Alexei Navalny recovery
20 September 2020

Alexei Navalny is making a good recovery.

However, one thing makes me worry that his brain has been injured: a perverse inclination to use Instagram. ;-{.

Climate system's tipping points
20 September 2020

We don't know where the climate system's tipping points are, but if one tips, it could tip others. Or it could block others.

It's like playing a pinball game with Earth as the ball.

Biden's Michigan campaign organization
20 September 2020

Biden seems to have no presencial campaign organization in Michigan.

I wonder if this is because rational people are scared to go there, and especially scared to approach lots of strangers there.

Meanwhile, the wrecker has taught his followers a delusion of invulnerability. They don't feel inhibitions about meeting people on the street to reinforce their rejection of masks.

In effect, the wrecker has found a way to arrange that Republicans can do real canvassing and campaigning, while his rational opponents know it is not safe.

Social media, no substitute for real life
20 September 2020

*Coronavirus Depression Spike Suggests Social Media Is No Substitute For Real Life.*

Thus, if you refuse to use Zoom, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook, you can do without them.

Reversal of DeJoy's postal sabotage
20 September 2020

A US court has ordered reversal of DeJoy's postal sabotage.

(satire) Something to stick into your arm
20 September 2020

(satire) *White House Vows To Have Something To Stick Into Your Arm By October.*

Rights of voters' postal ballots in New York State
20 September 2020

New York State agreed to a court settlement which protects the rights of voters that sent in postal ballots against unjust rejection of their ballots.

Which states have not done this?

One-sided patriotic propaganda
20 September 2020

The bullshitter wants to turn US history teaching into one-sided patriotic propaganda.

To a large extent, that's what US history teaching has tended to be: justifying actions of the US in conflict with other countries, and the winners in domestic disputes, with the exception of the Civil War: the supporters of the Confederacy perversely gained the upper hand about reconstruction.

However, it wasn't totally one-sided in the 60s. You could see that the indigenous people were cheated. Slavery was condemned.

We see a similar practice of propaganda history in China.

(satire) *Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing ‘1946 Commission’ To Teach How America Started At President’s Birth.*

50 Reasons the bully's administration is bad for workers
20 September 2020

*50 reasons the bully's administration is bad for workers.*

(satire) Powerful gale has overwhelmed our electoral system
20 September 2020

(satire) *With 30% of the U.S. electorate currently stumbling through the streets in pursuit of their ballots and shouting, ‘Wait, come back!’ we fear this sudden, powerful gale has overwhelmed our electoral system.*

Urgent: Stop supporting the Louisville thug department
20 September 2020

US citizens: call on UPS, Humana, and Ford to stop supporting the Louisville thug department.

Urgent: Reject Chad Wolf as head of the Department of Harshness and Sadism
20 September 2020

US citizens: call on your senators to reject Chad Wolf as head of the Department of Harshness and Sadism. He is too apt for harshness and sadism to be entrusted with official authority over it.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

If you call please spread the word!

Julian Assange's hearing has resumed
19 September 2020

Julian Assange's hearing has resumed, and Craig Murray is covering it as before. I was unable to post these before because I was overloaded writing a long article.

Murray reports that Keir Starmer, the tame new head of the Labour Party, condemns Extinction Rebellion as a threat to the free press for blocking right-wing newspaper trucks one morning, but says nothing when the free press is truly threatened.

In the first day of the resumed hearing, Assange saw for the first time the totally new charges, which his lawyers saw only in the past few weeks and had been unable to show him in prison. They had a discussion about them and asked for an adjournment to gather evidence. The judge refused this.

The defense will not be allowed to call witnesses except the ones it chose for the old charges.

This continues what we have seen all along: the rules of justice twisted over and over to assure a politically pre-decided outcome. This is not as obvious a show trial as the ones Stalin held, but it is substantively similar.

Organizations such as Amnesty and Reporters without Borders had to fight for a chance to view the hearing, so strong were the efforts to prevent public monitoring of the treacherous proceedings.

Salafi Arabia uranium deposits
19 September 2020

Salafi Arabia has possible large uranium deposits. Now that fission power is effectively obsolete, the only reason the country would be interested is to make nuclear weapons.

It would be natural to propose a nuclear disarmament treaty for Salafi Arabia and Iran — and perhaps Israel too.

Learning from the Corbyn era
19 September 2020

*Only an honest conversation about the Corbyn era will help us learn from it.*

Freedom of speech in Hong Kong
19 September 2020

When Hong Kong was a British colony, Britain did not respect freedom of speech there. Now that it is a Chinese colony, it is China that doesn't respect freedom of speech there, but it finds the old British law against "sedition" handy for jailing dissidents.

Australia too, has seen red skies
19 September 2020

*Dear America, we too have seen red skies in Australia and we can tell you what happens next.*

It is not too late to bring about a small disaster instead of the big one humanity is heading for.

(satire) Apple watch rabbit-ear antenna
19 September 2020

(satire) *Apple announced Wednesday that its new smart watch would feature a rabbit-ear antenna capable of picking up five or more television channels in the area where a user lives.*

Hydrogen fuel for vehicles generated by solar energy
19 September 2020

Scotland will use solar electricity to generate hydrogen as fuel for vehicles.

One convenient thing is that it doesn't matter that there are times when there is no light to make hydrogen with. If you make hydrogen at a high rate when there is light, you have enough for the rest of the time too.

Children's privacy rules and rights
19 September 2020

*The shift to online schooling is running roughshod over children's privacy rules and rights,* which were inadequate to start with.

The article is concerned that wealthier schools will choose systems that "protect" privacy "better" whereas impecunious schools will have to use systems that protect privacy less. That would be a real danger, if some of these systems did protect privacy.

In practice, none of these systems give much protection. Whatever data a company collects is already on the road to being misused. The only effective protection for privacy is not to put the data in a database.

Certification of elections in some states
19 September 2020

Greg Palast: Republicans may be planning to refuse to certify the elections in some states, using uncounted postal ballots as an excuse. Use early voting instead of postal voting.

That is what I did for the Massachusetts primary on Sept 1, and that is what I plan to do for the general election too.

Covid-19 recovery for reduction of greenhouse emissions
19 September 2020

Some US cities have plans to use the recovery from the Covid-19 depression to reduce local greenhouse emissions.

Every little bit helps, but we need more than local improvements to avoid most of the climate disaster.

China forced "surplus workers" to move long distances
19 September 2020

China forced 2.6 million "surplus workers" in Xinjiang to move long distances. The critical attention to what it does there is making the government uncomfortable.

Multistory pig farms
19 September 2020

China is moving to giant multistory pig farms, isolated from the outside, so as to stop transmission of diseases.

CDC published weak recommendations for Covid-19 tests
19 September 2020

The CDC published the weak recommendations for who should get a Covid-19 test over the objections of its scientists.

Wilderness lost in just 13 years
19 September 2020

*Wilderness the size of Mexico lost worldwide in just 13 years.*

US-backed coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia
19 September 2020

*Silence reigns on the US-backed coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia.*

Papua New Guinea's thugs
19 September 2020

The minister in charge of Papua New Guinea's thugs says that they are corrupt from the top down, and that they drive out any honest employees.

Bill prohibiting discrimination against pregnant workers
19 September 2020

The House of Representatives passed a bill prohibiting discrimination against pregnant workers, and requiring employers to make reasonable accommodations so a pregnant worker can keep working.

There is no chance that the Republicans who control the Senate will agree to this, but passing the bill is useful as political pressure.

Oil-and-plastic companies blocking efforts to reduce plastic pollution
19 September 2020

How the oil-and-plastic companies have organized world-wide to block efforts to reduce plastic pollution.

This is yet another facet of the harm done by plutocratic rule.

Belarus protesters are pulling the masks off thugs
19 September 2020

Belarus protesters are pulling the masks off thugs to identify them. This seems to dissuade them from violence.

It is an interesting reversal, to use face recognition against the servants if a tyrant. I think it is justified in that situation,

This suggests to me that the thugs of Belarus are just barely clinging to obedience to Lukashenko, and that at any moment they could snap.

Global coalition against China's aggression
19 September 2020

*Taiwan calls for global coalition against China's aggression as US official flies in.*

I think it would be interesting for several important countries to open diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and let China break relations or keep relations, however it wishes. After a few years, I believe, China would decide that it needs the diplomatic relations more than it needs to show aggression against Taiwan.

Urgent: Prohibition of facial recognition in schools
19 September 2020

Parents: call for prohibition of facial recognition in schools.

Urgent: Boycott Chevron
19 September 2020

Everyone: boycott Chevron on behalf of Ecuadorians and Steven Donziger.

Urgent: End weapon sales to Salafi Arabia
18 September 2020

US citizens: call on Congress to end weapons sales to Salafi Arabia.

Trees moving north
18 September 2020

Tree species in the US northeast are moving north under the pressure of global heating.

Making occupation profitable
18 September 2020

Israel has discovered how to make occupation of Palestine profitable.

Thugs arresting and killing a man
18 September 2020

Indian thugs in Kashmir arrested a man, then tortured him and killed him. (Of coure, they deny this.) This triggered protests, much as it does in the US.

It appears that the repression of Kashmir in general is not as severe as it was some months ago: the internet is not shut off all the time any more, only sometimes.

Recording information about video recommendations
18 September 2020

* Extension on Firefox browser will allow users to record information about videos recommended by [youtube].* The aim is to figure out why youtube's recommendation algorithm recommends noisome videos.

60 more naval ships
18 September 2020

The US military-industrial complex proposes to build 60 additional naval ships, because a navy that China could catch up with in decades is not considered sufficient. That does not seem logical to me.

China's approach to taking over the South China Sea is to build airfields on small islands and reefs. Ships are much more vulnerable than those airfields. It seems to me that the US would find it more effective, as well as cheaper, to help its regional allies build more such airfields.

18 September 2020

Barr asked US attorneys to charge protesters with "sedition" — a charge that would almost always be bullshit.

Forced hysterectomies
18 September 2020

A whistleblower reports that a privatized immigration prison carried out hysterectomies by force against prisoners.

One of the reasons we must abolish privatized prisons is that it is harder to hold them accountable for any sort of cruel, degrading, injurious or even fatal conduct. Even when people have been convicted of a crime — which these prisoners mostly have not been — that does not excuse such treatment of them.

Prosecuted for mocking dead sultans
18 September 2020

A dissident journalist in Turkey is being prosecuted for mocking medieval Ottoman sultans.

I doubt the statement that they were from the 13th century, since the first Ottoman prince, Osman, did not become the ruler of a principality until 1299. It is more likely that they were from the 14th or 15th centuries.

It should not be a crime to insult a deceased person, or a living person — or anyone or anything. Such laws are repressive.

Bonuses for bankruptcy
18 September 2020

*US corporations file for bankruptcy and lay off workers. Why do execs still get bonuses?*

Government spending without tax increases
18 September 2020

The OECD calls for government spending without tax increases, to reduce the Covid-19 depression and help unemployed people.

Deficit spending can be made possible by government borrowing, but also by creating more currency in accord with Modern Monetary Theory, except for countries trapped in the Euro-zone

I think it is safe to tax billionaires a lot more since they got such a windfall this year.

News events
18 September 2020

Big US news media accept lots of money from corporations to sponsor "news events" that present slanted news.

18 September 2020

The US government is pretending that sanctions against Iran, ended by virtue of US rejection of the non-nuclear deal, will come back into force on Sep 20. This could be meant as an excuse for the wrecker to launch a war to "enforce the sanctions", to manipulate the election.

Will Iran's rulers have the self-discipline to refrain from retaliation until after November 3 so as to refuse to help the wrecker?

Greener after Covid-19
18 September 2020

*People want a fairer, greener Britain after Covid, inquiry reveals.*

I wish they had voted for the leader who really stood for this: Corbyn.

Crime of going limp
18 September 2020

A UK thug called for making it a crime to go limp when arrested.

It makes me think of Israel fining Palestinians for not demolishing their own houses.

17 September 2020

*America has millions of people in poverty because Americans choose not to demand the policies that would lift them out of poverty.*

Threat to national security
17 September 2020

For the US, global heating is a big threat to national security. What does that make the planet-roasters? And the wrecker?

Of course, global heating is a threat to the national security of many other countries. Some are sure to be destroyed entirely by it.

Policies following the polls
17 September 2020

It is a mistake for a political party to adopt policies following the polls.

Of course, it is even worse to adopt policies following the rich people's donations as "centrist" Democrats do. A party must have values and come to conclusions.

Palm oil
17 September 2020

Malaysia may force prisoners to harvest palm oil which will be exported for use in our food.

Herd mentality
17 September 2020

The wrecker said that Covid-19 could be stopped by 'herd mentality'. He sure tries to inculcate a herd mentality into his followers; if that could stop Covid-19, we would see less infection, rather than more, in places he holds rallies.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
17 September 2020

The wrecker's campaign to build a wall has covered only a fraction of the border with Mexico, but that was enough to wreck Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. It can never be restored.

17 September 2020

Women state their feelings about being childfree (or, in a few cases, about having children).

Too messed up to cope with strategy
17 September 2020

Ai Weiwei explains China's strategy, and how the US and the west are too messed up to cope with it.

Calling victims terrorists
17 September 2020

Netanyahu stated that Israeli thugs murdered a Palestinian, then falsely called him a "terrorist" to justify the murder. He went so far as to apologize to the victim's family.

Netanyahu is, as a general matter, an unprincipled corrupt greedy bastard. The article suggests that he made these true admissions about the murder as a way to deny his share of the responsibility.

Worse place to live
17 September 2020

The beginnings of climate disaster will make many parts of the US worse places to live. Over time, half the population will be affected. Millions will need to move, but to where?

The government should not pay so people can bullheadedly remain in land that is becoming uninhabitable, but it should help the people who become trapped in houses that are becoming unsalable, enabling them to move elsewhere.

Planned nuclear power
17 September 2020

The exploding price of a planned nuclear power plant in the UK has made the manufacturer cancel it.

However, the UK has promised unbounded subsidy to the builder of its first new nuclear power plant, so that one won't be cancelled by expense. But cancelled it must be, to free up funds to build wind farms instead.

Voters winning tactics
17 September 2020

*Research shows "respectful, non-judgmental conversations are able to move voters where many other tactics have failed."*

Lowering wages
17 September 2020

Lowering real US wages since 1975 has taken trillion dollars from non-rich Americans since then, giving them to rich Americans.

Each year, dooH niboR takes 2.5 trillion more.

Biodiversity report
17 September 2020

*UN Biodiversity Report Urges 8 Transitions Needed to Restore Essential Ecosystems Impacted by Humanity.*

Caste use of rape
17 September 2020

*Dalits bear brunt of India's 'endemic' sexual violence crisis.* Upper caste men use brutal rape to maintain their domination of the Dalits.

Plastics recycling
16 September 2020

Oil companies (which are also plastic companies) have worked hard for decades to make the public think that used plastic products would be recycled if we handed them in, knowing this was not true, so that we would buy and discard plastic without hesitation.

Most of what we hand in goes into landfill because recycling it is not feasible.

Did they know, decades ago, that plastic products would damage wild animals and ecosystems?

Perhaps not. (It would be interesting to investigate what they knew about this and when.) In any case, we know it now. We must reduce drastically the amount of plastic waste that does not in fact get recycled, so we do not leave our planet full of toxin dispensers.

Physicians for Human Rights calls for banning rubber-coated hard bullets
16 September 2020

Physicians for Human Rights calls for banning the use of rubber-coated hard bullets against protesters, citing 115 instances of protesters that suffered grave head wounds from them.

It is against the rules to fire those bullets at people's heads, but it is clear that they often do it anyway. Perhaps some of them were firing wildly. Others, I suppose, hit protesters' heads intentionally. Many thugs are right-wing extremists, and if they see opportunities to maim protesters and not be punished, they may go for it eagerly.

Last independent radio station and theater in Hungary
16 September 2020

Orbán is moving to take control of the last radio station and last theater in Hungary which are independent of state power.

Pandemic makes struggling Britons visible
16 September 2020

*Millions in Britain have struggled for years. Only in a pandemic are they seen.*

I have a hunch that, for Bogus Johnson, starving the poor is not an ideological commitment, merely a consequence of enriching the rich.

World fails to meet a single target
16 September 2020

*World fails to meet a single target to stop destruction of nature — UN report.*

Circular economy of plastics
16 September 2020

Ideas for a circular economy of plastics.

Bogus Johnson's deal with the EU
16 September 2020

Bogus Johnson pretends to be negotiating a larger deal with the EU while cheating on last year's smaller deal.

Hong Kongers tried to separate from China
16 September 2020

12 Hong Kongers tried to separate themselves from China in a boat, but Chinese forces caught them and China will prosecute them — perhaps for "separatism" — in a bogus trial.

The very idea of stopping citizens from leaving a country is a form of tyranny which Communist governments were well known for. In the 1980s, the Soviet Union charged a ransom giving a Jew permission to emigrate. In earlier decades, it was very difficult for anyone to get permission to leave the Soviet Empire. Since 2000, millions of Chinese were allowed to travel for tourism. but I would guess that China never completely dropped the practice of forbidding some people from leaving.

Fossil fuel demand
16 September 2020

Billionaire Polluters say that demand for fossil fuels will not increase. What is not certain is when it will start to decrease.

That detail is tremendously important. Bigger fires are coming soon to a forest near you, and if you'd prefer to have them only a little bigger rather than much bigger, you'd be wise to help make sure the demand declines fast.

American Academy of Arts' past participation in racism
16 September 2020

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences' commits to working to undo the effects of its past participation in racism.

The academy's present leaders are not guilty for actions that happened before they were born, but the responsibility to undo the continuing effects of those actions falls to them nonetheless.

This is the same reasoning which led me to conclude, in 2014, that the United States, acting for today's Americans, should pay compensation to the descendants of those who were denied equal legal rights under the systems of slavery and segregation.

(satire) Body camera shut off out of respect
16 September 2020

(satire) *… NYPD police officer Tom Sloane reportedly shut off his body camera early Monday morning out of respect for his dying victim.* *The NYPD added that it seemed exploitative to publicize the man’s death because that would be what people remembered about him, so the department was refraining from releasing any details about the incident to respect his privacy.*

Surveillance power extension
16 September 2020

The ACLU and other organizations called on Congress not to extend surveillance powers by slipping that into a rider in a continuing resolution or other "must-pass" uncontroversial bill.

Covid-19 death cult
16 September 2020

The wrecker is still actively spreading Covid-19 to his death cult, and now we have proof that he is knowingly lying to them when he denies the danger.

Don't be distracted into disputes about when Bob Woodward really ought to have published this fact. It is a side issue, and it is being raised as a distraction. I see no reason to assume his news would have had more impact in May or July than it has now.

Thank you letter
16 September 2020

*A Thank You Letter From Coronavirus to My Enablers in the United States.*

This is not from The Onion.

Global heating denialist at NOAA
16 September 2020

The saboteur in chief has appointed a global heating denialist to the management team at NOAA, in charge of climate research there.

One of the practices used to shelter denialists is calling them "skeptics". CNN's article does this, but please don't repeat that practice. To be a skeptic means that one is not convinced and wants to do more investigation to determine what is happening. By contrast, Legatos is denying what is well established. He is no "skeptic", he is a denialist.

In general, skepticism is a wise and useful attitude towards claims until they are demonstrated, but it can be carried too far. For instance, there are times when skepticism about an approaching danger must be set aside. When it is time to join the bucket brigade to put out a fire, objecting that there is no proof this fire can spread is not an acceptable excuse for refusing to help put it out.

Covid-19 in prisons
16 September 2020

A nurse working a privatized immigration prison describes how the management disregard Covid-19, gratuitously allowing it to spread to prisoners and staff.

Undermining own emissions-cutting targets
16 September 2020

The EU has decided to undermine its own 2030 emissions-cutting targets by counting estimated carbon sinks against the emissions.

This is the same error as trying to plan in terms of "net" emissions (emissions minus absorptions). Any future greenhouse gas absorption is conjectural. Trees won't remove CO2 from the air if they burn up.

Scapegoating anti-violence activists
16 September 2020

There were pogroms against Muslims in Delhi in February, led by ruling party, which has now decided to scapegoat a Muslim activist who spoke against violence, along with other opposition figures.

See previous information about the pogroms.

Settler sentenced to life for murder of family
16 September 2020

*Fanatical Israeli "settler" who killed Palestinian family sentenced to life [imprisonment].*

This is news because often Israelis who murder Palestinians get a slap on the wrist.

Hottest ever summer
16 September 2020

*Northern hemisphere breaks record for hottest ever summer.*

Raising drug prices despite taxpayer money
16 September 2020

*Sanders Blasts AstraZeneca for Raising Drug Prices Despite $1.2 Billion From Taxpayers for Covid-19 Vaccine.*

Net zero emissions by 2050
16 September 2020

A giant consortium of investors has demanded companies get on course to achieve "net zero" emissions by 2050.

The firmness is admirable, but they need to demand more. 2050 is too late a target, and measuring by "net" emissions tends to underestimate emissions.

Invalidly held in prison
16 September 2020

Ronnie Long was convicted of rape in 1976 because prosecutors manipulated evidence and hid evidence.

Nonetheless, he is being held in prison to await a new trial, which could take a months or years.

An invalid conviction is no grounds to imprison someone, so invalidation of a conviction should invalidate the sentence too.

Self-contradiction as a tool
16 September 2020

Right-wing bullshitters in Oregon are fabricating claims that "antifa" arsonists started the fires, then in imitation of the bullshitter, denying that that is what they said.

For them, self-contradiction is a tool.

No fair trial
16 September 2020

Rwanda is not giving dissident Paul Rusesabagina a fair trial on charges of terrorism.

Immigration prisons confinement
16 September 2020

Mardin Arvin: *Australians complain about weeks in quarantine. I've been in [Australia's immigration prisons] for almost eight years.*

All seeing car
16 September 2020

A car with cameras looking in all directions could in principle avoid all collisions.

It could also give the state, or Clearview AI, a chance to identify all other cars and people it passes near. We must make sure that only highly processed data gets out of the video processor.