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Chinese tyrant
20 October 2017

Chinese tyrant Xi is officially reorienting the Communist Party around his own personal ideas.

He is aiming to make China as totalitarian as it was under Mao.

The bully's supporters want to make the US oppressive in a similar way.

Labour Party
20 October 2017

The Labour Party will govern New Zealand together with another party that aims to deconcentrate wealth.

Can anyone show me what these parties say about the Treacherous Plutocratic Poison? The US has dropped out, but the other countries were continuing to negotiate that business-supremacy treaty.

Escaping from Raqqa
20 October 2017

Report from a group of civilians escaping from Raqqa.

Big pharma lobbying
20 October 2017

Big pharma lobbying enables drug companies to pump out large amounts of high-dose opioids that are ideal for causing addiction.

Therefore, most efforts to reduce opioid addiction operate through repression, surveillance, and denial of our civil liberties.

The drug companies also lobby to keep drugs expensive.

Suicide jeep bombs
20 October 2017

The Taliban are wearing down the Afghan army through suicide jeep bombs.

prejudice British Muslims
20 October 2017

The BBC tried to show people the prejudice British Muslims experience by making up and dressing up a white woman to appear to be a Pakistani Muslim.

A hypersensitive Muslim group claims there is something essentially wrong about such a disguise.

I see no validity in their argument; I think it was just fine to do this program.

The term “blackface” refers to a kind of entertainment that was common a hundred years ago, in which white performers wore nonrealistic stylized makeup that stood for “think of us as blacks” and then acted a stereotype of black culture and behavior patterns.

I can see how blacks would find that offensive. But that doesn't apply to cross-racial makeup as such.

I can understand the concerns of actors from minority groups if whites get the few parts for characters from their own groups.

On the other hand, maybe with a suitable makeup disguise they could apply for parts for white characters.

I just had a horrible idea.

If using makeup and clothing to appear black or Pakistani if you're not is despicable, what about using makeup and clothing to appear female if you're not? Is that despicable too?

Will this benighted identity campaign target transvestites next?

Facial Expressions
20 October 2017

Dogs Have Pet Facial Expressions to Use on Humans, Study Finds.

Trump's Hotels
20 October 2017

Lawsuit Says Trump's Ownership of Hotels Violates the Constitution.

Block Smartphone Cameras
20 October 2017

A system of rapidly flickering leds makes mobile device cameras fail to work.

White-supremacist supporters
20 October 2017

The troll continued the US history of contempt towards black soldiers and veterans.

I think the troll intentionally displayed contempt as a way of appealing to his white-supremacist supporters.

End slavery
19 October 2017

For the Price of a Few Warships, We Could End Slavery Once And for All.

Australia energy
19 October 2017

Australia has made a plan to discourage the adoption of renewable energy.

Face coverings
19 October 2017

Quebec has banned people from covering their faces while on public transit.

This prevents all citizens from protecting themselves from the massive surveillance systems.

US Palestinian shot
19 October 2017

Israeli troops shot an unarmed Palestinian teenager, then kept paramedics away while he bled to death. This is not unusual, but that teenager was a US citizen, which makes the US government scramble to avoid taking proper notice.

Flying insects
19 October 2017

Populations of flying insects in Germany's wildlife reserves have fallen by 3/4 in the past 25 years.

This can affect entire ecosystems.

Foster parenting
19 October 2017

Foster parenting in the US has been privatized, and some of the companies shirk their responsibilities.

Government services should never be privatized unless that gives the public a competitive market. Children in foster care do not get to choose the foster care company, so that is not the case here.

We need not even raise the point that the customers of foster care are children, who need foster care because of their immaturity, so they are not ready to make a wise choice of foster care company.

Firefighting chemicals
19 October 2017

Carcinogenic firefighting chemicals are getting into US water supplies, and since they do not naturally degrade, the level continues to increase.

Kenyan election
19 October 2017

Kenyan election commissioner Roselyn Akombe has fled to the US and says that it is impossible for the coming repeat election to be free and fair.

The leader of the opposition has refused to participate, for the same reason.

Whistleblower protections
19 October 2017

Whistleblower Protections in USA Liberty Act Not Enough.

The only adequate protection for a whistleblower who tells us the government's dirty secrets is if the government cannot identify the whistleblower.

March against al-Shabaab
19 October 2017

Somalis marched through Mogadishu to demand more efforts to defeat al-Shabaab.

If the people turn strongly against that organization, they may have a chance of defeating it.

Foreign subsidiaries
19 October 2017

3/4 of the biggest 500 US corporations have foreign subsidiaries. If Republicans make a bigger tax break for income of those subsidiaries, they will use accounting tricks to run all their profits through them.

Valve turners
19 October 2017

The "valve turner" protesters will be allowed to present a necessity defense for their protest, which consisted of shutting off a pipeline.

Canada's methane emissions
18 October 2017

Canada's methane emissions are 25% or 50% higher than people thought.

Third iteration of troll's Muslim ban
18 October 2017

The third iteration of the bully's partial ban on Muslim visitors has been blocked by a court.

Curbing global heating
18 October 2017

Caring for forests, peat bogs and agricultural land could do a large part of the job of curbing global heating.

It is easier said than done. It is hard to do large amounts of illegal fossil fuel extraction except in a failed state, but illegal deforestation is going wild in countries including Brazil and Indonesia.

Those governments are corrupt but they are hardly failed states.

Emergency assistance to Puerto Rico
18 October 2017

The troll complains about how long emergency assistance to Puerto Rico is taking, basically preparing to withdraw aid.

This is while most of the island's electric grid is still down, and a large fraction have no water supply either.

Murder of anti-apartheid activist
18 October 2017

A court hearing concluded that South African thugs murdered anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol. The thugs said he had killed himself in prison — a story that was implausible at the time.

The murder took place in 1971, but a thug that covered up the truth is still alive to be prosecuted.

Disabled people trapped in homes in UK
18 October 2017

Many disabled people in the UK have been pushed into living in apartments they cannot get out of. Some of the apartments endanger their lives too.

Taxpayers' money spent by Pence
18 October 2017

Vice President Pence spent a quarter million dollars of taxpayers' money to visit a football game so he could leave as a protest.

He has a right to protest by leaving a game, but spending taxpayers' money to do this is the act of a cheater.

Rapist gets partial custody of child
18 October 2017

A US man who kidnaped and raped a 12-year-old girl, 10 years ago, has been given partial custody of the child she had as a result.

That man is the last man in American who should get custody of a child. Merely giving him the woman's address put her in danger.

As a side issue, I wonder why she didn't have an abortion. That would have been a much better outcome than a child born to an adolescent who can't support a child.

I fear that fanatical Christians had something to do with this.

Making books available
18 October 2017

The Internet Archive has discovered a way to make most books published before 1941 available even though their copyright was maliciously extended by the Micky Mouse Copyright Act.

"Development banks"
18 October 2017

The main "development banks" have put 5 billion dollars into fossil fuel projects since the Paris climate conference.

Right-wing false-flag attacks
18 October 2017

A right-wing non-Muslim American left a dangerous bomb in an airport last week, as a false-flag terrorist operation, and the media have paid hardly any attention.

That's because he doesn't serve the right-wing narrative about terrorism.

Right-wingers claim every act of terrorism attributed to them is a "false-flag attack", but it seems that nearly all false-flag attacks are committed by right-wingers like this one. The US organized right-wing false-flag attacks in Europe in the 60s/70s.

Urgent: impeach the troll
18 October 2017

US citizens: call for impeaching the troll before he starts WW III.

Urgent: press freedom
18 October 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to defend freedom of the press.

Web site investigators
18 October 2017

ACLU: how journalists investigating the honesty or dishonesty of web sites can reduce the threat from the oppressive Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

It is unfortunate that the article uses the term "hackers" to refer to people that break security.

US drone deaths
18 October 2017

A US drone killed 14 people in Afghanistan. Were they soldiers of PISSI, or civilians?

The US government ought to be honest about this.

US troops in Niger
18 October 2017

Is it good to have US troops fighting in Niger? Shouldn't there be public scrutiny of the question?

Guantanamo hunger strikers
18 October 2017

Two prisoners in Guantanamo are on hunger strike demanding a trial. Three US presidents have decided to imprison them forever without a trial.

Dubya and Obama force-fed hunger strikers. The bully allows them to die if they choose, but has cut off their medical treatment.

Either way, nothing can justify imprisonment without trial.

Tax and budget proposal
18 October 2017

Bernie Sanders slams the Republican tax and budget proposal as dooH niboR.

Iraqi Kurds
18 October 2017

The Iraqi Kurds have pulled out of some disputed areas without a fight, including Kirkuk and its oil fields, and Sinjar.

These areas are not part of the territory that became Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurds took over Kirkuk when the Iraqi army collapsed in Mosul, to stop PISSI from capturing it. They recaptured Sinjar from PISSI in battle.

California wildfires
18 October 2017

California's deadly wildfires have burned 3000 square miles and destroyed thousands of buildings.

Koch brother agent
18 October 2017

Pence is an agent of the Koch brothers, and he is slowly converting the troll into another such agent.

Dance for North Korea
18 October 2017

If the bully decides to bomb North Korea, he could cause global disaster and nobody could restrain him.

I think he doesn't actually intend to do this, that he is only being bombastic (just like his North Korean counterpart). It is a sort of dance, meant for show. But that kind of dance can go off the tracks.

Unsafe food imports
18 October 2017

The US agency that evaluates foreign food safety inspections is doing a careless and sloppy job, approving imports that aren't safe.


I am looking for people to experiment to find good ways to attach fruits to a Grav-mass tree.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria
17 October 2017

Plutocrats plan to use Hurricane Maria as an excuse to grab Puerto Rico's remaining assets.

"Wall Street has encouraged the kind of predatory speculation that doesn’t just bet against the people of Puerto Rico, but rigs the game to make sure they lose."

NOAA troll nominations
17 October 2017

The troll has nominated people from private weather forecasting companies to heat the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which means they could shut off its public weather forecasting.

UK censorship
17 October 2017

UK censorship gone mad: carrying a sign saying "Fuck the DUP" (a political party) may be a crime.

Antibiotic resistance
17 October 2017

Regulations we need in order to hold back antibiotic resistance.

Tunisia desert battle
17 October 2017

Tunisia could be destroyed by desertification that is fed by global heating.

Fossil-fuel ban in Paris
17 October 2017

France is going to ban sale of fossil-fuel cars in 2040, and ban them from driving in Paris.

Unfortunately, the Autolib electric cars are a massive surveillance system, because you have to identify yourself to drive one. France now allows the state to look at all this data with hardly any limits.

17 October 2017

Humans Driving Extinction Faster than Species Can Evolve, Say Experts.

Jihadi guerrilla groups
17 October 2017

The region south of the Sahara Desert now hosts various jihadi guerrilla groups.

17 October 2017

Studying oligarchies: how they function and how they maintain their power.

The crucial moral point about a "civil oligarchy", which maintains its power through laws, is that laws designed to keep an oligarchy in power do not deserve to be obeyed.

Catalan solidarity economy
17 October 2017

On the neighborhood cooperative movement in Catalonia and its political importance.

17 October 2017

Poor people have to buy everything pay-as-you-go, and that is often more expensive.

Ironically, in some cases pay-as-you-go is the only anonymous option, so I choose it even if it costs more. Fortunately, I can afford that extra cost.

Windows 10
17 October 2017

The Dutch digital privacy agency accuses Windows 10 of failing to give users enough information about its surveillance to permit their informed consent.

The agency is trying to do the right thing, but a requirement for informed consent by the user is not enough to protect the public against companies whose use is seen by users as effectively required for life.

Interrogation methods
17 October 2017

Scientific study of interrogation of terrorist suspects confirms what expert interrogators say: the right method is to respect the suspect as a human being, and be willing to listen.

Torture, and even intimidation that is less than torture, help the suspect clam up.

Facebook's election influence
17 October 2017

Russia used, and still uses, advertising on social networks to polarize Americans.

One approach to thwart this, without interfering with freedom of speech, is to limit the kinds of advertising targeting that are allowed.

NYC internet kiosks
17 October 2017

New York City's gratis internet kiosks collect lots of personal data, including via cameras that are always running. They don't tell the public how much.

Antibiotic apocalypse
17 October 2017

"If the 'antibiotic apocalypse' happens, it'll be because our politicians let it."

Iraqi Kurdistan
17 October 2017

It seems the Shi'ite Iraqi government and the Iraqi Kurds are close to open war over the city of Kirkuk.

This means the two forces that did the most to defeat PISSI could be about to be at war.

I see nothing sacred about the borders of Iraq, or unity of Iraq. That was an artificial construct created by the UK and France at the end of World War I. Dividing Iraq into three parts might be the only way the Sunnis and Shi'ites can stop fighting each other. Their conflict, which became murderous after the fall of Saddam Hussein, was the soil from which PISSI grew.

Iran disarmament deal
17 October 2017

If Netanyahu controls the US congress as it appears he does, he can make it kill the nuclear disarmament deal with Iran.

17 October 2017

People with spare disposable cash frivol it away on luxuries for their pets.

The advantage of a pet over a human friend or mate is that you can project whatever feelings you wish onto the pet, and the pet will never say it's not true.

Replacement of coal
17 October 2017

The replacement of coal with other energy sources in US electric generation is basically inevitable, because coal is too expensive.

This would be an occasion for a victory celebration, if not for the fact that natural gas produces greenhouse emissions too. Indeed, getting gas from fracking produces a lot of emissions, and so do methane leaks.

While it's heartening to know that the US is on course to achieve its Paris climate commitments even without the Clean Power Plan, remember that the Paris commitments are not enough to avoid global heating disaster.

Turkmen corruption
17 October 2017

The "president" tyrant of Turkmenistan treats the country as his personal toy.

17 October 2017

Relating the overprotectiveness about speakers at universities to overprotectiveness of raising children.

Mogadishu bomb attack
17 October 2017

Al-Shabaab exploded a large bomb in Mogadishu, killing 300 people, mainly civilians.

Al-Shabaab exists because the US decided to destabilize the Islamic Courts Movement government, which brought temporary peace to Somalia.

MI5 disrupting Labour
17 October 2017

MI5 has been sabotaging Labour politicians for decades. Now its former chief claims that Labour wants to "destroy democracy".

As usual, the right-wing accuses the left of what the right-wing is doing.

The author has faith that British democracy is strong enough to stop MI5 and other right-wing parts of the state from destroying democracy. I hope he is right, but the greatly increased surveillance capability means it would be easier than it was before.

Urgent: ending war in Afghanistan
17 October 2017

US citizens: call on Mattis to make a plan for ending the war in Afghanistan.

Urgent: reject NRA's plan
17 October 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to reject the NRA's plan for "concealed carry reciprocity".

Urgent: nuclear disarmament
17 October 2017

US citizens: call on Congress to protect the nuclear disarmament deal with Iran.

Urgent: ESPN firing
17 October 2017

Everyone: Tell ESPN to restore Jemele Hill's job and fire the executive that fired her.

Violence against civilians
17 October 2017

An Iraq veteran says that US soldiers in Iraq faced stricter discipline for their violence against civilians than thugs in the US today face.

California fires
17 October 2017

Relating the deadly fires in California to global heating.

Water in Puerto Rico
17 October 2017

With 1/3 of the water system nonfunctional after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico authorities are providing water in one area from a site contaminated with toxic industrial waste.

Whether that water is contaminated enough to be a significant danger is not yet known. But it is clear that people in that area would be in immediate and substantial danger if they had to get water from other local sources.

e-Bay fraud
17 October 2017

A group of volunteers track down the bank accounts used for fraud on e-Bay and get the accounts closed — if the banks cooperate.

DACA teachers
17 October 2017

20,000 school teachers in the US are working under permission from the DACA rule, which has been cancelled by the troll. If DACA is not replaced, around 600,000 students' education will be disrupted.

I think the troll will consider this a benefit, since he wants to privatize public education anyway.

The main reason for continuing DACA is to avoid exiling people who have grown up as Americans after having been brought to the US as children.

Driving with phone
17 October 2017

The UK plans to sentence drivers to life in prison if they have a fatal collision while using a phone.

This is a disproportionate measure that probably will not be effective to reduce phone use by drivers. When the goal is to convince people not to do something (such as drink or text while driving), the unlikely possibility of a heavy punishment is less effective than a small punishment that they will get more often.

Sexual predators
17 October 2017

Sexual predators succeed with support from society around them. "For every person who asks: 'Why didn’t she?', there is a woman who can answer: 'I did.'" — but the results were not good.

Earthquake response
17 October 2017

The Mexican government's corrupt response to the earthquake includes offering land to investors.

The damaged houses are a tiny fraction; thus, the people affected have plenty of neighbors who have not been harmed and can give them shelter, help them, etc.

This contrasts with the islands such as Puerto Rico where almost everyone has lost greatly.

17 October 2017

A hunger-striking Guantanamo prisoner says guards have stopped force-feeding him, and stopped paying attention to his medical condition.

I don't think prison guards should force-feed prisoners. However, the main injustices of the Guantanamo prison are (1) imprisonment without trial and (2) torture.

Cambodia crackdown
17 October 2017

World Must Wake Up to Crackdown in Cambodia, Says Exiled Opposition Politician.

17 October 2017

"I hope Catalonia stays with Spain, but I support its right to leave."

Government services
17 October 2017

Limiting some government service to poor people alone is the first step on the path to make it inadequate and lousy. Once it is limited to the poor, only poor people are hurt when it becomes inadequate and lousy, so stingy politicians conclude they can get away with it.

They may even limit the service to poor people as part of a long term plan to get rid of it.

The right way to make wealthy people pay for the service they get is through a progressive income tax.

False claims made by VPN providers
17 October 2017

Cyberstalking Case Highlights How VPN Provider Claims About Not Keeping Logs Are Often False.

17 October 2017

The Mexican government threatens to retaliate against the US if NAFTA is terminated.

This courage would be admirable if the Mexican government were doing this in the interest of Mexicans in general. However, Mexicans in general would be better off without NAFTA.

NAFTA has been good for owners of export businesses, including the border factories that pay Mexicans less than US workers used to make. They get a lot of attention from the Mexicans government, though they may not be Mexicans.

Meanwhile, NAFTA was a disaster for Mexican peasants, who could not complete with cheap factory-farmed US corn. They fell into penury.

17 October 2017

The IMF tells governments to reduce greenhouse emissions and pay workers more.


Puerto Rico
17 October 2017

Congress proposes to waste more money on flood insurance for houses that are sure to be flooded, but offers Puerto Rico nothing but more loans.

Puerto Rico cannot pay its existing debt without terrible suffering. That terrible suffering is surely what the banksters and the troll plan to inflict.

Tory stinginess
17 October 2017

Tory stinginess is driving ever more British families into penury, and the Tory response to that is to take their children away.

17 October 2017

Some Japanese people who fled homes in the vicinity of Fukushima have been awarded $3200 each in compensation. This is not going to cover the costs of living somewhere else.

On the other hand, I don't see how it can make sense to order TEPCO to reduce the radioactivity level in their homes to what it was before the meltdowns. It is no use ordering someone to do the impossible.

Mistreatment of workers
17 October 2017

The head of a UK food delivery company, which calls workers "independent contractors" and pays them crap, warned that paying them decent wages would make each delivery cost over a dollar more.

So be it!

Israeli "settlers"
17 October 2017

Israeli "settlers" in the colony of Yitzar, accompanied by soldiers, beat up Munir al-Nuri, broke his legs, and maimed his foot, so he would not dare try to work his farmland.

Human rights defender Issa Amro
17 October 2017

Bernie Sanders supported Palestinian human rights defender Issa Amro, who faces political accusations.