US support for Salafi Arabia
25 April 2017

US 'Deep State' Sold Out Counter-Terrorism to Keep Itself in Business. Basically, weakening al-Qa'ida was subordinated to other interests such as supporting Salafi Arabia.

This is ironic given that the harsh Salafi approach to Islam is what built today's jihadi movement.

People under al-Shabaab control need aid
25 April 2017

The troll has pushed for a new attack against the guerrilla group al-Shabaab. Humanitarian aid organizations warn that this is likely to block aid to the region controlled by al-Shabaab, which is suffering from famine.

Ugandan schoolgirls need menstrual pads
25 April 2017

Activists in Uganda are campaigning for the state to provide menstrual pads to the nation's schoolgirls, many of whom miss school because they can't afford to buy the pads.

One of them has been imprisoned for insulting the president for his refusal. To punish people for insults is a sign of tyranny. (Are you listening, France, Turkey, Russia and others?

Science already politicized
25 April 2017

Science has already been politicized, by those who want to disregard knowledge in favor of fantasy. We who want to pay attention to knowledge must not hold back from campaigning for that.

Female genital mutilation
25 April 2017

Prosecuting female genital mutilation in the US.

Arms merchant sentenced to prison
25 April 2017

An arms merchant who supplied arms to Liberian tyrant Charles Taylor has been sentenced to prison.

Hunters in Malta shoot migrating birds
25 April 2017

Chris Packham made a video recording of hunters in Malta shooting migrating birds, and hunters falsely accused him of physically attacking them.

The hunt in Malta is authorized, but since it endangers some species of birds, Malta must change its policy.

Reaching out to Trump supporters
25 April 2017

Practical advice for how to talk with relatives and friends that support Trump, so that they might start to listen.

ISPs authorized to gouge on prices
25 April 2017

The Saboteur of the FCC, Ajit Pai, has authorized ISPs with no competitors to gouge on prices.

War on painkillers
25 April 2017

Instead of the incoherent war on painkillers, the US should aim for harm reduction.

Untreated pain is part of the harm that we should aim to reduce. And an addiction to pain killers, kept in check by medical attention, is not as bad as continuing agony.

US denies reporters access to bombed zone
25 April 2017

The US denied reporters access to the zone in Afghanistan where it dropped the large conventional bomb. No one can verify any claims about what was or wasn't destroyed.

Even people whose families lived in the area can't get information.

Almost 300 Iraqi and Syrians killed by US Bombs
25 April 2017

Specific reports covered almost 300 civilians killed by US bombs in Iraq and Syria in one week in April. The actual figure is probably several times that.

Orwell's point is valid: we are morally obliged to judge the killing of civilians by the same standards no matter which side does it. Zinn's point about inevitable casualties is also valid, but that doesn't mean that all civilian casualties constitute war crimes. No army can completely avoid killing or wounding civilians; every army has an obligation to make a real effort.

There are reports that the troll has more or less countermanded Obama's precautions in the US military. Perhaps the casualties in April occurred at a higher level than was normal for the past few years.

It may be anachronistic to apply today's standards to use of chemical weapons during and shortly after World War I. While there was a treaty that prohibited them, all the main combatants used them or tried to, and all were targeted with them.

Probe Israel Influence on US Government
25 April 2017

Why not probe Israel's influence in the US government? There's plenty of evidence of it.

Urgent: Stop glorification of war
25 April 2017

Everyone: call on the US media to stop glorifying war and weapons.

Urgent: Oppose "right to work" bill
25 April 2017

US citizens: oppose the misnamed "right to work" bill, intended weaken unions and pave the way for cuts in wages and workers' benefits.

Student loans
25 April 2017

44 million Americans have student loans, and almost half have fallen behind on payments.

One way to fix this problem is to allow people to get rid of those debts through bankruptcy — an option that Republicans eliminated around 15 years ago.

25 April 2017

Saboteur Pruit has turned the EPA into the Environmental Persecution Agency.

Mississippi swindles single mother
25 April 2017

Welfare for a single mother in Mississippi is a swindle: get $200 of aid, and pay back $2500 a few years later if the father doesn't pay for it. The slide into the trap is made smooth with lies.

Part of the state's job is to help people avoid the situation of having a baby and no money for food. The first step is to teach everyone what that is like, and offer reliable birth control to all.

Sleazy Republican businessman
25 April 2017

A Republican businessman was so sleazy that he squeezed money out of the Republican party.

Troll's "Buy American" policy
25 April 2017

The troll's "Buy American" policy has loopholes to protect Wall Street's profits from manufacturing in other countries.

Ignorance and craving combined
25 April 2017

Bhikkhu Bodhi: in Buddhist terms, global heating denial shows the combined effect of ignorance and craving.

Republican plan to cut off medical coverage
25 April 2017

Two groups of Republicans have agreed on a compromise plan for how to cut off medical coverage for millions of Americans.

Snooping on Bose headphone users
25 April 2017

Users are suing Bose for distributing an app, to set parameters in its headphones, which also snooped on the users' activities.

The suit accuses that this was done without the users' consent. If the fine print of the app said that users gave consent for this, would that make it acceptable? No way! It should be flat-out illegal to design the app to snoop at all.

Dow Chemical lobbying to discard study
25 April 2017

Dow Chemical is lobbying the US government to discard its own study which showed certain pesticides endanger wildlife.

More info.

Tax money spent on dirty nuclear plants
25 April 2017

Nuclear power companies are making taxpayers pay to keep dirty nuclear plants running.

The longer a nuclear power plant keeps running, the more dangerous it gets. The environment inside the reactor is corrosive; things change their shape and move, and it is hard to tell what's going on inside. Instead of paying extra to keep these plants running, we pay to build storage and renewable energy capacity.

Use of donations for troll's inauguration
25 April 2017

Companies used donations for the troll's inauguration as a way to obtain changes in laws and regulations.

Gordon Sondland wanted to donate a million dollars to the troll's inauguration, but when people saw his name on the donor list, he said he had changed his mind for ethical reasons. But actually he funnelled the money through four front corporations.

Illegal thug infiltration of protests
25 April 2017

Washington DC thugs illegally infiltrated inauguration protests.

Canada strengthens net neutrality rules
25 April 2017

As US Prepares to Gut Net Neutrality Rules, Canada Strengthens Them.

Antibiotic resistance
25 April 2017

We are at the edge of having antibiotic resistance make surgery dangerous.

North Korea threatened with sanctions
25 April 2017

The UN Security Council has threatened North Korea with sanctions if it continues nuclear testing.

This warning has the support of China, so Mr Kim will find it difficult to defy. It has a chance of succeeding as a diplomatic solution to the problem of North Korea's nuclear weapons.

Poor predictors of terrorist threat
25 April 2017

The [US] Government's Own Data Shows Country of Origin Is a Poor Predictor of Terrorist Threat.

FBI "protecting" Americans
25 April 2017

The FBI is now eagerly protecting Americans from unstable fantasy supporters of PISSI.

There must be hundreds of these. They are not totally harmless; a few of them might someday commit solo terrorist attacks with cars, but the chance any particular one would do so is small.

Although the FBI says it is protecting us from very dangerous people, it does not seem to consider them very dangerous when they are released from prison.

Russia bans Jehovah's Witnesses church
25 April 2017

Russia has banned the Jehovah's Witnesses church, labeling it as "extremist".

The sect has peculiar, unfounded beliefs, and strictly shuns anyone that leaves or is kicked out, but it does not do anything to outsiders that goes beyond minor annoyance. Its members deserve freedom of speech and freedom in religion just as the rest of us do.

"Brittle Masculinity"
25 April 2017

Don't Underestimate the Harm 'Brittle Masculinity' Can Do to the World.

Somehow I never learned that I was supposed to appear strong because I'm male. At least one bad thing I escaped!

Tories moving UK toward one-party state
25 April 2017

The Tories are moving UK step by small step closer to a one-party state.

Public revulsion against Bill O'Reilly
25 April 2017

Organized public revulsion against Bill O'Reilly struck home and compelled Faux News to stop giving him a platform.

The boycott was about his odious conduct towards women he personally met, perhaps dozens, but the main harm he has done to America and the world was through right-wing bullying and falsehood. We need to organize boycotts based on that, without waiting for personal wrongs to emerge.

Congressional staff for sale
25 April 2017

SCROTUS are selling access to congressional staff.

Prosecution for having a drug overdose
25 April 2017

The town of Washington Court House, Ohio, prosecutes people for trumped up crimes when they have a drug overdose.

Somalia's children starving
25 April 2017

Somalia's children today are starving for the debts of the former dictator Siad Barre.

This kind of injustice has happened in many countries. The tendency to insist that dictators' victims pay the dictators' debts is why banksters encourage dictators. Thus, we need to replace it with the principle that loans to dictators are never repaid.


I am looking for people to help webmasters of various sites (not related to me or GNU) make simple but substantial changes in their web sites — for instance, to use the GNU Project's recommended terminology.

Australian PM lacks wisdom and judgment
24 April 2017

The Australian prime minister trusts the "wisdom and judgment" of America's racist bully president.

This should demonstrate to Australia that their prime minister has no wisdom or judgment.

24 April 2017

With Corbyn, Britain has a chance to decide that it is wrong for some people to be so rich, and to demand they give the rest a bigger share.

Making the US #1 in imprisonment
24 April 2017

Many prisoners in Pennsylvania state prisons come from Philadelphia, and many of them are held far away from there. The result is that nobody in their families can afford to visit them.

That makes them less likely to find a way to stay out of prison once they are released.

Forbidding anyone who was ever in prison from visiting a prisoner has the same effect of directing prisoners to become career criminals. It is a reflection of the attitudes that make the US #1 in imprisonment. The US asks, "What might that ex-con do if he visits a prisoner," and not, "What might that prisoner do, after spending the prison term out of contact with family?"

The policy of excluding former prisoners from all but menial work, and from most educational opportunity, also pressures them into a life of crime.

When it's better not to say anything
24 April 2017

If you see something, it's often better not to say anything. How to decide?

Persecuting people who drug themselves
24 April 2017

Persecuting people who drug themselves into insensibility is not a solution for the factors that make them look for a way to do that.

But some of them might die because their friends have learned that taking such people to a hospital is dangerous for them.

Palestinian prisoner hunger strike
24 April 2017

Palestinian prisoner Marwan Barghouti explains the hunger strike he is participating in.

Gush Shalom comments on the trial of Marwan Barghouti.

How Israel punishes prisoners who are sick for participating in the hunger strike.

Renting in Sex
24 April 2017

One effect of expensive rents is that people are invited to pay the rent in sex.

Agreeing to sex as rent is a solution for one person, in the sense that person obtains lodgings for less money. However, when you look at society as a whole, this doesn't make the situation any better. If X obtains lodging this way, some Y becomes homeless.

To improve the housing situation for everyone in the short term, we need either rent control or a lot of new housing construction. A lot of new housing construction will drive rents down while making space for more people. Rent control won't increase the amount of space available, but it will enable all the renters to get food as well as housing.

In the long term, having fewer children will help tremendously.

Israel Disallows Kemal Hawwash To Visit Relatives
24 April 2017

Because Kemal Hawwash has endorsed a boycott of Israeli products, Israel will never again allow him to visit his relatives in Palestine.

The Palestinian campaign for BDS is a nonviolent, political response to the violence of the occupation. Israel's refusal to let its supporters visit Palestine, just like its refusal to let them visit Israel, is a violation of their human rights.

Israel Trial of Palestinian Poet Dareen Tatour
24 April 2017

The absurd trial of Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour.

Arabs in Israel are prosecuted for "incitement" under very loose criteria, while Israelis are never prosecuted, not even for specific death threats.

Old Diet Reanalysis
24 April 2017

Reanalysis of old diet studies casts doubt on the idea that saturated fats lead to heart disease.

This supports the idea that the cause of the increase in heart disease is sugar.

France and Globalization
24 April 2017

A pundit says that the new political division in France is "for globalization" or "against globalization".

I think the crucial point is not to allow globalization to occur in a way that gives business more power over states and people's. That's the kind of globalization we have had.

US Banking Sactions Against Iran
24 April 2017

US banking sanctions against Iran, which were never entirely lifted, are causing UK banks to close the bank accounts of Iranian students in the UK, putting them in financial trouble.

24 April 2017

ACLU: the PAT RIOT Act was designed to vacuum up Americans' communications so the FBI can find them and read them.

Then the government pretends that only foreign terrorists are being searched.

Apple Forbids Recyclers From Extracting
24 April 2017

Apple forbids recyclers of Apple computers from extracting any usable spare parts from them, by imposing nasty contracts.

Apple's conduct should be forbidden by law so that no company can ever do this.

Urgent: Regulation of natural gas
23 April 2017

US citizens: phone your senators to protect the regulation to limit leaking or frivolously burning natural gas.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

Hate crimes
23 April 2017

Fresno Shooting Decried as Anti-White Hate Crime, But Truth Is Complicated.

It seems that many hate crimes are the outgrowth of "mental health issues that were never properly treated". Most of the culprits choose blacks or women as victims.

Trump congratulates dictator
23 April 2017

Trump to Erdogan: Congrats On Your Dictatorship!

Global heating will help terrorist groups
23 April 2017

Terrorist groups will exploit disasters, and food and water shortages, caused by global heating.

The article calls the disasters "natural", but that is incorrect.

Pentagons denies facts
23 April 2017

The Pentagon denies the facts in order to refuse to acknowledge that it bombed a mosque in Syria.

Troll's business partners in Indonesia
23 April 2017

The troll's business partners in Indonesia are trying to overthrow President Widodo.

Avoiding further "wars of choice"
23 April 2017

The US should change its institutions to avoid further "wars of choice", since they are likely to destroy other countries and could conceivably destroy the US.

The troll is doing exactly what is likely to start another war in the Middle East, exactly what will make it a disaster, and exactly what will make peace impossible.

Is it possible that that is not a coincidence? That some influential interests in the US desire exactly that?

War on painkillers
23 April 2017

The War on Painkillers: Florida has sentenced thousands of old people to long prison terms (basically, life in prison) for selling a handful of painkiller pills.

Thugs encourage treating public harshly
23 April 2017

When thugs lead businesses such as United Airlines to expect the their help in confrontations with the public, they encourage companies to treat the public harshly.

United's policy decision to order Dr Dao off the plane to make room for a pilot was wrong, but it was the thugs that started the violence on that day.

However, at a deeper level, it is the political influence businesses have gained over what should be democracy is the reason that thugs are there encouraging businesses to use thugs to intimidate the public.

Zika in Puerto Rico
23 April 2017

Puerto Rico is covering up the birth defects caused by Zika by piecemeal denial.

Military rule in Thailand
23 April 2017

The military rulers of Thailand have declared that mocking them is a crime.

Freedom of speech includes the right to criticize, offend, insult, even mock anyone (and any group, organization, practice or belief).

Please don't visit Thailand for tourism.

Bias taken on by AIs
23 April 2017

AIs that work by trained neural nets, rather than full understanding, take on bias embodied by the connotations of words that they use.

The only known way to avoid this effect is via human-level intelligence.

Spyware on phones
23 April 2017

Hundreds of thousands of people have installed spyware on the phones of other people they know, to track their movements and actions.

I think it is wrong to do this to your own children. It is like putting them in a prison.

Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike
23 April 2017

Palestinians in prisons in Israel have started a hunger strike to demand that Israel allow them family visits according to its laws.

Holding Palestinians from the West Bank prisoner outside the West Bank (for instance, in Israel) violates the Geneva Conventions.

Right-wing Senator Feinstein
23 April 2017

Right-wing Democratic Senator Feinstein is meeting lots of criticism from progressive constituents for the floppiness of her resistance to SCROTUS.

It's true that one senator can't overcome SCROTUS. All the Democratic senators together sometimes can't stop SCROTUS. But they can stop SCROTUS from passing legislation — and they can contribute to the swell of opinion that will elect a progressive Congress.

Democratic Party centrism
23 April 2017

The Democratic Party Must Finally Abandon Centrism.

When you threaten to transfer back a substantial part of what the rich have taken from the poor, the rich scream as if they were dying. And they claim that we will lose gigantic amounts of (nonexistent) trickledown from them.

Thus, if we fail to make the rich scream, it means we are not trying hard enough to make them share the gains with the rest of us.

Islamists in Jakarta
23 April 2017

Islamists in Jakarta succeeded in stirring up religious vote to defeat the governor of Jakarta.

Even worse, they did this by accusing him of "blasphemy". That was unjust at two levels, since (1) it was false and (2) it is an injustice to make that a crime at all.

Tropical diseases
23 April 2017

We are making great progress towards eliminating various tropical diseases that infect large numbers of poor people.

Along with this, we need to make great progress in reducing the birth rate, or we will increase other replacement afflictions.

Teens and Sexting
23 April 2017

ACLU: Teens Who Engage in 'Sexting' Should Not Be Prosecuted as Sex Offenders.

Detroit Needs Affordable Water
23 April 2017

Detroit Needs Affordable Water, Not More Shutoffs.

Urgent: Planned Parenthood
22 April 2017

US citizens: Tell Democrats: Stand strong. No cuts to Planned Parenthood.

Urgent: Fair taxes for Wall Street
22 April 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to make Wall Street pay its fair share of taxes.

Urgent: Resist surrender of rights
22 April 2017

US citizens: tell Democrats in the Senate not to surrender our rights if Republicans take the budget hostage.

Urgent: Oppose attack on Yemenite port
22 April 2017

US citizens: call on senators to tell Salafi Arabia not to attack the Yemenite port of Hodeida. That bombardment is causing famine in Yemen.

Democrats that serve Wall Street
22 April 2017

Democrats that serve Wall Street use Russia as a smokescreen.

Taxing meat
22 April 2017

Could a Tax on Meat Help Us Save the Planet?

Even if a tax on fossil fuels solves most of the problem, there ought to be a special tax on cows because of their methane emissions.

Palestine's Nelson Mandela
22 April 2017

Uri Avnery: Palestine's Nelson Mandela.

The article mentions Menachem Begin, leader of the Irgun. It also mentions that Palestinians that fight to end the Israeli occupation say they should be treated as prisoners of war.

Ironically, that's what the Irgun said the same thing to the British, who treated them as terrorists.

Prosecuting Wikileaks
22 April 2017

The troll's men now say they want to prosecute Wikileaks and maybe Julian Assange too.

Prosecuting Wikileaks would endanger journalism in the US.

Predictable warmongers
22 April 2017

With the influence of unpredictable warmonger Bannon gone, watch out for the influence of the predictable warmongers, the neocons.

"Labor market reforms"
22 April 2017

The IMF is trying to pressure India into "labor market reforms" that would probably, as such things typically do, make for increases in production for the benefit of the rich, together with reduction in income for the poor.

Traffic ticket robots
22 April 2017

In some states, irate people have got rid of robots that give out traffic tickets.

Other robots that snoop on people on the street can do much nastier things than give you a fine.

Wall Street Democrats Blaming Russia
22 April 2017

Democrats that serve Wall Street use Russia as a smokescreen.

Urgent: Bring Juan Manuel Montes back
22 April 2017

US citizens: call on Saboteur of Homeland Security Kelly to bring Juan Manuel Montes back from Mexico, since he was deported unjustly.

Exxon wants permit to drill for Russia
22 April 2017

Exxon is asking the State Department (run by a former Exxon CEO) for a waiver to permit it to drill for oil in Russia in despite of US sanctions against that.

DNC chair fails to criticize Wall Street
22 April 2017

DNC chair Tom Perez is holding back from criticizing Wall Street even while touring with Sanders.

Death penalty
22 April 2017

Arkansas Fights to Execute Two Men Without Testing DNA Evidence That Could Exonerate Them.

This is standard practice for cruel systems of "justice": they don't want anyone even to imagine doubting their decisions.

UN Security Council Threatened North Korea
22 April 2017

The UN Security Council has threatened North Korea with sanctions if it continuous nuclear testing.

This warning has the support of China, so Mr Kim will find it difficult to defy. It has a chance of succeeding as a diplomatic solution to the problem of North Korea's nuclear weapons.

Israeli Shoots Palestinian
21 April 2017

For the Israeli army, shooting a Palestinian teen in the back is "professional error".

Apparently "error" covers lying about the events, too.

Israel Ethnic Cleansing
21 April 2017

Beyond apartheid to ethnic cleansing: the rabbi that leads a significant Israeli electoral party calls for expelling all non-Jews from Israel.

Urgent: Labor Department rule
21 April 2017

US citizens: call on the Labor Department to proceed with rule to require retirement investment advisers to act in their clients' best interest.

Urgent: No anti-immigrant plan funding
21 April 2017

US citizens: call on senators not to fund the troll's anti-immigrant plans.

Urgent: People's Climate March
21 April 2017

In the US: join the People's Climate March on April 29.

Urgent: Social Security funding
21 April 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to reject any proposal to undermine the funding for Social Security.

Hindu theocratic party BJP
21 April 2017

Several leaders of the Hindu theocratic party BJP will face trial for participating in the destruction of a famous historic mosque.

The mosque was built hundreds of years ago by Muslim conquerors on a sacred Hindu site and destroyed an old Hindu temple. By modern standards, that was a crime too. However, there was no need to respond to an ancient crime with a new crime. The former, destroyed Hindu temple cannot be brought back. The site is nothing special for Muslims; moving the mosque to another site, if necessary taking it apart stone by stone and rebuilding it elsewhere, would have restored the site to Hindus without destroying the mosque.

In restitution, the mosque could have been moved to another site.

EU's subservience to business and banksters
21 April 2017

Mélenchon aims to save the European Union by correcting its great wrong: subservience to business and banksters.

The EU and the IMF have imposed austerity on France, barring the French state from doing anything to reduce the unemployment and inequality that feed both right-wing extremism and Islamism.

Chants of murder and rape in Burundi
21 April 2017

The paramilitary youth auxiliary of Burundi's dictator chants to murder and rape people opposed to the dictator.

21 April 2017

Facebook Wants [its useds] You to Stare Even More at the Real World Through Your Phone Camera.

A "cashless" economy
21 April 2017

A "cashless" economy is one where the banks have power over everything.

US border thugs spit on the law
21 April 2017

US border thugs arrested Juan Manuel Montes when he didn't have his wallet on him, and deported him without allowing him to get his wallet and show he was protected from deportation.

Those agents spit on the law they were supposed to enforce, just as they spit on Montes's rights. "We can take away your rights by closing our eyes to them and saying we don't see them." These little not-sees deserve a sharp punishment.

Troll's negotiations with China
21 April 2017

When the troll negotiates with China, he asks for advantages for Ivanka's business.

The nuclear agreement with Iran
21 April 2017

The troll has backed off cancelling the nuclear agreement with Iran. That is a relief, since this agreement is the best chance of avoiding Iran's getting nuclear weapons.

Measuring effects of psychedelic drugs
21 April 2017

Brain scans give a concrete and measurable meaning to the "higher state of consciousness" produced by psychedelic drugs.

Global heating
21 April 2017

In some parts of the US, global heating will mean that a wildfire burns your house.

Campaign to elect progressive Democrats
21 April 2017

Sanders, with DNC chair Tom Perez, are campaigning to elect progressive Democrats.

Tax on sugary drinks
21 April 2017

The tax on sugary drinks in Berkeley, California, reduced sales by 15% compared with nearby towns.

It's a shame that people are buying more water, rather than drinking more water from the faucet.

Student jailed for a joke
21 April 2017

Jail for a Joke: Student's Case Puts Free Speech under Spotlight in Spain.

What could be wrong about assassinating a high official of a dictatorship?

Criminal groups in Colombia
21 April 2017

Criminal groups are moving in on the areas of Colombia which the FARC used to control.

Shooting down North Korean test missiles
21 April 2017

On the idea of shooting down North Korean test missiles.

Indian government hostility towards Muslims
21 April 2017

As the Indian government ramps up hostility and threats towards Muslims, few Hindus support their rights. Christians and Dalits face repression there too.

Modi supports bigotry by doing nothing to discourage it.

Alex Jones' radio shows
21 April 2017

Alex Jones' lawyer claimed in court that what Jones says in his radio shows is just an act designed to manipulate the public. In other words, it's all dishonesty.

Multinational giants in agriculture
21 April 2017

The European Union favors multinational giants in agriculture — no wonder over 1/3 of the farms have disappeared since 2003.

Education about science
21 April 2017

Americans need to be educated about what science means and why we need it for understanding how the world is.

Censorship imposed on US universities
21 April 2017

Students, sometimes supported by faculty, are imposing censorship on some US universities.

Precisely because the troll uses bullying and censors those who oppose him, we need to reject censorship.

Thugs teach children to report on parents
21 April 2017

US thugs have a long history of teaching children to report on their parents.

Resistance to this recruitment is important, but I hope young people will see the difference between snitching on your parents for using pot and reporting theft.

Extortion of public money by sports teams
21 April 2017

We should not let sports teams extort public money for their stadiums.

It would be useful to have state laws that prohibit city governments from directly contributing in any way to the construction of stadiums.

School-to-prison pipeline
21 April 2017

Virginia legislator Mike Mullin proposes to narrow the intake of the school-to-prison pipeline.

Right-wing fanatics circulating lies
21 April 2017

Groups of right-wing fanatics are circulating lies to justify a future campaign to massacre progressives.

Multinational corporations
21 April 2017

Multinational corporations are lobbying all around the world to pay less in taxes.

The result is that (1) we pay their share, or (2) our governments are impoverished and can't carry out their responsibilities, or (3) a combination of the two.

United's bloody removal of Dr. Dao
21 April 2017

United's bloody removal of Dr. Dao should not be blamed on the algorithm that selected him rather than some other passenger as the one to remove. It was the fault of United executives and managers that chose the policy of pulling passengers off planes by force.

US national parks in 2050
21 April 2017

What US national parks will look like in 2050 if we don't stop global heating.

UK to cancel citizenship of Assad's wife
21 April 2017

The UK plans to cancel the citizenship of Assad's wife.

She is clearly supporting a tyrant, and may be guilty of some crimes. But it is always wrong to strip people of their citizenship for crimes.

Zachariae Isstrom glacier breaking up
21 April 2017

Greenland's Zachariae Isstrom glacier is breaking up. Over time, this will raise sea level by half a meter.

That is in addition to the sea level rise from other sources, which is predicted to be up to meter by 2100.

Of course, other unpredicted melting could occur too.