RMS in China 2000  

RMS in China, 2000

During May-June, 2000, invited by RON's Datacom Co., Ltd. and other organizations, RMS visited China, Hong Feng, the President & CEO of RON's Datacom, as well as a volunteer of Free Software movement, has accompanied him made a long trip from "Beijing -> Chengdu -> JiuZhaiGou -> Wuhan and to Shanghai" , and with Hong Feng's arrange together with helps of other free software supporters, RMS made a series of speeches under the titles of free software movement, GNU Project, copyright in digital times, etc. in these cities. RMS and Hong Feng also discussed a how to set up FSF-CHINA and a lot of other topics.

Here are links to some photos of his visit.

I could tell you RMS will visit China again in the future, though the exact visiting date has not been fixed yet, and we would put more photos of him by then.

If you like these photos, please contact with Hong Feng, the author of "RMS Biography".


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