Forever chemicals in breast milk
14 May 2021

*Study finds alarming levels of ‘forever chemicals’ in US mothers’ breast milk.*

Antisocial reading network
14 May 2021

Goodreads is an antisocial network that encourages people to show off what they read and be judged by others accordingly. One reader thinks this perverts the enjoyment.

I think that may be valid. Of course, it also collects data about each user and that will surely be used to manipulate per.

Charging use of own solar power system
14 May 2021

Electric companies in the US want to charge homeowners for the privilege of using their own solar power systems.

This has the tendency to discourage decarbonization, so with rational politics the US government would make it illegal.

Domestic violence crisis
14 May 2021

*The American gun crisis? It’s largely a domestic violence crisis.*

Most-unfriendly-nation prize
14 May 2021

The UK is competing for the most-unfriendly-nation prize by imprisoning and deporting Europeans who visit for the purpose of a job interview, although this is supposed to be permitted.

Microplastics in rivers
14 May 2021

Most microplastics in UK rivers come from untreated sewage that water companies sometimes release into rivers.

Reciprocal mobs
14 May 2021

Jewish and Arab mobs in Israel are carrying out reciprocal mob violence, which can reach the point of lynching. The Jewish mobs are composed of right-wing extremists, which Netanyahu has increasingly tolerated.

*Live TV shows Israeli mob attack motorist they believed to be an Arab.*

Cutting down forest reserve
14 May 2021

Uganda has allowed cutting down part of a forest reserve which is habitat for chimpanzees and other wildlife.

Covid-19 outbreak in prison
14 May 2021

Thailand is having a Covid-19 outbreak in two large prisons. The prisoners there include political prisoners.

Farms and carbon
14 May 2021

Biden's proposal to pay farms to sequester carbon is designed in a way that will not cover regenerative agriculture.

Urgent: Limit the price charged to prisoners for the phone calls in prison
13 May 2021

US citizens: call on Congress to give the FCC authority limit the price charged to prisoners for for phone calls in prison.

The Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121.

If you call, please spread the word!

Asim Jamal Shakir Jr
13 May 2021

Asim Jamal Shakir Jr watched an LA thug, who is Asim's uncle, tell another thug to shoot Asim. I get the impression that he shot Asim with rubber-coated steel bullets,

Birth rate of Uighurs
13 May 2021

The birth rate of Uighurs in Xinjiang fell by half from 2017 to 2019.

Humanity needs to reduce its birth rate substantially, but not by means of inflicting suffering on masses of people. Singling out a specific minority group for that suffering is an injustice in itself.

Eviction during pandemic
13 May 2021

*[Wrecker]-Appointed Judge Rules Against CDC Moratorium on Evictions During Pandemic.*

I do hope that this will be overturned on appeal, but eventually it will go to the Supreme Court where the same bad outcome could be reimposed.

Power to monitor or dissolve NGOs
13 May 2021

Guatemala's government has given itself the power to monitor or dissolve NGOs, particularly those that get support from outside Guatemala.

This would include the local affiliates of international human rights organizations.

Colombian protest leader Lucas Villa
13 May 2021

*Colombian protest leader Lucas Villa, who was shot eight times, dies.* He was shot by gunmen on motorcycles, who I suspect are somehow related to the paramilitares.

Products made in Israel's colonies in Palestinian territory
13 May 2021

EU citizens are signing a petition to demand an EU-wide referendum for rejecting products made in Israel's colonies in Palestinian territory.

Eritrean soldiers
13 May 2021

Reportedly Eritrean soldiers are occupying Tigray and wearing Ethiopian uniforms, and they are blocking aid from some regions.

The ancient city of Axum is besieged by Ethiopian and Eritrean forces, which do not allow aid or communication.

European commission refused to register a petition
13 May 2021

EU citizens tried to establish a petition to demand an EU-wide referendum for rejecting trade with illegal colonies in occupied territories. The European Commission refused to register it, but now a court has ordered the commission to do that.

Interference with freedom of speech
13 May 2021

The Tories are considering a law to punish universities if they interfere with freedom of speech. Opponents say that the law would instead limit freedom of speech. But the arguments presented in the article seem very weak: "It's complicated, don't interfere" is not persuasive, and neither is "Only 53 people were deplatformed in a year."

Given that the law is being proposed by Tories, and Tories are not known for scrupulously respecting the rights of the non-rich, I will not rule out the possibility that the law would indeed do the opposite of its stated purpose.

However, I think it should not be hard to design the law so that it can't interfere with speaking. If the Tories don't want to do that, a constructive proposal could demonstrate what they are really aiming at.

(satire) Prevent vaccine from going to foreigners
13 May 2021

(satire) *New Program Encourages Americans To Get Vaccine To Prevent It From Going To Foreigners.*

US blocking the UN Security Council
13 May 2021

Reportedly the US is blocking the UN Security Council from publicly calling on Israel and HAMAS to make a truce.

Right-wing elites' cancel culture
13 May 2021

Right-wing elites have their own forms of "cancel culture" — ways of silencing those who disagree with them. Moreover, they are now actively cancelling Republicans that don't recognize the bully as their personal savior.

I think, however, that we should not get too distracted by comparing the respective levels of cancellation activity. It's bad on either side.

Protection from coercive control
13 May 2021

Some US states are adopting laws to protect people from coercive control.

Old mosques in China
13 May 2021

China is "protecting" old mosques in Xinjiang by partly or completely demolishing them, and by putting fences around them.

China is not the only country that destroys the Muslim heritage. Salafi Arabia has systematically destroyed the oldest sites.

Punishment of dissidents
13 May 2021

Biden's decision not to put sanctions on Salafi Arabia's acting king was followed by a big increase in punishment of dissidents.

Air pollution deaths
13 May 2021

*Air pollution from food production in the United States is linked to an estimated 15,900 premature deaths each year.*

Need for independence
13 May 2021

*A Developmental Psychologist on Why Kids Need Some Independence.*

13 May 2021

Georgia has reformed the citizens arrest law that provided vigilantes an excuse to stalk and kill Ahmaud Arbery.

Crisis of Low Wages
13 May 2021

*We Don't Have a Labor Shortage in the US, We Have a Crisis of Low Wages.*

Pandemic pay
13 May 2021

*Report Reveals How Big Corporations Rigged Rules to Boost Pandemic Pay of CEOs as Workers Suffered.*

Sodom and Gomorrah
13 May 2021

(satire) *New Evidence Finds God Destroyed Sodom And Gomorrah As Part Of Luxury Condominium Development Deal.*

Planning for new coal plants
13 May 2021

*HSBC has stakes in firms that plan more than 70 new coal plants.*

We can easily boycott HSBC.

Urgent: no eviction of Palestinians
13 May 2021

US citizens: call on your congresscritter and senators to demand Israel end the practice of evicting Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah.

Sheikh Jarrah is a part of East Jerusalem.

To sign without running nonfree JavaScript code from the web site, use the Salsalabs workaround.

Still being hit by Covid
13 May 2021

*Why is the world still being hit by wave after wave of Covid when we know how to stop it?*

*Covid pandemic was preventable, says WHO-commissioned report.*

At the start of 2020, the virus existed, but quick action could have prevented it from infecting very many people.

Originally, the flaws in the response were due to political leaders. Now, however, they have taught millions of people to believe fake news, react irrationally, and sabotage public health measures.

The next new pathogen may be even worse if we are not disciplined enough to keep it away.

Hiding chemical danger
13 May 2021

*Chemical giants hid dangers of [PFAs] in food packaging.*

Cooperating to deny asylum rights
13 May 2021

*EU states cooperating informally to deny refugees asylum rights.*

The big lie
13 May 2021

*[Rep.] Cheney's ousting proves the "big lie" is the Republican Party's religion.* They still seek to abolish democracy in the US, and they will tell any lies to do it.

Life improvement for the non-rich
13 May 2021

Colombian protesters, fired up by the murders committed by thugs and right-wing death squads, are demanding policies to improve life for the non-rich.

Coalition to defeat Orbán
13 May 2021

Hungary's opposition parties are forming a coalition to defeat Orbán.

Violating thug department policies
13 May 2021

A report from the Louisville thug department says that the thugs that killed Breonna Taylor violated the department policies by starting to shoot.

Shutting down oil pipeline
12 May 2021

*Michigan governor orders Enbridge to shut down controversial Canadian [Line 5] oil pipeline.*

Holding minors
12 May 2021

The US border thugs now holds 21,000 border-crossing minors, though nowadays they mostly stay only a few weeks in those camps.

Merging data
12 May 2021

Facebook insisting on merging all WhatsApp data into its main data base. This is a great impetus to stop using WhatsApp forever.

Conservation and deforestation
12 May 2021

Conservation efforts have enabled large areas of forest to regrow. However, deforestation is going much faster.

Wind farm approved
12 May 2021

The US has approved an 800-megawatt wind farm in the Atlantic Ocean to the south of Massachusetts.

This is almost twice as big as the failed Cape Wind project. I hope that it gets built.

12 May 2021

Tory voter-ID plans could disenfranchise up to two million UK voters.

Arrested for planning nonviolent protest
12 May 2021

The UK has arrested Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion over a planned nonviolent protest.

Paying to stop migrant departures
12 May 2021

*Italy to ask EU to pay Libya to stop migrant departures.*

Is it legitimate for Libya to prevent people from leaving the country, if they are not wanted for nonpolitical criminal charges? China stops people from leaving, and even caught a boat in which dissidents were fleeing Hong Kong, and arrested them all.

Using bought diplomatic support
12 May 2021

China has bought lots of diplomatic support, which it is using to block Taiwan from participating in the World Health Organization's conferences about dealing with Covid-19.

Urgent: Demand an end to Israel's displacement of Palestinians from East Jerusalem
11 May 2021

US citizens: call on the U.S. State Department and Department of Defense to demand an end to Israel’s forced displacement of Palestinians from East Jerusalem.

Urgent: Oppose Salafi Arabia's blockade of Yemen
11 May 2021

US citizens: call on your Senators to sign letter opposing Salafi Arabia's blockade of Yemen.

To sign without running nonfree JavaScript code from the web site, use the Salsalabs workaround.

The Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121.

If you call, please spread the word!

Columbia's countrywide protesters
11 May 2021

Colombia's president has acknowledged the demands of the countrywide protesters that the thugs have been killing.

Colombian right-wing gunmen
11 May 2021

In Colombia, protesters have built barricades, and right-wing gunmen with support from the uniformed thugs shoot to kill them.

I suspect that these killers are part of, or related to, the notorious "paramilitares" right-wing gangs.

Senate Budget Committee hearing
11 May 2021

*Sen. Bernie Sanders … announced that the Senate Budget Committee will hold a hearing … on "Waste, Fraud, Cost Overruns, and Auditing at the Pentagon."*

Portuguese border thugs sentenced to prison
11 May 2021

Three Portuguese border thugs have been sentenced to years in prison for beating a would-be immigrant to death.

Endless undeclared wars
11 May 2021

The US has become accustomed to many endless undeclared wars; to end them all is almost unthinkable.

UK greenhouse emissions reduction
11 May 2021

Now that the UK has adopted binding targets for greenhouse emissions reduction, it must reconsider its plans to expand airports.

Australia's endangered species protection laws
11 May 2021

Australia's endangered species protection laws do not seem to apply to logging.

Logging is the main direct threat to forest habitats, so this omission is disastrous.

Sponsoring anti-voter and anti-protest bills
11 May 2021

*The 10 companies that have contributed the most to state lawmakers sponsoring both anti-voter and anti-protest bills are: AT&T, Dominion Energy, Zurich North America and its subsidiaries, Berkshire Hathaway and its subsidiaries, UnitedHealth Group, Mednax Services, Charter Communications, State Farm Insurance and its subsidiaries, Phillip Morris USA, and Vistra Energy (FKA Energy Future Holdings) and its subsidiaries.*

Some of these are easy to pressure or boycott.

More information.

Rehabilitate Republican supporters
11 May 2021

Mainstream media are trying to rehabilitate Republican supporters of overthrowing the US government and overturning the 2020 election.

UK's Covid-testing
11 May 2021

The UK's Covid-testing operation employs 50,000 people, but they are paid through many small companies which obscure where the money actually goes.

It's exactly the sort of system one would set up to facilitate corruption.

(satire) Insufficient Loyalty to the Bully
11 May 2021

(satire) *Conservatives Panicking After Every Member Of Republican Party Ousted For Insufficient Loyalty To [the bully].*

Tiehm's buckwheat
11 May 2021

A proposed lithium mine in Nevada would likely cause the extinction of Tiehm's buckwheat, a plant that has adapted to grow in soil with lithium and boron and is not found anywhere else.

11 May 2021

Dealing with a decreasing population has some inconveniences, but the robots that will exist in 20 years will ensure it is not really difficult. The main challenge will be to ensure that these robots are under the control of the people that they serve, rather than acting as companies' agents to control those people.

Burmese journalists
11 May 2021

Burmese journalists who fled to Thailand to escape the army's murderous crackdown face the threat of being sent back to Burma.

Australian immigration prison
11 May 2021

Australia has an immigration prison where the average prisoner has been held for five years. (A year from now that average might be six years.)

The prisoners have, effectively, no legal rights. So some of them dug an escape tunnel, which was discovered unfinished.

Deplatforming president of Taiwan
11 May 2021

China is trying to deplatform Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan.

China's wrath is not limited to invective. It uses all the power at its disposal to bully countries into shunning Taiwan while China gets the world used to the prospect China will invade.

The situation calls for a courageous response: uniting to defend Taiwan, and backing this up with action while this could avoid the war.

Global heating and tea
11 May 2021

Global heating may damage tea production as some of the growing places become too hot for it.

11 May 2021

The PRO Act might need to be amended to clear up what it would do regarding some independent contractors. Or perhaps it's ok as now written.

Voter-ID law
11 May 2021

The Tories will impose a voter-ID law on the UK. Apparently they found the voter-suppression effect quite satisfactory.

Manufacturers repair restrictions
11 May 2021

*FTC Report Finds Manufacturers' Repair Restrictions Unwarranted.*

I support the right to repair movement but its goal is only a first step. It should be illegal to block purchasers of a product from replacing the software embedded in it, or to impede them from together to replace that software with free software.

Carried interest loophole
11 May 2021

Private equity fund managers arranged to have their management fees taxed as capital gains rather than as ordinary income. This intentional giveaway to the abusive finance industry is referred to by the misnomer of "carried interest loophole". It may be eliminated soon.

I am in favor of this change, but it won't be enough to put an end to the "private equity" funds that have eliminated many companies we used to deal with.

Protests against banks funding pipeline
11 May 2021

*Global Protests Target Banks Funding Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline.*

I wish I had found out a week ago and could have posted an urgent note suggesting that people participate in these protests. Does anyone know where these plans are announced in advance? If necessary, I will recruit developers to help you access the announcements without running nonfree JavaScript code, then link to them here.

Most harmful points in voter-suppression law
11 May 2021

Summarizing the most harmful points in Florida's new voter-suppression law.

Texas Republicans passed a bill to interfere with voting in a number of ways. This article describes how Democrats resisted efforts to make it even worse.

The article mentions the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. The only way to get these past the coup-supporting Republicans in the US Senate is to eliminate the filibuster, and that requires the support of a few plutocratist die-hard Democrats.

I hope someone has a plausible plan for how to achieve this, a plan I could support. So far I have not seen any discussion of one.

Corporation duty
11 May 2021

The US needs to undo the plutocratist revolution of the 1980s and reject the idea that a corporation's only duty profit.

11 May 2021

The head of Ethiopia's Orthodox Church made a video saying that genocide is occurring in Ethiopia and that he had been stopped from talking about it. He did not give the details to answer the obvious first questions.

One must suppose that the Ethiopian government is doing those things.

Covid-19 decreasing
11 May 2021

With the US adult population roughly half-vaccinated, cases of Covid-19 are decreasing.

However, in order to get rid of Covid-19, we need to vaccinate 80% of the population, in every country.

Audit of election
11 May 2021

Arizona's "audit" of the 2020 election may violate civil right law because it provides opportunities to generate suspicion based on racial profiling,

Reducing danger of search warrants
11 May 2021

Kentucky has set up a commission to study how thugs carry out search warrants, looking for ways to reduce the danger that they might hurt someone in the process.

State-sanctioned campaign of violence
11 May 2021

*Hundreds of Palestinians Protesting Evictions in Jerusalem Injured in 'State-Sanctioned Campaign of Israeli Violence'.*

These evictions are not like the ones in the US, carried out because someone cannot pay the rent. Israel is systematically seizing Palestinians' homes in Jerusalem.

Shocking defeat
11 May 2021

A shocking defeat in an election Labour expected to win has made the party aware it needs to change something.

What it needs is to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn, but that name did not even appear in the article.

Urgent: Call on Biden to ban fracking
11 May 2021

US citizens: call on Biden to ban fracking.

Crimes of the bully's 2016 campaign
11 May 2021

The Department of Justice has only 5 more months to prosecute crimes of the bully's 2016 campaign.

Big Pharma Greed
11 May 2021

Stiglitz: *Big Pharma Greed Will Prolong Pandemic—If We Don't Fight Back.*

I agree fully with the substance of his points. I wish he did not fall into trap of using the term "intellectual property" to talk about patents. copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks as if they were similar enough to generalize about.

Since the whole point of the WTO is to give businesses more power over national governments, and thereby more power over people, we should abolish the WTO.

Reasons Americans hesitate to go back to work
11 May 2021

Higher unemployment payments are not the main reason Americans hesitate to go back to work. Safety is one. Taking care of children who are not spending the day in school is another.

Fascism spreading
11 May 2021

Fascism is spreading around the world, with fascist ideas spreading before it. No two fascist regimes are identical, but we must acknowledge that that is what they are.

Gates Foundation's forays into education
11 May 2021

The Gates Foundation's forays into education have not turned out well.

The Lie-Cheat-Steal party
11 May 2021

The Republican Party has become the Lie-Cheat-Steal Party, still repeating in unison that the bully really won the 2020 election.

Every year since 2000, if not before, the Republican Party has tried to rig the election. In 2000, 2004 and 2016 it succeeded.

(satire) Facebook oversight board
11 May 2021

(satire) *Mark Zuckerberg Asks Facebook Oversight Board To Rule On Whether Argument Wife's Fault.

Ban on Bee-killing pesticides
11 May 2021

*Rejecting Bayer Appeal, Top EU Court Upholds Ban on Bee-Killing Pesticides.*

Fake letters to the FCC
11 May 2021

The US attorney for Southern New York says that the scheme that sent fake letters to the FCC about network neutrality was illegal.

Will we see some charges?

Motorcycle airbag vest
11 May 2021

*This Motorcycle Airbag Vest Will Stop Working If You Miss a Payment.*

In the world of the future, you won't own anything, not even the vest around your torso. Unless you are rich.

DRM-gouging to dishwashers
11 May 2021

Introducing DRM-gouging to dishwashers.

Normally, a new kind of product may start out expensive, but the price goes down. However, if the product requires a subscription, its price may never fall.

Heirs of Samsung
11 May 2021

The heirs of Samsung will have to pay a substantial fraction in inheritance tax.

South Korea has made a wise decision. The US should follow it.

Disappearance of activist
11 May 2021

*Mayor of Mexican town and two officials arrested over disappearance of activist.*

Claudia Uruchurtu Cruz was grabbed after a meeting and forced into a van belonging to the city.

Signs of 'arbitrary execution'
11 May 2021

*Brazil judge sees signs of 'arbitrary execution' in Rio police raid.*

Anti-Bolsonaro coalition
11 May 2021

*Lula lays foundations of anti-Bolsonaro coalition.*

Prisoner of conscience
11 May 2021

Amnesty International has resumed referring to Alexei Navalny as a "prisoner of conscience".

The organization has decided to be less particular, and recognize people that courageously resist tyrants, even if they have expressed views that Amnesty disagrees with.

I disagree with those views too, but I think Amnesty's change in policy is wise.

Ponca chief Standing Bear
11 May 2021

A descendant of Ponca chief Standing Bear demands that Harvard return a hatchet that Standing Bear gave away in gratitude.

We know that the US committed many injustices against Standing Bear and the rest of the Poncas, as it did to many other indigenous Americans. Only a fraction of them are mentioned in the article.

However, none of that invalidates Standing Bear's gift of the hatchet to Webster, who had defended his right to be considered human. That was a valid gift, and so (as far as we know) was Webster's gift of the hatchet to Harvard. Thus, I conclude that Chapman's argument is invalid and Harvard should keep the hatchet.

Displaying the hatchet in a museum can teach Americans about what indigenous Americans had to do to claim human rights in the United States.

Prosecution of Extinction Rebellion protesters
11 May 2021

The UK should stop prosecuting Extinction Rebellion protesters. The public are protecting them by finding them not guilty. Bravo for the public! Now it is time for the state to back down.

Excuse to thwart generic Covid vaccines
11 May 2021

European politicians have found an excuse to thwart generic Covid vaccines: demanding that the US start exporting vaccine first.

This is a bizarre nonsequitur. The US will have spare capacity soon and could export it, but that won't be enough to vaccinate the whole world quickly.

Deal between Georgian political parties
11 May 2021

The EU has brokered a deal between the two main political parties of Georgia. The opposition alleged rigging of the election, so the ruling party imprisoned the leader of the opposition.

With no information to go by except this article, I'm inclined to believe the opposition. It is hard to set up an ecosystem disinformation as complete as the one that Republicans have established in the US, and even that one can only fool those who wish to be fooled.

Seizure of phone records
11 May 2021

The bully had the Department of Justice seize phone records of reporters who were investigating whether Attorney General Sessions had talked with the Russian ambassador.

Urgent: clean up ICE
10 May 2021

US citizens: call on Biden's team to clean up ICE or shut it down.

Prosecution for drawing penises
10 May 2021

New Zealand threatens to prosecute Geoff Upson for trying to get potholes fixed by drawing penises around them.

Sick and cruel prudery is seeping back, threatening to reverse the sexual revolution.

Tracking tags
10 May 2021

Very small tracking tags, made by Apple and other companies, make it easy to track any person or object. We may have to start checking our clothing and other property regularly to remove them.

Waking Snow White
10 May 2021

Some say that Prince Charming has no right to wake Snow White with a kiss without first waking her to ask for her consent. His obligation is to leave her unconscious forever, they contend.

In real life, nobody needs a kiss to regain consciousness. But there are real situations in which medics need to cut clothing off of unconscious people, perhaps even exposing their genitals. This is a prelude to medical treatments which aim at restoring those people to consciousness. Medics have presumed that that goal justifies stripping them.

Maybe we will see real pressure for medics medics to leave those people untreated, on pain of being charged with some sort of sex crime.

I compare this to the right-wing political pressure to let women die rather than abort ectopic pregnancies.

Nuclear plants
10 May 2021

Biden's infrastructure plan includes subsidy for the existing nuclear power plants, as well as plans to build a new one.

This would be a harmful use of the money, as well as wasteful — it would be cheaper to replace the nuclear plants with storage batteries — but if it can convince Manchin to vote to end the filibuster, it would be a price worth paying.

Harassing dissidents
10 May 2021

A London thug probably killed dissident Blair Peach; afterward, undercover thugs spied on dissidents (including his lover) for 20 years as they demanded information on how he was killed.

One must suppose the thugs were seeking a way to discredit the dissidents who were, for them, an inconvenience.

Corruption of cops
10 May 2021

The BBC has exposed the persistent corruption of London cops.

Urgent: exclude the wrecker
10 May 2021

US citizens: call on youtube to exclude the wrecker.

Urgent: Wealth tax
10 May 2021

US citizens: call on Congress to adopt a wealth tax.

Exploiting vulnerable people for profit
10 May 2021

*The company I founded in my 20s exploited vulnerable people for profit.* It sold special kinds of funeral activities, mainly to people who would pay for more ways to grieve.

Suing states not burning coal
10 May 2021

Republicans in Wyoming threaten to sue states that don't burn coal.

Upholding ban on neonicotinoid
10 May 2021

*EU court upholds ban on [neonicotinoid] insecticides linked to harming bees.*

They harm other kinds of animals too.

Millions for endangered species
10 May 2021

Florida has agreed to spend 400 million to help various endangered species including the Florida panther.

My "childhood sweetheart" Melinda would be glad if she were still alive.

Refugees chased out
10 May 2021

After the 2018 California fires, 20,000 refugees fled to the city of Chico. After a while of warmth and assistance, the city got tired of them and now tries to chase out those that remain.

Vaccinal plans exclusion
10 May 2021

* Research reveals that many national vaccination plans exclude asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and [internally displaced persons].*

Koch brother
10 May 2021

The remaining Koch brother is still promoting extremist Republicans that supported the Republican big lie that the bully won the election.

Floyd thugs charged
10 May 2021

There are now federal charges against four thugs that participated in the killing of George Floyd.

ICE disregarding orders
10 May 2021

The US deportation agency, ICE, is disregarding Biden's orders and doing gratuitous harm -- because it can.

Israel west-bank
10 May 2021

*France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain urged Israel… to halt settlement-building in the West Bank.*

COVID death estimate
10 May 2021

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation estimates that almost 7 million people have died from Covid-19.

That is a lot more than governments recognize.

Former Maldives President Injured
10 May 2021

Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed was injured by a bomb.

He championed climate defense, and was removed by a coup which we must suspect was organized by planet-roasters.

The article says he is now speaker of the Maldives Parliament. I hope he is still pushing for the need to curb sea-level rise before the Maldives are inundated.

Hong Kong Dissidents
10 May 2021

Three Hong Kong dissidents have been imprisoned for "rioting" simply because they were present at a protest.

Republicans are trying to make it easier to imprison protesters for "rioting." This seems to be a standard item in the repressive playbook.

Uber & Lyft Against Unions
10 May 2021

Uber and Lyft are lobbying against the PRO Act, which would facilitate forming unions.

So are Instacart and some of the food-delivery companies. This is another reason to boycott them all. (I won't use them anyway since they won't let me pay anonymous cash.)