Taliban female student transportation
22 September 2021

The Taliban say they will let girls go to school some day -- after they institute a "secure transportation system" for female students.

Buy now, pay later
22 September 2021

"Buy now, pay later" is becoming more popular as a way to lead you to spend even more money that you can't afford.

22 September 2021

The US has used its influence to prevent other countries from banning the toxic pesticide dechlorane. Biden could put a stop to this.

Budget fraud susceptibility
22 September 2021

*Sanders Denounces a Pentagon Budget System Found 'Inherently Susceptible to Fraud'.*

(satire) Ocean drain
22 September 2021

(satire) *Relieved Ecologists Announce Rising Sea Levels Were Due To Clump Of Hair Clogging Drain At Bottom of Ocean.*

School spy tech
22 September 2021

Using Google and Microsoft software Minneapolis schools came with intense 24/7 surveillance and monitoring of all kinds of communication.

Pledged climate finance
22 September 2021

*Rich countries not providing poor with pledged climate finance, analysis says.*

Political gestures
22 September 2021

*Political gestures can be inspiring. But let’s not mistake them for victory.*

Black Lives Matter has brought about scattered examples of real change, but not much -- not yet -- compared to the magnitude of systemic racism.

Trafficking and slavery risk
22 September 2021

*Climate crisis leaving "millions at risk of trafficking and slavery."*

Bolsonaro support dwindles
22 September 2021

As Bolsonaro calls for his supporters to attack other branches of government, his support is dwindling.

Maybe Brazil will survive him.

Thugs charged for killing human rights lawyer
22 September 2021

Four Kenyan thugs face charges for killing a human rights lawyer.

More US desert utopia problems
22 September 2021

More problems with the notional city of the future that a billionaire wants to build in the US southwest.

These are in addition to the problems of water scarcity and wildfires.

Medicare bulk price negotiation blocked
22 September 2021

Three Democrats in the House have blocked giving Medicare the power to negotiate bulk purchases of medicines. They all have close ties to Big Pharma.

UK taxes
22 September 2021

Arguing for a wealth tax in the UK on the wealthiest 1%.

And a windfall profits tax for businesses that profited from Covid-19 and lockdowns.

Glued to the road
22 September 2021

Climate protesters glued themselves to highways near London. The government called this *irresponsible and dangerous*.

If you want to see something irresponsible and dangerous in Britain, look at the government's inadequate efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The standard to judge by is not whether other governments are worse. Nature sets an absolute standard, and even though we have not determined exactly how much reduction is needed, we know that humanity overall is on track for failure.

Big tech rhetoric
22 September 2021

*Big tech's pro-climate rhetoric is not matched by policy action, report finds.*

EU condemns executions
22 September 2021

The EU has condemned the execution of Yemenis tried by the Houthis and convicted of spying.

I join the EU in condemning the death penalty, and I'm entirely ready to believe that the Houthis can hold unfair trials in death penalty cases. After all, the US has often done so.

Salafi Arabia carries out many official executions. I expect thet the EU condemns them, too, but does that get the same amount of press coverage?