Easing up on Wells Fargo
21 February 2018

Pity the poor sad criminal banksters at Wells Fargo -- regulators should ease up on them, says the a big investor in the bank.

What about the Americans that are needy, like the 50% that are broke? When will you let up on them, rich guy?

Sitting during the pledge
21 February 2018

A teacher in the US faces charges for violently dragging a student out of class for not standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Students have the right to abstain from the Pledge of Allegiance as part of the US Constitution, which is what Americans' allegiance really ought to be directed towards.

Selecting deportees
21 February 2018

Immigrants' representatives are suing the immigration thug agency, accusing it of selecting people to deport based on their political views, and planning to grab them at times no one will notice.

Ads or bitcoin mining
21 February 2018

Salon magazine offers users two options: view surveillance ads, or mine bitcoin for the magazine.

In principle, I do not object to this, provided the implementation respects my privacy and my freedom. But I suspect that the implementation uses nonfree Javascript code. Can someone check that for me?

'Smart' cities
21 February 2018

"Smart" cities are an excuse to replace participatory government with massive surveillance. Big Brother "knows" what you need.

Urgent: Assault weapons
20 February 2018

US citizens: call for banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

Urgent: Campaign money
20 February 2018

US citizens: phone your congresscritter to oppose amendments that would open more channels for the rich to pay for political campaigning.

The Johnson Amendment is the law that prohibits churches from campaigning for or against candidates.

Urgent: Guns and domestic violence
20 February 2018

US citizens: call on Congress to keep guns away from those who commit domestic violence.

The right to make links
20 February 2018

A federal court's surprise ruling threatens the right to make links.

Banning circumcision
20 February 2018

Iceland proposes to ban circumcision of baby boys, treating it the same as female genital mutilation.

From what I have read, the two practices are not comparable in practice. Female genital mutilation systematically prevents women's sexual pleasure and can lead to life-long medical problems. Circumcision for males is not like that.

But there is an argument for allowing boys to make their own decision about circumcision, when they are old enough to decide.

Protected land
20 February 2018

15% of the world's land area is protected for wildlife, but that's not enough. To preserve most of the species, we should protect something like 50%.

First step: stop increasing the human population.

Facebook's VPN service
20 February 2018

Facebook has a VPN service, which doesn't respect privacy the way most VPN services do.

Racism in Italy
20 February 2018

Racism is spreading in Italy, where it wasn't traditional before.

Gun regulation
20 February 2018

A conservative gun owner advocates strict investigations before someone is allowed to own a gun.

He turned in his assault rifle to the thugs because he did not want it to be available to anyone. That was well-intentioned, but does that thug department destroy the weapons that people hand in? Or does it sell them? Some US thug departments sell weapons under those circumstances.

View of disabled people
20 February 2018

UK jobcenters view disabled people with a "culture of disbelief", treating them all as cheaters to be guarded against.

Right-wing regimes squeeze poor and disabled people by (1) cutting their support so much that they practically have to cheat to survive, then (2) demonizing them for cheating.

Fighting against PISSI
20 February 2018

Britons who return home from fighting against PISSI, for the Syrian Kurds, are prosecuted for "terrorism".

This is to placate the dictator of Turkey, the same one that is imprisoning journalists and political opposition. Recall that the Turkish state had a truce with the Kurds of Turkey for many years; Erdo─čan broke it by starting a civil war, so he could rerun the election and get a majority, which put him in position to eliminate human rights in Turkey.

Cambodian news media
20 February 2018

Cambodia's dictator has crushed all the independent news media.

NRA funding of Congress
20 February 2018

Listing the NRA's ten most highly paid members of Congress.

Training the school murderer
20 February 2018

The Florida school murderer trained with a white-supremacist paramilitary group, said the group's leader.

Later he said that his first statement was a mistake, that he had been tricked by right-wing trolls.

Who were these trolls, and what was their motive? Were the pranksters opposed to neo-Nazis?

Were they neo-Nazis trying to cause trouble for a rival group?

Were they neo-Nazis who calculated they would win support for their cause by associating themselves with murder? It worked for PISSI, so maybe they think it will work for them.

Green Left Party in Turkey
20 February 2018

Turkey has arrested the leaders of the Green Left Party.

Turkish journalists have been sentenced to 30 years in prison, in cruel conditions reminiscent of US "Supermax" prisons.

Military robot poetry
20 February 2018

The Onion: "The Laureate-IV military robot pens haunting verse describing death, grief, and senseless violence to capture the grisly realities of war."

Facebook in Belgium
20 February 2018

Belgium has ruled that some aspects of Facebook data collection are illegal, and ordered Facebook to delete the data or face a large fine.

While this is firm compared with the usual levels of regulation of companies nowadays, it is inadequate in recompense because it assumes that deleting the data will entirely undo the wrong to the users. There are two reasons that is not so:

British housing crisis
20 February 2018

The British housing crisis is the consequence of Tory ideology and goals. Kicking out the Tories is the first step to taking all the necessary measures to end the problem.

Britons, hiss at the Tory government when you vote and you can make it hiss-tory.

US border visits
20 February 2018

The US border patrol has cut down border visits between US citizens and their relatives who can't enter the US.

I share the suspicion that "This has to do with the message of hate that Trump screams out."

Visible poverty
20 February 2018

Poverty Is Now So Visible That Even the Richest Can See It.

I recall a cartoon from the 1980s showing rich people wearing "stealth hats", in the shape of the "stealth bomber", so that they would not see the poverty around them.

Energy Star program
20 February 2018

The saboteur-in-chief wants to eliminiate the Energy Star efficiency program, which saves energy for a small price.

Is this because it gives his hotels a low rating for energy efficiency? Or because he hates the idea of encouraging people to think about saving energy?

David Shulgin
20 February 2018

The saboteur-in-chief regrets having appointed David Shulgin to head the Veterans' Administration. It seems that Shulgin is qualified, capable, and wants to do a good job.

Does this sound like The Onion? Alas, it's true.

Pruitt's isolation
20 February 2018

Saboteur Pruitt has isolated himself inside the EPA office, with personal security guards (several on duty at every moment). He has given people reason to hate him and he knows it.

He said he flies first class because fewer people there disapprove of his sabotage to the environment and the ecosphere.

By his lights, though, the side effects of his security are all to the good. A whole floor of the EPA offices for him? With all the staff he has dismissed, there is surely plenty of extra space, and if not, it is an excuse to dismiss more staff. Paying his guards? Use the funds saved by not paying scientists and investigators.

Urgent: Coal lobbyist nomination
19 February 2018

US citizens: phone senators to oppose the nomination of a coal lobbyist as the second in command of the EPA.

Urgent: Ban assault weapons
19 February 2018

US citizens: tell SCROTUS to ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

Mueller's indictments
19 February 2018

Mueller has indicted 13 Russians and some Russian companies for meddling in the US election.

They started doing this in 2014, which is when the troll started praising Putin. It is possible the two had a deal starting then.

But this is not yet proven.

Traits of rich and poor people
19 February 2018

Rich people are "less likely than poorer people to exhibit flexibility, empathy, and all the other traits: that lead to healthy, long-term relationships."

School shooter drills
19 February 2018

The Onion: New School Shooter Drill Includes Practicing Pleas To Lawmakers To Do Something About This.

Student strike
19 February 2018

Students at a Houston high school went on strike after thugs arrested one who is an unauthorized immigrant and handed him over for deportation.

John Kelly
19 February 2018

The Onion: John Kelly Apologizes For Assuming Everyone Would Ignore Abuse Allegations Like They Do In Military.

War and poverty
19 February 2018

War and Poverty: A Compromise With Hell.

Civilian casualties
19 February 2018

There were 10,000 civilian war casualties in Afghanistan in 2017.

Is it worth continuing the war at that cost, to keep the Taliban from winning? No one has an idea for how to really defeat them.

Tax cuts for the rich
19 February 2018

80% of the tax attacks' (temporary) individual tax cuts go to the richest 1% of Americans.

Stopped deportation
19 February 2018

A court stopped the deportation of Syed Ahmed Jamal at the very last minute, but instead of freeing him, the immigration thugs put him in jail.

Political asylum in Japan
19 February 2018

Japan has almost completely shut the door on political asylum.

Investigation delays
19 February 2018

It is fishy that investigating Kushner and other cronies of the bully for security clearances has taken a whole year. The delays are probably not the fault of the investigators.

Sackler family legacy
19 February 2018

What should museums do about the wings and rooms named after the Sackler family?

It is not entirely fair to compare the Sacklers to drug pushers. Drug pushers know, when they start, what harm they are sure to do. The harm oxycontin has caused was just a possibility when the Sacklers started selling it.

Of course, as evidence of harm accumulated, they resisted the conclusion that they were doing something wrong. I suppose they are still resisting it.

This is not limited to pharmaceuticals. Think of the Gates Foundation (funded by subjugating people in their computing) and the MIT-Lemelson program (funded by a bequest from a blatant patent troll).

Cows in the Netherlands
19 February 2018

The Netherlands has so many cows that they can't dispose of the manure safely.

Donations to Temer
19 February 2018

Brazil's president Temer got donations from companies "linked to slavery". So did many other Brazilian politicians.

Some of them actively oppose efforts to stamp out slavery.

Accidental nuclear war
19 February 2018

Ernest Moniz, former Secretary of Energy, warns that the danger of accidental nuclear war is increasing.

Upgrading nuclear bombs
19 February 2018

The bully wants to spend billions of dollars to upgrade B61 nuclear bombs which are kept in Europe, even though it is dangerous to have them there.

Ending coal burning
19 February 2018

A South Korean presidential candidate campaigns to end the burning of coal world-wide.

African National Congress
19 February 2018

The African National Congress is still full of corruption even though President Zuma is gone.

Plan for toll roads
19 February 2018

The saboteur's "infrastructure" plan is designed to make toll roads in places where well-off people are likely to pay the tolls.

Ethiopia's prime minister
19 February 2018

The formerly repressive prime minister of Ethiopia has resigned. Something complicated seems to be going on there.


I am looking for people to post videos of my talks on audio-video.gnu.org.

Urgent: Protect wildlife
18 February 2018

US citizens: protect wildlife by opposing the bully's infrastructure and budget plans.

Urgent: Child Care for Working Families Act
18 February 2018

US citizens: Call on Congress to support the Child Care for Working Families Act.

School shooter
18 February 2018

The latest school shooter was a right-wing extremist. This killing could be an act of right-wing terrorism.

After a school shooting killed 17 people, Russian bots are supporting the NRA against gun control, and claiming that the killer is associated with Antifa.

'Smart cities'
18 February 2018

"Smart cities" use tech that resembles military, for systematic reasons.

Internal whistleblowers
18 February 2018

The intelligence agencies' inspector general investigated 190 cases in which internal whistleblowers complained of retaliation. Only once did it rule in favor of the whistleblower.

Meanwhile, whatever wrongdoing or corruption they reported has probably been ignored.

The whistleblowers such as Snowden that tell the public know that reporting the matter internally would be useless and would result in their punishment.

Arctic shipping
18 February 2018

A tanker is sailing from Korea to France along the Arctic coast of Russia.

If this were the principal effect of global heating, we could well celebrate. In fact, though, it warns we are approaching a turning point at which the lack of ice greatly increases the absorption of sunlight in the Arctic.

Arguments against immigration
18 February 2018

Fallacious arguments often supplied against allowing immigration into the US.

Pain treatment
18 February 2018

Sessions, as part of the War on Pain Sufferers, said they should take an aspirin and suffer — no matter how bad the pain. Restrictions on opioids are making it difficult for some people to get treatment for their pain.

Before crushing people with pain, let's see if the recent diminution in prescribing oxycontin reduces the number of people that get addicted to opioids.

I expect to have an operation in a few months. I am terrified of what will happen after I leave the hospital.

Quoting racist insults
18 February 2018

A professor at Princeton started a discussion in class about racism and racist insults. Students reported him for quoting a racist insult.

We can't discuss and think about the issue of racism if we don't dare quote racist statements.

I am disappointed that the professor cancelled the course in response to this criticism.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe
18 February 2018

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, prisoner in Iran, is now a pawn in the hands of the foreign ministry.

Methane waste
18 February 2018

Administration Moves To Trample Taxpayers, Public Health, And Climate Via Methane Waste Rule Rollback.

Google's plans for email
18 February 2018

Google wants to put surveillance ads into email, as well as other things that will depend on nonfree software.

You can protect yourself with free email readers, because many of them will refuse to run the "dynamic" (i.e., dangerous) material in email messages.

Republicans making life difficult
18 February 2018

Republicans know that making life difficult for poor people can result in an irrational reaction where they give up on political activity (which lets the Republicans win).

Westminster God Show
18 February 2018

Results of the Westminster God Show.

Exxon's secret
18 February 2018

Exxon discovered decades ago that fossil fuels were going to cause global heating, and kept it secret. Several states and cities are suing Exxon for this. Now Exxon is suing them, trying to present itself as the poor little rich kid that merely wanted to get richer.

Baltimore corruption
18 February 2018

"Baltimore cops so corrupt two of them actually got convicted of something."

Tax-dodging host
18 February 2018

The US is number 2 in the world as a tax-dodging host.

White supremacists
18 February 2018

All The White Supremacists Running For Office In 2018.

Accused of spying in Iran
18 February 2018

Iran's equivalent of Pizzagate: environmentalists studying rare cheetahs have been accused of spying. One of them recently was killed in prison.

Invented scandals
18 February 2018

With a scandal in the news about some humanitarian aid groups, right-wingers are inventing lots more fake scandals.

Why? I think they hate the idea that suffering people deserve some help and that governments can fund it.

Zuma resigned
18 February 2018

South Africa's super-corrupt president Zuma has resigned.

Asylum seeker in solitary
18 February 2018

US immigration prison thugs, working for a private company, put an asylum seeker in solitary to punish her for reporting other acts of harassment. They said they would not release her unless she retracted her complaints.

Urgent: Texas Republicans' lawsuit
17 February 2018

US citizens: Tell Texas Republicans to back off their bogus lawsuit which aims to exclude black Democratic candidates.

Urgent: Warren's credit bureau bills
17 February 2018

US citizens: support Senator Warren's bills to protect the public from credit bureaus.

Fired by the White House
17 February 2018

The one and only crime that can get a person fired by the White House is having tried marijuana.

Funds for crime victims
17 February 2018

The bully's budget proposal takes away funds allotted for victims of crime. The bully thinks they should sign nondisclosure agreements and get their funds from him (or from his lawyer).

Homelessness in Britain
18 February 2018

A homeless man died next to Parliament in London, effectively a reproach to the Tories that created most of the homelessness in Britain.

Canada's medical system
18 February 2018

Canada's national medical system covers medical care but not medicines. A million Canadians skipped food or heating to pay for medicine last year, and a larger number skipped medicine because they could not afford it.

Still, it's a lot better than the US.

Departing staffers
18 February 2018

The Onion: White House Now Just Holding Continuous Going-Away Party For Departing Staffers.

Immigration thug lawyer
18 February 2018

An immigration thug lawyer is charged with using the credit cards of people who were being deported, to defraud them and others.

Student loans and social security
18 February 2018

Instead of forgiving Americans' unpayable student loans, Republicans want to take the money out of their social security.

Obstacles in the West Bank
18 February 2018

Israel has dozens of ways to try to chase Palestinians out of their villages in the West Bank. It fabricates excuses to create artificial bureaucratic obstacles to normal life.

Protests in Ethiopia
18 February 2018

Mass Protests Force Ethiopia to Free Opposition Leader.

Ethiopia is ruled by a rather nasty dictatorship.

Gratis public transport
18 February 2018

German Cities to Trial [Gratis] Public Transport to Cut Pollution.

Mexico elections
18 February 2018

The candidate from one Mexico's main right-wing political party says that the state is spying on him. The candidate of the left-wing PRD says the same.

I am not surprised. 20 years ago, Mexican elections were being rigged by altering the final results — maybe they still are.

Union solidarity
18 February 2018

Teamsters' union solidarity includes protecting members from deportation.

Krill population
18 February 2018

Global heating effects, together with fishing for krill, have knocked the krill population down by 80%. Many other animals are impacted, including penguins and whales.

Tories and the disabled
18 February 2018

Why can't the Tories make their system for cutting support for the disabled work without errors? Because errors contribute to the intended effect of cutting aid to the disabled.

I suspect, however, that spending less to help the disabled is a means to another end: demonizing the disabled. Tories don't want the non-disabled people who are likewise suffering to recognize whose fault it is: the Tories and the rich people they serve.

Afghanistan negotiation
18 February 2018

The Taliban publicly invited the US to start negotiating ending the war in Afghanistan.

As long as the situation remains basically unchanged, the US cannot win the war in Afghanistan, any more than the Soviet Union could. It would be better to acknowledge this and stop the useless bloodshed. Much as I condemn the Taliban's Islamist repression, perpetual war is worse.

Phony warrants for deportation
18 February 2018

US immigration thugs put phony imitation arrest warrants in people's files to trick local thugs into handing them over for deportation.

Anti-immigration demands
18 February 2018

SCROTUS and the bully say they won't renew DACA unless the law contains their four anti-immigration demands.

Now we know that the reason the bully cancelled DACA in the first place was to use those immigrants as hostages to gain these demands.

As President Reagan showed us, giving hostage-takers what they want encourages them to take more hostages. Republicans are no less clever than Islamist kidnapers, and no less cruel. To enable their cruelty because they have hostages would surely make things worse. We should not do that.

Meanwhile, there is a chance of preserving DACA through court actions.

Fracking increase
18 February 2018

The Department of Energy predicts that fracking will extract increasing amounts of oil and gas for decades.

They might be able to keep increasing this for a few decades, but if they do, there will be no avoiding global heating disaster.

18 February 2018

The EPA carelessly approved use of the toxic pesticide dicamba on additional crops. It produced blowing clouds of pesticides that damaged other crops, as well as wildlife.

Locked in to Apple
18 February 2018

Apple devices lock users in solely to Apple services by being incompatible with all other options, ethical or unethical.