Very urgent: Medical care rally today!
25 February 2017

In the US: join a rally near you to preserve the US government's support for medical care, now threatened by Republicans.


I am looking for people to write a recipe for how to connect to the WiFi in a New York City subway station without running its nonfree Javascript code. The recipe could include a free Javascript program I could run, or it could consist of instructions for what I would type into IceCat (our variant of Firefox). It doesn't have't be super convenient, it just has to work.

US government's excessive surveillance power
23 February 2017

Now that the US government's excessive surveillance power is in the hands of the troll, Democrats are starting to want to limit it.

If Republicans still want to limit it, maybe it can be done.

Deregulating small-scale food production
23 February 2017

Some states are deregulating food produced and sold on a small scale direct from producers to consumers.

Bill to impose political requirement for hiring professors
23 February 2017

Republicans in Iowa proposed a law to impose an explicit political requirement for hiring professors.

Dubya's broad authorization for war
23 February 2017

Several congresscritters have asked the troll to replace Dubya's broad authorization for war against al Qa'ida, everywhere in the world, with a narrow one directed at PISSI.

Federal Election Commission
23 February 2017

One of the commissioners on the Federal Election Commission has resigned as a protest against how the Republicans have stopped it from doing its job.

Central American refugees
23 February 2017

If the US sends all Central American refugees into Mexico, Mexico will be overwhelmed.

In principle, Mexico does not have to accept them. But it may have no mechanism at the US border to keep them out.

I crossed the border from San Diego to Tijuana by car a few years ago. As far as I could see there was no border control. At some point I was surprised to see that the signs on the street were all in Spanish. "Could we be in Mexico," I asked myself. Indeed, we were. We arrived at our destination in Tijuana without being stopped anywhere.

Later, when I boarded a flight from Tijuana to Mexico City, I had to go through Mexican immigration formalities. That surprised me again, since I was already in Mexico. The agent explained to me that the area near the border has some sort of special status; leaving that area for the rest of Mexico is when immigration control occurs.

If Mexico doesn't check people at the border, it will have no way to stop the US from dumping Salvadoreans, Hondurans and Guatemalans across it.

Thugs preparing to attack protesters
23 February 2017

Thugs are preparing to attack the remaining pipeline protesters at Standing Rock.

They have a silly pretense that it is for the protesters' own safety. If that were their concern, there would be no need for threats or demands; "We are here if you need us" would suffice.

Imprisonment without charge
23 February 2017

It was right to release Jamal al-Harith from Guantanamo, because he was charged with no crime. The fact that he subsequently joined PISSI can't change that.

17 Britons were prisoners in Guantanamo and released. Here's what happened to them.

One of them joined PISSI. But if he hadn't been imprisoned, maybe he wouldn't have done that.

One of them simply lived peacefully, but the way prison had maimed him provoked his nephew to join al-Qa'ida. We can be pretty sure that, if the US hadn't imprisoned people without charges and tortured them, he would not have become an enemy of the US.

There are surely hundreds more, if not thousands, who were inspired to fight the US by their disgust for Guantanamo.

US Export-Import Bank
23 February 2017

The US Export-Import Bank financed mines in Africa which run on slave labor and environmental destruction.

It also finances fossil fuel use, so there was a campaign to get rid of it.

Floods driving homeless people out of tents
23 February 2017

Floods in California are driving homeless people out of their tents.

Urgent: oppose union-weakening "right to work" laws
23 February 2017

US citizens: oppose union-weakening "right to work" laws at state and federal level.

Urgent: Investigate admin ties to Russia
23 February 2017

US citizens: call on Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the administration's ties to Russia.

Eliminate the Legal Services Corporation
23 February 2017

The troll plans to eliminate the Legal Services Corporation, so that poor people harmed by illegal acts of people, agencies and companies would be unable to get justice.

PISSI suicide bomber was freed briton
23 February 2017

One former prisoner in Guantanamo joined PISSI and became a suicide bomber.

The enemies of human rights will use this to argue for imprisoning every suspect forever — an instance of their general strategy of exaggerating small dangers as distractions.

We have no way of counting the number of people that PISSI was able to recruit because of resentment of the Guantanamo prison, but it must have been in the hundreds at least.

23 February 2017

English colonists in New England enslaved thousands of indigenous Americans, many of whom were sent to other English colonies far away.

Troll's anti-science politics
23 February 2017

How can scientists effectively fight the troll's anti-science politics.

The Watergate burglary
23 February 2017

The Watergate burglary was a small part of Nixon's broad attack on the US political system.

This offers a lesson about what the troll might do.

UK scandalously trains Ethiopian officials
23 February 2017

The UK scandalously trains Ethiopian officials involved in "security" (i.e., repression).

Women to strike
23 February 2017

Women in Ireland will strike on March 8 demanding a referendum on changing the constitution to permit abortion.

Urgent: International Women's Strike
23 February 2017

Everyone: support the International Women's Strike.

With so many items in their program, naturally I don't agree with 100%. I disagree in principle with a right to unlimited reproduction, and with the goal of eliminating all limits on migration between countries.

I agree with the rest of their program, which means around 95% of it, so I support the action.

Urgent: Oppose John Bolton
23 February 2017

US citizens: oppose Iraq war architect John Bolton as National Security Adviser.

UK: seizing property
23 February 2017

The UK is adopting a law to allow seizing property of people who violate human rights in other countries.

Abused Mexican fears deportation
23 February 2017

A Mexican woman has lived in the US since age 2, but is not a citizen. She is terrified to have any contact with thugs, even when her husband attacks her, lest they deport her.

Anesthetizing fetuses
23 February 2017

A bizarre Utah law requires giving anesthetic to a fetus before an abortion after 20 weeks, but doctors don't know of any way to do that.

The law's purpose is to create an irrational way for anti-abortion activists to convince people that those fetuses can feel pain. First make smoke, then claim it proves there must be a fire.

Immigrant deportation
23 February 2017

The troll wants to give priority for deportation of immigrants that are merely suspected of a crime.

Troll's campaign rallies
23 February 2017

A subtle analysis of how the troll's campaign rallies functioned to build up stubborn support, wilfully blind to his mistakes and crimes.

The article errs in treating the loser's victory as legitimate. He did not win the election—it was stolen by Republican voter-suppression, just as in 2000.

Mandatory GPS tracker installation
23 February 2017

China has ordered installation of GPS trackers in every car in a certain part of Xinjiang.

When we see China do this, we recognize it as a repressive act. The universal tracking of cars by camera in the UK is equally repressive, and so is similar tracking that is spreading (though unevenly) around the US.

Let's demand an end to tracking of cars and people on our streets!

Excuse for more voter-suppression
23 February 2017

Republicans in 21 states are using the troll's complaints about nonexistent voter fraud as an excuse for more voter-suppression.

Snooping devices and medical insurance
23 February 2017

Data collected via snooping devices such as the Fitbit could be used to deny you medical insurance or make you pay more.

"We charge less if you let a Fitbit track you" is just a nice way of saying, "We charge more if you don't let a Fitbit track you." If you're bit, you'll have a fit.

Workers' rights
23 February 2017

We Can't Let Silicon Valley Companies And Their Spin Undermine Workers’ Rights.

Investigation of Flynn
23 February 2017

The question for investigation: who told Flynn to phone the Russian ambassador?

Another question to think about: did someone choose a hothead with no diplomatic experience to do an unofficial diplomatic job?

Perverted Islam spreading in Pakistan
23 February 2017

Salafi Arabia's perverted Islam is spreading in Pakistan. Supporters of PISSI are killing the more traditional Sufis and attacking their festivals.

Road to wealth
23 February 2017

Starting a successful business is a road to wealth, for perhaps a few percent of people; but those who start out poor can't get on that road.

Military intel accused of political assassinations
23 February 2017

Sri Lanka has arrested officers in military intelligence and accused them of political assassinations.

A "violent sex offender"
23 February 2017

The teenager who will have to register as a "violent sex offender" had a sexual meeting with a younger teenager.

Why do people think there is something wrong with a sexual relationship between people of ages 13 and 18? The principal activity of human adolescents is sex.

"Smart" cars
23 February 2017

Buying a used "smart" car, house, TV, refrigerator, etc? Usually the previous owners can still remotely control it.

23 February 2017

75 years ago, the US imprisoned all citizens and residents of Japanese descent.

Hardly anyone opposed this. The ACLU tried to fight it in court.

The troll's plan to trample the rights of people because they are Muslim is facing a lot more resistance. We have learned something from history.

Meet congress
23 February 2017

Americans are pushing to meet with congresscritters on recess, even the ones that "can't make it".

Progressive politics
23 February 2017

To be progressive, politics must not adulate our focus on the successful entrepreneurs who present themselves as "smart".

To do so is to serve some of the rich.

Senator Schumer
23 February 2017

New Yorkers must replace Senator Schumer with a real progressive champion.

Reduced oxygen levels in the ocean
22 February 2017

Global heating is reducing the level of oxygen in the ocean, and some kinds of fish already have trouble getting enough.

There are local "dead zones" with very little oxygen, but this is a different issue. This is a decrease in the amount of oxygen in surface waters where no local phenomenon operates to reduce it.

Legalization of same-sex marriage
22 February 2017

When some US states legalized same-sex marriage, the suicide rate for high school students dropped 14% in those states.

22 February 2017

Cryin'air shows its non-respect for people that need wheelchairs by saying, "Please walk up this stairway, or we will leave you behind."

California's wettest recorded rainy season
22 February 2017

California's rainy season is the wettest ever recorded, and while in some ways that will help make up for the drought, it was the occasion for the Oroville dam to start to break.

Paradoxically, global heating makes for bigger rains and for deeper droughts — just not at the same time and place.

Service sweatshop platforms
22 February 2017

The precarious service sweatshop platforms are platforms for racial discrimination.

This results from making users give their names, then allowing lots of people (most of them racist, at least unconsciously) to accept or reject each user.

Please don't use the word "sharing" to describe what these platforms do. What they do is a kind of business, and "sharing" means cooperation that isn't a sale.

"Gig economy" is not incorrect, but "precarious service sweatshop" explicitly states their principal wrong.

Foretaste of global heating disaster
22 February 2017

Supermarkets offer fresh fruit and vegetables all the time by importing them from other countries, even other continents. The extreme weather events that interrupt this are a foretaste of global heating disaster.

Scientists protest in Boston
22 February 2017

Scientists protested in Boston: Stand up for Science.

What's wrong with Bannon
22 February 2017

Here's what's wrong with Bannon.

Better treatment of workers
22 February 2017

In specialized high-tech manufacturing, foreign companies often out-compete US rivals by treating their workers better.

Those companies succeed even though they pay higher taxes than in the US, which enables everyone in those countries to live a better life.

This is interesting, but it doesn't make globalization ok overall. Specialized high-tech manufacturing employs only a small fraction of workers. It is the exception and will remain so. Most factory employees are in the race-to-the-bottom economy where globalization provides a force to knock down unions and workers' rights. For them, as for farm workers, globalization is a disaster.

Troll's lying
22 February 2017

"Trump’s Lying Reveals That He Is Empty Inside."

Getting fired as troll's servitor
22 February 2017

It appears that the only way lying can get you fired as the troll's servitor is if spy agencies catch you and dislike you enough to use the evidence.

Russian-sponsored coup d'etat
22 February 2017

Montenegro claims it defeated a Russian-sponsored coup d'etat in October.

Didn't recycle
22 February 2017

Old CRTs need to be recycled, but the materials are not valuable so the recycling companies are paid to take them. Closed Loop was paid to accept millions of them, then didn't recycle them, and went bust.

UK human rights
22 February 2017

If the UK exits the European Union, it will cease to have laws to protect human rights.

Cold-blooded murder
22 February 2017

An Israeli soldier who murdered an incapacitated Palestinian prisoner has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

I think that is too little for cold-blooded murder.

Rosa Ortega
22 February 2017

Rosa Ortega, who has lived in the US since infancy, will be deported to Mexico because she voted in Texas without authorization. The normal penalty is probation.

She didn't try to hide her identity, she just didn't know that she wasn't allowed to vote, and the state didn't tell her.

Adults who have lived in the US since infancy should be entitled to citizenship even if they commit little crimes like this. (That doesn't mean they shouldn't be punished.)

Urgent: Impeach the troll
22 February 2017

US citizens: call for impeaching the troll now.

Urgent: Meet with your congresscritter
22 February 2017

US citizens: sign up for meetings this week with your congresscritter and staff.

Great Barrier Reef
22 February 2017

Extreme heat is bleaching coral again in the Great Barrier Reef.

This despite the fact that El Niño is not happening this year.

The only way to save coral is to cap CO2 in the atmosphere.

Right-wingers' PC rules for speech
22 February 2017

Right-wingers are the ultimate sensitive snowflakes,raging against anyone who violates their PC (populist correctness) rules for speech.

Urgent: Bannon's removal
22 February 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to legislate Bannon's removal from the National Security Council.

Urgent: Oppose using troll's golf course
22 February 2017

Everyone: call on the Ladies Professional Golf Association not to hold its tournament in the troll's golf course.

Antisemitism in UK universities
22 February 2017

UK universities are being flooded by antisemitism.

Opportunity for the UK
22 February 2017

Exit from the EU creates the opportunity for the UK to raise money discouraging speculation and encouraging investment.

Republican congresscritters hiding
22 February 2017

Most Republican congresscritters are hiding from their constituents during their week home from Washington.

Immigration thugs
22 February 2017

Ramirez, in immigration prison, says that the immigration thugs altered his statement to make it appear to be a confession of gang involvement.

Meaning of the word "terrorism"
22 February 2017

Should North Korea be on listed as a supporter of terrorism?

The assassination of Kim Jong-nam was a brazen crime, but equating murder with terrorism would undermine the meaning of the word "terrorism". And even if it were terrorism, one instance of it is not "repeated".

Australia wants "clean energy" funds
22 February 2017

Now that coal plants are uneconomical to run, the planet-roaster government of Australia wants to change rules to give them "clean energy" funds.

Meanwhile, deadly heat continues to blanket parts of Australia.

None so blind as he who will not see.

Iraqi Shi'ites post bloodthirsty videos
22 February 2017

Iraqi Shi'ites post bloodthirsty videos of killing PISSI prisoners.

Assassination of activists in Colombia
22 February 2017

As the FARC and the Colombian state make peace, assassination of activists is increasing.

The paramilitares are involved in this. They were the worst terrorist group in Colombia, even when the FARC was at war. For instance, they collaborated with the Coca Cola Company bottler to murder union organizers.

US employers tracking employees
22 February 2017

US employers increasingly track everything that employees do while at work. Even how often they speak to someone.

I think we need to limit this, by law if we can't find another way.

False alarms from health apps and devices
22 February 2017

Apps and devices to monitor medical indicators can make people's health worse. They can lead to false alarms and pointless anxiety.

Saboteurs change DOE web site
22 February 2017

The saboteurs have changed the Department of Energy web site that used to teach kids about the environment.

Republicans complaining about surveillance
21 February 2017

The Same Republicans Who Pushed for Invasive Surveillance Are Complaining About It Now.

Requiring people to be useds of Facebook
21 February 2017

Zuckerberg wants to make Facebook a platform for world-wide democratic decisionmaking. In other words, to require people to be useds of Facebook if we want a say in political decisions.

That might be ok if that part of Facebook is pulled out and converted into a public utility. I say "might" because there are likely to be other pitfalls that would have to be avoided.

21 February 2017

CETA would allow 40,000 US companies to demand changes in European laws, through their Canadian subsidiaries.

Doll with built-in microphone
21 February 2017

Germany has classified a doll with a built-in microphone as an illegal spy device. People who own them are required to disable the microphone.

Does this seem like an overreaction to you? I think action is required so as to teach people how dangerous these listening devices are. I disagree with punishing people who have bought them, but they ought to fix the devices.

The device is nasty in other ways too, It is full of proprietary software, and it communicates with other devices. To use it at all is a mistake. But the microphone allows it to snoop on people that don't use it.

Focus on the troll's actions
21 February 2017

"Ignore his insults and focus on his lies" is a step in the right direction. But you have to go further because his lies are mostly trolling too.

I'd say, ignore his insults, and ignore his lies except when attacking them is funny. Focus on the troll's actions and how they are unjust or damaging.

Confirmation of saboteur Pruitt
21 February 2017

SCROTUS rushed to confirm saboteur Pruitt as head of the EPA before he obeyed the court order to release emails he exchanged with fossil fuel companies. I guess SCROTUS feared that the email would give them some reason they had to reject him.

Senator Manchin is officially a Democrat, but in deeds he is a Republican.

Obama's head of SEC
21 February 2017

Obama's head of the Securities and Exchange Commission was working the whole time for the companies she was supposed to regulate. Now she has returned to working for them more directly.

The troll's appointee will probably act even worse because person won't be obligated to pretend to be doing the job right.

Suffering caused to indigenous children in Canada
21 February 2017

A Canadian court held the government legally responsible for the suffering and life impairments caused to indigenous children cause by forcibly taking them from their parents and putting them into assimilationist boarding schools.

It is amazing that this continued as late as 1984.

The US had a similar policy of coercing indigenous children to attend assimilationist boarding schools, and this was only finally eliminated in 1978.

Another technique for forced assimilation was taking indigenous children away from their families and giving them to non-indigenous foster families.

Urgent: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
21 February 2017

US citizens: call on Senate Democrats to defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Troll uses private email server
21 February 2017

The troll and his appointed White House staff use a private email server.

Remember the exaggerated attacks on Clinton for using a private email server.

Making the whole community less safe
21 February 2017

Arresting and deporting people for participating in public safety activities makes the whole community less safe.

US thugs' use of stingrays
21 February 2017

US thugs go to great lengths to hide their use of stingrays.

Coal-burning power plants to be shut
21 February 2017

Two big coal-burning power plants in the US are expected to shut because they are no longer economical.

The article ignores the most important reason we need to turn off coal-burning power plants: as one step to avoid global disaster.

By the way, global heating disaster could eliminate a lot more jobs than are provided today by fossil fuels. Human society is taking a terrible and stupid risk by continuing the subsidies that keep fossil-fuel-burning power plants running. But that's plutocracy for you.

Troll punishes California
21 February 2017

The troll punished California by refusing federal aid for the evacuation of areas threatened by the damage to the Oroville dam.

This could be retaliation for opposition to the troll's other cruelty. For example, California is moving ahead making the whole state a "sanctuary" for unauthorized immigrants.

The term "sanctuary" is misleading. No city or state can stop immigration thugs from operating — all it can do is deny the cooperation of its own agencies.

Troll was warned about Flynn lies
21 February 2017

Sally Yates warned the troll in January that Flynn was covering up contacts with Russia.

The troll fired Yates but not Flynn. He continued to defend Flynn until the fact that Flynn was lying became public knowledge.

I wonder why the troll cared about public pressure about those lies. Was it that some SCROTUS demanded it?

21 February 2017

The biggest danger to the US today is not the troll. It is SCROTUS, who we now see will support the troll's actions and overlook his dishonesty almost without limit.

The troll's executive orders have been mainly for show. (The article overlooks the fact that the executive order about the Dakota Access pipeline did cause construction to restart.)

Alas, his appointees are doing real harm, and so are SCROTUS.

This is why confronting SCROTUS now in their districts is so important.

Their intention is to bamboozle the public so as to serve the plutocrats, but the public can make that more difficult.

Medical care cuts and deaths
21 February 2017

The Tories do not like the study which blames medical care cuts for 30,000 more deaths in 2015 than in previous years.

Britons, are you letting minor dangers such as terrorism distract you?

Americans, our medical system is much worse than Britain's NHS, even in its current degraded form. How many Americans die each year from this?

Counting homeless people
21 February 2017

US volunteers try every two years to count all the homeless people, but they overlook a large fraction, maybe more than 1/3.

US State Department partly inoperative
21 February 2017

The US State Department is partly inoperative, since the troll makes all decisions without consulting or even informing anyone there.

Troll bad at hiring people
21 February 2017

The troll pretends to be good at hiring people, but we see now that he can't do that well.

Troll's dealings with Russia
21 February 2017

Senate Democrats demand information about the troll's dealings with Russia and call on Sessions to recuse himself from the issue.

Gag on scientists
21 February 2017

'Draconian' Trump Gag on Scientists Could Affect Legislation, Experts Warn.