No One Voted to Destroy Medicare

President-elect Donald Trump just announced his plans to appoint a Medicare privatizer as Secretary of Health and Human Services--a position that oversees a $1 trillion budget, including Medicare and Medicaid, which affect over 100 million Americans.

Trump’s selection, House Budget Committee Chairman, Rep. Tom Price, is a longtime ally of Paul Ryan in their crusade to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. And they plan to move quickly in 2017 to make their vision of destroying Medicare a reality.

Stand with Social Security Works and Senator Bernie Sanders in telling Congress “No one voted to destroy Medicare!”

On November 8th, the American people did not vote to destroy Medicare. Your crusade to gut our earned benefits and turn Medicare into a voucher program will force seniors to pay more out of pocket, hurting low- and middle-income families while enriching the health insurance industry. We demand that you immediately halt your plans to destroy Medicare and instead maintain President-elect Trump’s pledge to preserve Medicare and Social Security.

Original Petition by Social Security Works