Choice and Constraint, summarized by Fred Ringwald

Choice and Constraint is a book that explores the choices and constraints that shape us as a civilization. It starts by exploring the constraints of government, and the constraints placed on government in light of its powers, including the role of economics. It then moves to Choice by first discussing the three means of influence: words, money, and guns. It then proposes not a world government, but a world coalition with a three chamber legislature based on taxes paid (wealth), population, and history. It closes by describing a flower as a model of a just and sustainable society. The three conditions of a just and sustainable society are Consent represented by the stem of the flower, and Freedom and Law represented by the leaves, The four criteria of a just and sustainable society are petals of the flower, providing a structure to Preserve, Provide, Prepare and Protect society. The five qualities of a just and stable society are represented in the center of the flower, are Honesty, Reality, Responsibility, Rigor, and Reason.

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