94 demonstrators were arrested in an Anti-McDonalds protest last 16th October. Each protestor is being held under a bond of 14,000$. The Mexico City Anti-McDonalds protest was held from the Monumento a la Revolucion to Zocalo last October 16th at 4 p.m. to denounce the transnational companies which plunder poor countries and trample over their flora and fauna without respecting anybody. This transnational company, acauser of great harm to humanity in social and economic aspects, has lodged a criminal complaint against the young people arrested. The march was repressed by the Secretary of Public Security, in other words, the State, resulting in 94 protestors arrested in Cuauthemoc District, Agency 57.

They are held under the accusation of damaging Federal Property and carrying explosives, which were simply fireworks. Once arrested, the State, skilled in the art of extortion, has posted a bond of $14,000 for each protestor, just for damaging a shade umbrella and a windowpane, as well as refusing their rights to make a phone call or use the toilets. We denounce and reject the extortion suffered by our friends and comrades. We call on Social Organisations and the general public to support the struggle of those who are opposed to the sale and destruction of their country and the whole world by transnational assassins. Long live free expression: today us, tomorrow who knows. The bank account at bank BBV to support the prisoners is Bancomer Account number: 1299949054 Recipient: Martha Cecilia Garcia Juarez

Financial support and demonstrations and messages of solidarity are also apreciated.

Originally published in Spanish at: http://mexico.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=3486&group=webcast.

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