Reject the Pentagon's Slush Fund!

Earlier this year, lawmakers passed a budget that slashes funding for nearly every vital domestic investment while shoveling nearly $40 billion into a massive slush fund at the Pentagon known as the Overseas Contingency Operations Account (OCO). While our national security is vitally important, the OCO slush fund will now be nearly $90 billion, on top of the $499 billion the Pentagon already gets in its regular budget.It’s time to invest in our future by rejecting the Pentagon's slush fund and restoring vital domestic funding.

That's why we're partnering with National Priorities Project, a national non-profit dedicated to helping Americans influence how their tax dollars are spent, to stop this horrible budget from going into force.

Please sign our petition to Congress today. It reads:

Reject the Pentagon’s slush fund budget gimmick and make a deal that responsibly funds vital domestic investments instead.

Original Petition by Win Without War