Urgent: Fossil fuel money
19 June 2018

US citizens: call on candidates to pledge not to take fossil fuel money.

Urgent: Separated Children Act
19 June 2018

US citizens: tell Congress to pass the Separated Children Act.

Urgent: Oppose fracking
19 June 2018

US citizens: oppose fracking in the Little Colorado River basin.

Mammals in Britain
19 June 2018

1/5 of the mammal species in Britain are likely to be gone from there in 10 years, due to habitat destruction.

Planned Parenthood workers
19 June 2018

Planned Parenthood Chapter Should Back Its Workers, who have decided to unionize.

Global CO2 emissions
19 June 2018

Global CO2 emissions are increasing again, partly because China is burning more coal.

Norwegian court opinions
19 June 2018

A Norwegian court ordered volunteers to take their database of Norwegian court opinions off the internet, for the sake of a copyright parasite.

Transferring a Palestinian population
19 June 2018

Notable political, academic and cultural figures remind Israel that forcibly transferring a Palestinian population out of the region they live in would be a war crime.

Selling to North Korea
19 June 2018

The Onion: President Trump concluded his summit with Kim Jong-un Monday by securing a $10 billion trade deal to sell both strategic and tactical nuclear warheads directly to North Korea.

Cash in Swedish banks
19 June 2018

Swedish parliamentarians propose to require the largest banks to handle cash in all their branches.

If you are a Swedish citizen, please tell them your support for this measure and other measures to defend the use of cash. Say that anonymous purchasing is important for you.

If you live in Sweden or have connections with Sweden, please pass the word!

Investigation of journalist murder
19 June 2018

Maltese officials are stalling the investigation of the murder of corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

19 June 2018

Zephyr Teachout: Mega-mergers like AT&T And Time Warner Crush American Democracy.

Billions to big banks
19 June 2018

The big US banks got billions of dollars from the Republican tax attacks. The billions are going almost entirely to the owners.

Unarmed Palestinian killed
19 June 2018

Two Israeli soldiers were charged with killing an unarmed Palestinian teenager, but charges have been dropped.

It's like when thugs kill unarmed blacks in the US.

Wildfires in Israel
19 June 2018

Israel accused Gazans of launching fire-kites and said that they set wildfires in Israel.

Setting wildfires can cause widespread damage, even kill. (They probably can't spread as much in arid southern Israel as they can in wooded parts of California.) Such kites are an indiscriminate weapon. If Gazans did indeed launch them — we cannot take that as certain because Israel says so — then Israel is entitled to fight back with the legitimate military means.

However, Israel's siege of Gaza, and its practice of shooting at anyone that comes near the fence (which is inside Gaza, not at the border, I have read), are morally comparable, except much larger in effect. If Israel demands compensation for wildfires, that is legitimate, but shouldn't Israel pay compensation for the fishing boats seized or sunk, the fish not caught, the cutoff from travel especially for study and medical care, and all the civilian casualties of its bombardment and shooting?

Keystone XL pipeline land
19 June 2018

Landowners in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline and the Unkinder Morgan pipeline are building solar installations on the land that would be seized.

Copyright filtering proposal
19 June 2018

70+ Internet Luminaries Ring the Alarm on EU Copyright Filtering Proposal.

I condemn the automated copyright censorship system too, but I would have refused to sign that letter because it endorses the bogus premise that the copyright industry uses to justify the War on Sharing: "for creators to receive fair remuneration for the use of their works". These funds go more to editors than to artists (let's not call them "creators"), but even the artists are not entitled to "remuneration" simply because people look at, or share, their work. What we ought to do is support artists (especially non-star artists) better, not give "fair remuneration" that goes mainly to stars.

I can't recommend that you use the EFF's campaign site, since it requires running nonfree Javascript code. Instead, please contact your MEPs and those on the JURI committee. Also please contact the EFF to politely ask them to fix the site, if the campaign continues past June 21.

Saving net neutrality
19 June 2018

Net Neutrality Can Still Be Saved.

I hope we can legislate full network neutrality some day.

Urgent: Workplace Democracy Act
18 June 2018

US citizens: support the Workplace Democracy Act.

Also ask candidates whether they support it.

Urgent: Labeling Black Lives Matter activists
18 June 2018

US citizens: tell the FBI to stop labeling Black Lives Matter activists as supposed violent extremists.

Poor People's Campaign arrests
18 June 2018

Poor People's Campaign protesters were arrested in protests around the US, including some of the campaign's leaders.

Kentucky created new rules for limiting access to the state capitol just to keep the Poor People's Campaign out.

Macedonia dispute
18 June 2018

A part of former Yugoslavia has agreed to change its name to Northern Macedonia, to resolve a dispute with Greece.

It is indisputable that Pella, the capital of ancient Macedonia, is in Greece. The burial tumulus of Philip the Great, in Pella, has been hollowed out as a museum so that its interior can be visited.

The two countries have a history of laying claim to each other's traditions.

Blasphemy vote
18 June 2018

Ireland to Vote on Removing Blasphemy as an Offence.

Recordings of inmate phone calls
18 June 2018

A Private Prison Company Gave 1,300 Recordings of Confidential Inmate Phone Calls to Prosecutors.

Citizenship census question
18 June 2018

Court documents show that the citizenship question being put in the 2020 US census was explicitly intended to achieve an undercount of non-citizens.

Veterans' medical care
18 June 2018

US veterans enjoy good medical care, funded by the government. Plutocratists want to privatize veterans' medical care so it won't be good any more.

Carbon absorption
18 June 2018

Pristine areas of the Amazon rainforest are absorbing 1/3 less carbon now than they were 10 years ago. This seems to be a positive feedback loop of global heating.

Selling off public housing
18 June 2018

Selling off public housing is the cause of bad housing situations in the UK.

Constrained power
18 June 2018

"The crux of America's current constitutional crisis is this: Our system of government was designed to constrain power, but Trump doesn’t want to be constrained."

'Centrist' Democrats
18 June 2018

Right-wing "centrist" Democrats have failed at the polls in recent years, so when they win primaries today, that doesn't bode well, not even for expelling Republicans.

The worse problem is that replacing Republicans with "centrist" Democrats doesn't get us officials that want to fix what's wrong with the US.

Eight or nine lives ago
18 June 2018

The Onion: "Man, I’m almost positive I’ve seen that person before, but this was years ago — like, eight or nine lives, at least," said the Dalai Lama.

Controlling Iran
18 June 2018

The warlover and the neocons have no more of a plan for how to control Iran than Dubya had for how to control Iraq.

Cholera clinic bombed
18 June 2018

Salafi Arabia, the UAE and/or the US bombed and destroyed a cholera clinic run by Medecins sans Frontieres.

All three countries are morally responsible for the attack.

Net neutrality regulations
18 June 2018

Activists have not given up on reversing Saboteur Pai's abolition of the US network neutrality regulations, which were always too weak but better than none at all.

Dying baobab trees
18 June 2018

Researchers studying South Africa's oldest and largest baobab trees (over 1000 years old) found that many of them died in the past decade.

Similar things are happening in other parts of the world.

Super-urgent: call MEPs to oppose the copyright censorship directive
18 June 2018

EU citizens: call MEPs to oppose the copyright censorship directive.

The system won't let low-income black fathers become good dads
18 June 2018

"Low-income black fathers want to be good dads. The system won't let them." I support the article's recommendations, but above all we need to lead people not to have children when they don't have the funds to raise a child. There is nothing virtuous or desirable about making more children. Unpredictable problems can happen to any family, and one of the state's responsibilities is to provide such parents all the help they need, including what they need so as to raise their existing children free from want or stress. However, if it is predictable that any children certain people have would live in want and stress, the best outcome is that they don't have children.

Insect populations in Britain have fallen drastically
17 June 2018

Summer insect populations in parts of Britain have fallen drastically. Some bird species are starting to disappear.

No political force in UK wants to look at Russian interference
17 June 2018

None of the political forces in the UK wants to look at the Russian interference in the referendum on leaving the UK.

Cartoonist fired for mocking the bully
17 June 2018

Cartoonist Rob Rogers was fired by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for mocking the bully. He was told to express the views of the editorial team, and refused to accept that.

Indonesia has improved its marine conservation
17 June 2018

Indonesia has improved its marine conservation, in particular protecting sharks and rays.

Large US companies caught cheating workers of their pay
17 June 2018

Many large, famous US companies have been caught cheating workers of their pay. The total probably comes to tens of billions of dollars, though we have no reliable figures. Naturally the cheater wants to eliminate penalties for cheating.

US deportation thug agency coercing Iraqi immigrants into agreeing to deportation
17 June 2018

The US deportation thug agency is coercing Iraqi immigrants into agreeing to deportation — which would be especially disastrous for those that were born outside Iraq and don't speak Arabic. Those who are Chaldeans, not Muslims, would be in likely to be persecuted or killed for that if they were deported.

Leave the Dirtiest Fossil Fuels in the Ground
17 June 2018

The Legal Fight to Leave the Dirtiest Fossil Fuels in the Ground. ALberta tar sands are among the dirtiest.

EU proposal to improve international cooperation in wiretapping
17 June 2018

An EU proposal to improve international cooperation in wiretapping will naturally be used as an opportunity to attack everyone's privacy by cutting legal protections.

Suing to stop the massive use of facial recognition
17 June 2018

UK human rights organizations are suing to stop the massive use of facial recognition.

Urgent: Imprisoned immigrants' families
17 June 2018

US citizens: call on Sessions to reunite imprisoned immigrants' families.

Urgent: Asylum seeker Alejandra
17 June 2018

US citizens: call on the US to free asylum seeker Alejandra while she waits for her asylum ruling.

Urgent: Protecting Mueller
17 June 2018

US citizens: call on Senator McConnell to allow a vote on protecting Mueller.

Dictator Kim
17 June 2018

Dictator Kim turned out to be just Trump's kind of guy.

The agreement they made doesn't commit either side to much.

Some rebuke the bully for giving Kim a kind of legitimacy and getting no practical concessions in return.

However, denying Kim legitimacy was doing nothing to win any concessions from him, so the leverage that the US has forfeited was not worth much. Changing to a friendly tone might achieve some progress toward peace, and that progress could make possible concrete deals that are impossible today.

Or it might backfire and trigger a resumption of hostilities when the expectations of either side are disappointed.

History of US-North Korea Deals Shows Hard Part Is Making Them Stick.

Voting by computer
17 June 2018

Brazil has imposed 100% voting by computer, totally unverifiable.

IMF and Argentina
17 June 2018

Argentines are aware of how the IMF will crush them, and protested massively, but couldn't stop right-wing President Macri from putting their country under IMF power.

Keeping Social Security and Medicare
17 June 2018

Plutocratist politicians are not interested in keeping Social Security and Medicare going. We need a progressive victory.

The plutocratists would rather simply pull the plug on the increasing fraction of Americans they deem surplus.

Military support for Salafi Arabia
17 June 2018

The bully has given Salafi Arabia the total military support of the US. He even accepted a medal from the king.

The US has no legitimate grounds to be involved in Salafi Arabia's attack on Yemen even slightly, and no sensible reason to want to be involved.

Purpose of ICE
17 June 2018

The US deportation thug department (ICE) was created in the name of "homeland security", and this promoted the fictitious idea that unauthorized immigrants are threats, even "terrorists".

This may explain the use of tactics that verge on terrorism — such as taking babies and children away from their parents, for no purpose except to terrify.

Since there is no real need for this agency, let's get rid of it.

I support this particular proposal despite the fact that it comes from the Antisocialist Party.

Non-chain stores
17 June 2018

When big chain stores close, to revitalize shopping districts calls for non-chain stores, each different from the rest.

Big oil propaganda
17 June 2018

The Wall Street Journal Keeps Peddling Big Oil Propaganda.

Centralized internet companies
17 June 2018

As large, centralized companies come to dominate the internet for most users, they become choke points for censorship. (Please don't call them "cloud" anything — the real cloud is in the minds of the people who use that term.)

In the free world, we do not depend on those companies, or any specific companies. That is necessary for freedom.

Note that Telegram's cryptography software is not "proprietary" in the usual sense; the Telegram client is free software. WhatsApp, by contrast, is proprietary software, which is plenty of reason to refuse to run it.

Robot weeders
17 June 2018

Robot weeders could make herbicides obsolete, for farmers that can afford the robots, or cut the amount used by a factor of ten.

Dropping voters from the list
17 June 2018

The US Supreme Court approved the practice of dropping voters from the list if they don't vote for several years.

I think this unfortunate, as it will stop some marginalized people from voting, but I doubt this is anywhere near as harmful as voter ID and crosscheck.

Refusing a refugee ship
17 June 2018

Italy's anti-immigration government has intentionally provoked an European Union crisis by refusing to let a ship, the Aquarius, land African refugees.

This reminds me of what happened to the MS St Louis, which sailed from Germany in 1939 with 900 Jewish refugees. Cuba, the US, and Canada refused to allow them in, so they had to return to Europe, which proved to be a dangerous place for them.

I believe this was one of the events that inspired the modern treaties about the right to asylum.

Inebriation sensor
17 June 2018

A patent application suggests Uber plans to use sensing in the phone to determine whether a client is inebriated.

Uber could multiply the price by 10 or 30, figuring the client would probably accept that high price without noticing it ;-}.

The bully and Dictator Kim
17 June 2018

The bully broke off the meeting with Dictator Kim, then they arranged it again. But we don't know the sequence of real events. Did Kim eat crow to get a meeting with the bully, or did the bully eat crow to get a meeting with Kim? Or was it all a dance, jostling for who gets the public image of being most important?

Traffic signal systems
17 June 2018

Traffic signal systems designed to optimize driving make walking around the city 20% slower.

I would not assume that this is crucial to people's decisions about whether to walk or drive. It would have some effect, yes, but sometimes the effect would be that they take the bus.

If we change the design to favor pedestrians more, I would not want to take it to an absurd extreme. I as a pedestrian (which I usually am) would rather wait a couple of seconds than delay cars for ten seconds.

Activist faces threat of prison
17 June 2018

Activist Wayne Hsiung is facing the threat of years in prison in North Carolina for "stealing" a sick baby goat from a farm, then giving it treatment.

I do not support animal rights beyond certain limited points, but when I see businesses turn governments into their armed servants, I rankle.

The Israeli propaganda machine
17 June 2018

Uri Avnery describes the powerful Israeli propaganda machine, which insists that everyone in Gaza is a "terrorist", especially protesters, and that the slightest pretext justifies killing them.

Extremist Hindus
17 June 2018

An Indian film star is being reviled for making a movie that involves a false flag terror attack carried out by extremist Hindus.

The scheme in the movie sounds to me (based on what the article says) too complicated and risky to be plausible, but extremist Hindus are no strangers to terrorism. It was an extremist Hindu that assassinated Mohatma Gandhi. The assassin was from an organization that is linked to the Hindu-theocratic party that now rules India.

Patents on computational ideas
17 June 2018

Google is trying to patent a data compression system that Jarek Duda invented. He wants to make available to everyone for all use freely.

Applying for a patent on a computational idea is wrong, inherently wrong, unless it is blocked from use for aggression. One way to do this is with something like Twitter's defensive use commitment.

I urge people to demand that their employers do this. Or find another employer who will.

The "spycops" campaign
17 June 2018

The son of an undercover thug (who lied to his mother) supports the "spycops" campaign and hopes it will pressure the thug department to tell him something about his father.

Please don't think that your own identity depends crucially on who your parents were or what they did. Their actions surely affected you, just as their genes did (in the usual case), but you are not responsible for them and they don't define you. It wasn't you that did them. You might regret those actions, appreciate them, reproach them, or admire them, but you never have a moral reason to feel ashamed of them.

17 June 2018

The Environmental Poisoning Agency has weakened its standards for judging toxic chemicals.

This won't cause any immediate changes, but it is likely to enable some toxins to remain in our food, clothing, cosmetics, etc., in the future which would otherwise have been banned.

Puerto Rico's government
17 June 2018

Puerto Rico's nondemocratic imposed government has made its priority paying the creditors — which means neglecting the people's hardship.

On trial for filming factory farms
17 June 2018

Animal rights activists are on trial in Utah for filming in factory farms, and for "stealing" diseased pigs that would have died soon, and curing them.

The prosecutors have corrupt personal links to factory farms, but the biggest corruption is that which procured these laws themselves.

The sadist distracting America
17 June 2018

The sadist's cruelty to targets of opportunity is distracting America from constructive action.

We need to try to protect border-crossers' children from trauma that they may never recover from. But we also need to focus on the linked long-term dangers such as global heating and plutocracy.

Removing CO2 from the atmosphere
17 June 2018

Progress is being made on removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

I would not bet civilization's survival on the success of this, but it would be good if it works. However, to avoid disaster this way would require lots of investment — and the fossil fuel interests will be against that.

US TV networks silence criticism
17 June 2018

The US TV networks often silence all criticism of major US industries that advertise on TB.

Medicare for All
17 June 2018

Rep. Pelosi, a plutocratist to the end, is doing her best to oppose Medicare for All.

People in the US without clean water
17 June 2018

People in many localities in the US don't have access to clean water.

Michigan is cutting off water to people in Flint and Detroit because they can't pay their water bills for lead-poisoned water. This while charging Nestle $200, total, for a quantity 100,000 times as much.

When a newspaper closes
17 June 2018

Cost of Government Rises When Local Newspaper Closes, Study Finds.

Sometimes the state should raise more money by taxing the rich, and spend it on the poor. But I suspect that is not what tends to happen when a newspaper closes.

Italy turns away 600 refugees in boat
17 June 2018

Italy has refused to allow a boat carrying 600 refugees rescued at sea into any Italian port.

Underground abortions in Venezuela
16 June 2018

Women in Venezuela, in extreme poverty and unable to afford contraception, are turning to underground abortions, and to sterilization.

If fanatical US Christians get their way, they will ban both abortion and contraception. And they are not very far away from it. They might ban sterilization, too; it is against their religion.

The worst choice, in such a situation, is to have a baby which you can't afford to raise. Thus, the right thing to do is sterilization. If you are an adult today, there is no danger of an insufficiency of births before you are 55 years old.

Judge temporarily blocks deportation
16 June 2018

Judge Temporarily Blocks Deportation of New York Pizza Shop Worker.

Do-dirty's Drugs War
16 June 2018

Do-dirty's Drugs War: How One Family Was Destroyed.

In generally, when a ruler says he will send thugs to kill all the drug dealers, they kill a lot of other people. This happened in Thailand some years ago, and it is happening now in Bangladesh.

A trial can fail to do justice, but having no trial is much worse.

I have chosen to use my alteration of his name, rather than his. To use his would support him.

Getting rid of Do-dirty could end the murder of the poor, but there is only one way to end their hunger: to have a lot fewer babies.

Pretext for attacking Hodeidah
16 June 2018

The pretext for attacking Hodeidah is that Houthis receive arms through there.

Where does Salafi Arabia receive arms from the US? Why call one of them "smugling" and not the other?

Seizure of phone and email records
16 June 2018

The seizure reporter Ali Watkins' phone and email contact records -- not from her, but from companies — shows that US reporters must be extremely careful when talking with confidential sources that report on government wrongdoing.

Homelessness in Canada
16 June 2018

Canada is suffering from homelessness like the US. Many homeless people have found shelter in all-night coffee shops.

Scooters that threaten to call thugs
16 June 2018

New dockless scooters threaten to call the thugs if someone stands on them and doesn't log in.

One person quoted compares them to police state behavior but does not mention the aspect that is most like a police state: the scooters require users to identify themselves, then track where people go.

This is just as bad as Uber or Lyft, so I urge you to reject them absolutely, and tell other people why you do.

Myths about Gaza
16 June 2018

Correcting myths about Gaza. For instance, even Hamas is willing to make peace; it is Israel that won't.

The service sweatshop economy
16 June 2018

6% of US workers work precariously in the service sweatshop economy.

Hannity urges for obstruction of justice
16 June 2018

Sean Hannity urged people to commit obstruction of justice. The punishment for this is up to 20 years in prison.

He probably feels he is safe because the cheater would pardon him.

The cheater and ZTE
16 June 2018

The cheater has allowed ZTE to get back in business with a billion-dollar fine.

I don't know what ZTE's overall income is, or whether that fine is enough to motivate ZTE to avoid the risk of another fine.

Former thugs threaten Lush staff
16 June 2018

Lush took down the "spycops" posters at its stores because former thugs threatened the staff.

Have they got recordings of these threats? It would be enlightening to publish the recordings so as to hold those former thugs accountable.

Drug companies
16 June 2018

Yet another reason why drug companies shouldn't fund (and thus control) clinical trials of drugs: they withhold important data.

Solar power projects canceled
15 June 2018

The saboteur's tariffs on imported solar panels have caused cancellation of 12 billion dollars in solar power projects.

These tariffs were not designed to effectively promote investment in US solar panel manufacture. They will last only a few years, which is not long enough for such investment to pay off. New factories would take time to set up, reducing the period of time for which they could be profitable.

The saboteur is blatantly dishonest, but he is cunning. I think this is a cunning plan to slow down the migration of the US to solar power, and that he did this for the sake of the fossil fools he generally serves.

A coal magnate dictated memos for the bullshitter to sign.

US war industry
15 June 2018

How The War Industry Corrupts The U.S. Congress. This includes several Democratic senators.

US thugs sent to train with Israeli soldiers
15 June 2018

Many US thug departments send thugs to train with Israeli soldiers. This way they learn the attitudes that make them quick to shoot unarmed blacks.

Families separated at US border
15 June 2018

Nearly 1,800 Immigrant Families Separated at US Border in Four Months.

Senator Merkley visited one prison, and describes how immigrants must sleep on the floor in cages.

US border thugs take children away from their parents as a means of pressuring them to plead guilty and/or drop their bid for asylum in order to get their children back. Parents might feel they must protect their children from the trauma of being "cared for" by overworked strangers who might despise them.

In addition to this cruelty, note that Sessions refuses to recognize that people who ask for political asylum are not breaking any laws.

Sorry, persecuted people — the US is not the kind of asylum you were looking for. It is the other kind.

Asbestos in cheater's buildings
15 June 2018

The cheater rejects the idea that asbestos in his buildings could cause disease, and has had Saboteur Pruitt invent an excuse to make the EPA disregard the issue.

In parts of the US, state and local laws require removal of asbestos or forbid its use. Therefore, some of his buildings might not have any. Also, the risk from spending a few nights in a hotel which has asbestos in it somewhere may be too small to worry about. On the other hand, the staff might have a reason for concern.

Under a plutocratic regime, those staff, if they get sick, will be left to cope, on their own, asbestos they can.

US mismanagement of dairy industry
15 June 2018

The bully wants to export US mismanagement of the dairy industry to Canada, but Canada won't stand for it.

If this leads to cancellation of NAFTA, that would be a tremendous advance since NAFTA includes the ISDS (I Sue Democratic States) provision that allows foreign companies to sue to abolish any laws that get in their way.

Future workers
15 June 2018

The Teamsters' Union has learned that it is a mistake to abandon future workers to preserve the wage level of the current workers.

Environmental Poisoning Agency
15 June 2018

A US court ordered the Environmental Poisoning Agency to hand over any scientific material it might have that justifies Saboteur Pruitt's global heating denialism.

The EPA claims it would have to spend "countless hours" studying literature about global heating. Perhaps trying to find the few (if any) documents that deny global heating, among the huge stacks that demonstrate global heating, would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Facebook's deal with Huawei
15 June 2018

Facebook made a deal with Huawei to give it access to personal data of Facebook useds. This included useds who were customers of Huawei, and their "friends". This even though the US government considers Huawei a spy for China.

Facebook did the same thing for other phone manufacturers such as Apple and Blackberry.

Even if you are not a customer of those companies, you are still better off not being a used of Facebook.

Sale of rainforest to oil companies
15 June 2018

Ecuador To Sell A Third Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies.

Alexa sweatshop
15 June 2018

Hello, Alexa, were you made in a Chinese sweatshop?

Rampaging white mobs in 1921
15 June 2018

In 1921, mobs of rampaging whites burned down the black neighborhood of Tulsa, imprisoning and killing many of the inhabitants, all as the government stood by.

Plastic pollution crisis
15 June 2018

Our Plastic Pollution Crisis Is Too Big for Recycling to Fix.