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Individual terms containing only one non-whitespace character will be silently rejected.

Normal Search (All pages)

The normal search does a literal match for one or more terms. For example,

whiskey xray

will find pages with "whiskey" and/or "xray" in them. If you quote several words ("whiskey xray"), they will be searched for together as a phrase. So

uniform "kilo bravo"

will find pages with "uniform" and/or "kilo bravo" in them. The results are ranked by the number of hits, but pages which contain ALL terms are favored. So if you search for

Bob Doug

a page which contains "bob" twice and "doug" once will rank higher than a page containing "bob" a hundred times but no doug.

The political notes search ranks only by the number of terms hit, and not by the number of total hits.

Please send questions, bug reports, etc. about the site-search to: rms at gnu dot org

Complete source code for the search engine is available here.