Urgent: Protect Medicare and Medicaid
24 March 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to protect Medicare and Medicaid.

Urgent: Protect our rights from businesses
24 March 2017

US citizens: call on the Senate to reject the bills to abolish many regulations that protect our health and rights from businesses.


I am looking for people to (in India) make and sell buttons that say, "DON'T BE TRACKED  PAY CASH", in English and/or a local language, to resist the campaign against cash. Talk with a local company that makes buttons, buy a batch of 50 to 500 buttons for a quantity price, then sell them for 2 or 3 times that price.

Troll's son was patent troll
23 March 2017

The troll's son, Donald Trump, Jr., was a patent troll.

US-Salafi Arabia joint G20 statement
23 March 2017

The US joined with Salafi Arabia to make this year's G20 statement about global heating weaker than previously.

Repression increasing
23 March 2017

The fanatical colonists of Ariel, in Palestine, tried to launch a prosecution of Gush Shalom for informing international scholars that Ariel is not in Israel. But no prosecution occurred because, it seems, Israel has no law against informing people of this fact.

As repression increases around the world, I accumulate a list of countries I choose not to visit. In some cases, it is just a matter of comfort — they tend to be hotter than I like, and since I have no particular reason to go there, staying away is the cheap and easy method to avoid the heat.

In some countries, I fear repression. Pakistan might persecute me for blasphemy; Turkey might persecute me for condemning would-be tyrant Erdoğan; Thailand might persecute me for recounting an episode in the life of the former king. Egypt's repression forces might imprison anyone, based on a whim or a confusion; they don't need a rational reason. I recommend everyone stay away from Egypt.

Then there are the countries that I would be happy to visit if I could do so without having my fingerprints taken.

But the only country I have reason to expect would refuse to let me in is Israel. I support the boycott of products made in Israel's colonies in Palestinian territory, the boycott that Gush Shalom led until Israeli law was changed to reduce to penury anyone advocating that boycott. I would not be allowed entry.

I have visited Israel three times, but now I know there will not be a fourth visit unless Israeli policies change.

I hope that Israel will agree to end the occupation/siege of Palestine, and cease to maintain colonies on its territory. Then the reason for the boycott would no longer exist, so I would no longer support it. Perhaps then I could visit Israel again.

Satire about troll's budget
23 March 2017

This satire about the troll's budget was recommended seriously by the White House.

Killer prison thugs unpunished
23 March 2017

The Miami prison thugs who cooked Darren Rainey to death across two hours in a shower will not be punished. The prosecutor decided not to charge them.

Most prosecutors systematically let thugs get away with murder. Shame on the thugs and the prosecutors!

Inconsistent US laws
23 March 2017

US laws about sex with minors, and sexual images of minors, are inconsistent and make no sense. The purported justifications for them are absurd exaggerations.

Influence of the rich in elections
23 March 2017

Supreme Court rulings allowed rich people to exert tremendous influence in congressional elections.

Gorsuch is likely to push this even further.

Regime of total surveillance in UK
23 March 2017

The UK government's surveillance camera commissioner warns that a regime of total surveillance and tracking is developing.

To avoid that result will require far more than insisting on the weak limits of current law.

23 March 2017

To win back the support of the working class, Democrats have to do more than criticize Republican sabotage. They must support programs to restore democracy and redistribute wealth, as Sanders does.

Saboteur of Homeland Security
23 March 2017

The Saboteur of Homeland Security demonstrated his total contempt for Democratic legislators, meeting with them only to refuse to answer any of their questions.

Troll's education budget
23 March 2017

The troll's education budget offers lots of funds for privatizing public schools.

Officials refuse to recognize that providing breakfast in school helps children learn. Being hungry all day is quite a distraction from studying.

If we had a proper social support system, it would give children food at home.

China cutting greenhouse gas emissions
23 March 2017

Just when the US has been taken over by planet roasters, China is becoming the world leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

In the US, the big corporations control the state. In China, the state controls the big corporations. It seems this makes an important difference.

"Emergency" attacks against civil liberties
23 March 2017

The troll and his agents are already preparing "emergency" attacks against civil liberties, to take advantage of the next opportunity provided by a terrorist attack whose perpetrator isn't a right-wing bigot.

Party of political Hinduism
23 March 2017

The party of political Hinduism won the election in India's largest state (Uttar Pradesh), and its state leader calls for repression of Muslims.

That party, the BJP, was associated with a massacre of Muslims in the state of Gujarat. Indeed, Prime Minister Modi was directly associated with that. I fear we will see repression and massacre in Uttar Pradesh.

The Republican Party
23 March 2017

The Republican Party is the party of Scrooge: the poor deserve whatever harm the rich do to them, because it's their own fault for being left standing in the endless game of musical chairs.

Twitter censorship
23 March 2017

Roy Schestowitz reports being censored ("shadowbanned") by Twitter for posting about Twitter censorship.

This kind of censorship is not obvious to the one being censored.

Obstacle to elimination of fossil fuels
23 March 2017

Technology and business are ready to eliminate fossil fuels, more or less. The main obstacle is the power of the carbon lobby, which operates through manufacture of doubt based on the power of plutocracy.

We must destroy the falsehood-industrial complex before it destroys civilization and most species on Earth.

When the carbon bubble bursts, it will cause a financial crash. But the longer that waits, the bigger the crash will be. Putting this off is much worse than postponing the visit to the dentist, which is only likely to make you lose a tooth or two. It's like postponing the checkup for cancer.

Minnesota's progressive governor
23 March 2017

A rather unfriendly article is forced to admit that Minnesota's progressive governor has made things a lot better there.

Tobacco industry
23 March 2017

The tobacco industry developed a strategy to overcome damning facts: a system for provoking doubt about firmly established conclusions. It worked so well that many other businesses adopted it, and last year it enabled brash liars to take over the US government.

Troll's corruption agents
23 March 2017

The troll continues packing federal agencies with corruption agents. He's turning all Washington into a swamp.

Delay of retirement savings fiduciary rule
23 March 2017

Each week that the troll delays the retirement savings fiduciary rule enables banksters to take roughly half a billion dollars from American savers.

This is an estimate, not an exact figure. Perhaps the real amount is only a quarter of a billion. Or perhaps it is three quarters.

Republican budget cuts
23 March 2017

Millions of old or disabled Americans can remain in their homes because of the government's meal delivery service, Meals on Wheels. The troll would like to eliminate this because the military-industrial complex needs more profits.

Simply eliminating the requirement for insurance to cover IUDs will put some women's lives in danger, while driving many more women and children into poverty. It is foolish for any state to fail to subsidize birth control for the poor.

Put together, Republicans budget cuts would kill thousands of Americans. They would be be almost a hundred times as deadly to Americans as Islamist terrorist attacks.

In the longer term, the troll's most deadly act will probably be the continuation of global heating, which is likely to kill billions of people starting a few decades from now.

Saboteur of Health and Human Services
23 March 2017

Saboteur of Health and Human Services Tom Price was confronted by a man whose life depends on Medicaid, which Price aims to rearrange gradually down to nothing.

According to a leak, fired prosecutor Bharara's office was investigating Price for illegal insider stock trading while he was a congresscritter.

Troll's main "counter-terrorism advisor"
23 March 2017

The troll's main "counter-terrorism advisor" Sebastian Gorka is accused of joining a Hungarian antisemitic fascist group before moving to the US.

Fraudulent business offers on Facebook and Google
23 March 2017

The EU demands Facebook and Google block fraudulent business offers and those that violate EU consumer protection law.

US needs single-payer medical system
23 March 2017

The US needs a single-payer medical system. With people unhappy with Obama's half-way system, yet dependent on it for their survival, we must go forward rather than back.

The "Citizens United" decision
23 March 2017

The Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision assumed that outside political campaign groups were independent, but in fact they often coordinate with the candidate's campaign.

23 March 2017

The CFPB makes credit bureaus fix their mistakes, and they make a lot of mistakes.

Small-scale farming
23 March 2017

Small-scale farming, with more people working the land, could restore rural towns as well as the carbon in the soil.

Very urgent: Phone you congresscritter today
23 March 2017

US citizens: phone your congresscritter today to oppose the SCROTUS plan to slash US funds for medical care.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

Urgent: Preserve the EPA
23 March 2017

US citizens: call on your congresscritter to preserve the Environmental Protection Agency.

Urgent: Oppose Keystone XL pipeline
23 March 2017

US citizens: tell the State Department you oppose the Keystone XL pipeline.

Thugs that killed Tamir Rice unpunished
23 March 2017

Cleveland has given the thugs that killed Tamir Rice no punishment, and only a dispatcher got a minor reprimand.

The dispatcher made a dangerous mistake, but thugs should not be so quick to shoot anyone.

Enslavement of foreign workers in Qatar
23 March 2017

Qatar refuses to correct the laws that effectively enslave foreign workers. Instead of correcting the system, it covers up.

Ultra-orthodox Jews
23 March 2017

The real threat to the safety and freedom of Israelis does not come from Palestinians. It comes from the ultra-orthodox Jews.

Their version of Judaism is as unjust towards women as the Salafi version of Islam. Both of them are enemies of human rights.

The ultra-orthodox are trying to take over Israel by overbreeding. There is no reason to permit any group to do that.

Concept of war crimes
23 March 2017

Uri Avnery explains why the concept of war crimes, and punishment for them, is essential to stop wars from turning into unlimited massacres.

Syria shows an example of what happens when the laws of war are discarded by various sides in a war. Israel is fundamentally similar, except that the Palestinians, in a weak position, can only commit small war crimes. Therefore, all the big ones are committed by Israel.

Israeli apartheid recognized
23 March 2017

A UN agency published a report recognizing Israeli apartheid; the troll pressured the UN Secretary General to demand that the author retract it.

The author refused to retract it, and resigned instead.

US ISPs presenting legal confusions
23 March 2017

US ISPs are presenting legal confusions when arguing to abolish FCC privacy rules.

Troll's policies
23 March 2017

What the troll's policies have in common is cruelty. (Except to the rich.)

Cause of the famine in Ireland
23 March 2017

US schools don't teach that the famine that made so many Irish people emigrate to the US was caused by landlords that exported food.

Mistakes in war
23 March 2017

US officials: what we bombed was not the mosque. Look, the mosque is still there.
Local people: what's still there is only part of the mosque.

This has the air of an honest mistake. Mistakes are not unusual in war; they may be especially in war. That's why the decision to fight a war includes the decision to make lots of honest but fatal mistakes.

Troll's budget
23 March 2017

The troll's budget would make old people go hungry in order to feed the military-industrial complex.

Alternative minimum tax
23 March 2017

The cheater wants to eliminate the alternative minimum tax so that he won't have to pay tax any more.

23 March 2017

Gorsuch believes that corporations are entitled to the same rights as real persons, and is likely to completely eliminate all limits on campaign spending by rich people.

What's Wrong with Feminism Today
23 March 2017

The 'Fearless Girl' Statue Sums Up What's Wrong with Feminism Today.

UK wages keep falling
23 March 2017

The UK now has low unemployment, but real wages keep falling instead of rising.

While non-governmental causes play a role, ultimately it is the Tory government that decides to push wages down.

The Tories are lower than vermin — Aneurin Bevan.

Drug tests for unemployment benefits
23 March 2017

Congress has recommenced the old practice of imposing drug tests on people collecting unemployment benefits.

This serves no legitimate purpose, but it is handy for manufacturing an excuse to despise the poor. Rich people use drugs too, but they don't need unemployment benefits.

Mistreatment of pregnant women
23 March 2017

American Law Mistreats Mothers and Pregnant Women in the Name of Protecting Children (or rather, fetuses).

Anyone who is pregnant has a duty to insure that the future human being to result from the pregnancy is healthy — but only to the extent that person is capable of doing. It is cruel to demand a human function to a superhuman standard.

It is extremely dangerous for medical personnel to report pregnant women for prosecution. If they keep this up, women will stay away from prenatal care.

US envoy meets with Israeli "settlers"
23 March 2017

A US envoy met with leaders of the Israeli "settlers" that colonize Palestinian land, thus creating the biggest obstacle to peace.

Under Obama, the US was an ineffective and useless force for peace. It appears that the troll will make the US a force for apartheid.

Subsidies for low-income housing
23 March 2017

The troll wants to eliminate the agency that subsidizes low-income housing. This could make hundreds of thousands of Americans homeless.

DeVos's idea of "public schools"
23 March 2017

DeVos says she now loves public schools — but only privatized, unaccountable "public schools".

Troll promoting for-profit colleges
23 March 2017

Since the cheater used to run a for-profit college that cheated students, it is no surprise that he is now acting to promote that kind of business.

Republicans want to militarize thugs more
23 March 2017

Republicans want US thugs to have more military gear.

This would mean more Americans killed through haste, negligence, or heart attacks.

Americans, contact your city government to push for a local law requiring the thugs to get city council approval for all acquisitions of arms or military equipment, regardless of where it comes from. Even if it is a "gift", the thug department should have to get city council permission to accept it.

23 March 2017

The troll's saboteur in charge of Medicaid wants to kick most of the children off, and make the program so expensive for patients that they will go bankrupt.

23 March 2017

SCROTUS and the troll want to cut the WIC budget which provides food for babies and pregnant or nursing women. The budget is already insufficient, so that some of the eligible people are left out.

Entertainers blocked from entering the US
23 March 2017

7 groups were blocked from entering the US to perform at SXSW.

It seems that immigration thugs suddenly reinterpreted the rules so that "internationally recognized" entertainers must get a work visa even to perform unpaid — and didn't inform people. Even if it isn't racist, it is the act of a jerk.

Urgent: Block
22 March 2017

US citizens: call on the Senate to block Gorsuch.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

Urgent: Judge Gorsuch
22 March 2017

US citizens: phone your senators (each of the two) at 1-844-373-7977 and tell them to block Judge Gorsuch, with a filibuster if necessary.

Urgent: Longlines
22 March 2017

US citizens: oppose use of pelagic longlines on the Pacific coast; they kill marine mammals, sharks, sea turtles, even birds.

Urgent: Clayton
22 March 2017

US citizens: call on the Senate to reject Jay Clayton.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

Urgent: Block Gorsuch
22 March 2017

US citizens: call on Senate Democrats to block Gorsuch with a filibuster.

Urgent: No death penalty
22 March 2017

Everyone: tell Florida's governor to stop blocking State's Attorney Aramis Ayala, who wishes not to seek the death penalty.

Urgent: Funds for civilian programs
22 March 2017

US citizens: tell Congress not to shift funds from civilian programs to the military.

Urgent: Reject moving funds to military
22 March 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to reject moving funds from civilian programs to the military.

Urgent: Oppose nomination of Jay Clayton
22 March 2017

US citizens: phone your senators to oppose the nomination of Jay Clayton to run the Securities and Exchange Commission.

During and after the financial crisis, he helped banks get big bailouts and avoid responsibility. He should not be in charge of regulating them.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

Urgent: Reporting on famine in Yemen
22 March 2017

Everyone: call on US media to report fully on the famine in Yemen.

Defeating terrorism
22 March 2017

"To defeat terrorists" (I'd say, rather, terrorism), "we have to get inside their minds."

Democratic Party subservient to plutocrats
22 March 2017

Everyone Loves Bernie Sanders. Except, It Seems, the Democratic Party.

In other words, establishment Democrats are still subservient to the plutocrats and the banksters.

Pakistan asks sites to identify "blasphemers"
22 March 2017

Pakistan asked Facebook and Twitter to identify suspects to be prosecuted for "blasphemy", in order for Pakistan to execute them.

For this and various other reasons, Islamic law is the enemy of human rights, and deserves to be condemned rather than respected.

Movement against Belarus's president
22 March 2017

A mass protest movement is developing against Belarus's repressive president.

Whistleblower protection
22 March 2017

A proposed law in Spain would create a special agency to investigate whistleblowers, which would be allowed to disregard the usual protections for citizens' rights.

Urgent: Defend right to boycott
22 March 2017

Citizens of Massachusetts: take action to stop the state law that would punish organizations that support a boycott of Israeli businesses.

Phone Senator Walter Timilty, Senate Chair of the committee (Phone: 617-722-1643) and Representative Peter Kocot, House Chair of the committee (617-722-2140), asking them to oppose this legislation.

Also, if your representative or senator is in the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight, phone that person. Here is the list of its members.

Urgent: Reject troll's budget
22 March 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to reject the troll's budget.

Urgent: No fighter planes for Bahrain
22 March 2017

US citizens: Tell Congress not to permit sale of fighter planes to repressive Bahrain.

Urgent: Keep It in the Ground Act
22 March 2017

US citizens: call on senators to support the Keep It in the Ground Act.

Urgent: Oppose troll's partial ban on Muslims
22 March 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to oppose the troll's partial ban on Muslims entering the US.

22 March 2017

Yemen At 'Point of No Return' as Conflict Leaves Almost 7 Million Close to Famine.

Salafi Arabia's bombing campaign is responsible for this, and it is backed by the US.

Troll's budget
22 March 2017

The troll's budget would cut the EPA by 1/3, a boon for companies that are based on pollution.

Murderous cuts in scientific and medical research.

The Dream of a Paranoid Strongman and a Vicious Scrooge.

Troll depends on billionaires
22 March 2017

If Trump Were a Clever Populist, He'd Demand Universal Healthcare for America.

The troll depends on billionaires that see all money as "theirs" and want as little as possible to go to anyone else.

Yelp accused of bias in support of troll
22 March 2017

Yelp is accused of bias in support of the troll, and against a company suing the troll for unfair competition.

Sessions on state-legalized marijuana
22 March 2017

Don't be misled: Sessions has not made peace with state-legalized marijuana, not even close.

Extreme air pollution in China
21 March 2017

Extreme air pollution in China is caused partly by polar effects of global heating.

That exacerbates the effects of the combustion that itself contributes to global heating.

Reversing policies of screwing the poor
21 March 2017

Reversing policies of screwing the poor requires the non-poor to pay more taxes.

Especially billionaires must pay more tax.

Urgent: Phone senators to oppose Gorsuch
21 March 2017

US citizens: phone each of your senators to oppose Gorsuch.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

cpdaction.org emailed me this:

Judge Gorsuch has repeatedly ruled in favor of wealthy corporations and against the interests of everyday people. In cases where workers alleged sex, race, age, and other discrimination, Gorsuch sided with the employer in eight of the twelve cases. Judge Gorsuch thinks the rights of billionaire donors to make political contributions deserves more constitutional protections than the right to vote. If given a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, he'd make it harder for everyday people to have a voice in our democracy. Judge Gorsuch has a troubling history of giving corporate bad actors unchecked power while ruling against protections for people of color, immigrants, women, and their families. He is also a staunch opponent of marriage equality, placing him far outside of the mainstream and on the wrong side of history. We need a Supreme Court that will protect everyone, not side with the wealthy and well-connected. Call 1-888-877-2040 now and urge both of your senators to oppose Gorsuch.

He would endanger access to abortion and even birth control

Tory MPs
21 March 2017

20 Tory MPs are accused of campaign finance violations.

Troll's partial ban on Muslims blocked
21 March 2017

Judges have blocked the troll's partial ban on Muslims, version 2, from taking effect. This is pending the final decision to be made later.

21 March 2017

The troll, and most of the large companies based in the US, don't pay their fair share of taxes. They want to change the law so they will pay even less.

CIA has free reign to use drones to kill
21 March 2017

The troll has given the CIA free rein to use drones to kill people, world-wide.

Urgent: Oppose Gorsuch
21 March 2017

US citizens: call on senators (specifically Democrats) to oppose Gorsuch.

Then phone your own senators (one after the other) via 1-888-877-2040 to tell them the same thing.

People for the American Way mailed me this:

With his history of favoring corporate interests above everyday people, it should be no surprise that the New York Times just reported that Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has ties to reclusive Colorado billionaire Philip F. Anschutz. Formerly a lawyer representing Anschutz's companies in court, Gorsuch now owns property in Colorado with some of Anschutz's closest associates. Anschutz is reported to have provided funding to both the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society, the two far-right organizations to which Trump outsourced the job of creating his list of Supreme Court nominees, from which Gorsuch was chosen. Between his close relationship with an ultra-conservative billionaire and his decisions that have favored corporations and harmed workers and consumers, it's clear that the majority of Americans who want to save our democracy from the influence of big money have a lot to worry about when it comes to this nominee.

Cheater's proposed budget
21 March 2017

The cheater's proposed budget would help businesses cheat poor people, and would protect men that abuse their wives or lovers.


Children living in poverty in the UK
21 March 2017

30% of the children in the UK live in poverty. 20% live in poverty while their parents work.

This is the result of plutocracy. New Labour mainly served the rich but helped the poor somewhat. The Tories have pushed hard to drive the poor down.

Violation of US ethics guidelines
21 March 2017

Another advisor of the troll violated US ethics guidelines with a personal conflict of interest.

Urgent: Call for Sessions's resignation
21 March 2017

US citizens: phone Sessions's office and call for him to resign.

Urgent: Protect Planned Parenthood funding
21 March 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to protect funding for Planned Parenthood.

Urgent: Oppose heating-denialist nominees
21 March 2017

US citizens: phone your senators to oppose two more of the troll's heating-denialist nominees: Dan Coats for Director of National Intelligence, and Sonny Perdue for Saboteur of Agriculture.

Climate Hawks Vote suggested saying this:

Hi, my name is ____, and I am your constituent calling from _____. I am calling to demand that Senator ____ vote to oppose the confirmations of climate denier Dan Coats for Director of National Intelligence and Sonny Perdue for Secretary of Agriculture. Can I get a commitment to vote against these nominees?

Dan Coats, Climate Denier

Sonny Perdue, Climate Denier

Five Democratic senators voted for Coats in the intelligence committee.

How NSA can snoop on any American
20 March 2017

Snowden explains how NSA officials can look at any American's communications by saying the target is whoever person is talking with. It's supposedly illegal, but it happens all the time.

We need a system for spying whose manner of operation actually prevents this.

20 March 2017

Where Free Speech Ends, Ignorance Begins. Universities must not censor the views that are presented.

US naval officers bribed
20 March 2017

Several US naval officers took bribes to help contractors cheat the navy.

Loss of Sumatran elephants' habitat
20 March 2017

Sumatran elephants have lost 70% of their habitat in a couple of decades, mainly due to palm oil plantations.

Many other species have also lost 70% of their habitat. Some species, limited to smaller ranges, may have already been wiped out.

Bald eagles in danger
20 March 2017

Bald eagles are in danger due to lead in bullets (used to shoot animals that are then eaten by eagles).

The troll's Saboteur of the Interior revoked a rule that attempted to reduce this poisoning.

Destruction of soil
20 March 2017

Intensive industrial agriculture is destroying soil rapidly. It cannot continue to the end of this century.