Plug the Fracking Leaks EPA!

A fracked gas storage container in Aliso Canyon California has been leaking for months. It's already released more than 77,000 tons of fracked gas, making it the biggest climate polluter in California. It's also making people sick: nearby residents have complained of headaches, nosebleeds and nausea, and the fracked gas is making smog and ozone pollution worse.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated, thousands are suing the company. The Governor has declared a state of Emergency, and California members of Congress are demanding action.

But back in Washington, D.C., President Obama and the EPA already have a solution: The EPA is already finalizing rules to limit methane leaks. But the rules don't go far enough, and they don't yet apply to existing storage sites like Aliso Canyon. Tell the EPA and President Obama to quit dragging their feet, and to toughen up the EPA's proposed rules to plug ALL the fracking leaks.

President Barack Obama

Gina McCarthy (US EPA)

Original Petition by Environmental Action