Tell Subway You Want Subs, Not Drugs

Did you know that as much as 80 percent of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used in animal agriculture? In fact, the entire system of animal factories is propped up by a constant overuse of antibiotics.

To sustain themselves, animal factories rely on the routine feeding of antibiotics to accelerate animal growth rates and prevent animals from getting sick while housed by the thousands—even by the millions—in cramped, filthy conditions ripe for breeding disease.

The overuse of these antibiotics greatly compromises public health. The consistent use of antibiotics in livestock has led to antibiotic-resistant superbugs that are infecting humans at an alarming rate.

The result? Those same antibiotics fed to animals may not work when we need them most: when your parents get pneumonia or your kids get a staph infection.

But we have the power to push for a food system that doesn’t rely on routine antibiotics. We can eat less meat and demand healthier, organic, and humanely raised meat and dairy that aren’t produced with routine antibiotics wherever we eat and shop.

But in order to change our food system quickly and prevent the worst impacts of industrial agriculture, we must demand that restaurants like Subway—the world’s largest restaurant chain—be part of the solution.

The routine use of antibiotics artificially props up the animal factory system, facilitating the production of cheap meat that not only fails to deliver nutritional quality, but may, in fact, put public health at serious risk.

Tell Subway to help reduce antibiotic resistance by serving meat raised without routine use of antibiotics!

Frederick De Luca


Give me subs, not drugs

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