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Open Access Protest


The Consumer Project on Technology is organizing a protest against the FCC and its chairman, William Kennard, for their failure to mandate Open Access to broadband cable platforms. As long as Kennard and the FCC sit on their regulatory laurels, cable operators are free to act as gatekeepers of the Internet, creating artificial bottlenecks and transforming the "information superhighway" into a "digital toll road" according to their proprietary whims.

A more detailed explanation of the issues involved is available from CPT's Open Access page. If you are reading this after July 27, please follow the link anyway--the issue will not go away soon!

WHEN: Thursday, July 27 from 12-1 pm.
WHERE: Outside the Federal Communications Commission building,
  445 12th St., SW, Washington DC 20554.
CONTACT: Vergil Bushnell
  email: vbushnell [A T] cptech [D-O-T] org
  phone: 202-387-8030
  fax: 202-234-5176

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