Roundup held responsible for cancer
16 August 2018

Dewayne Johnson has won his lawsuit against Bayer (formerly Monsanto), holding the company and specifically Roundup responsible for his cancer.

The evidence presented included Monsanto's secret attempts to corrupt science. That is an attack on truth, narrower in scope than what the bullshitter does, but no less evil.

If our government were not corrupted by large companies (of which Bayer is one), then Americans wouldn't need to sue anyone to get funds for their medical care because everyone would be covered. We wouldn't depend on lawsuits for harm to individuals to get pesticides properly regulated.

Romanians protest government corruption
16 August 2018

Romanians protested against government corruption; thugs attacked peaceful protesters who had their hands up. (Is that why they are called "riot" thugs?)

450 people were injured.

The next day the people held an even bigger protest.

Engineers concerned about ethics
16 August 2018

Some engineers are refusing work for certain employers because of unethical activities of those employers.

Developing nonfree software is mistreating the users, too. That's something to boycott.

The ACM has a new ethics code, which on some issues seems good.

I note that the issue of developing weapons or military systems is not raised. Neither is the injustice of nonfree software.

What it says about privacy is comparable in its philosophy to the EU's GDPR. That is a step forward but won't prevent oppressive mass surveillance.

What it says about patents is absurd — to "respect" patents in general would mean screwing yourself; your lawyers would tell you it is foolish.

What it says about copyrights is vicious — sharing is part of being a good member of society, so if a legal requirement forbids sharing of copies of published works, that requirement is devoid of moral authority.

Support for socialist bookshop
15 August 2018

Socialist Bookshop Welcomes 'Uplifting' Response After Attack by Far Right.

Israel's apartheid law
15 August 2018

Israeli Arabs and Jews rallied against Israel's apartheid law.

Canada's rebuke to Salafi Arabia
15 August 2018

No other country is supporting Canada's rebuke to Salafi Arabia. They have all been corrupted by its money.

Organized international condemnation of tyranny has been broken.

Gradually increasing levels of hatred
15 August 2018

We wish that the hate-monger's use on tape of the word "nigger" would make his supporters ashamed. However, his strategy is to lead his supporters into gradually increasing levels of hatred. He might use the proof of his explicit racism against blacks as an opportunity to lead his supporters into equally explicit racism.

Is it possible that the he and Manigault planned it that way?

Women's equality
15 August 2018

There is no biological obstacle to women's equality.

There have been clear empirical demonstrations that women face considerable direct gender bias, as well as considerable unequal obstacles to their careers. Given these known explanations, we have no reason to presume they are any less capable than men.

Canadians demand stricter gun regulations
15 August 2018

Some Canadians demand stricter gun regulations following an increase in shootings. The rate is small compared with the US.

Charges in Dubai
15 August 2018

Dubai dropped charges against Ellie Holman, and allowed her to leave.

Aside from great stress, the experience cost her tens of thousands of dollars. Why take a crazy risk? Stay away!

Apple's business
15 August 2018

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook — Serf Labor, Overpriced iPhones, and Wasted Burning Profits.

He doesn't mention subjugating the users with nonfree software, which is even worse.

Regulating bots
15 August 2018

Regulating Bots on Social Media Is Easier Said Than Done. For One Thing, Defining "Bot" Is Tricky.

Punishing crime victims
15 August 2018

Many US cities punish people for being frequent victims of crime. In general, this potentiates other forms of inequality, so the punishment typically affects poor people and members of suffering ethnic groups.

Food allergen regulation
15 August 2018

Business interests argue against a regulation requiring restaurants to list the allergens in each food product.

Usually the problems they cite are real, but exaggerated.

Every regulation that is implemented locally carries a risk of inducing businesses to move elsewhere. However, this is often much smaller than businesses claim. In some cases, we can and should avoid that problem by adopting the regulation for a broader region. But if the only possibility is to apply it locally, that may still be better than nothing.

Small exceptions can make a regulation much easier to obey. It would make sense to exempt specials that are offered for less than a week. I hope the regulation permits a restaurant to address the cross-contamination issue by saying, "this dish contains shrimp and may have traces of fish".

Beach in Belgium
15 August 2018

People dispute how best to protect a beach in Belgium from the early stages of global heating, but it only postpones the problem.

It also distracts people from the much bigger dangers that we will encounter if we don't curb global heating.

Child slaughter in Yemen
15 August 2018

U.S. Is Complicit in Child Slaughter in Yemen.

White nationalist views in politics
15 August 2018

A Year After Charlottesville, White Nationalist Views Creep into Politics.

When activists on the left exult about electing members of discriminated-against groups (typically women, Muslims, Latins, blacks, indigenous Americans), or call on the public to support a candidate for that reason, I am concerned lest this encourage whites to campaign to elect people because they are white. The more we legitimize that sort of reason, the more we clear the pathway of white nationalism. To defeat that, we must reject the idea of choosing candidates based on race.

I choose candidates to support because of what they stand for, not their origins.

As for the candidate's religion, I consider that as such unimportant except to the extent it is reflected in the candidate's position.

The more a candidate makes a fuss about religion, the more I worry that per views come from a church. Most churches hold some right-wing views that I would not want in a public official.

Training crows
15 August 2018

A French park has trained crows to collect litter. They are rewarded with food.

Crows are fairly clever. I wonder how soon one of them will find that the most convenient and reliable source of litter is a trash can.

Corrupt stock transactions
15 August 2018

Several Republican congresscritters are inculpated in apparently corrupt stock transactions in one Australian corporation.

Fighting single-payer medical care
15 August 2018

In a sign of how strong the campaign for single-payer medical care has become, some giant companies are organizing to defeat the campaign.

They have moved from "then they laugh at you" to "then they fight you", which is an unavoidable step on the path to victory.

Democratic primaries
15 August 2018

Plutocratist "centrist" Democrats are crying victory because some of the strong progressive candidates lost primaries this week. But even when they lost, their victorious opponents were usually somewhat progressive.

Asian tick in the US
14 August 2018

An Asian tick is now established in the US, which reproduces so vigorously that a mass of ticks can kill a sheep by draining all its blood.

Freezing weather kills most of them, but we are busy shredding that protection by heating up the Earth's atmosphere.

Reuniting refugee children and parents
14 August 2018

The US government is at last making a real effort to find the refugees whose children it took away. It has not succeeded with all of them, but only 26 of these children remain whose parents or relatives the US has no contact with.

This figure appears to pertain to the children alone, not including the teenagers.

Hothouse Earth
14 August 2018

Researchers Suggest We Could Tip into a Hothouse Earth.

Temperature rise and crime rates
14 August 2018

When Temperatures Rise, So Do Crime Rates: evidence from South Africa.

Russian crackers in election systems
14 August 2018

Senator Nelson of Florida says that Russian crackers have got into the election systems of some Florida counties.

The plan to protect the cheater
14 August 2018

Rep. Nunes, a total lackey of the cheater, told his sponsors the plan to protect the cheater from prosecution: put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, then impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to replace him with someone else that will fire Mueller.

Fracking on California's public lands
14 August 2018

The saboteur-in-chief wants to impose fracking on California's public lands.

Republican election counting corruption
14 August 2018

Kris Kobach refused to recuse himself from the counting of an election in which he was one of the candidates.

There is no kind of corruption of which today's Republicans have any shame.

Florida's prisons and DRM
14 August 2018

Captive Audience: How Florida's Prisons and DRM Made $11.3M Worth of Prisoners' Music Disappear.

This is a bigger crime than most of the prisoners are accused of.

But the new Jpay system is far worse than that. It is total greed. The Florida Department of Corrections and Jpay plan to squeeze money out of the prisoners, and divide it up.

School privatization
14 August 2018

Creeping school privatization has been a disaster in the UK. Also, in different ways, in the US.

We need to restore the formerly public schools to public control.

Ethical demands of workers
14 August 2018

As workers of digital companies start to impose ethical demands, they are discovering their power. But how far will they demand ethical behavior?

They recognize the injustice of some unusual activities that serve tyranny, but can they recognize the injustice of their businesses' normal practice, such as proprietary software and collecting personal data?

Jailed for accepting glass of wine
14 August 2018

A Danish woman accepted a complimentary glass of wine on an Emirates flight to Dubai. On account of this, she has been jailed there for a year awaiting trial.

Underpaid government contractors
14 August 2018

"The federal government pays millions of contractors less than $15 an hour, and the Trump administration has further cut wages."

Law to punish Indian sex workers
14 August 2018

Indian prostitutes denounce a law that will punish them if they work in brothels. The law would presume they were trafficked (even if they were not), and sentence them to prison-like "rehabilitation".

Endangered Species Act
14 August 2018

The enforcement of the Endangered Species Act has been on slowdown for decades, with the result that many species that need protection don't get any.

Prescription of heroin for addicts
14 August 2018

Norway will prescribe heroin for addicts.

The wall of the "war on drugs" is cracking. May we soon get rid of it entirely, and treat drug addicts simply as patients.

Arrest of students who protested
14 August 2018

Bangladesh is arresting students who participated in protests.

Policies that protect the non-rich
14 August 2018

Governments can set policies that prevent non-rich people from being priced out of a place to live.

Over the long term, this requires arranging to build housing for the non-rich. Governments can do that, too, as long as they don't give priority to the wishes of the rich. In the US, we have been propagandized to forget that we used to do this.

Yazidi prisoners of PISSI
14 August 2018

An Iraqi beekeeper started a campaign that enabled Yazidi prisoners of PISSI, in particular women, to save other Yazidi prisoners of PISSI.

Urgent: Fossil fuel contributions
14 August 2018

US citizens: call on the Democratic National Committee to reinstate in full the policy of rejecting fossil fuel contributions, which it just weakened.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Gina Haspel's reports
14 August 2018

Gina Haspel's personal reports to CIA headquarters show her commitment to torture.

Deportation bus accident
14 August 2018

The US deportation thugs were transporting imprisoned border-crossing women to meet their children, when the bus had an accident.

Such things happen, but the deportation thugs didn't want to be embarrassed by it, so they lied to cover it up.

Several women were injured, but they decided not to go to the hospital for fear of not seeing their children again. There was no rational reason it would have had this effect, but you can't count on thugs to be rational.

DeVos tax dodging
14 August 2018

Betsy DeVos is dodging taxes on her yachts by registering them outside the US.

That shows whose side she's on — not her country's side. But she's adding injury to insult: trying to enable sleazy for-profit colleges keep the money that they took from Americans who thought they were paying for a real education.

Emoluments in the US Constitution
14 August 2018

The authors of the US Constitution made it clear that "emoluments" to officials included anything of value, and that the purpose of prohibiting officials including the president from receiving emoluments was to prevent them from being influenced or corrupted.

Living in vehicles
14 August 2018

The number of Americans that live in cars or RVs is rapidly increasing. Even people with jobs can't afford any other place to live.

Why do cities pass laws against this? Because the city government works is controlled by the haves, and they don't want their pretty lives inconvenienced by have-nots.

This is why I oppose local political movements to keep density down. Keeping density down means kicking out the have-nots.

If we end plutocracy, the non-rich will get a bigger share of the nation's income. However, in cities that are too expensive, that may not be sufficient. We need to weaken zoning laws so as to build a lot more housing that is near public transportation, and we must not let the local haves stop it.

The next recession
14 August 2018

Americans overall are increasingly in debt. This is likely to exacerbate the next recession.

The figures may not count all the the really large debts of rich(?) Americans, such as the cheater. We don't know whether his net assets are in the positive millions or the negative millions.

Why is debt increasing while "the US economy is prospering"? Because that claim is based on measuring by totals (or per-capita figures, which over periods of a few years are equivalent to totals). The rich are gaining more millions than the non-rich are losing, so the totals increase.

The ethical measure of an economy is based on how well the not-rich and especially the poor are doing.

World-wide, extreme poverty has been reduced, but inequality has risen.

Tuberculosis medicine
14 August 2018

The UN is considering a measure to help poor countries make generic medicines to treat tuberculosis. The US is pressuring various countries so as to defeat the measure.

The fact that a former Obama advisor is helping that effort demonstrates what we could see at the time: Obama was more a supporter of plutocracy than an opponent of it.

Asbestos exporter
14 August 2018

A Russian exporter of asbestos thanked the poisoner for keeping asbestos legal in the US.

We can ban asbestos some day, if we fight asbestos we can.

High-school students on Facebook
14 August 2018

Facebook bought a company apparently for the sake of learning its tricks to rope in high-school students as useds.

Brazilian presidential candidate
14 August 2018

The right-wing candidate for president of Brazil showed himself to be an enemy of democracy by choosing as running mate a general that spoke in favor of a military coup.

There is a real danger that this candidate will win.

Single-payer medical coverage
14 August 2018

Younger MDs have won a victory for single-payer medical coverage by convincing the AMA to consider the idea.

Georgia's election systems
14 August 2018

Georgia's election systems are grossly insecure, both for the voter list and for the supposed list.

DEFCON will hold a contest for young crackers to break the security of imitations of real US state voting systems.

Privatization of US public libraries
14 August 2018

The Creeping Privatization of [US] Public Libraries.

The article calls the Koch brothers "libertarians", but their support for some kinds of human rights is a beard for their real cause: a laissez-faire, laissez-dévorer economy. They hate public libraries because they are public, and any public activity that helps people is what they call "socialism".

Please don't support their pretense: join me in calling them "antisocialists".

Communications satellite security
14 August 2018

Communications satellites could be used to do various kinds of harm, if crackers break their security.

US deportation of asylum seekers
14 August 2018

Judge Orders US to Bring Back Family Deported While Asylum Case Was Open.

I hope higher courts sustain this attempt to rein in the lawless bullying carried out by US thugs. One can't count on the right-wing justices to defend the legal rights of people (as opposed to businesses).

Venezuelan opposition
14 August 2018

Some exiled members of the Venezuelan opposition endorse the recent assassination attempt. Others reject the accusation that they were involved.

Medical "wellness score"
14 August 2018

Collecting your medical data (and other data about your life) and combining that into a "wellness score" would give companies an excuse to screw you.

Passive Democrats
14 August 2018

The Democrats Must Do More Than Simply Oppose Donald Trump.

Puerto Rico acknowledges hurricane deaths
14 August 2018

Puerto Rico has acknowledged that Hurricane Maria killed 1427 people there — not all immediately.

Mauritanian elections
14 August 2018

Shortly before elections, Mauritania has jailed an anti-slavery campaigner.

Hamas and Israel fighting again
14 August 2018

Hamas and Israel are back to fighting again.

Israel demonstrated conclusively that it will respond to nonviolent protest by shooting thousands of people. I find it hard to blame Palestinians for responding to arms with arms.

Hamas is an Islamist organization. That means it rejects fundamental human rights. But that does not justify refusing the permanent cease-fire that it has offered.

Zambia hands asylum seeker to Zimbabwe
14 August 2018

An opposition leader from Zimbabwe fled to Zambia for asylum. Zambia handed him back to Zimbabwe, defying an order from the Supreme Court.

The tyrant of Zimbabwe, after apparently stealing the election, is now sending soldiers to destroy the homes of opposition supporters.

Right-wing Democrat works with ALEC
14 August 2018

The governor of Louisiana is formally a Democrat, but he is so right-wing that he works with ALEC.

Tribune abandons merger plan
13 August 2018

Tribune abandoned its plan to merge with Sinclair.

Abortion in Argentina
13 August 2018

Argentina's senate rejected legalization of abortion.

Argentines will campaign to reverse this defeat in the next election.

US-backed intervention in Yemen
13 August 2018

The US-backed intervention in Yemen by Salafi Arabia bombed a bus in Yemen whose passengers were children, killing over 40 of them.

Solar power with storage batteries
13 August 2018

Solar power with storage batteries is becoming cheap enough to replace natural gas — but planet roasters won't let that happen without a fight.

Let's fight! Let's destroy the planet-roaster companies — before they destroy us!

Urgent: Discrimination against queer people
13 August 2018

US citizens: call on Congress to block attempts to authorize discrimination against queer people.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Urgent: AT&T workers
13 August 2018

US citizens: Support AT&T workers if they strike.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Cutting off Infowars
13 August 2018

Cutting off Infowars without presenting a clear reason may fuel all its conspiracy theories.

Potato harvest
13 August 2018

Extreme weather has damaged the potato harvest in Belgium, making frites (known in the US as "French fried" potatoes) scarce.

Escaping from global heating
13 August 2018

As the dimensions of the coming global heating disaster sink in, some people despair, and fantasize about miraculous escapes to high ground in places that are fairly cold.

However, it is not too late to avert the worst of the disaster. If we put more effort into it, we can overcome the murderous billionaires. In the mean time, having no children will incrementally reduce the extent of the disaster. If we avoid enough births, the resulting smaller future population might have survivable troubles instead of a disaster.

The actions of the planet roasters amount to mass murder that is already starting. As a last resort, the victims-to-be could use bombs to destroy the murderous billionaires' prepared refuges. If those realize that they cannot expect to survive dooming the bulk of humanity to death, some might change sides and direct their power to averting global disaster.

Russian deals for UK donor
13 August 2018

Russian banks offered special deals to the main donor to the UK's election campaign to leave the EU.

Whether this legally counts as corruption on his part may depend on legal questions I don't understand. However, what he did qualifies in spirit as selling out his country.

Tax cut for banks
13 August 2018

The cheater wants to give banks another big tax cut by redefining "financial service industry" not to include banks.

Drone-zapper tower
13 August 2018

(satire): Yemen has developed a drone-zapper tower to protect people from its infestation of drones.

(Serious) Drone Strikes on Yemen Don’t Make My Country Safer — Or Yours.

Ryanair union busting
13 August 2018

Ryanair is trying to bust unions in Europe, punishing workers in various ways.

I urge people to refuse to do business with that airline, which I like to call Cryin'air.

Edinburgh book festival
13 August 2018

The UK's "hostile environment" for foreigners loused up the Edinburgh international book festival. Scotland's devolved government is complaining.

I should note that the US does this too, perhaps worse. So, recently, does Canada.

Keeping coal power plants
13 August 2018

The crony-in-chief is still trying to keep money-losing coal power plants. He has another avenue to do it.

Plutocratists condemn government help to people in general, citing the "free market" as justifying suffering for the weak. But that's only because the victims are weak.

Fight for the Future
13 August 2018

Fight for the Future has collected funds to post critical billboards in the districts of any California state legislators that try to undermine the state's planned network neutrality law.

13 August 2018

A US court ordered the EPA to proceed with banning the pesticide chlorpyrifos, which it had determined to cause birth defects in children's brains.

Oil extraction opposition
13 August 2018

Calling on President Moreno to protect the lives of indigenous people that oppose oil extraction in their land.

No military need to use nuclear weapons
12 August 2018

The US government in 1945 knew that Japan would soon surrender and therefore there was no military need to use nuclear weapons.

With such controversial a claims, it is always possible that it was fabricated. I don't think that is the case here. That article is followed by several others about issues including the damage done by Dirty Uranium in Iraq and felony charges against nonviolent protesters at a base storing uranium for nuclear weapons.

Some of these points I already know are valid.

Department of Veterans Affairs
12 August 2018

Three of the cheater's cronies are unofficially commanding the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Illegal activities in Congress
12 August 2018

(satire) Shy Rep. Harold Olsen confided to reporters Wednesday that he often feels left out of all the illegal activities going on in Congress…

Immigrants subsidize our medical care
12 August 2018

Immigrants in the US do not drain funds for medical care. On the contrary, they subsidize the rest of us.

Overcoming corruption and systemic racism
12 August 2018

Overcoming 'Decades of Corruption and Systemic Racism,' Reformer Wesley Bell Ousts Prosecutor Who Let Michael Brown's Killer Off the Hook.

Buses and trains
12 August 2018

Using buses and trains can be very difficult for a person with vision or mobility difficulties.

I speculate that the reason the staff are so unhelpful is cuts in staff due to either government "austerity" or privatized greed. When the staff are overloaded, they are also under pressure, and rush rather than paying attention with kindness.

Thus, this is one more of the many problems we can fix by taxing the rich fairly.

Asylum in the US
12 August 2018

The scapegoater ordered denial of asylum to people fleeing gang violence and domestic violence. The ACLU is suing to block the order.

Republican "right to work" law
12 August 2018

2/3 of the voters in Missouri voted to repeal the recently-inflicted Republican "right to work" law.

Increased rate bankruptcy
12 August 2018

Americans over age 65 are filing for bankruptcy much more than they used to — three times the rate (per population) than in 1991.

I've read elsewhere that some are crushed by the loans for their children's college education, which they had to guarantee. The children couldn't pay these loans back, and in some cases the parents can't either.

Elected officials who oppose women's rights
12 August 2018

13 congresscritters and 2 senators have been labeled as "worst for women" for opposing a broad range of women's rights.

Power to shut down any publisher of news
12 August 2018

Almost half of US Republicans want to give the president the power to shut down any publisher of news. Like Erdoğan.

The bullshitter would shut down any publisher that doesn't fake the news his way.

12 August 2018

"At local level Conservatives can see the harm wrought by austerity, but that insight has not reached the party’s upper echelons."

None so blind has he who will not see — because his power is based on plutocrats that don't want him to see.

Use Our Loos campaign
12 August 2018

Use Our Loos Campaign Urges UK Firms to Open Toilets to Non-Customers.

I'd make it a law.

Florida's "stand your ground" law
12 August 2018

Even when interpreted carefully, Florida's "stand your ground" law encourages people to start a violent confrontation when they could have avoided it.

Sanctions against Iran
12 August 2018

The war-lover's sanctions against Iran violate a UN security council resolution which the US voted for three years ago.

Killed by dooH niboR
12 August 2018

Killed by dooH niboR: in the UK, an estimated 1 million more deaths expected by 2041 due to spending cuts needed to help the rich.

Urgent: Puerto Rico debt relief
12 August 2018

US citizens: call on Congress to give Puerto Rico debt relief.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Internet voting in WV
12 August 2018

West Virginia is allowing internet voting, which is nuts.

Adding injustice to idiocy, it requires voters to use a nonfree app.

Charity workers attacked
12 August 2018

French thugs attacked and intimidated charity workers that were distributing food to homeless migrants that want to go to the UK.

I wonder why they specifically desire to go to the UK.

Loans from China
12 August 2018

Loans from China, like loans from the World Bank or the IMF, can turn into a terrible trap.

Electricity in Puerto Rico
12 August 2018

Some Puerto Ricans still have no electricity. The privatizing government is very slow to reconnect them.

Inhabitants distrust the water supply, although it might in fact be quite safe.

Spreading distrust in the state is a natural consequence of what right-wing wreckers do to the state.

Zimbabwe activists
12 August 2018

Zimbabwe activists are hiding from state repression forces.

Orcas in Puget Sound
12 August 2018

To protect the orcas in Puget Sound, we would need to increase the number of salmon and reduce the level of toxins they carry. And reduce the level of sea noise from boats.

Over time, the more humans we make, the less room there will be for other species to survive on Earth. I imagine Norma Sanchez's great grandchild asking per parents, "Why did you have me, knowing what disasters were likely to be waiting for me before I got to be 40?"

Music Modernization Act
12 August 2018

The Music Modernization Act would be dangerous if not fixed, even without the "CLASSICS Act" that has been tacked onto it.

FCC's 'DoS attack'
12 August 2018

The FCC's commenting system was overloaded by a flood of comments supporting network neutrality, and lost some of them. The FCC pretended that this problem was caused by a DoS attack, which people disbelieved at the time.

Now the FCC admits there was no DoS attack.

Accusations against Wilbur Ross
12 August 2018

Accusations of theft and fraud against Wilbur Ross, Saboteur of Commerce, plus the fine that the SEC imposed, add up to 120 million dollars.

A big-time crook is just the sort of person the cheater wants in office.

NRA cutting costs
12 August 2018

(satire) the National Rifle Association told staff members Tuesday it has been forced to cut operational costs by shooting dozens of … redundant employees.

Tea worker strike
12 August 2018

More Than 400,000 Tea Estate Workers in India Go on Strike over Pay.

Their wages are a tiny fraction of what we pay for tea. Surely the tea companies can handle an increase.

Losing homes to a glitch
12 August 2018

Wells Fargo says that a "glitch" was responsible for causing 400 debtors to lose their homes.

That could be the truth, but it's one detail of a system that has been shaped into something fundamentally designed by and for dooH niboR.

Record heat in Spain and Portugal
12 August 2018

Spain and Portugal are suffering under unprecedented heat.

In December it won't be so hot, and the planet roasters will say, "It went away, don't worry about it."

UK ready to make deals with nasty regimes
12 August 2018

A UK ministry says that the UK needs to be more ready to make deals with "elites" that have committed war crimes.

The UK has been quite ready to make deals with nasty regimes: Qadhafi, Salafi Arabia, the UAE, China, If it were any more ready, it would do this twice an hour.

Nicaragua's new anti-terrorism law
12 August 2018

Nicaragua's new anti-terrorism law reportedly can be applied to protesters too.

The article contains a link to the text of the law. It's hard work for me to read and understand text like that even in English. If someone can check this, I would be grateful.

Domestic workers' rights
12 August 2018

Settle has given domestic workers rights. In most of the US, they are excluded from the rights other workers have.

France makes "sexual harassment" crime
12 August 2018

France has made it a crime to "sexually harass" people on the street.

The most important question about such a law is where it will draw the line. Severe cases raise no moral issue — by all means, prohibit them. Violence and threats, including following someone persistently, ought to be punished.

It is when we look at cases that are less and less severe that a moral issue arises. Where does prohibition of speechcrime become repression? Where will the line be drawn?

We cannot have confidence in France to respect freedom of speech. European countries standardly infringe freedom of speech by prohibiting insults. In France, merely insulting an official is a crime, and people are really prosecuted for it. To an American, this is almost incredible.

Therefore, the most crucial point in drafting such laws is to specify clearly where the line is drawn.

Unfortunately, the article gives no concrete information about where the line is drawn. To the extent that it cites acts whose severity we can gauge, they rather severe. We get no information about how mild an act is now a crime. Is it a crime to say, "You are beautiful"? Is it a crime to say, "Please have coffee with me"?

Facebook deletes real event
12 August 2018

Facebook deleted a real, honest antifascist event after finding out that Russian state agents were promoting it.

Russian state agents promote Nazi events and anti-Nazi events because they want to promote conflict in the US.

American left rediscovering morality
12 August 2018

How the American Left Is Rediscovering Morality.

Right-wing morality looks for excuses not to care if the weak get crushed. Left-wing morality looks for ways to avoid crushing the weak.

Documents expose Big Pharma scheme
12 August 2018

Documents Expose Big Pharma's Scheme to Turn Democratic Candidates Against Medicare for All.

Right-wing smears
12 August 2018

The right-wing used fake news to try to smear AMLO in Mexico, but it didn't convince people.

What Democrats can be
12 August 2018

Elizabeth Warren: Democrats can be "party of white working class and Black Lives Matter."

Record level of CO2 in atmosphere
12 August 2018

The atmosphere's level of CO2 is the highest it has been in the 800,000 years recorded by ice cores.

If we had ice cores from before 800,000 years ago, we might observe that the CO2 was less than today for many years before that.

UK thugs
12 August 2018

In the UK, at least thugs that brutally attack prisoners tend to get punished for it.

Chicago's mayor and thug chief
12 August 2018

Protesters in Chicago demanded the resignation of the mayor and the thug chief on account of violence (including violence by thugs), corruption, and refusal to invest in the neighborhoods where marginal groups live.

Israel sentences poet to prison
12 August 2018

Israel has sentenced Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour to prison which talks in general terms about resisting the occupation.

Meanwhile, Israelis regularly propose violence in concrete terms and are not prosecuted for it at all.

Israel is now explicitly an apartheid state and this is part of it.

Threats from right-wing gunmen
12 August 2018

Right-wing gunmen say they will infiltrate the counterprotest in Portland.

Given their propensity to cheating and lying, this is in effect a threat to take their guns out, shoot anti-fascists, then claim they were "defending themselves" from imaginary "threats". Then they will dare people to prove that was not true.

China demolishes Ai Weiwei's studio
12 August 2018

The Chinese government abruptly demolished Ai Weiwei's studio without notice. His art was still inside.

Separation of minors from parents
12 August 2018

A judge rebuked the government for dragging its heels in reuniting kidnaped refugee minors with their parents, in particular for creating spurious obstacles, and for claiming that finding the parents is not its responsibility.

12 August 2018

A year after right-wing extremists' demonstration of violent hate, Charlottesville is looking at how to change its systemic racism.

UK's incompetent fire code enforcement
12 August 2018

The UK's fire code enforcement is deeply incompetent. The government was warned in 2014 about how flammable construction materials were causing deadly fires, but regulators did nothing to stop that use. The large, deadly fire was the natural result.

The government has still not banned putting them into additional buildings. Meanwhile, the residents of condos in buildings which use the same dangerous materials are being ordered to replace them at their own expense — which would put many of them into penury.

Journalists barred from West Papua
12 August 2018

Indonesia continues to stop foreign journalists from visiting West Papua. Former journalists are blacklisted.

This is because Indonesia has been colonizing Papua since conquering the territory in the 1960s, settling large numbers of Javanese there, and is trying to cover up the indigenous people's resistance. After Indonesia's experience with Dutch colonialism, it has not learned to think of colonialism as wrong.

Sad to say, the US also requires journalists to have a special visa. Foreigners that enter the US on a tourist visa are forbidden to report professionally from the US.

Urgent: Kirstjen Nielsen
12 August 2018

US citizens: call on the Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of the Department of Harshness and Sadism, to resign.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Urgent: Protection from extreme heat
12 August 2018

US citizens: call on OSHA to make regulations to protect workers from extreme heat.

The best way to do this in the long term is to curb global heating fast. Otherwise we will not be able to keep up with this problem as it gets ever worse.

If you sign, please spread the word!

Warning on Kavanaugh
12 August 2018

Warning Kavanaugh Would Be 'Rubber Stamp' on Trump's Anti-Healthcare, Anti-[abortion] Agenda, Groups Announce Wave of Direct Actions.

Poultry inspection
12 August 2018

The US poultry inspection system has been undermined by privatization, and now supervisors are pressuring inspectors to put speed above safety.

Limits on emoluments
12 August 2018

An initial court ruling says that the US Constitution's limits on "emoluments" for the president has a broad meaning, and that a lawsuit accusing the cheater of corruption for operating a hotel in Washington can go ahead.

Censoring Alex Jones
12 August 2018

Several internet redistribution companies have deleted Alex Jones's right-wing conspiracy theory broadcasts.

I don't think this deletion is much of a loss to the world. Many of his claims are bullshit, and some are dangerous bullshit.

A few do have some distorted relation to reality. Apple is censoring for China, and soon Google may join in. Some of the waste chemicals businesses and humans release into lakes and rivers do affect the sexual maturation of sea animals, making them physically abnormal: not merely "gay", but incapable of reproducing. If that hits a whole population, it will soon disappear.

However, occasional partial overlaps with the truth don't cancel out Jones's plenteous falsehoods.

What worries me is the censorship power that a few private companies have. They say that they are entitled to decide what not to publish on the grounds that they are private companies. They are not obliged to redistribute something merely because it is not illegal.

But it is dangerous that a few companies have so much power.

If each one were small, I'd stand up for each one's right to decide what not to publish. But each of these companies affects hundreds of millions of people, perhaps billions. Their influence is so great that people and governments ask them, or try to pressure them, to censor certain things so that those things will not be available.

This is developing into a contradiction — a system of imposed censorship that legitimizes itself by pretending not to be one.

I don't believe that this censorship will be limited to right-wing extremists. Oil companies have lots of money to spend on marginalizing the sane voice of alarm. Billionaires have lots to spend on marginalizing the demand to restore democracy.

Degrading plastic
12 August 2018

As plastic degrades, it releases greenhouse gases. Thus, when it is finished killing fish and birds directly, it can help wipe them out (along with human civilization).

Jared Kushner's deletions
12 August 2018

When Jared Kushner owned the New York Observer, he personally deleted stories about his friends.

He had a right to do this, but it's disreputable as journalism.

Children being alone
12 August 2018

Outside the US, the world recognizes that children are safe alone.

Personal data from banks
12 August 2018

Amazon, Facebook and Google are pressuring US banks to give them personal data on the activities of bank customers.

So far, it seems the banks have refused. We cannot count on them to continue to refuse. This is one more reason to pay anonymously with cash.

Peace movement in Afghanistan
12 August 2018

The peace movement in Afghanistan points out that the "war against terror" has only increased terror and increased war. They need peace to cope with the global heating effects, such as the oases that are drying up.

Sanctions against Iran
12 August 2018

The EU is pushing hard against the war-lover's sanctions against Iran.

Corrupt cops in the Philippines
12 August 2018

Philippine President Do-dirty has threatened to kill corrupt cops.

I sympathize with condemnation of corrupt cops, but summary execution is never justice. Anyway, decriminalizing the drugs would put an end to this corruption and could result in a lot less drug use too. (That has worked in Portugal.)

Consumer privacy bills
12 August 2018

Telecom Lobbyists Have Stalled 70 State-Level Bills That Would Protect Consumer Privacy.

ALEC setting the table
12 August 2018

ALEC Sets the Table for Gerrymandering, Union Busting, Protecting Fossil Fuels, and Privatizing Schools.

Homelessness in Britain
12 August 2018

As homelessness (in the US sense — no place to live) increases in Britain, a pub refused to serve two homeless men to whom a kind person decided to give breakfast.

This is right-wing disgust-based morality at work.

Ambassador to Salafi Arabia
12 August 2018

Salafi Arabia went apeshit when Canada's ambassador talked about the human rights champions that Salafi Arabia has imprisoned. It expelled the ambassador, cut of air travel, and suspended some trade.

Then a government-connected organization threatened a terrorist attack against Canada.

That repressive regime is trying to intimidate all governments so that they don't dare criticize.

California wildfire
12 August 2018

Largest Wildfire in California's History Expected to Burn for Rest of August.

Caribbean States on global heating
12 August 2018

Caribbean States Beg Trump to Grasp Climate Change Threat: "War Has Come to Us."

I think that producing dangerous levels of greenhouse gas should literally be considered an act of war against whatever parts of the world will be damaged.

Arrested for being Dalit
12 August 2018

In Meerut, People — Including Children — Were Arrested for Being Dalit. Literally!

600 minors still prisoners
12 August 2018

Almost 600 minors taken away from refugees are still prisoners of the US government, and are in danger of being "permanently orphaned."

Three US agencies were negligent about keeping records about the families that they "deleted".

I suspect that a substantial fraction of these minors are children too young even to give the names and addresses of their parents.

Toxic algae
12 August 2018

Fueled by Pollution and Unsound Policies, Toxic Algae Overtake Florida Beaches.

Is it worth trying to fix this problem? If we will curb global heating rapidly, to avoid the inundation of most of Florida, then yes.