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My policy for links is that you should be able to follow the link and see the article without identifying yourself. I don't reject a site for asking general questions, such as your zip code, because I think it is legitimate for you to give false answers. I don't reject a site on account of other bad practices, such as sending nonfree Javascript code to your browser, but you might want to customize your browser to protect yourself. The LibreJS program will do parts of the job. has a paywall, but it makes an exception for incoming links (their so-called "social-media exception"). Due to this, it is okay to link to articles on

I normally don't link to pages that focus on videos, because (1) I don't watch them and (2) they usually pressure viewers to run nonfree software. (2) is a moral issue: it is wrong to lead people to run a nonfree program. (1) is a practical issue: even when a video can be viewed with free software, it takes more time than I can spare. Not having seen the video, I can't recommend it.

However, if a video is short and can be watched without running nonfree software, I may watch it and decide to link to it.

I don't link to petitions that require running nonfree software (such as JavaScript code) to sign. For instance, I do not link to Please ask the management of to fix that problem.

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