.

Entitled governor
22 May 2020

Georgia Governor Kemp cancelled a special election for the state supreme court. The Republican-dominated state supreme court ruled that he was entitled to appoint a Republican judge instead of holding an election.

Kemp was previously the state official in charge of elections, which gave him the opportunity to rig the election for governor so he would "win."

Much larger depression
22 May 2020

Economists warn that if the US government refuses to bail out state governments for the costs of dealing with Covid-19, it will push the US into a much larger depression.

Either the conman or Republican senators (I don't recall which) have talked about doing this.

Removing another inspector general
22 May 2020

The corrupter removed another inspector general, this one for the Department of Transportation.

That IG was investigating Ellen Chao, the head of that department, for favoritism in favor of the business interests of her husband, Senator McConnell.

The Pentagon dropped measures to cut down on wasteful spending.
22 May 2020

The Pentagon in 2019 quietly dropped measures designed to cut down on wasteful spending on business.

Republicans plan to let extended unemployment insurance end in July.
22 May 2020

Republicans plan to let extended unemployment insurance end in July, when the depression will still be getting worse.

That will, I expect, increase the depression, but not for billionaires, who will receive handouts.

Big corporations planning to sue countries for taking Covid-19 measures that cut into profits.
22 May 2020

Big corporations are planning use ISDS clauses (I Sue Democratic States) to sue many countries for taking Covid-19 emergency measures that cut into their profits.

Governments may be able to argue that the losses were due to Covid-19 and its consequences, rather than to the government actions themselves. But that is not reliable.

We must abolish the business-supremacy treaties.

Insolvent Wall Street banks bailed out again.
22 May 2020

*Insolvent Wall Street banks have been quietly bailed out again. Banks made risk-free by the government should be public utilities.*

Emergency Temporary Standard to Protect Workers.
22 May 2020

*AFL-CIO Sues OSHA for Emergency Temporary Standard to Protect Workers.*

The Secretary of Labor, a Republican, has refused to try to protect workers from infection.

Apple Siri recorded and saved people's speech.
22 May 2020

Former Apple worker Thomas le Bonniec reports that Apple Siri recorded and saved people's speech at random and is not being investigated for this.

Increase of powerful hurricanes near Australia.
22 May 2020

Hurricanes near Australia (peculiarly called "tropical cyclones" though they are the same phenomenon) show a trend over the past 40 years that the number of the most powerful ones is increasing — in line with what climate models forecast.

The US is forecast to get a lot of hurricanes this year, and it will be hard to give people shelter without their catching Covid-19 from each other.

The US needs to be making lots of masks to give them, and goggles. Republicans in their contempt for the non-rich will choose not to do it.

Tory politicians' value of inmates of nursing homes.
22 May 2020

Tory politicians value strawberries more than the inmates of nursing homes.

Algae in Antarctica
22 May 2020

Algae are spreading across melting snow in Antarctica where there were never algae before.

Urgent: Extradition of Julian Assange
22 May 2020

US citizens: call on Judge Baraitser not to extradite Julian Assange.

Urgent: Pentagon's Revolving Door.
22 May 2020

US citizens: call on your Senator not to reopen the Pentagon's revolving door.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

If you call please spread the word!

Andrew Cuomo is no hero.
21 May 2020

*Andrew Cuomo is no hero. He's to blame for New York's coronavirus catastrophe. His record was terrible before coronavirus, but his abysmal handling of the crisis should get him thrown out of office.*

Many Americans have somehow got the idea that he is progressive. More Information Further information

US government trying to bully the WHO.
21 May 2020

The US government is trying to bully the WHO into bowing to Christian prudery by removing references to sexual and reproductive health.

Every time the bully succeeds in intimidating someone, he presents that as a triumph, and his fanatical supporters feel stronger. The WHO should show strength by sticking to what it considers right.

Boosting China's global power.
21 May 2020

The numskull's churlish threats are boosting China's global power.

China applies its power in a way that is less stupid than the US, but no less evil.

Refusing to hand over phone password.
21 May 2020

A UK right-wing extremist was convicted of the crime of refusing to hand over his phone password for an arbitrary, no-grounds-required, no-legal-advice-allowed search when entering the UK.

This is the same law that was used to make Glenn Greenwald's mate hand over the some of the Snowden leaks. They just have to call you a "terrorist" — never mind whether there is any truth in that.

Lying for half a million dollars
21 May 2020

Jane Roe, plaintiff in the Roe v Wade case, famously recanted her support for abortion rights. Just before dying she confessed that her recantation was a sham — she lied in exchange for half a million dollars from Operation Rescue.

Lifelong punishments without trial
21 May 2020

The UK plans once again to impose lifelong punishments on people accused of terrorism, without troubling to give them a trial first.

This would be on top of the deviously evil UK laws that make it a crime to arouse suspicion.

All cooperation cancelled
21 May 2020

The Palestinian Authority has cancelled all cooperation with Israel, anticipating annexation of Palestine's farm land.

Breaking Pentagon rules
21 May 2020

Reportedly Pompeo broke the Pentagon's rules in order to rush approval of an arms sale to Crown Prince Bone Saw.

Four-day week
21 May 2020

New Zealand's prime minister proposes a four-day work week so as to get more people employed quickly.

Fired for refusing to censor
21 May 2020

Florida fired scientist Rebekah Jones who had developed a system for online fast access to statistics about Covid-19 in the state. She said she was fired for refusing to censor the data.

Hero tax
21 May 2020

(satire) *Amazon Institutes New ‘Hero Tax’ Charging Essential Workers Additional $2 Per Hour For Honor Of Bravely Performing Job*

Reducing military budget
21 May 2020

29 progressive Democrats call for reducing the US military budget this year.

I hope they present a target for this reduction, because a minuscule reduction of ten dollars or ten million dollars won't make much difference against the recent increase of a hundred billion dollars.

What evangelicals could learn
21 May 2020

*What evangelicals could learn from The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam.*

Opposing available vaccines
21 May 2020

The UK is opposing the campaign to make Covid-19 vaccines available to everyone in the world — and without that, billions of people will be unable to afford it.

Kelp farming
21 May 2020

Kelp farming absorbs CO2, so it can locally slow the inexorable advance of ocean acidification.

To really end ocean acidification, we must drastically cut our CO2 emissions.

Sending asylum seekers
21 May 2020

The US sends Hondurans and Salvadoreans seeking asylum to Guatemala saying they should try to find safety there.

They could replace the Guatemalans who are fleeing the violence of their country for the US.

Perfect success rate against Covid-19
21 May 2020

How Hong Kong protected nursing home inmates from Covid-19 with a perfect success rate.

Temporary decline
21 May 2020

The temporary decline in CO2 emissions, due to staying home and not traveling, is not enough to affect global heating in the long run.

We still desperately need a Green New Deal.

Handy opportunity for racists
21 May 2020

A black man and his mother was accused of stealing a TV set after he bought it. Then he tried to return it and was accused again of stealing it. This time, the thugs beat him and his mother, gravely injuring them both.

The thugs said they mutilated him for "failing to comply". That is a handy opportunity to elevate their subjective impression to the status of fact — handy for racists.

Bill to allow broader and more absurd patents
21 May 2020

The greediest of US businesses are pushing a bill to allow broader and more absurd patents, even in medicine.

Patents do little good for society, and in some fields a lot of harm. They are especially harmful in agriculture, medicine and computing. All in all it would be better to eliminate patents entirely.

Thousands of Californian prisoners have Covid-19
21 May 2020

Thousands of prisoners in California have Covid-19, and some are getting no medical care.

Bureau of Land Management doing the opposite of its job
21 May 2020

The saboteur in charge of the Bureau of Land Management is not only ordering it to do the opposite of its job. He is trying to make it fall apart.

A plan to put an end to Covid-19 in the US
21 May 2020

A plan to put an end to Covid-19 in the US, and reopen much of the economy, with lots of testing and tracing.

Urgent: reject blanket immunity for businesses about workers that catch Covid-19
21 May 2020

US citizens: call on the Senate to reject blanket immunity for businesses about workers that catch Covid-19.

Organ donor by default
20 May 2020

In the UK, everyone will be an organ donor by default. People will be able to declare that they are unwilling to donate.

Eliminating the forest entirely
20 May 2020

In parts of Australia, forest fires are now so frequent (due to global heating) that they will stop new trees from growing and eliminate the forest entirely.

Machine learning
20 May 2020

The shallowness of machine learning was exposed when it couldn't make sense of changed patterns of purchasing when most people stopped travelling and started working at home.

This is an inherent consequence of the modern approach to AI, which abandons all effort to understand anything.

Tracking car travel
20 May 2020

Israel tracks all car travel using license plate cameras.

The UK does the same thing, and has used it to sabotage protests. Democracy in Israel is in danger from the top, and law enforcement is totally biased, so every surveillance system is likely to be used for repression of Palestinians, as well as its supposed intended purpose.

Sale of public land
20 May 2020

The saboteur in chief is speeding up sale of public land so that businesses can despoil more and sooner.

One hour's notice
20 May 2020

France ordered web sites to delete anything the state labels as "terrorist" with just one hour's notice. This gives no time to discuss whether the material really is "terrorist".

This adds up to arbitrary censorship power, as well as an excuse to shut down any web site that can't afford staff to watch for such requests 24 hours a day.

Leaked name
20 May 2020

The FBI accidentally leaked the name of the Salafi Arabian official it suspected of helping to organize the 11 Sep 2001 attacks on the US.

Dubya wanted to blame it on Iraq to have an excuse for the war he had sought even before.

Food stamps
20 May 2020

Food giveaways are helpful in the short term, but in the long term we need to expand food stamps.

International Life Sciences Institute
20 May 2020

The International Life Sciences Institute presents itself as working for the general good, but records show funnels money from companies such as Coca Cola to promote use of ingredients that can damage health.

I suppose those companies have dozens of front groups and can use them in parallel.

Smart cities
20 May 2020

This article contends that Bloomberg and Bill Gates are collaborating with other billionaires to set up "smart" cities which will use the Internet of Stings for social control.

I don't see proof that this is true, but it is a danger worth thinking about it. If they are not attempting this now, someone else could. To resist it, we should oppose all systems that track people in daily life.

Don't be tracked — Pay cash!

Treating truth with contempt
20 May 2020

The Financial Times excoriates the saboteur-in-chief for killing tens of thousands of Americans by treating the truth with contempt.

This is the voice of a 1970s Republican, who wants to increase business profits but not by mass slaughter.

It is interesting to compare China's Covid-19 cover-up with America's Covid-19 cover-up. China's cover-up was done by low-level officials who were afraid of being punished because the problem appeared in their department. America's cover-up was done by the highest officials, people who rarely tell the truth about anything.

Now demanding bailouts
20 May 2020

*Private Hospitals, Now Demanding Bailouts, Lobbied to Defeat Cost-Saving Health Reform as Coronavirus Crisis Grew.*

Buying a team
20 May 2020

The acting king of Salafi Arabia plans to buy a popular English soccer team. Crown Prince Bone Saw aims to distract people from remembering how his agents murdered dissident Jamal Khashoggi inside the Salafi Arabian consulate in Istanbul then chopped up the body to dispose of it, as well as his intervention in Yemen that has killed thousands of people who never even criticized him.

Electing a leader without pro-democracy members
20 May 2020

Hong Kong's governing council had all pro-democracy members physically carried out, then voted in a new leader.

Meanwhile, accused organizers of last year's protests are on trial.

China is like the walls of a room that slowly but steadily shrink down to zero volume.

Multiplying deaths
20 May 2020

Bogus Johnson's bad decisions multiplied the deaths from Covid-19 in the UK. This was after right-wing budget cuts and privatization had weakened the country's ability to protect itself.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media help cover it up.

Slightly in Johnson's defense, I have to say that even for an honest person of good will may hesitate before the enormous step of closing nearly all businesses and activities. But Johnson did so for longer because he opposed the idea on ideological grounds.

Chance to create fairer UK food supply chain.
20 May 2020

*Coronavirus offers chance to create fairer UK food supply chain, say experts.*

The Tories, by contrast, found a way to boost business power by giving 9 large companies total control over food distribution.

Denialists call themselves "skeptics".
20 May 2020

Just as global heating denialists called themselves "skeptics", denialists of medical knowledge call themselves "skeptics".

True skeptics probe the evidence and basis for conclusions, but they do not deny rational thinking, and they don't start their thinking from the conclusion they want to prove.

Dust bowl heat more than twice as likely.
20 May 2020

Global heating has made a repeat of the 1930s "dust bowl" heat more than twice as likely. It is now expected to occur around once in 40 years.

Congress interested in what Pompeo investigation was about.
20 May 2020

Pompeo has been using his office to boost his political career. Now that he has ousted the inspector general believed to have been investigating him, Congress wants to know what the investigation was about.

Democratize, decommidify and remediate.
20 May 2020

A manifesto to democratize, decommidify and remediate work.

Possible Facebook antitrust investigation.
20 May 2020

Facebook may face an antitrust investigation for the many companies it has bought, since their surveillance has a wide reach.

Google is facing an antitrust lawsuit.

You can make yourself mostly invisible to internet surveillance by (1) not giving your name to web sites, (2) blocking nonfree Javascript code that sites send to you, (3) blocking third-party trackers in web sites, and (4) connecting to sites across Tor so they can't tell your location.

Android "advertising ID" lawsuit.
20 May 2020

An activist's lawsuit claims that the Android "advertising ID" is personal identifying information under the GDPR.

Victory would require Google to get free and informed consent for identifying users that way.

When Google claims that it "cannot identify a user from per advertising ID", I suspect that what that really means is that Google cannot directly identify a user from per advertising ID alone. I suspect that correlating databases collected about that user and indexed by the advertising ID with other databases about per, it is possible to associate per advertising ID with per name with a high degree of confidence.

Food delivery workers have no opportunity to go to the toilet.
20 May 2020

Food delivery gig workers have no opportunity to go to the toilet: the restaurants where they pick up food won't let them in.

These companies also snoop on their customers, so in addition to boycotting them, it makes sense to simply reject them.

Trump Administration wants Bosses to Snitch.
20 May 2020

*Trump Administration Wants Bosses to Snitch on People Scared to Go to Work.*

The conman's son posted false accusations about Biden.
20 May 2020

The conman's son has posted false accusations to implant an spurious association between Biden and the word "pedophile".

He calls these accusations "jokes", and admits they are groundless. I think he expects that to make no difference, because the conman's supporters will believe it eagerly and repeat it fervently.

The overall goal is to make truth irrelevant against a lie.

Fossil fuel industry abusing CARES Act.
20 May 2020

*The fossil fuel industry is using tax breaks in the CARES Act, meant to help businesses keep workers employed, to avoid paying millions of dollars in taxes — and then delivering that money to executives.*

Replace the bullshitter with a president that can move toward eradication of Covid-19.
20 May 2020

The Lancet called on Americans to replace the bullshitter with a president that will take rational steps to eradicate Covid-19.

The Bullshitter's "warp speed" vaccine program.
20 May 2020

Essential questions the bullshitter's "warp speed" vaccine program must answer to show whether it is a good idea, or merely warped and on speed.

Disastrous ecosystem collapses.
20 May 2020

Don't assume that we have decades before disastrous ecosystem collapses. Scientists have discovered ways that small changes can trigger tipping points.

Will this really happen? Don't bet your children's lives that it won't!

Philippines mistreatment of poor, needy and homeless inhabitants.
20 May 2020

The Philippines is arresting, even shooting people who are homeless for "violating quarantine" while demolishing shanty towns to make their inhabitants homeless. It is arresting people for protesting for food, and others for handing out food to the hungry. People who merely criticize Do-dirty are arrested too.

The Muslim fanatics in Mindanao do not deserve support: they take hostages to demand unjust Islamic law. But Do-dirty takes a lot more hostages — millions of them.

Naturally, the US offers him a "sale" of arms, which may really be a gift from the American people to the murderous government.

Urgent: Everyone call on Rio Tinto to leave Minerals Council of Australia.
20 May 2020

Everyone: call on Rio Tinto to leave the Minerals Council of Australia, a planet-roaster lobbying group.