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September 2012

We need a thorough and honest investigation of the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Here are some reasons why.

Max Cleland resigned from the investigation commission, saying that Dubya was keeping the investigation in the dark.

And the staff director, Philip Zelikow, had secret discussions with Karl Rove and other officials during the investigation.

Sibel Edmonds rebuked the investigation for ignoring important signs of wrongdoing.

Bush got strong warnings from the CIA in 2001, and ignored them, and since then has covered them up.

Zelikow was told that an intelligence project had recommended watching Mohammed Atta, then buried the issue.

Pakistan's lobbyists purchased changes in the 9/11 commission report to absolve Pakistan and its citizens of involvement.

There are also the various doubts about the attacks themselves and how they were carried out. I don't know of any convincing proof that Dubya or his agents participated, but we deserve to have the suspicions properly checked.

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