Smog pollution threatens our health

It was once a summertime problem in cities—but now it’s spreading to rural communities year-round, thanks to fracking. It’s ozone, more commonly known as “smog,” and it’s a harmful air pollutant that causes respiratory ailments like asthma and can even lead to early, premature death.

The oil and gas industry is part of the problem, releasing smog-forming volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) into our atmosphere. But you can be part of the solution.

EPA is finalizing commonsense, cost-effective guidelines to cut smog pollution, protecting communities already living with oil and gas in their backyard.

It is critical the EPA put in place rigorous protections, that comprehensively address pollution sources in these areas and don’t include loopholes or exemptions for sources like lower producing wells.

TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA to protect our communities and families from smog pollution.

President Barack Obama

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Gina McCarthy

EPA Administrator

Original Petition by Earthworks