Urgent: Speaker Pelosi
19 April 2019

US citizens: call on Speaker Pelosi to lead the change Democratic voters want to see.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Urgent: BE HEARD in the Workplace Act
19 April 2019

US citizens: call on Congress to pass the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Selling dinosaur fossils
19 April 2019

Sale of dinosaur fossils to non-scientists is causing science to lose out. Paleontologists have asked for a ban on selling them to collectors.

Indoctrination app
19 April 2019

President Xi's indoctrination app for Chinese people borrows the techniques of commercial social networks to pressure them to immerse themselves for long periods in his propaganda. The aim is to produce a nation of Xip.

The Democrat-Reporter
19 April 2019

The Democrat-Reporter, an Alabama newspaper, published an editorial calling for reviving the KKK, and was rebuked. Now it has a new editor: a black woman, Elecia Dexter.

The article says it is not clear whether the old owner sold the newspaper (To Ms Dexter? To someone else?), or hired her. I think it is an interesting question.

An influenced of Instagram
19 April 2019

The danger of Facebook is becoming one of its useds. The principal danger of Instagram, by contrast, is becoming an influenced.

Aside from that, it accumulates personal data about everyone that posts there. Does it get personal data about people that only look at postings? I don't know, but I suspect so.

Paid family leave
19 April 2019

Paid Family Leave Is an Investment in Public Health, Not a Handout.

Republicans are interested in children only when it comes to forcing women to have them. Once the children lose utility for attacking women's rights, Republicans no longer support protecting them.

I take the opposite stand. I want to discourage the making of children, so that the population stops rising and starts decreasing. However, I think that those who do get born should get public help to have a good life.

Crash-recovery policies
19 April 2019

A decade after the financial crisis, many countries continue the "emergency" crash-recovery policies for expanding the money supply. What will they do now if there is a recession?

Criticisms of Vox video
19 April 2019

Vox lawyers got Youtube to take down criticisms of a video published by Vox, and threaten the critics with punishment, too.

The videos were almost surely fair use, but Youtube decided against the critics anyway. This shows how Youtube's general submission to the copyright industry constricts people's rights.

MP3 players for prisoners
19 April 2019

Florida prisons swindled prisoners by selling them MP3 players and copies of songs, then confiscating them all because it found a more profitable deal. The prisoners may sue.

It is wise to save a backup copy.

Human genetic modifications
19 April 2019

The genetic modification made to two human fetuses in China could provide more benefit than just resistance to HIV. That genetic change is believed to raise intelligence, and improve recovery from strokes.

Although the development of this treatment is risky, someday giving everyone these benefits would be a big step forward for humanity. If we allow parents to cause their children a small risk by denying them brain-protecting injections of Vitamin K, a denial which gives the children no possible benefit, why stop parents from giving them a possibly risky treatment that offers the potential of significant benefits?

DNA samples from Uighurs
19 April 2019

China is forcibly collecting DNA samples from large numbers of Uighurs. China likes to say that this repression constitutes "fighting crime".

China describes its prison camps for a million Uighurs as part of the "war on terror".

Think of it as the Chinese Guantanamo, 10,000 times as big.

US thugs have shown a tendency to spontaneously repress progressives and support neo-Nazis. We need to limit their power to collect DNA samples (and do other things).

CQ Roll Call
19 April 2019

The millions of fraudulent comments opposing network neutrality regulation, that the FCC received, have been traced to the company CQ Roll Call based on detailed data about the filing of those comments.

Planned Parenthood funding
19 April 2019

The bully has invented a new excuse to stop funding Planned Parenthood for providing medical services other than abortion.

Urgent: Social Security
17 April 2019

US citizens: call on the Social Security Administration to stop pushing policies that undermine Social Security.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Urgent: Medicare for All
17 April 2019

US citizens: Become a Grassroots Co-Sponsor of Medicare for All.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Urgent: National Popular Vote Compact
17 April 2019

US citizens: call on your state to join the National Popular Vote Compact.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Overthrowing Maduro
17 April 2019

Sanders opposes US intervention to overthrow Maduro.

Falsifying evidence
17 April 2019

(satire) … members of the Chicago Police Department on Friday credited their own extensive experience falsifying evidence with helping them solve the case of actor Jussie Smollett’s staged attack.

Alexandria Villaseñor
17 April 2019

Alexandria Villaseñor, age 13, has become a leader by example in the US climate defense movement.

Italian League party
17 April 2019

There are plausible accusations that the Italian League party, which preaches hatred, got secret funding from Russia.

Microsoft army contract
17 April 2019

'We Refuse to Create Technology for Warfare and Oppression': Microsoft Workers Demand Company End Army Contract (for augmented-reality systems for firing weapons).

Their position does not seem coherent to me. I am not a pacifist — I don't believe that fighting is inherently wrong. I don't see that it is worse to fire a weapon this way than to fire it with older technology.

One might worry that this would encourage soldiers to dehumanise those they fire at. However, as we know from the Collateral Murder video, US soldiers can dehumanise "enemy" civilians even with existing technology. Would these headsets exacerbate that? There is no way to know.

Convincing one company — or one country — not to make a certain kind of weapon will not for long prevent it from being adopted and eventually considered normal. It could perhaps lead to an arms control treaty which would prevent the use of that kind of weapon. That is what they need to aim for.

Meanwhile, Microsoft does wrong to all its users, every day, with proprietary software, surveillance, DRM and back doors. This is not limited to battlefields; it happens every day all around the world.

These wrongs are nowhere near as bad as killing people. But they are bad enough that we should think of Microsoft's existence as basically a bad thing.

Finnish railroad
17 April 2019

Finland proposes an Arctic railroad whose construction would scar Lapland. If it is built, the trains would make the Sami's reindeer herding too dangerous to continue.

Even worse, the railroad is supposed to be used to extract undersea oil and gas. New fossil fuel facilities must not be allowed.

Fleeing Salafi Arabia
17 April 2019

Two sisters from Salafi Arabia planned to flee to Australia, but officials stopped them from travelling on from Hong Kong. They are now trapped there and fear being forcibly sent back.

Punishing former Muslims who have converted is one of the standard vicious aspects of Islamic law.

Russian roulette
17 April 2019

(satire) The Russian agent in the White House makes political appointees play Russian roulette.

Starbucks tax dodging
17 April 2019

Schultz is trying to buy the presidency while Starbucks dodges US taxes.

Institutional racism
17 April 2019

Institutional racism is ingrained in British society and government in many different ways, but they all end up hurting the same disprivileged groups.

Wall through cemetery
17 April 2019

The bully's wall would destroy a farm family's cemetery that was started 200 years ago and is still being used.

Air bombardment casualties
17 April 2019

The US refuses to acknowledge all the civilian casualties of its air bombardments in the war against PISSI.

Whether it was feasible to avoid these casualties, I don't know. But there is no justification for trying to cover them up.

Threat to human food supply
17 April 2019

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation warns that the rapid loss of biodiversity is a "severe threat" to the human food supply.

This is what you'd expect to happen in the last stages of overpopulation.

Right-wing terrorism
17 April 2019

The US justice department shows surprisingly little interest in boasting about preventing a planned right-wing terrorist attack.

One must suspect that this is because the would-be terrorist has clearly part of the bullshitter's base.

Anti-vaxx irrationality
17 April 2019

High Risk (to babies): Anti-Vaxxers in the Delivery Ward.

It is easy for mothers to disbelieve in the danger of preventable rare diseases that they have never heard of, nor heard of anyone who suffered from them. But their denial of these treatments for their children, which puts them in grave though unlikely danger, is because fake news (starting with the fraudulent claim that a vaccine caused autism) has taught them to judge all preventive treatments irrationally.

Please do not spread the anti-vaxx irrationality.

License-plate tracking
17 April 2019

Use of license-plate cameras to track everyone is dangerous to all motorists. When the list of "stolen cars" has an error, it has the potential to be fatal.

At least when the car is recorded as "stolen" there is a legitimate reason to want to track it. For most cars, there is no justification even for that.

Assange’s extradition
17 April 2019

Varoufakis: Journalists who fail to oppose Assange’s extradition to the US could be next on the hit list of a president who considers them the 'enemy of the people.'

Nuclear bomb
17 April 2019

It looks like North Korea is starting to make nuclear bomb fuel again.

War in Yemen
17 April 2019

As expected, the aggressor criminal vetoed the congressional resolution to stop US participation in the war in Yemen.

A resolution under the War Powers Act should not be subject to veto, because it is the means for Congress to decline to approve something that requires congressional authorization: namely, war.

It was useful to get Republicans to join in opposing that policy. If they are willing to put it in a law that the aggressor won't want to veto — for instance, funding for the military -- he might have to eat it.

Public schools
17 April 2019

Public schools in New York State are so underfunded that they have to beg parents to donate supplies. But only wealthy parents can afford to do this.

We must make the rich pay a lot more taxes.

Fossil fuel pipelines
17 April 2019

The saboteur-in-chief will try to use executive orders to force construction of various fossil fuel pipelines and facilities.

Julian Assange Extradition
17 April 2019

Whatever You Think of Julian Assange, His Extradition to the US Must Be Opposed.

Assange _did_ "make himself available" to be questioned about the Swedish charges — questioned inside the Ecuadorian embassy.

Assange and Ecuador also agreed to his extradition to Sweden provided Sweden agreed not to send him to the US.

This was all Sweden needed to pursue those charges.

However, once the prosecutors were in a position to do what they had demanded to do, they stalled and then lost interest.

I concluded that the prosecutors had only feigned interest in those charges, as an excuse for serving the US.

I do not know whether the two women were honest in making the accusations, so I will not say anything about that question. However, I have read that the acts they accused Assange of would not constitute rape as defined in the US.

PACs money
17 April 2019

Some candidates that pledged to accept no money from corporate PACs, then interpreted that in a literal sense which lets them take money from PACs funded largely by corporations.

Salvini's demonization
17 April 2019

Salvini's targets for demonization include the pope (unacceptably benevolent to the poor and to immigrants) as well as poor immigrants.

Misleading statistics
17 April 2019

Misleading with statistics: focusing on just federal income taxes, right-wingers paint a progressive picture of US taxation. They omit the regressive parts of the tax system.

Pupil Poverty
17 April 2019

Tired, Hungry And Shamed: Pupil Poverty "Stops Learning". UK teachers report that this is increasing. Some students report they have had no food for two days, because their parents can't buy any.

The teachers can't do anything directly about the poverty; that requires electing a Labour government. But they may be able to do something about the shame. Being victimized by powerful greedy bastards is no reason to feel shame -- only anger.

I am not a teacher, so I am not an expert on what would work. Perhaps it would be useful to have students work in teams, each of which includes some destitute students as well as some who are better off.

I expect that something similar happens in the US. Can anyone send me an article from 2017, 2018 or 2019 about the effects of student poverty in the US?

Omar Barghouti
17 April 2019

Omar Barghouti talks about being banned from the US for his political stance: defending human rights for Palestinians through peaceful means.

Facebook Posts
17 April 2019

Facebook Allowed Violent Posts by Man Charged with Ilhan Omar Death Threat.

Deutsche Bank
17 April 2019

House Subpoenas Deutsche Bank for Trump-Related Financial Documents.

Bahrain Rebellion
17 April 2019

Bahrain has imprisoned 139 Shi'ites accused of trying to start a rebellion.

I have no reason to think the charges are true, but I can't be sure they care false either. What I can say is that if Bahrain had not wanted a rebellion, it should have respected the right to peaceful protest.

Marijuana Arrests
17 April 2019

Even after 10 states have legalized possession of marijuana, 6% of the arrests in the US are still for possession of marijuana.

Gov V Subversion
17 April 2019

"British, West German and French intelligence agencies sought advice from South America’s bloody 1970s dictatorships on how to combat leftwing 'subversion'." Through assassination, that is.

Egyptian Protest
17 April 2019

Egyptians dare to protest against al-Sisi's efforts to be president for life.

Urgent: Let Ex-Cons Vote
17 April 2019

Everyone: call on Florida legislators to respect amendment 4 and let ex-cons vote.

Urgent: Call on Businesses
17 April 2019

US citizens: call on businesses not to hire, or put on the board, anyone involved in the bully's family separation policy.

Urgent: Call on DNC
17 April 2019

US citizens: call on the Democratic National Committee to hold a climate debate in the 2020 presidential campaign.

Mexico refugees deportation
15 April 2019

Under US pressure, Mexico has deported hundreds of thousands of refugees to Central America, sometimes without giving them the chance to apply for asylum.

The article reports on one who was murdered in 2017, a few months after being sent back to face death threats.

Reject bully's policy
15 April 2019

37 former European foreign ministers call for Europe to reject the bully's policy and continue supporting a real state for Palestine.

Shock Doctrine
15 April 2019

Immigration and the Shock Doctrine.

Crime lord
15 April 2019

The crime lord told an official to break the law, saying he'd pardon the official if necessary.

Coal Ash Pits
15 April 2019

Who Will Pay to Clean Up Duke Energy's Coal Ash Pits?

Trump’s Empty Threats
15 April 2019

The Politics Behind Donald Trump’s Empty Threats on Mexico Border.

Both his words and his actions are meant to stir up his base, not to achieve anything else.

UK suspiciously persecution
15 April 2019

The UK is suspiciously persecuting married couples that include a citizen and an immigrant.

Sanitation workers tracked
15 April 2019

Some sanitation workers are tracked all the time while on the job. The agency wanted to harass them if they ever stopped moving for 20 minutes.

EPIC facial recognition
15 April 2019

EPIC is trying to restrain the TSA from using facial recognition on air travellers without getting public comment and following other legal requirements.

Firefighters act as thugs
15 April 2019

The plan to make firefighters act as thugs as well is extremely misguided.

Workers on strike
15 April 2019

Customers are avoiding Stop and Shop stores now that the workers are on strike.

I often shop there, but not now; I am respecting the picket line.

Urgent: Journalists at US border
15 April 2019

US citizens: call on Congress to end the harassment and surveillance of journalists at the US southern border.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Subservient sex robots
15 April 2019

Some Swedish feminists want to ban sex robots lest they influence men to want subservient females. That would be a tyrannical thought-control regime.

I don't have a high opinion of hypothetical sex robots designed for subservience. I do not want my lovers/sweethearts to be subservient; if a robot is less than a person, it would hardly be a substitute for a lover that is a person.

However, I can see one good use for a sex robot: to teach men how to be good lovers and companions. This would mean programming the robot for teaching, rather than for subservience. It could help inexperienced men overcome their fear of making a horrible mistake and being rejected for it, and learn to be considerate and pleasing to a lover; also learn how to pick up on what a lover does or doesn't feel and want.

After this education, they could have good relationships with human women.

Feinstein and climate protesters
15 April 2019

Feinstein, a plutocratist Democrat from California, told teenage climate protesters, "You didn't vote for me (because you're under voting age)."

If this were fencing, Feinstein would have scored a point. A point of no real importance compared to the vital issue at stake.

Unfortunately, it is not fencing. It is campaigning for the survival of civilization.

Details of US torture
15 April 2019

The US says the details of Ammar al-Baluchi's torture are too secret to give to his defense lawyers, but did provide them for the film Zero Dark Thirty.

The US owes an apology and compensation to everyone that was tortured. It is required for our national honor.

India's wildlife refuges
15 April 2019

India's overpopulation has reached the point where there is a conflict between indigenous peoples (generally called "tribals" there) and wildlife refuges.

The human species is in no danger of extinction; some species living in those forests surely are. In principle, therefore, preventing extinction of species should take precedence.

Whether the humans and the wildlife can coexist in these forests, I don't know. That seems to be possible in some places. However, when human populations grow, they tend to wipe out some other forms of life and start changing the overall ecology — just as our ancestors did.

Throwing rocks in Hebron
15 April 2019

A mob of Israeli colonists, with soldiers, rampaged in the center of Hebron, shouting "death to Arabs!" and throwing rocks (but they did no damage).

Anti-semitism in France
15 April 2019

Real anti-semitism has spread widely in France.

This is not, however, an excuse for conflating support for Palestinian's rights or opposition to the state racism of Israeli law with anti-semitism.

Statue in Belgium
15 April 2019

Belgium erected a statue of a Congolese black slave looking up at his enslaver, King Leopold. 15 years ago, hackers cut off the slave's hand — not as puerile vandalism, but to illustrate the punishment that Leopold inflicted on many of the Congolese that he didn't kill.

Hush money investigation
15 April 2019

The corruptor in chief asked Acting Attorney General Whitaker to hamstring the investigation into his hush money payments by putting someone in charge of it who would undermine it. Whitaker declined to do as requested, but I think that merely asking for it was a crime on the corruptor's part.

But I don't think that will daunt him — he will simply dare Congress to impeach him.

I think this is just a step in a plan to eliminate rule of law in the US. It's not just that he would like to be an autocrat (though I suppose he does). I think he wants the US to eliminate the idea that people (other than him) have rights or political power.

Will Senate Republicans defend him no matter what the crime, no matter how solid the proof? Could he blatantly shoot someone on 5th avenue and get away with it, as he claimed in 2016?

US unions in 2016 and 2020
15 April 2019

In 2016, US unions made the mistake of supporting the plutocratist, Clinton, instead of the candidate who defends non-wealthy Americans, Sanders.

They should not make this mistake again.

Art censorship in Cuba
15 April 2019

Artists are campaigning against Cuba's censorship of the arts.

Aid for Venezuela
15 April 2019

US offers of "humanitarian aid" for Venezuela, even if they are not a mask for military intervention, are duplicitous. The aid offered would hardly come near making up for the increased shortage of food and medicine that new US economic sanctions will cause.

They also won't be enough to fill the shortages caused by Maduro's bad policies.

To treat the offer just like an armed attack is neither right nor good tactics. Venezuela could use the aid, and I expect the government can arrange to make sure it does not contain weapons.

Trapped by fake university
15 April 2019

The US government made a fake university to lure unauthorized immigrants into applying.

Then US persecutors pretended that the students knew it was fake and signed up only as a fraud — but that is clearly false in many cases, perhaps all.

UK ban harmful material
15 April 2019

The UK plans to ban "harmful" material on the internet, including disinformation.

UK sites would be forced to delete the material; other sites would be blocked by the Great Firewall of Britain if they did not.

It isn't surprising to see Singapore set up a "ministry of truth" for the internet. Singapore is repressive in many ways. But it may shock people to see the UK proposing something similar.

When the UK censors, it goes to extremes.

Wisconsin factory
15 April 2019

Wisconsin gave Foxconn billions of dollars to build a factory and it has not even built the factory.

Wisconsin's deal to subsidize a Foxconn factory was fundamentally wrong, regardless of specifics. To subsidize the rich so they will move jobs to your locality from some other localities adds up to dooH niboR.

I suppose many "moderate" politicians really believe that this policy serves the public interest. That way, they can go along with dooH niboR and not feel ashamed. But today's Republicans are so dishonest and corrupt that they don't need to believe that. For them, enriching the rich is the goal. They don't mind if the state gets cheated of the supposed public interest, as long as the rich get richer.

Prisoners' visits
15 April 2019

Many US jails are putting an end to prisoners' visits from relatives.

They replace this with a video call service that gouges the relatives and which gives the jail a kickback.

Anything that reduces prisoners' contact with relatives tends to result in increased recidivism. Surely this will, too. For the city or state that runs the jail, it's a false economy.

Expensive college
15 April 2019

Refuting the position that college should be expensive because graduates have bigger incomes.

There is another counterargument that this article misses: if our tax system were progressive, those who gain income from a college degree _would_ pay more to support government services. Taxing the rich more would achieve the same goal as charging heavily for college.

Escape poverty
15 April 2019

To help working people escape poverty, the US needs to adopt a higher minimum wage, and facilitate unionization.

But it needs to work on the other side of inequality — to stop wealthy people's incomes from growing so fast and so much.

China randomly searches people's phones
15 April 2019

Reportedly China randomly searches people's phones in Xinjiang and imprisons people for having the Twitter or Facebook app.

Baby boom generation
15 April 2019

After the baby boom generation, the developed world has been pushing people out of the middle class and into low income.

Socially instilled bias
15 April 2019

"Any woman professional is familiar with a nagging doubt: Am I being taken seriously?" Socially instilled bias encourages people to doubt that women really know their fields.

There are indeed some people who pretend to more expertise than they really have. I would hazard a guess that the fraction of men that do this is bigger than the fraction of women, because bluffing is considered "manly". But that is independent of the social bias phenomenon that the article describes.

Chicago renewable energy
15 April 2019

Chicago adopted the goal of migrating completely to renewable energy by 2035.

This is surely a step forward, but how big a step? I wonder about these questions:

Tracking Kids
15 April 2019

Chicago is Tracking Kids With GPS Monitors That Can Call and Record Them Without Consent.

If the suspect could refuse to accept a call, and if the device could not listen unless perse has accepted a call, that might make the device acceptable in this situation (as a bail condition).

Alexa service snooping
15 April 2019

Some of users' commands to the Alexa service are recorded for Amazon staff to listen to.

Saying that some computing activity is "in the cloud" is a soothing way of saying "We won't tell you which computers it's done in, or even in which country." The only cloud involved is in the minds of people who accept the vague answer. Please join me in absolutely refusing to use that term.

Google and Apple do similar things.

Press Freedoms
15 April 2019

Glenn Greenwald: The U.S. Government’s Indictment of Julian Assange Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedoms.

The Assange Prosecution Threatens Modern Journalism.

Here is an interview with Glenn Greenwald which NPR unexplainedly lost.

Clinton's welfare reform
15 April 2019

President Clinton's welfare "reform" law has done what progressives predicted at the time: it has greatly increased extreme poverty.

You can't reduce dependence for people who can barely survive by yanking away their support. That's like trying to reduce dependence on wheelchairs by confiscating wheelchairs.

Burning down churches
15 April 2019

A white man is accused of burning down three churches in Louisiana that were used by mostly black congregations.

Enslaved workers
15 April 2019

The owners of a corporation through which they enslaved workers from Lithuania have been ordered to compensate those workers personally.

That's good, but I hope that anyone doing such things nowadays would be convicted of a crime.

See the enslaved workers page.

Alleged Theft
15 April 2019

Texas Woman Jailed for Alleged Theft of $1 — And Being Unable to Post $12,000 Bail.

Palestinian leader Omar Barghouti
15 April 2019

The US denied entry to Palestinian leader Omar Barghouti, cofounder of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.

"It's an immigration matter" conveys zero information — denying someone entry is always an "immigration matter". So that response was a non-answer pretending to be something more.

I do not advocate the BDS movement — rather, I support a boycott of Israel's colonies in Palestinian territory, which was founded by Gush Shalom.

However, it is despicable for the US to exclude advocates of a nonviolent political cause. Pretending that's not what's happening makes it a little more despicable.

Prohibition on transgender
15 April 2019

The bully's prohibition on transgender persons in the military has brought back the damaging "don't ask, don't tell" policy that was formerly applied to homosexuals.

Internet Archive
15 April 2019

The French government ordered the Internet Archive to take down the Project Gutenberg archive, Grateful Dead recordings and Prelinger Archive, calling them "terrorism".

It is vitally important to reject such demands, not seek ways to satisfy them. Compromising, trying to satisfy them, strengthens the movement for global censorship. The proper response is, "Censor and be damned!" If the French government blocks access to the Internet Archive, it will show the citizens of France how repressive its policies are — which is exactly what they need to know.

Christianity in public schools
15 April 2019

Republicans in Florida are pushing the teaching of Christianity in public schools, and state funding of unaccountable private schools.

Open-plan office
15 April 2019

(satire) Pity the poor CEO who doesn't get to share in the benefits of an open-plan office.

Mueller report
15 April 2019

(satire) Explaining that he would present the investigation’s findings in a format that offered the most richly detailed portrayal of its full meaning, Attorney General William Barr reportedly agreed Friday to release a nonverbal, abstract visual representation of the Mueller report.

MDMA for psychotherapy
15 April 2019

The US has approved experiments using MDMA for psychotherapy.

Extinction Rebellion protesters
15 April 2019

Extinction Rebellion protesters in the US are willing to be beaten up by uniformed thugs.

Demonize Ilhan Omar
15 April 2019

The lies used to demonize Ilhan Omar are partly intended to cover up what she really says.

New York Post boycott
15 April 2019

Yemenis run thousands of small grocery stores in New York City.

They have decided to stop selling the New York Post because of its nasty lies about Ilhan Omar.

Amnesty International
15 April 2019

Amnesty International calls on Canada not to deny asylum to refugees who tried asking for asylum in the US.

US income tax
15 April 2019

60 of the Fortune 500 companies paid no US income tax in 2018.

Green New Deal
15 April 2019

Some large investment funds now call on Congress to adopt a Green New Deal.

Medical insurance companies
15 April 2019

The predatory medical insurance companies of the US are lobbying extremely hard to prevent Medicare for All, which would replace them with something less greedy.

Boeing 737 instability
15 April 2019

Ralph Nader: the instability of the Boeing 737 Max 8 is due to a design process that cut costs at the expense of safety, then tried to patch that with unexplained software features. The FAA let Boeing get away with a fundamentally dangerous approach.

Any airplane can stall. When it stalls, the pilot recovers by pushing the nose down. In the US, you can't get a pilot's license without learning to do this. As a pilot, you practice causing stalls and recovering from them.

US state legislators
15 April 2019

US state legislators introduced over 10,000 bills (over two years, I think) whose text was copied from model legislation, most of which was written by business lobbyists.

Moroccan women
15 April 2019

Moroccan women working picking strawberries in Spain are forced to live in unsafe conditions, and suffer rape as well.

When they complain to the thugs, the thugs ignore them, and their employer/abusers kick them out, leaving them destitute. But the worst thing is the cruelty of their parents and husbands.

With all the money that the strawberries bring in, Spain can afford to deploy inspectors to make sure these workers have safe working conditions.

Anti-death penality
15 April 2019

An odd couple that campaign to end the death penalty:

one that was exonerated from death row, and one that realized it was wrong to execute her mother's murderer.

Anti-vax idiocy
15 April 2019

Anti-vax idiocy is becoming deadly, in the US, Europe, and Africa.

But the biggest danger is in Africa.

You can use anti-vax as a diagnostic for people that are inclined to believe bullshit. That won't save their lives, but at least it will save you from the influence of other conspiracy theories.

Convicts allowed to vote
15 April 2019

Why convicts should be allowed to vote.

For reasons stated in the article, I think they should vote in their home districts, not in the town where the prison is located.

Julian Assange
15 April 2019

(satire ) "We denounce Julian Assange in the strongest possible terms for his negligence in publicly demonstrating the kinds of work journalists could actually be doing to investigate government malfeasance…"

Cashless stores
15 April 2019

A backlash against cashless stores is spreading across the US.

We should support this. However, the article doesn't state the most important reason to do so. It focuses on people who find it difficult to pay other than with cash, and doesn't mention the reason why you should refuse to do it even if you can do it.

Tesla cover up work injuries
15 April 2019

Tesla pressured a clinic to cover up work injuries, cheating the injured workers.

Australia breeding hate
15 April 2019

For Australia to stop breeding hate, it must stop treating refugees as monsters.