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[24 May 2024] Criterion for protests, UK

A UK court ruled that a minister illegally ordered a broad interpretation of criteria for illegal protests, which was supposed to be a court's job.

The government has also passed unjust laws to restrict protest.

*Ministers are intent on restricting protest, and will flout the law to do it. Don’t rely on them to do the right thing.*

Right-wing UK politicians propose many new laws to restrict protests and punish protesters.

[15 May 2024] Deportation round-ups begin, UK

Asylum seekers in Britain are asking themselves in terror, "Must I run now before they grab me for Rwanda?"

Except that a large fraction get little information and don't even know about the danger they may be put in deportation prison to be sent later to Rwanda.

[27 December 2022] UK's Rwanda deportation scheme

*The [UK's] Rwanda deportation scheme might be legal, but it remains deeply shameful.*

[25 October 2022] UK to deport Sri Lankan refugees

The UK plans to deport Sri Lankan refugees in the Chagos Islands to some other country, disregarding the UN's ruling that the UK must return the Chagos Islands to the inhabitants it forcibly expelled.

[21 July 2022] UK Officials raised concerns over Rwanda policy documents show

The Tories are so determined to be cruel to refugees that they pushed ahead with deportation to Rwanda despite knowing many reasons they should not.

They are also determined to do it before a court rules on whether it is lawful in the first place.

Thus, it's not just some refugees they plan to do wrong to — it's every citizen of the UK.

[17 June 2022] UK to deport torture victims to Rwanda

The UK's deportation ministry plans to deport torture victims to Rwanda. Rwanda may have no particular interest in torturing those people, but you can't expect them to feel safe merely because of that.

[8 June 2022] Rwanda

The threat of sending asylum-seekers to Rwanda did not discourage people from going to the UK in small boats, so the government has chosen a small batch to test the policy.

*Rwanda accused of stalking, harassing and threatening exiles in US.*

[8 June 2022] UK threatening Rwandan asylum seekers with sooner deportation

The UK plans to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda, so some of those threatened started a hunger strike. The government retaliated by threatening to punish them by deporting them even sooner.

This would supposedly be for their own good. What contempt.