Students should not have to pay for Corinthian's fraud!

Since at least 2007, multiple audits and government investigations have revealed widespread deception throughout Corinthian Colleges’ student recruitment system. Corinthian used high-pressure sales tactics that focused on students’ pain and vulnerability. It falsely promised that a Corinthian education would lead to high-paying and long-term jobs. It preyed on students’ desires to provide better lives for themselves and their families.

The U.S. Department of Education ignored its duty to protect Corinthian students. Instead, the Department facilitated Corinthian’s sophisticatedscheme to bilk thousands of low-income students of their dreams, while leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. The result? Billions in profits for Corinthian shareholders and billions in debt for harmed Corinthian students.

Now, the Department relentlessly pursues Corinthian borrowers for repayment of their federal loans. It has unjustly shifted the financial harm caused by its own mistakes onto the backs of students who are not at fault and who were deceived into taking out federal loans. In doing so, the Department has prioritized generating government profits over treating Corinthian students justly and fairly.

These students deserve a fresh start! Stop the Department of Education’s unjust debt collection and tell it to put students’ financial security above government profits. Sign the petition.

Arne Duncan

Department of Education

Original Petition by The American Federation of Teachers