Rabbis For Human Rights (info@rhr.israel.net.) had called upon volunteers to come and help this Friday the people from Hirbat Tana to rebuild their homes which were demolished at the beginning of July - also raising funds and seeking a computer for the children of one family whose computer was ruined as their work-room was demolished.  With all the good intentions, this is what happened: a raid of the village and 18 arrested, albeit released on the following day.

The following report is based on Saturday's report of ISM (neta_golan@yahoo.com).

The 18  who were arrested last night in Tana have been released on condition that they not return to the area to reconstruct the houses that the Israeli military had demolished.

Just after 9:30 p.m. on Friday soldiers invaded the small village of Tana where home construction is under way. Soldiers arrested 16 Palestinians, residents of Tana, and two activists working with nonprofit organizations. The 18 people were with three foreign members of the World Council of Churches. Many of the structures of Tana were demolished several months ago by the Israeli military. Villagers and activists this month have been putting the village back together and are seeking an injunction against the military from destroying them again. The military has been trying to argue that the place is uninhabited. On arrest, soldiers told the group that they were in a "closed military zone." Mohey Hasson, a field researcher for Rabbis For Human Rights, was among the arrested.