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Comic Strips

I conceived of these cartoons, then others drew them for me (since I have no skill at drawing).

So Many Candidates

So Many Candidates

Cabin baggage

Cabin Baggage

Anuran Bevan

Anuran Bevan (refers to British politics)

Comic, How did they know I'm a dog?
How did they know I'm a dog?

Russian translation.

Trance Pacific Partnership

Comic, Shared Sacrifice
Shared Sacrifice

Comic, Embraer (in Spanish)

Comic, Beating up on Canada
Beating up on Canada.

Cartoon Economists

Economists, Portuguese translation

Saving Iraq
Saving Iraq

faith based comic
Faith Based

This cartoon was posted in February 2005—before Dubya said that "god told him" to invade Iraq, and before there was retaliation through faith-based initiatives.

trade treaty comic
Trade Treaty

Alternative and higher resolution versions of trade treaty comic are here and here.

defending freedom
Defending Our Freedom

brave and free
Land of the Brave and the Free

oscar winning
Oscar-winning "patriot act"