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Why we should get rid of corporate landlords, and an easy method.

Richard Stallman


Big companies that own rental dwellings are foaming at the mouth with eagerness to evict tenants that would become homeless.

Given that individual owners can also evict tenants, why is it worse when the landlord is a big company? The company has more lobbying power and will use it in favor of laws and policies that drive rents up. Individual landlords can't do much of that.

One way to break up companies that own many dwellings is to multiply the real estate tax by a factor that depends on the total dwelling square footage that the company (including related companies, with overlapping directors or shareholders) owns anywhere in the world. If the company owns a hundred dwellings (let's assume for simplicity that their sizes are comparable), its multiplicative factor might rise to 3 or 4.

States could require landlords to report on their other holdings, and penalize any omission.

This is an adaptation of Fixing ‘too-big-to-fail’

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