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Church of Emacs Editorfather

    Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 00:27:50 -0700
    From: Brian Raiter
    To: Richard Stallman
    Subject: Virtual Godfather

    So I recently had a daughter, by the name of Alice Hardyman. Her
    mother, Laura Hardyman, wanted to give her a middle name of Violet,
    after one of the child's grandmothers. I told that, while I
    appreciated the sentiment, I simply couldn't bring myself to agree to
    giving her a middle name of Vi! Not, that is, unless she was given a
    second middle name of Emacs for balance. To my astonishment, Laura
    agreed to the compromise, with the proviso that my last name was added
    as a third middle name.

    Thus the child's legal name is Alice Violet Emacs Raiter Hardyman.

    (This compromise was reached almost literally as we were filling out
    the birth certificates. If I had had time to reflect on the matter, I
    would have tried to get the name Edwynna thrown in there as
    well. Oh well; Laura probably wouldn't have agreed to it anyway.)

    Anyway, recently a friend suggested to me that I should ask you to be
    the child's virtual godfather. Since none of us are religious, I'm not
    sure what being a virtual godfather would mean. But in any case, I
    figured you might enjoy hearing about it.


    From: Richard Stallman
    To: Brian Raiter
    Subject: Re: Virtual Godfather

    The Church of Emacs does not have gods, so it would not make sense to
    have godfathers.  But I could be her editorfather .

    I guess it would be good for me to meet her sometime.
    Where do you live?

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