Huawei helps spy on political opponents
18 August 2019

Huawei Technicians Helped African Governments Spy on Political Opponents.

Goodyear workers underpaid in Mexico
18 August 2019

"They (unionized Goodyear workers) are not mad at the workers in Mexico. They are mad that Goodyear went down there and underpaid those workers. They are mad that Goodyear is taking our work and moving it there."

Google's proposed contract with thugs
18 August 2019

Google Employees Protest Proposed Contract with [border thugs and deportation thugs].

Answer to burn-out at work
18 August 2019

The Answer To Burn-Out At Work Isn’t "Self-Care" — It’s Unionizing.

Crippled Apple devices
18 August 2019

When Apple suspects a user of fraud, it judges the case secretly and presents the verdict as a fait accompli. The punishment to a user found guilty is being cut off for life, which more-or-less cripples the user's Apple devices forever. There is no appeal.

Planned Parenthood
18 August 2019

Planned Parenthood is on the verge of losing its federal funding, which will cut off a large fraction of its activities.

"Apple's cloud" farms out data
18 August 2019

Apple charges a high price for storage on "Apple's cloud", which turns out to be a cloudy thing: it farms out the data to other companies.

Sudan accord
18 August 2019

Sudan Opposition And Military Sign Final Power-Sharing Accord.

Proposed 'war on terror'
18 August 2019

Some politicians call for a "war on terror" in the US which would surely include general repression and denial of our human rights.

Nuclear arms race
18 August 2019

The Nuclear Arms Race Is Back … And Ever More Dangerous Now.

Mauna Kea telescope
18 August 2019

Hawaiians say that blocking construction of a telescope is fighting "corporate culture".

Notice the words "it is said" which the article used to cast doubt on the practical reasons to put the telescope there, while saying nothing about what they are.

Some obvious reasons why Mauna Kea is an unusually good place to put the world's biggest telescope: Mauna Kea is high (better seeing conditions); the air is clean (better seeing conditions); there is very little light pollution (fainter objects are visible); it is fairly close to the equator (can view nearly all the sky); there is already a good road down to facilities not far away (makes construction cheaper).

Blocking the telescope would do no actual good for Hawaiians and would be a loss for all humanity.

Plastic recycling
18 August 2019

'Plastic Recycling Is a Myth': What Really Happens to Your Rubbish?

Moderate orc voter
18 August 2019

(satire) We Need a Wizard Who Can Appeal to the Moderate Orc Voter.

Face recognition for marijuana
18 August 2019

Some Massachusetts politicians want to repress marijuana purchasers with face recognition.

Immigration prison hunger strikes
18 August 2019

Hundreds of prisoners go on hunger strike each year in the UK's immigration prisons.

Protest in Melbourne
18 August 2019

There was a protest in favor of democracy in Hong Kong in Melbourne, Australia. State-managed Chinese social media stirred up a lot of young Chinese expats to rally against them. A physical tussle developed.

The article does not say, but I expect that the supporters of China started the tussle. Propaganda has taught them that the cause of China's power is sacred and that anyone who questions it is evil.

Many Chinese students go to Australia, and China has a history of using them for political intimidation in Australia. It is important to develop systematic ways to expose students from China to other values while they are in Australia.

One idea that occurs to me is to have a kiosk which can tell people whether their mobile phones, which they have "switched off", are really off. It would be interesting to tell students from China whether China is snooping on the conversations around them. It would be interesting for everyone else that carries a Stalin's Dream device, too.

Bringing relatives to the US
18 August 2019

The bully's latest act of contempt for the non-rich is to forbid them from bringing spouses or relatives to the US.

Ironically, the effect of this is much worse because of the decreasing real wages that employers in the US have been permitted to pay.

Urgent: Reject balanced budget amendment
17 August 2019

US citizens: call on Congress to reject the balanced budget amendment.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Urgent: Lawsuit against Sprint/T-mobile merger
17 August 2019

US citizens: support the states' lawsuit against the Sprint/T-mobile merger.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Cost of war on Uber drivers' cars
17 August 2019

Uber drivers are unaware of the cost of wear on their cars, but it adds up to 11 billion dollars a year.

Tracking people on the road
17 August 2019

Mexico's president threatens to require mobile phones to pay for gasoline, road tolls, and public transportation.

Pro-establishment bias in media
17 August 2019

Former MSNBC Reporter Spills Details On Pro-Establishment Bias In Media.

If You Are Looking for Evidence of WaPo Media Bias Against Bernie Sanders, Here It Is.

17 August 2019

(satire) Why English is a weird, incoherent, insane-sounding language.

Snooper wants to extend "USA Freedom Act"
17 August 2019

The snooper wants to extend the "USA Freedom Act", which gave the NSA power to spy on Americans.

Meanwhile, the rest of the U SAP AT Riot Act was already made permanent, but we need to get rid of it.

Israeli government policies
17 August 2019

Israel offered to allow Rep. Tlaib to visit Palestine on "humanitarian" grounds — so she could visit her grandmother.

However, this included a condition of staying silent on politics, which she decided she should not accept.

Meanwhile, Israel bars some Palestinians in Gaza from visiting their sick relatives getting treatment in hospitals in Israel.

"The extent to which the Israeli government has designated opposition to its policies as not just illegitimate but also illegal is now plain to see."

"Reverse warrants"
17 August 2019

"Reverse warrants" threaten privacy because they permit the state to investigate thousands of people at once.

Epstein Guards
17 August 2019

(satire) Epstein Guards Placed On Disciplinary Leave For Allowing Selves To Be Distracted By Mischievous Monkey That Stole Key Ring.

Australia's overt contempt for the global heating
17 August 2019

Australia's overt contempt for the global heating threat to islands in the Pacific opens the door to Chinese influence.

China is contributing massively to global heating, but there is no such thing as domestic public opinion in China, so you're not as likely to hear about it.

Australia could prosper by dropping fossil fuels, but the rich people that the right-wing government obeys would not profit as much.

Ring Surveillance Cameras
17 August 2019

[US thugs] Promised Witnesses [gratis] Ring Surveillance Cameras If They Testified Against Neighbors.

Zuckerberg gave a false answer testifying to Congress
17 August 2019

Zuckerberg gave a false answer testifying to Congress about Facebook's audio surveillance.

Slavery in Virginia starting in 1619
17 August 2019

Many articles are being published which describe slavery in Virginia as starting in 1619. In fact, the Africans arriving then were indentured, like many of the white settlers. It was several decades later that this was replaced with slavery and racism.

Being indentured was rotten, but still left some minimal rights, and the indenture ended after specified term of years.

Compostable bowls contain environmental toxin
17 August 2019

Compostable bowls contain PFAS, a persistent environmental toxin.

This article explains why that matters.

Salafi Arabian deportation thugs
17 August 2019

Salafi Arabian deportation thugs treat Ethiopians the way US border thugs treat Hondurans, but with less hesitation.

White supremacism seeping into ALEC
17 August 2019

White supremacism is seeping into ALEC.

I don't think racism is any part of ALEC's mission. ALEC is a dooH niboR campaign and focuses 100% on promoting class injustice. But it's impossible nowadays to package lots of Republican plutocratists without finding crumbs of white supremacism mixed in.

Hong Kong protesters' symbol the woman whose eye was shot
17 August 2019

Hong Kong protesters have adopted as their hero and symbol the woman whose eye was shot by thugs.

Right to change our minds
17 August 2019

"Social media must not rob us of the right to change our minds."

That is what Twitter does.

I refuse to be part of a "tribe" of people who have to agree.

I hope to persuade you of various views, but I don't want to lead a tribe in which people would be compelled to follow my views.

Cut off donations to protect the Amazon forest
17 August 2019

Germany and Norway have cut off donations to a Brazilian fund that is supposed to be used to protect the Amazon forest.

Bolsonaro has undermined the activity this was supposed to support.

Global "epidemic" of face recognition cameras
17 August 2019

Big Brother Watch warns of a global "epidemic" of face recognition cameras.

Israel Should Not Receive Billions in US Military Aid
17 August 2019

Sanders Says, If Israel Wants to [refuse admission to] Members of Congress, It Should Not Receive Billions in US Military Aid.

Buenos Aires Judge Bans Delivery Apps
17 August 2019

Buenos Aires Judge Bans Delivery Apps After Road Accidents Spike.

The company PR department said its first priority is the health of its couriers, but the dispatcher was evidently taught to value the product more. How can we interpret this contradiction? I suspect that the dispatcher was taught the company's real values by the real pressures placed on per.

Nothing teaches managers to avoid work accidents like making the company pay for them. That's what worker's compensation is for. But the piecework sweatshop economy makes the workers "independent contractors", so they don't get workers' compensation. Change that, and the companies may learn to truly value the workers' health.

Help more people sit in crowded German regional trains
17 August 2019

Proposing to help more people sit in crowded German regional trains by making all cars second-class.

The Pacific Island Forum
17 August 2019

The Pacific Island Forum almost failed to reach any agreement on a communique, because of the dispute between some countries threatened by global heating and the planet roasters of Australia. After many hours they reached a compromise which calls for some action — but which Australia will not heed.

I think it was a strategic mistake to compromise with Australia.

These callous right-wingers will continue working for disaster no matter what they say. It would have been better for the event to split and make a statement condemning Australia (and China, and the US, etc.).

Hippocratic oath for mathematicians and developers
17 August 2019

Proposing a Hippocratic oath for mathematicians and software developers.

Listening to people's problems
17 August 2019

Listening to people's problems and their causes can sometimes find an amazingly simple social solution.

US congress members blocked from Israel
17 August 2019

Netanyahu decided not to allow Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib to lead a tour of members of Congress to Palestine.

This has earned him a lot of criticism already. But I think he has become a supporter of his fellow right-wing extremist, the bully, and does not care about alienating Democratic US Jews.

Urgent:US citizens: call on Democratic Presidential Candidates to take the "NoKXL Pledge"
17 August 2019

US citizens: call on Democratic Presidential Candidates to take the "NoKXL Pledge" — to cancel the Keystone XL planet-roaster pipeline first thing if elected.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Urgent:US citizens: call on Walmart to publish plans to stop using HFCs as refrigerants.
17 August 2019

US citizens: call on Walmart to publish plans to stop using HFCs as refrigerants.

To sign without running nonfree Javascript code, use lynx.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Zimbabwe's new dictator intimidation
17 August 2019

Zimbabwe's new dictator has deployed thugs in advance to intimidate a planned protest.

Searching with out suspicion
17 August 2019

In the UK as in the US, searching people on the street with no specific suspicion does little to reduce street crime, but it's a great way to harass minority groups and make them resentful.

No wonder Bogus Johnson wants to do more of it.

The Third Way
17 August 2019

"The Third Way", a think-tank for plutocratists in the Democratic Party, published a report in favor of business-supremacy treaties with funding from the Koch brothers.

Treating racial slurs as unutterable taboos
17 August 2019

Americans who oppose racism are going nuts, and treating racial slurs as unutterable taboos, rather than the insults that they are. Even to quote a use of the taboo word, regardless of why, unleashes condemnation.

In fear of that taboo, a famous writers' famous quotation was altered and missed its intended point, and a professor is being investigated for calling attention to that.

I urge people to familiarize themselves with the difference between using a word and mentioning it. I don't use racial slurs, because I don't want to insult people, but it is impossible to discuss racism clearly without mentioning (talking about) those slurs.

Likewise, I never use the term "intellectual property", but I mention it to say why it spreads confusion.

Destruction of oceans has doubled
17 August 2019

Humanity's Destruction of Oceans Nearly Doubled Over a Decade, Scientists Warn, and Could Double Again Without Urgent Action.

Military power religion
17 August 2019

Military power and its use considered as the national religion of the US.

Saboteurs in the Department of Energy
17 August 2019

Saboteurs in the Department of Energy want to use clean energy funds to build a fossil fuel storage facility.

Ryan Twyman
17 August 2019

A gang of LA thugs came up suddenly at Ryan Twyman as he was sitting in his car, and quickly began shooting. Then they harassed his family.

US history against Hispanics
16 August 2019

The US has a long history of violence against Hispanics; initially Mexicans.

Free movement of plant diseases
16 August 2019

"Free movement of goods" includes free movement of plant diseases. Many species of trees will be wiped out in many countries.

India's plan to declare Muslims stateless
16 August 2019

India is requiring Bengali-speaking inhabitants of Assam to prove their ancestors lived in Assam before 1971, or face being declared stateless. Many of them are illiterate and can't understand the documents they need to search for. If they can't prove they are descended from Indian citizens at that time, they will be presumed stateless.

This seems to be a scheme to eliminate Muslim citizens from India.

Urgent: Accountability for poisoning people
16 August 2019

US citizens: call on Congress to hold corporations accountable for knowingly poisoning Americans with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

Iraq's harvest reduced by fires
16 August 2019

Iraq's harvest has been greatly reduced due to an unusual number of farm fires, some of which are due to arson.

I wonder if global heating is partly responsible. July set a world temperature record as hottest month since records began. Did it set a temperature record in Iraq, too?

Urgent: Block fossil fuel developments
16 August 2019

US citizens: call on California governor Newsom to block all new fossil fuel developments and cut back use of existing fossil fuel facilities.

Salafi Arabia's attacks on civilians
16 August 2019

Salafi Arabia and its allies covered up attacks on civilians, so any promises it makes about how it will use arms that are sold to it are worthless.

In other words, if you sell bone saws, don't believe promises from Salafi Arabia that they won't be used for murder.

Fish stocks in Belize
16 August 2019

Belize has banned fishing in 16% of its waters, including waters near the coast, and enforced fishing licenses. As a result, its fish stocks are stable.

Harvard admission process
16 August 2019

(satire) Harvard Streamlines Admission Process By Directly Growing New Students From DNA Of Top Donors.

Muzzle velocities
16 August 2019

When I posted that assault weapons should be banned because they fire with higher muzzle velocities, and therefore the wounds they cause are more grievous and more likely to be fatal, I misinterpreted the article I was referring to. This was pointed out to me by a reader.

The comparison actually described by the surgeon was between high-powered rifles and handguns. The point is that all high-powered rifles produce wounds that are more harmful and more likely to kill, than the wounds made by handguns. This means I need to change the conclusions I drew.

My revised conclusion is that we should require high-powered rifles owned by the public to be designed to hold a small number of rounds, contained in a fixed part of the rifle rather than in a magazine that can be quickly replaced.

India is treating Kashmir has just conquered
15 August 2019

India is treating Kashmir like a country it has just conquered.

Some Kashmiris expect India to treat Kashmir the way Israel treats Palestine.

I was thinking the same thing myself.

The free software movement
15 August 2019

By these criteria for effective altruism, the free software movement is a good choice to have a high impact. Their criteria are

Is the free software cause "highly neglected"? Thousands of people are working on developing free programs, but most of them call the the programs "open source" and are not thinking about the injustice of nonfree software. So they don't look for projects that could enable many users to escape from some nonfree software.

The "cancel" culture
15 August 2019

The "cancel" culture — one strike and you're out.

Threatened endangered species
15 August 2019

The US is already adopting an anti-protection agenda for threatened and endangered species.

The plutocrats regard these species as obstacles to untrammeled exploitation of the whole world.

Cause of methane level increase
15 August 2019

How researchers deduce that the increase in methane level since 2000 is mainly due to fracking in the US.

Boeing executives
15 August 2019

It Is Time to Haul Boeing Executives Before Congress to Testify Under Oath.

CEOs' income
15 August 2019

The CEOs of big US companies now get an income (on average) of 275 times what the workers get.

The expression "1000%" is somewhat inflationary — I think the CEOs' income has increased by a factor of 11 since 1978.

India accepts government lies as normal
15 August 2019

In India, government lies used for political manipulation have become accepted as normal.

Comparing it to the credulousness of today's US Republicans, it appears not to go to the same lengths, but covers a majority of the people.

Koreans conscripted by Japan during WWII
15 August 2019

Japan conscripted 240,000 Koreans during World War II. (Japan was able to do this since it had conquered Korea in 1910.) After the war, South Korea called them traitors. Their families have little information about what happened to them.

The people in those families were wronged twice, and I am sorry for them. But sorry also that they put so much importance on scraps of information that wouldn't change anything about those wrongs.

No good can come from obsessing about the corpse of someone who died in 1943. Every Korean, and every Japanese, is familiar with the basic ideas of Buddhism. This attachment causes suffering, and only suffering.

It would be so much wiser to redirect the feeling of loss into efforts to avoid future wars, future conscription, and future suffering.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms
15 August 2019

A proposed Oregon ballot initiative would legalize use of hallucinogenic mushrooms in carefully managed situations.

The plan to defeat Hong Kong democracy
15 August 2019

The Chinese plan to defeat Hong Kong's democracy movement is subtle and cunning.

Drawing them into violence and into annoying other Hong Kongers is part of it.

'Frightened, Angry And Exhausted' Hong Kong Protesters Apologies for Airport Violence.

It looks like they understand the game Chine is playing.

Fracking increases methane emissions
15 August 2019

Fracking is the major cause of increased methane emissions.

School board decided to hide murals
15 August 2019

The San Francisco school board has decided to hide, not paint over, the controversial paintings that showed George Washington's involvement in fighting indigenous peoples and owning slaves.

If the problem is presenting these paintings without context, the solution is obvious — provide context!

Museums showing the interaction of humans and wildlife
15 August 2019

Museums of natural history are showing very graphically what human activities are doing to wildlife. This makes a powerful impression on children.

Netanyahu's response to the killing of a Israeli
15 August 2019

Netanyahu plans to respond to the killing of an Israeli with collective punishment: expanding Israeli colonies in Palestinian territory.

Netanyahu assumes that the killing was politically motivated (therefore terrorism) and done by a Palestinian, but that is just a surmise. The facts are simply not known. But he does know who he wants to punish.

Chaldean church renovated
15 August 2019

Basra's Chaldean church has been renovated, but there are few Christians left in Basra, and not many in Iraq. The upheavals caused by US wars have chased them out.

When they come to the US, is that one of the "faith-based initiatives" that Dubya wanted?

False definition of anti-semitism
15 August 2019

The IHRA definition of "anti-semitism" is being used to demonize criticism of the occupation of Palestine as anti-semitism.

Real anti-semites, including Nazis, find the IHRA definition useful for defending themselves -- they argue that they support Israel, so we should ignore the fact that they hate Jews.

Urgent: No vote on NAFTA 2.0 until it's fixed
15 August 2019

US citizens: phone your congresscritter and say, "No vote on NAFTA 2.0 until it's fixed."

I think 1-855-973-4213 is a number you can use. Here are points you can mention.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Urgent: Real health care debate
15 August 2019

US citizens: Tell ABC and Univision that we need a real health care debate.

Facebook's audio recordings of useds
15 August 2019

Facebook admits having presented audio recordings of conversation between useds for purposes of improving its speech recognition.

I think this is a secondary issue. The job being done is not malicious in its own right.

What I find more worrisome is that Facebook (or Google, or Apple) could transcribe conversations automatically and use the results automatically for purposes such as surveillance capitalism, censorship, and repression.

Yemenite factions
15 August 2019

More about the split between various Yemenite groups that were previously supported by the "coalition" intervention.

The "government" of Yemen has no particular legitimacy. It was "internationally backed" in the sense that Salafi Arabia and the UAE (two cruel and vicious states) supported it, along with their unsavory allies.

May the rest of the world help the Yemenite factions make peace, instead of stirring up war.

Propaganda letters from Chinese prisons
15 August 2019

Abdurahman Memet published the propaganda letters his relatives in Chinese prisons were forced to send, and now he has disappeared.

Australia's planet-roaster government
15 August 2019

Australia's planet-roaster government was unable to buy approval from the island states that Australia is helping to inundate. The host of the Pacific Islands Forum said that no amount of funding makes up for Australia’s failure to cut emissions.

Suppression of Arab vote in Israel
15 August 2019

Israel's ruling party suppressed the Arab vote by setting up video recorders inside voting places where many Arabs live.

Occupied Palestine
15 August 2019

Israel is trying to drive the Palestinian inhabitants out of a region of occupied Palestine by cutting them off from water. This includes destroying their water pipes and blocking trucks.

Courage of feminist Loujain al-Hathloul
15 August 2019

Imprisoned feminist Loujain al-Hathloul in Salafi Arabia was offered release from prison if she would say, for a published video, that she had not been tortured. She refused.

What courage!

6,000 prisoners kept in solitary
15 August 2019

Of 6,000 prisoners that the deportation thugs kept in solitary, 40% had mental illness.

Statue of Liberty Shown Cuffed and Arrested
15 August 2019

Statue of Liberty Shown Cuffed and Arrested by Immigration Officials in New Mural.

Bogus Johnson ceasing press conferences where journalists ask questions
15 August 2019

Bogus Johnson has followed the bullshitter in ceasing to hold press conferences where journalists ask questions.

National campaign against voter suppression
15 August 2019

Stacey Abrams will lead a national campaign against voter suppression.

Sugar cane farmers funding a denialist
15 August 2019

Sugar cane farmers in Australia a funding a tour by a denialist ex-professor who pretends that agricultural runoff from cane farms doesn't harm the Great Barrier Reef.

The goal of this is to scrap regulations that would protect the reef.

This denialism won't fool the coral. It will die anyway. Then the farmers could argue that it wasn't the runoff, it was the ocean heating and the dissolved CO2 that did it.

Indeed, we must stop all three to save that reef, and all the other coral reefs in the world.

Falling snow is full of microplastics
15 August 2019

Falling snow is full of microplastics which it concentrates out of the air. Are they causing lung cancer?

Mainstream Media Smear Sanders
15 August 2019

Mainstream Media Smear Sanders for Saying That the Mainstream Media Smear Sanders.

Clothing designed to appear a license-plate
15 August 2019

Clothing has been designed to appear to license-plate readers as a license-plate.

Iceland commemorates vanished glacier
15 August 2019

Iceland commemorates the first vanished glacier.

Global heating denial
14 August 2019

Despite the blatant evidence of global heating, a few lingering organized denial campaigns (including the Heatland Institute) struggle on with their eyes wide shut.

The fossil fools have plenty of money, and as long as they gain a little from these campaigns, they will keep funding them.

EPA bans glyphosate warning labels
14 August 2019

The Environmental Poisoning Agency ordered California not to put warning labels on glyphosate about its tendency to cause cancer.

The EPA was formerly the Environmental Protection Agency, but the saboteur-in-chief took control of it and turned it against its intended purpose.

I hope California will have a chance to overcome this in court.

Yemenite forces
14 August 2019

Yemenite forces backed by the UAE are fighting with Yemenite forces backed by Salafi Arabia. Those two countries were supposedly intervening in Yemen as allies.

Demanding "consent" for personal data
14 August 2019

Cathay Pacific's solution to the risk of data breeches: demand nominal "consent" from passengers to collect data from cameras and other sources, and keep it as long as the company wishes.

This is an example of the "manufacture of consent," and shows why "you must get the surveillance object's consent" is ineffective for protecting privacy.

UK involvement with CIA torture
14 August 2019

The UK government was closely involved in CIA torture.

Companies with connections to bullshitter
14 August 2019

A list of companies that some people are boycotting because of connections to the bullshitter.

They explain why they don't advocate boycotting Facebook. I also do not advocate boycotting Facebook. I advocate protecting yourself from Facebook (including Instagram and Whatsapp) by not letting them use you. Don't be a zucker!

Protection of species
14 August 2019

The saboteur-in-chief plans several changes to undermine protection of species.

With global heating putting more species in danger, this is the other arm of the pincers: undermining efforts to protect them. Both measures will assure maximum destruction to Earth's natural ecosystems, getting them out of the way so that plutocrats can build, mine and farm anywhere they like.

Urgent: Not to make food stamps harder to get
14 August 2019

US citizens: call on the US government not to make food stamps harder to get.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Wireless car keys make car theft easier
14 August 2019

Wireless substitutes for car keys make car theft even easier.

The wireless switch can screw you even without a thief. Once two of us were borrowing a car, and my friend drove to an errand without having the key. (We didn't realize it was in my pocket.) It worked fine on the way to the errand …

Trade controlled by business-supremacy treaties
14 August 2019

Faced with trade controlled by business-supremacy treaties, which were designed to boost the rich owners of companies, the idea of being "tough on trade" only repeats the bullshit that national interests are competing.

What we need from officials in the area of trade is that they be honest rather that stooges.

Sanctions on businesses owned by the Burmese army
14 August 2019

Since Burma continues expelling Rohingya, and is buying arms from North Korea to attack other minorities, Congress should impose sanctions on businesses owned by the Burmese army.

Global heating has only started melting Greenland's ice
14 August 2019

Global heating has only started melting Greenland's ice, but it is making traditional ways of life impossible for Greenlanders.

Extreme weather at the North Pole, including lightning, may be related to a new record for loss of sea ice.

No to the Cashless Future and to Cashless Stores
14 August 2019

ACLU: Say No to the "Cashless Future" — and to Cashless Stores.

I have made "cash-only" my firm policy for buying any product. Aside from flights — which cannot be bought anonymously anyway — I never use my bank cards to pay for anything. Once you make this a firm policy, you won't be tempted to make any exceptions.

Don't be apologetic about refusing to pay by tracked digital methods.

A store which tries to pressure you into identifying yourself is doing an injustice to you and the public. Show indignation when you say no!

Developers in London
14 August 2019

Developers in London are increasing the amount of "affordable housing" by stretching the definition of "affordable".

Rocky Mountains polluted by plastic microfibers
14 August 2019

Rain in the Rocky Mountains is polluted by plastic microfibers.

Salman al-Odah tortured and brainwashed in prison
14 August 2019

Salman al-Odah has been a political prisoner in Salafi Arabia for two years, ever since he suggested, two years ago, that it resume friendly relations with Qatar. He has been tortured and brainwashed in prison.

He is likely to be executed.

American supporters of India's Hindu-nationalists
14 August 2019

American supporters of India's Hindu-nationalists pressured a US congresscritter into apologizing for a letter which criticized India's repressive suppression of Kashmir.

London face recognition cameras
14 August 2019

People in London seem to be bothered by face recognition cameras, except for those that have already surrendered to Big Brother.

You can help inspire them to un-surrender by standing firm against use of snooping technologies yourself.

Christ coming back would be weird
14 August 2019

(satire) Christ announced Monday that He has called off plans for His return upon coming to the realization that He has been gone so long at this point that coming back "would just be weird."

Salmon farm can do harm
14 August 2019

A salmon farm on a small island in the middle of protected wildlife could do many kinds of harm.

Oscar Myer
14 August 2019

(satire) the Pentagon awarded Oscar Mayer a five-year, $102 million contract Monday to develop military-grade hot dogs, complete with all the fixings.

Exxon's intimidation
14 August 2019

New York State says that Exxon's subpoenas to its investors are meant to intimidate them from testifying in court against Exxon.

Remember to avoid the solecism of pronouncing "Exxon" like "exon" ;-).

Foxconn's deal with Wisconsin
14 August 2019

Foxconn's "pay us to make jobs" deal with Wisconsin is complete crap, and can't be fixed to "benefit" the state even when judged by the foolish standard of "getting enough jobs for the money."

"Subsidize a business to make jobs" is a form of trickle-down: making welfare payments to businesses so that a fraction of the money will reach non-rich citizens. As governments do this, they help businesses pressure them to do ever more of it.

Wisconsin should cancel the Foxconn deal the way New Yorkers cancelled NYC's Amazon deal.

Domestic terrorism
14 August 2019

The FBI Told Congress Domestic Terror Investigations Led to 90 Recent Arrests. It Wouldn’t Show Us Records of Even One.

US pharma system's design
14 August 2019

The US pharma system was designed so that the public pays for the research, and the profits go to rich owners. It was set up this way by a scheme advised by right-wing economists and carried out by business lobbyists.

More recently, private equity companies have taken over many pharma companies and drive the gouging.

Pharma is one of the areas where patents do special harm.

It is unfortunate that the article occasionally says "IP" when it means patents. This encourages the confusion that the bogus overgeneralization "intellectual property" embodies.

The article suggests using compulsory licenses to knock down these patents when they endanger the public. I'm entirely in favor of that, but I think we need to cure the disease, not just treat the symptoms.

The cure I recommend is to take the testing of drugs out of the hands of drug manufacturers, thus eliminating their argument for artificial monopolies, and turn them into generic manufacturers.

Sanders and Biden beats the bullshitter
14 August 2019

In opinion polls, Sanders beats the bullshitter by the same margin as Biden.

So they are equally electable. However, Sanders would make a dent in plutocracy, while Biden would protect it.

China offers surveillance
14 August 2019

China now offers any would-be totalitarian state the technology to watch and control everyone.

Mobile robots with face recognition now spread state control on streets.

China invites users of social media to act as stool pigeons in case any dissent goes unnoticed by the professional monitors and AI.

Brain injuries from football
14 August 2019

A study of college football players' brain scans found most of them showed signs of brain injury after just one season.

I think schools should not promote football.