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I'm told that key servers carry many phony keys claiming to be mine. Here is info about which keys are really mine.

Old key (don't use it nowadays)

pub   1024D/135EA668 2001-03-05
uid                  Richard Stallman (Chief GNUisance) <>
sub   1024g/B1B10ED6 2001-03-05

New key

pub   4096R/2C6464AF2A8E4C02 2013-07-20
      Key fingerprint = 6781 9B34 3B2A B70D ED93  2087 2C64 64AF 2A8E 4C02
uid                  Richard Stallman <>
sub   4096R/2F30A2E162853425 2013-07-20

Of course, to be really sure which key is mine, you need to get my key fingerprint from me or follow a chain of signatures. If a phony key appears to be signed by someone you trust, you should see what's up with that person.

If you want an encrypted response, you must send me your key, because I don't use key servers. I don't promise to keep it permanently if we don't talk often, so if you talk with me again a year later you should send it again.

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