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Anonymous internet payments using pay phones

April 2017

Here's an idea for making anonymous payments to a web site for any reason. It works by charnging for a phone call, which can be paid for using prepaid phone cards.

You use the web site to figure out the amount of payment. The site also gives a phone number to call, and a numeric code to identify the transaction.

You phone that number from any phone, enter the code, and it charges the phone the proper amount. Then it tells the site that the payment has been made.

It is not much use to do this from your own phone, since that will identify you to the site. But if you do it with a prepaid phone card, using someone else's phone or a public phone, the site will not have any idea who is calling. It will, however, know it has been paid.

On a public phone, you could even pay it with coins.

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