Right-wing terror
16 August 2017

The troll has a history of refusing to acknowledge right-wing terror in the US.

It will be interesting if the Charlottesville terrorist attack enables Republicans to start openly condemning the extreme right and maybe the troll also. But many seem to be sticking by him for now.

If the troll sincerely disapproves of right-wing bigotry and violence, here is how he can show he means it.

Instead, he has shown that that statement was a throw-away line, an excuse to deny his continued support for right-wing bigotry and violence.

Amazon highway
16 August 2017

Bolivia Approves Controversial Highway in Amazon Biodiversity Hotspot.

Troll supporters' doubts
16 August 2017

Some of the troll's supporters are having doubts, as it sinks in that his racism is only a distraction from the real causes of their real problems.

Witnessing terrorism
16 August 2017

What it was like to witness the racist terrorism of Charlottesville.

It is important to recognize this, and then to avoid dwelling on this. People who repeatedly watched the videos of planes flying into buildings, in 2001, were mentally traumatized. After seeing it once or twice, I sensed the danger of this; for self-protection, I made a point of avoiding television for the next few days.

Instead of dwelling on what terrorism feels like, let's dwell on how to vanquish this particular terrorist movement.

Iranian journalists
16 August 2017

Iran retaliates individually against the expat Iranian journalists that work for the BBC.

16 August 2017

Reintroducing recess into a school day can make the school better in many ways.

Rallies against right-wing violence
16 August 2017

Thousands of Americans have rallied in many cities to condemn the right-wing violence.

US thugs in Charlottesville
16 August 2017

US thugs eagerly kill blacks without waiting to see if they do anything wrong, but they are as tame as kittens towards armed and threatening whites.

Seeing that sort of behavior towards a peaceful protest is what radicalized Malcolm X.

Some Republicans condemn the right-wing extremist violence now that it has broken out, but they helped stoke it for years.

Financial crisis victors
16 August 2017

10 years after the financial crisis, the rich victors are squeezing the defeated poor ever more, and giving a boost to right-wing populists offering misguided "solutions".

PISSI-occupied Raqqa
16 August 2017

It is getting harder to survive in PISSI-occupied Raqqa, but easier to leave as the liberation forces come further into the city. Those who escape pass their remaining food supplies to those who must remain, and those must pretend to be sincere and convinced supporters of PISSI or be executed.

The description reminds me of what I have read about other totalitarian states, such as the Soviet Union, East Germany, and China under the cultural revolution. It is hell on Earth.

It will be hard, in the future, for Syrians to distinguish between PISSI's real supporters (dangerous hidden enemies) and those who pretended.

Salafi Arabia princes
16 August 2017

Salafi Arabia has grabbed and disappeared several dissident princes, in acts which include kidnapping, treachery, or the extrajudicial cooperation of other countries.

Extremists on the internet
16 August 2017

Various companies that provide support for internet sites and communication have begun kicking off right-wing extremists such as the Nazi "Stormer" site.

When the extremists use dog-whistles to arouse hatred and violence, then claim it was only irony, they are trying to have it both ways. It is legitimate to tell them they ought to know that this an appeal to violence.

Nazis have a right to hold rallies. But not the right to incite and prepare violence in them.

Urgent: Pressure officials to remove statues
16 August 2017

In the US: call on government officials at all levels to remove all symbols that honor the rebel side of the civil war.

The purpose of their rebellion was to perpetuate slavery. The Union soldiers fought to end slavery, and sung about that as they marched.

No matter what admirable personal characteristics some southern leaders may have had, that can't redeem the evil that they fought for — not even slightly.

Protesters in North Carolina (not so far from Charlottesville) pulled down a memorial to soldiers that fought for slavery.

Defacing a statue reduces the dignity of those who do it. Pulling the statue down is more dignified. However, the best form of victory is to pressure officials to remove the statue. For a state to have a special law privileging statues that honor the war to continue slavery is an endorsement of that side, which dishonors that state.

Urgent: Unite against right-wing extremists
16 August 2017

In the US: Stand united against the right-wing extremists.

Animal rights
15 August 2017

Another strike against the animal rights movement: a supporter would rather let people die than use pigs to grow transportable human organs.

If animals deserved the right to live, as humans do, we would have the duty to try to save them when they are in danger, as we have towards humans. It would follow that we ought to stop barn owls from killing mice, stop dolphins from killing fish, and stop frogs from killing flies.

Perhaps in 200 years in a totally transformed world, we could do this and keep all those animals alive without any eating any.

Imitating New York's "High Line"
15 August 2017

Cities that want to imitate New York's "High Line" must be very careful. There are few opportunities for that to succeed.

When I first saw the proposal for London's Garden Bridge, I took it as a scheme to suck money out of the state to do something useless. In the US, this is typically done with major league sports studios or weapons systems.

Phony trial for human rights defender
15 August 2017

Chinese human rights defender Wu Gan was imprisoned for two years, but now has been given a phony trial.

CEOs quitting troll's "advisory council"
15 August 2017

Some US CEOs are now quitting the troll's "advisory council" in response to his support for right-wing extremism.

I don't think the "advisory council" is consulted for advice. It is simply a way for executives to endorse the troll, presumably hoping for some sort of reward for the company or themselves.

Another resignation from a related council.

15 August 2017

"Who wants to live in an artificially intelligent future?"

Attack on inmates of nursing homes
15 August 2017

Republicans are attacking inmates of nursing homes by eliminating the rule that prohibits the nursing homes from forcing inmates into arbitration.

The article uses the term "sexual assault" which is defined to stretch from groping to rape, and includes other things too. In general it is a grave mistake to use that term, so I have decided never to use it. In this particular case, no actual error results, since inmates ought to be able to sue the company if the management tolerates any of those acts. But I still reject that term.

Islamists want to shut down Atheist group
15 August 2017

Malaysian Islamists want to shut down an Atheist group. Some have made death threats. The government will investigate … the Atheist group, not the murderous Islamists.

Malaysia denies the human rights of non-Muslims already, and those of Muslims too, by denying them the right to stop being Muslims.

It would be equally wrong to deny people the right to become Muslims, but curiously Malaysia does not do that.

Troll's new hotel making profit
15 August 2017

The troll's new hotel in Washington, DC, has brought in 4 million dollars more than was expected. Being president is quite profitable if the president's goal is to make a profit.

The FCC under Saboteur Pai
15 August 2017

The FCC, run by Saboteur Pai, has filled most of its Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee with representatives of cable and wireless companies. A few others were chosen, perhaps solely so that we could not say the FCC had filled it "entirely" with such representatives.

Wells Fargo's disservice
15 August 2017

Lawsuit accuse Wells Fargo of cheating small businesses for handling their credit card payments.

When the victims find out, they are told they must pay $500 to stop using Wells Fargo's disservice.

15 August 2017

To Tackle Neo-Nazis, We Must Treat Its "Thinkers" like Thugs.

Neonicotinoid pesticides
15 August 2017

Neonicotinoid pesticides make queen bees substantially less likely to start a colony.

Forensic analysis of leaked DNC files
15 August 2017

Forensic researchers claim that analysis of some of the metadata of DNC leak files shows that the files were copied first onto a USB memory, not obtained by cracking the DNC server externally.

Please don't refer to breaking security as "hacking"; the proper name for that is "hacking".

They also claim that some of the leaked files had been pasted into a template with some Russian characteristics, to make it appear that the leak was committed by Russians.

Wikileaks announced last year that received this material through an internal leak — it was not obtained by cracking.

I don't follow what the article says about Forensicator's special access to the metadata of the files, and I don't see convincing evidence that we can rely on the statements attributed to him. But I also don't see any convincing proof that Russia was involved in these leaks (though I wouldn't put it past Putin).

There are so many suspicious ties between the troll and Russia that an investigation is clearly called for; but I don't see proof that the troll is guilty of criminal plotting with Russia in what has been revealed to the public. Meanwhile, other crimes such as obstruction of justice must be investigated too.

Multinational tax loopholes
15 August 2017

US corporations generally pay between 13 and 19 percent federal tax, compared with the nominal 35% rate.

Many of the largest "US" corporations pay no federal tax.

RAF Veteran war warning
15 August 2017

"In 1939, I didn't hear war coming. Now its thundering approach can’t be ignored."

Thug street brutality
15 August 2017

Searching blacks for walking on the street is military occupation lite, and often thugs escalate it to sexual molestation, sometimes even torture.

Republicans' dirty water
15 August 2017

Poison Once Flowed in America's Waters. With Trump, It Might Again.

Vehicle pollution
15 August 2017

Electric cars won't get rid of particulate pollution, even if the electricity comes from solar and wind power. The brakes and tires make more particulates than the engine.

Australia prison secrecy
15 August 2017

Australia is being forced to pull back from threats to imprison staff at its immigration prisons if they talk about abuse of prisoners.

Sessions deserves no sympathy
15 August 2017

Don't sympathize with Sessions merely because his master is attacking him. Sessions has supported cruelty and injustice for decades, and he is not stopping now.

Britain Grouse environment
15 August 2017

Making enough grouse in Britain to satisfy the excessive numbers of people that want to shoot them has lead to bad land management practices that endanger other wildlife.

Netanyahu indictment
15 August 2017

Uri Avnery: Netanyahu faces indictment soon on multiple corruption scandals, and Israelis are ready to vote him out.

Raleigh, NC voting day
15 August 2017

Digital systems to keep track of which who in North Carolina had already voted malfunctioned in the 2016 election.

Some accuse Russian interference. Perhaps it was that, but other suspects are possible, too. We may never know the real cause of this, but we know a way to avoid it: use paper for these records.

Wells Fargo mortgage scandal
15 August 2017

The latest Wells Fargo cheating scandal: it signed home mortgage customers up to a warranty service without telling them, let alone getting their approval.

Government service outsourcing
15 August 2017

Privatizing or outsourcing government services makes those services unaccountable, inviting bad service and even injustice.

This is one of the reasons why privatization of government services should not be allowed, unless it gives the public access to a truly competitive market.

If the UK exits the EU, will it be able to pass a law so it can cancel unjust privatization contracts without paying penalties?

Sinclair FCC loophole
15 August 2017

The troll's FCC saboteur, Ajit Pai, is trying to resuscitate an obsolete rule to allow Sinclair to become a nationwide extremist network.

Venezuela military intervention
15 August 2017

The troll threatened a military intervention in Venezuela.

That's more aggressive than Dubya, who organized a coup attempt. It was defeated because the people stood firm for Chavez.

I don't know what would happen now, but if Republicans intervene they are surely up to no good.

Reflecting on airstrikes
15 August 2017

A bombardment campaign is not a halfway step to war. It is war.

However, there is a distinction to be made between fighting on the side of a country's recognized government and fighting against it. Under international law, states are allowed to support other states militarily.

In some of the countries where the US is carrying out drone bombardment, it is aiding the more or less legitimate government. This is true in the Philippines, Iraq, Afghanistan.

In Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan, that claim is less clear, but it is arguable. In Syria it is clearly not true.

Legally permitted by international law is not the same thing as morally justified. I think that fighting against PISSI is entirely justified. Fighting against Assad, maybe not.

Meanwhile, the Salafi-US bombardment of Yemen is legalized by the support of the official government of Yemen—but it is clearly wrong.

Inheritance tax loophole
15 August 2017

One Single UK Aristocrat Just Avoided More in Inheritance Tax Than the Entire NHS Deficit.

Galveston hurricanes global heating
15 August 2017

The town of Galveston was raised 110 years ago to resist hurricanes, but now due to global heating the hurricanes are gaining on it.

If we don't curb global heating, sooner or later Galveston will have to be abandoned.

15 August 2017

Developing small ion rockets to power small and light drones.

Is anyone developing a technology to prevent tiny robots from invading our homes, then spying on us or worse?

Urgent: Remove pro-slavery symbols
15 August 2017

Everyone: call for removal of symbols that honor the rebel states of 1860 that seceded to preserve slavery.

Prejudice against women
15 August 2017

There is no scientific evidence that males are mare capable of tech work, but plenty of evidence that prejudice against women holds them back.

Racist movement
15 August 2017

The troll has been working for more than a year to build up the racist movement that attacked counterprotesters in Charlottesville.

Terrorism in Charlottesville
15 August 2017

A neo-Nazi drove a car into a crowd of peaceful antifascist counterprotesters in Charlottesville, killing one and seriously injuring several more, in an act of terrorism. His adherence to Nazism was long-standing.

The Nazi group that held the meeting says it is not their responsibility because the terrorist was not a "member" of the group. We would hardly accept such an excuse from Islamist terrorists, and we should not accept it here. They willfully stirred up this violence, so they are morally responsible for it.

Some Nazis claim the rally was a victory. That is partly an instance of their troll-style policy of systematic exaggeration, but I suspect that the murder will win them more support from the violent crazies that they intentionally recruit. Other right-wing acts of violence have had this effect.

Torch-carrying right-wing bigots
15 August 2017

Antifascist counterprotesters met the torch-carrying right-wing bigots who marched through the University of Virginia on Friday. Many local businesses closed or put up signs telling bigots they are not welcome.

The torches reference the Ku Klux Klan, which in the 1860s burned black people's houses, and in the 1920s burned crosses as a threat.

On Saturday, the bigots held their main rally, attended by counterprotesters, with numerous thugs watching. And watch is all they did, when some of the bigots attacked unarmed counterprotesters.

The troll pointedly refused to condemn the racist violence that he helped to stir up.

He pretended that "many" sides were responsible for the violence that was repeatedly launched by the bigots.

Mainstream media did likewise, describing the violence in ways that cover up who was responsible.

Pepsico's palm oil supply chain
15 August 2017

The Rainforest Action Network says that Pepsico's supposed plan to end deforestation and enslavement of labor in its palm oil supply chain is just a disguise for not doing much.

Abuse of powerless UK workers
15 August 2017

An analysis of the UK labor market shows that unemployment is very low, but abuse of powerless workers is up.


I am looking for people to post videos of my talks on audio-video.gnu.org.

Western aid
14 August 2017

Foreign investors eliminated the large animals from the Kilombero valley in Tanzania by turning it into plantations.

Our last hope
14 August 2017

Young progressive activists, campaigning against racism and to stop global heating, are our last hope to avoid planetary disaster.

Environmental racism
14 August 2017

The Exxon refinery in Charlton-Pollard, Texas, violates the Clean Air Act by spewing carcinogens, and many of the residents in the neighborhood have got sick. The EPA settled the complaint a few months ago requiring only minor changes that won't fix the problem.

Is that ordinary regulatory capture, or is it the troll's doing?

Minnesota mosque bombing
14 August 2017

Trump Is Ignoring the Minnesota Mosque Bombing. We Know Why.

It is the same reason he refuses to clearly condemn the violence of right-wing Nazi Christians in Charlottesville.

Sabotaging medical insurance
14 August 2017

The troll's talk about sabotaging US medical insurance has made insurance companies jittery, so they have already started planning large increases in prices.

Union-avoidance industry
14 August 2017

The troll's saboteurs are working to help the union-avoidance industry stay hidden.

Voter deregistration
14 August 2017

Saboteur Sessions has directed the Department of Justice to support a voter deregistration law in Ohio when the Supreme Court considers it.

This would have a small effect if poor people regularly voted. Due to discouragement and obstacles, they often don't -- and the difference could be crucial for the Republicans in 2018 and 2020.

Racism is a real danger
14 August 2017

Black Lives Matter has taught many Americans that racism is a real danger today, but in terms of policies, not much has changed.

Addicted to hate
14 August 2017

Republicans are addicted to the drug of bigotry and hate, and the addiction perverts their activities.

Any and all viewpoints
14 August 2017

It is right for the ACLU to defend the rights of people to hold peaceful rallies for any and all viewpoints.

I support this, even in regard to views that I despise along with other ACLU members.

I don't think this means we must allow people to systematically stir up violence, as the Nazis and bigots did in Charlotteville.

Wikileaks slinging dirt
14 August 2017

Wikileaks is slinging dirt at Robert Mueller by presenting an act of his official duties, part of official US cooperation with Russia, as if it were a private deception.

(I had fact-checking done on this article.)

I am disappointed in Assange for this.

Dodgy diplomats
14 August 2017

Paris Climate Deal: US Tells Diplomats to Dodge Foreign Officials' Questions.

Bureaucracy errors
14 August 2017

When any company or agency screws up your account or your orders, causing some other company or agency to claim you owe it money, you are likely to be screwed. It tends to be hard to clear up the error.

Here a British teenager committed suicide because he expected to be given a fine he could not pay. This was because court notices had been sent to the wrong address.

You may have to go to court against the entity that screwed up, and the other one (that demands payment) won't help you because it doesn't care who is at fault. When this happens, the state should hold the first one responsible for all costs, and should help you prove it.

Urgent: Reject wall street donations
14 August 2017

US citizens: call on some Democratic senators to reject wall street donations in their reelection campaigns.

Urgent: Oppose oil drilling
14 August 2017

US citizens: Oppose oil drilling off US coasts.

Urgent: Support Colin Kaepernick
14 August 2017

US citizens: call on the National Football League Players' Association to support Colin Kaepernick, who was blacklisted for supporting Black Lives Matter.

Melting Antarctic ice sheet
14 August 2017

'Stable' Antarctic Ice Sheet May Have Started Collapsing (in 2009).

It is now adding .16 mm to global sea level per year. That would be no disaster in itself, but it is sure to speed up melting in coming decades.

North Korea
14 August 2017

Why Does North Korea Hate the US?

A way to protest the troll
14 August 2017

A great way to protest the troll is with derision at the White House.

Sex education
14 August 2017

Comprehensive sexuality education helps young people avoid gratuitous suffering of various kinds. However, around the world, there is a tendency for sex education to omit the topic of contraception.

Unionizing Nissan plants
14 August 2017

Bernie Sanders is asking the French government to help unionize Nissan plants in the US, through its partial ownership of Renault, which is closely linked with Nissan.

Troll's bait-and-switch
14 August 2017

The troll's campaign was a bait-and-switch, condemning powerful corporations but now handing over power to the worst of them.

Internal Google memo
14 August 2017

James Damore's internal Google memo was "not an unhinged rant", but it cited irrelevant scientific generalities to advocate giving sexism free rein inside Google. Here's a clear explanation.

There is good reason to fire anyone who posts an unhinged sexist rant within a company. Such rants harass, directly. I don't see that it is necessary to fire people for non-ranting postings that propose a sexist policy. The proposal itself does no harm unless it is adopted. Wouldn't firm rejection of the proposal suffice?

Reading well-veiled fallacies can be exasperating, but that is not the same as being harassed.

Once Damore had been fired, he jumped into bed with right-wing extremists that are known for unhinged rants.

Perhaps he wrote the internal memo with careful restraint, aiming to persuade Google staff, but now shows his true nature.

I can envision the possibility that a firm rejection, without firing, would have kept him restrained and avoided helping the bigots.

Curbing "addiction to growth"
14 August 2017

A plan to curb the "addiction to growth": "Curbing advertising, taxing carbon, a basic income, and a shorter work week".

I think we must also do something to curb the ability of billionaires to compete to outdo the others.

A report argues that the main drivers of inequality are certain government policies: taxation, trade, regulation, public subsidies, and expenditures.

It is clear that retraining people to take different jobs can help only a small fraction of the unemployed and the 50% of employed Americans stuck in Mcjobs.

However, technology is also an important factor. If automation eliminates 10% of jobs over a decade, there is no way that most of those people will find anything but Mcjobs, if even that.

Globalization is a crucial factor, but perhaps at a deeper level. Globalization is the driver of trade policy. Globalization-oriented trade policy gives businesses the power to knock down regulations that protects us from them, demand public subsidies, and force cuts in expenditure by dodging taxes.

The business-supremacy treaties are at the root of this.

Melting ice activating volcanoes
14 August 2017

Melting ice tends to activate volcanoes; this is happening in Alaska and Iceland. Meanwhile, scientists have just discovered 91 more volcanoes under the Antarctic ice sheet.

14 August 2017

Eva Gollinger, who exposed the US role in the coup against Chavez, analyzes the developments in Venezuela.

Urgent: restrict nuclear weapons
13 August 2017

US citizens: support the Restricting the First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act, which would deny the president the authority to start a nuclear war.

Toxic blooms
13 August 2017

Global heating is making toxic blooms of cyanobacteria more frequent in some lakes, such as Lake Erie.

Site and network probing
13 August 2017

Tools for probing sites and networks can be useful for journalists, not just for crackers.

Contempt for Tillerson
13 August 2017

The troll's undisguised contempt for Tillerson leaves the US unable to negotiate with North Korea or even to calm the tensions.

Arctic heat
13 August 2017

2016 set records for the heat in the Arctic winter and shrinkage of ice around the world.

Also a record for the height of sea level — but that was automatic, since it rises every year. Sea level is now 3.25 inches above the 1993 level. This increase is enough to push some storms and high tides over the edge of the sea wall.

Academy chains
13 August 2017

Chains of "academies" — semi-privatized schools — in the UK are training teachers to read from a script instead of thinking about their students. The author says this resembles sales training rather than education.

It can't be long before they replace the teachers with something like the Eliza program, or prerecorded videos.

Self-harming elephants
13 August 2017

Elephants that have been brutalized in captivity by humans sometimes turn to self-harming, as some humans and parrots do in painful circumstances.

Anonymous data
13 August 2017

The UK is considering making it illegal to reidentify anonymous data.

I agree that this should not apply to researchers, but if it is limited to commercial activity and public relations or campaign activity, it would be ethical.

Would it be enforceable? If the penalties are sufficiently strong, organizations aiming for profit or other success would hesitate to violate the law.

The law needs to address the scenario where the reidentification is done in some other country but the usage is targeted at people in the UK. Usually some organization that operates in the UK will be paying for the service. If that organization can be identified and punished, that might make the law enforceable enough.

Foxconn pollution
13 August 2017

Governor Snyder's plan to pay Foxconn billions to "create jobs" is encountering resistance because of possible pollution from the factories.

However, other objections come from the same narrow-minded "more jobs in this state" thinking that makes schemes like this seem legitimate in the first place. We have to put an end to the practice of paying companies to locate here instead of there.

Right-wing fake news
13 August 2017

Right-wing fake news is backed by sophisticated profiling technology.

It must have been developed as a well-funded operation.

Drug emergency
13 August 2017

If the troll declares a "drug emergency", that might be used to make drug repression worse.

Automobile pollution
13 August 2017

The troll has sabotaged the EPA's final rules for reducing automobile pollution.

Forensic 'expert analysis'
13 August 2017

Sessions is trying to relegitimize forensic "expert analysis" comparisons, which have been found unreliable and not suitable for use in trials, so that they can provide an excuse for imprisoning people in the absence of real evidence of guilt.

US deportation
13 August 2017

The bully has redirected US deportation efforts to include upstanding members of the community who have never been in legal trouble.

Business supremacy treaties
13 August 2017

The mainstream media continue to propagandize for business-supremacy treaties using fallacious arguments that exaggerate small economic benefits while disregarding the sure and steady harm that they generally do.

Enslavers not prosecuted
13 August 2017

Even when it's obvious that workers are enslaved, the enslavers are often not prosecuted.

Blumenthal Vietnam lies
13 August 2017

Senator Blumenthal fed the myth that US soldiers met with hostility when returning from Vietnam. It turns out he fabricated not only the claims of a hostile reception but also the claim that he returned from Vietnam. He never went there.

Harmful diets
13 August 2017

"Clean eating" took simple basic nutritional advice (eat more vegetables and less meat) and turned it into a cult of rigid narrow diets that often harm people's health.

The author suggests this is the result of a generalized fear of some unidentifiable toxin in our food.

There are toxins in our food, and water. Some of them are natural, while some come from industrial pollution. In a few places, pollution taken into the stomach causes real harm to people's health. For humanity overall, we don't know.

Polluter fines reduced
13 August 2017

EPA fines issued against polluters have been cut by over 50% under the troll compared with the same period in 2016.

Even under Obama the EPA suffered from regulatory capture, so the rate of fines was surely too low already in 2016.

Heathrow outsourcing bad service
13 August 2017

Heathrow airport has outsourced help for disabled passengers, with the result that they sometimes have to wait a long time for anyone to help them off a plane.

I suspect that the company that does this decided to increase its profits by reducing the staff available for this job to a level that is just enough with the usual demand. Since demand fluctuates randomly, this approach ensures that the staff will be insufficient whenever demand fluctuates up. If employees are out sick, there will be a problem.

It is well known that a reliable quick service needs substantially more staff than it takes to handle the normal workload. I'm sure the managers of that bureau found out, when they took over that service, how many staff are really needed. Then someone decided to cut corners so as to increase profit.

This is one of the ways outsourcing tends to provide worse service. Also because it is unaccountable. Another thing outsourcing normally does is cut the pay of the workers. We should take measures to penalize outsourcing so that it happens less.

Awamiyah Shi'ites expelled
13 August 2017

Salafi Arabia has sent the army and air force to destroy the town of Awamiyah where many Shi'ites live, announcing the goal of expelling them and imposing that by killing them.

EU fair share tax
13 August 2017

AirBnB uses tax-dodging schemes to exclude its profits from taxation in the countries where rooms are rented out. The EU is looking at putting a stop to this.

Terrorism profiteering
13 August 2017

Blackwater's atrocities in Iraq show that it would be the worst of all possible entities to send to fight in Afghanistan.

China thugs brutality
13 August 2017

Hong Kong democracy activist Howard Lam was kidnapped by Chinese thugs, beaten up and interrogated.

German nursery democracy
13 August 2017

Some daycare facilities in Germany let the children vote on many decisions which elsewhere would be made by the staff alone.

Urgent: Oppose Gulf of Mexico oil drilling
13 August 2017

US citizens: file a comment opposing new oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Paris climate commitments
12 August 2017

Al Gore said US will meet its Paris climate commitments even though the troll has formally withdrawn the US from that agreement.

I hope so, but Republicans plan to do more to sabotage this. For instance, they plan more offshore oil drilling. Meanwhile, many states have taken steps to discourage further home solar power installations.

And remember that the Paris agreement is insufficient to avoid disaster.

US legal system a chokehold for blacks
12 August 2017

Paul Butler, black American and prosecutor, was arrested and prosecuted. This led him to recognize how the legal system he was part of operates, and not by coincidence, as a chokehold for blacks (especially men).

He explains how thugs systematically use gratuitous violence against blacks, violence of all levels.

In New York, Baltimore, Ferguson, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, San Francisco, and many other cities, the US justice department and federal courts have stated that the official practices of police departments include violating the rights of African Americans. The police kill, wound, pepper spray, beat up, detain, frisk, handcuff, and use dogs against blacks in circumstances in which they do not do the same to white people.

Affordable housing
12 August 2017

A new proposal for building large amounts of affordable housing with local control and participation.

It is aimed at the UK, but might be useful for US cities too.

US bombardment in Raqqa
12 August 2017

Clandestine reports from Raqqa say that US bombardment is killing lots of civilians, sometimes destroying entire buildings (perhaps killing dozens of civilians) to get one PISSI sniper.

Egypt's high population growth
12 August 2017

Egypt's high population growth is leading it to disaster, and the state keeps growth high by maintaining the population in a state of ignorance about sex and reproductive biology.

Action against people-smugglers
12 August 2017

Action against Libyan people-smugglers, and stopping NGOs from collecting smuggled people from close to the Libyan shore, has cut smuggling to Italy in half.

People being smuggled must not be left to drown, but there's no obligation to bring them to Italy rather than back to Libya.

12 August 2017

A poll found that half of Republicans would support cancelling the 2020 election so as to keep Republicans in power.

The movement that supports the troll is a movement to destroy the United States.

Congresscritters' revolving door
12 August 2017

Congresscritters are supposed to report their negotiations about future employment, but they have interpreted this in a way that mostly nullifies the requirement.

Ultrasound transmitter in Havana
12 August 2017

Someone in Havana seems to be operating an ultrasound transmitter which has caused hearing loss to US and Canadian diplomats.

Washington "think tank" funded by UAE
12 August 2017

The Middle East Institute, a "think tank" in Washington, gets millions of dollars a year from the United Arab Emirates. It uses this to influence the US government on foreign policy issues that concern the UAE.

Toxic foam in Australian drinking water
12 August 2017

In Australia, toxic foam used to extinguish fires has got into drinking water supplies.