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In Framingham, Massachusetts

Terra Brasilis
- 94 Union Ave
Framingham, MA
- 264 Waverly St
Framigham MA
- 50 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Also in Worcester and Bridgeport
Good churrasqueria with other daily non-roasted meat dishes

In Dorchester, Massachusetts

Restaurant Laura (Cape Verdean)
buffet every day for lunch; it was tasty
688 Columbia Rd
Dorchester MA
Open till 11pm Thurs-Sat, till 9pm other days.

Anh Hong
291 Adams St
Dorchester MA 02122
Makes 7 flavors of beef, and something similar for fish

In Cambridge, Massachusetts

Peacock restaurant
5 Craigie Circle
Cambridge, MA
Not terribly expensive

The Helmand
143 First St
Cambridge 02142
Very find Afghan food; the menu is not as broad as Ariana.
Reportedly it is booked up some of the time.

Le's Sushi
Also has some Vietnamese and Korean dishes.
The sushi was good, but more expensive than I expected.
425 Cambridge St

Cilantro (Chinese)
1105 Mass Ave
Cambridge MA 02138
Sun-Thurs 11am - 10pm
Fri, Sat 11am - 11pm
Some unusual dishes; good quality

1815 Mass Ave
Very fine sushi, including unusual daily specials
Also various kinds of grilled and fried skewers.

Dumpling House
950 Mass Ave
Has dry bean sauce, rice cakes, taiwanese noodles, much more

Greek Corner, on Mass Ave in Cambridge north of Porter Sq
My Greek friend says he likes it.

Prospect St & Broadway
Good Korean food

Shanghai Fresh
735 Mass Ave
Cambridge 02139
Has wheat gluten that doesn't pretend to be meat.
(Let gluten be gluten!)
Closed Tuesdays
11:30 to 11 (Fri, Sat) or 10


Amelias Trattoria
111 Harvard St (across from Tech Sq)
Cambridge MA 02139
Interesting and tasty Italian food


181 Mass Ave
Cambridge MA

300 Tech Sq
Cambridge MA 02139
I loved the meal -- interesting dishes and great quality.
The dessert menu was short and almost all desserts had fruit,
so I did not have dessert.

Court House Seafood Restaurant
498 Cambridge St
Tues-Thurs 11:00 to 19:00.
ZFri 11:00 to 20:00
Sat 11:00 to 18:00
617-491-1213 to call in the order
The dishes are traditional,
the food is very good.

Happy Lamb Hot Pot
Basically, each table gets a hot pot of broth.
Offers a wide selection of ingreedients to cook in the broth.
485 Mass Ave

Muqueca (Brazilian food, not a churrasqueria)
1008 Cambridge St
I liked almost all dishes I tried.
Between Columbia St and Windsor St

In Boston and surrounding areas

Anatolia Restaurant
305 Washington St
Brookline, MA 02445
Closes 11 PM
Phone: 1-617-277-4466
Food is good but not spectacular
I recommend the lamb with okra.

Rabbit lasagna, rotisserie dishes
67 Main St
(Boston) Charlestown

5 Spices House
58 Beach St
Boston (Chinatown)
546 Mass Ave
Cambridge (Central Sq)
Most dishes are too spicy for me,
but some of the non-spicy dishes are great.

578 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02118
Good quality northern Indian food

Joyful Garden
Watertown Mall (has a Target store)
550 Arsenal St Watertown
Good dim sum; good variety even at 2:30pm

Piattini (Italian, good quality)
226-228 Newbury St
Boston MA 02116
Has outdoor tables


Casa Portugal
1200 Cambridge St
Mon-Thu 11:30 - 10
Fri-Sat 11:30 - 11
Sun 12 - 10

45 Province St Boston
Good Italian including certified authentic
Neapolitan-style pizza.
Please Make a reservation 6179363800 or
Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Sat, Sun 4pm-11pm

Empire Garden
690 Washington St
web site doesn't work in free world
As of 2021, best dim sum in Boston


Mandarin Malden
74 Pleasant St
Malden MA 02148
Sun-Th 11:30 - 22:00
F, Sat 11:30 - 23:00
Focus is Taiwanese but has dishes from other regions of China.
Fairly good but not first rank.

540 Atlantic Ave (at Congress St)
Boston 02210
A bit artificial in choice of dishes, but the food was very tasty.
At dinner they have a choice of many small plates.
The soup was nice.

In Chelsea:
Ciao Pizza and Pasta
59 Williams St, Chelsea MA
Has a few outdoor tables
The gnocchetti were marvelous

Rincón Limeño (Peruvian)
409 Chelsea St
East Boston MA 02128
I had causa rellena, pescado saltado and ceviche de pescado (with less chile).
All were delicious.

Nijiya Japanese Restaurant
8 High St Medford 02155
The sushi was good and delicate.
The all-you-can-eat deal is worth while
if you are very hungry.

Atlantic Fish Company
761 Boylston St
Good, and priced to match

Pasha (Turkish)
669a Mass Ave
Arlington MA 02476
lahmejun was very good
shepherd's salad was good but by default does not have feta so ask for feta
ezö gelin soup was good
spinach stew did not have zing
künefe was great


Ethiopian Restaurant
1 Highland Ave
As usual, most of the dishes were too hot for me.
What I tried was tasty,
including the fried tilapia.

Golden Garden
9 Highland Ave, Malden
11am-11pm every day
Dim sum 10am - 3pm weekends (not Cantonese style)
I tried 6 dishes including steamed fish w/ ginger and scallions;
all were good.
The cabbage and jellyfish was wonderful.

Chilli Garden
41 Riverside Avenue
Medford MA 02155
Mainly Sichuan food,
but can make dishes with just a little chili
Sun-Th noon to 21:30
Fri, Sat noon to 10:30
kitchen closes 15 min earlier

663 Morton St
Jamaican food, I think. You get a combo of
meats and vegetables. Mostly not spicy

Hafez House of Kabob
580 Mt Auburn St
Watertown MA 02474
Has gheimeh and ghormeh sabzi;
no fesenjan but does have torsh kabob

Oppa Sushi
185 Harvard Ave
Allston MA 02134
Has some Korean dishes as well as good sushi.
However, it is not easy to escape from avocado.

MDM Noodle
351 Washington St
Brighton MA
M-TH 11:30 - 21:00
F,Sa 11:30 - 21:30
Mainly Chinese noodle dishes -- but they are
quite unusual. Some are spicy but they can
be made non-spicy.

India Quality
484 Comm Ave
11:30am-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Generally good

Ming's Seafood Restaurant
19 Pleasant St
Malden MA 02148
9am-1am daily
Very good quality, some interesting dishes
Not limited to seafood
Can make meat cake with saussage.
Can make winter melon soup, with advance order,
but there must be a weekday of slack in between the day of ordering
and the day of cooking it.
If you bring a winter melon they can make the soup in 30

Windsor Dim Sum
10 Tyler Street
Good dim sum all day, cooked to order

The Smoke Shop
1 Kendall Sq, Cambridge
Good barbecue;
the zucchini salad and the collard greens were especially nice

Qingdao Garden
2382 Mass Ave
(beyond Porter Square, closer to Alewife Pkwy)
Many interesting dishes, good quality
Sun-Thurs 11:30-22:30
Fri, Sat 11:30-23:30


Cafe Rossetti's
115 Winthrop Shore Dr
Italian Americans' style of Italian food, done well

384 Western Ave
Brighton, MA 02135
5pm-10pm Fri, Sat 5pm-11pm
Afghan food
Just as good as it was in the old location

57 W Dedham St, Boston, MA 02118
Phone: (617) 247-9249

Gourmet China House
55 Beach St
A large fraction of their menu is too spicy for me,
but the nonspicy fraction has interesting dishes
and the quality was very good.

Sun Kong
275 Eastern Ave
Malden MA 02148
2015: great dim sum, said to be best in Boston area.
Not recommended for other than dim sum

Taiwan Cafe
34 Oxford St
In Boston Chinatown: Head in from gateway, turn rt on first street
Every day 11am to 1am
Good quality, and several interesting dishes

Chau Chow City
up past Dynasty and Moon Villa at next street

Jumbo Seafood
Hong Kong Cuisine and dim sum daily
What I tried was very good
5 Hudson St
Boston MA 02111
M-F 10am-2am
Sat, Sun 9am - 2am

Hong Kong Eatery
79 Harrison Ave
9am - 10:30pm daily
Nice Cantonese food, including steamed chicken w black mushrooms

Lê's restaurant (Vietnamese)
In "The Garage", a mall in Harvard Sq
Try the watercress soup and the caramelized fish

Emma's Pizza
537A Columbus Ave
Boston, MA 02118
Offers some unusual ingredients and does a good job
It has a waiting line at usual meal times.

On Mass Ave between Central Square and City Hall

Kebab Factory
414 Washington St
Somerville MA 02143

Yakitori Totto
455 Foley St (Assembly Sq)
Somerville 02145
Food was interesting and I liked most of it.

La Morra
48 Boylston St
Limited menu, quality and creativity appealed to me.

Brookline Family Restaurant
305 Washington St in Brookline Village
Very good turkish food, wide menu

Grasshopper, vegetarian Vietnamese
1 No. Beacon St, Allston

Creative and good. Expensive.
118 Beacon St

415 Washington St
Mon-Sat, 5-12:30.

Lala Rokh
Persian restaurant
Mt Vernon St (off Charles St, Boston)

Italian innovative
47 Huron Ave

Brattle St
has tagines.

has good Sicilian food
East Broadway

Price St, North End

Steve's Greek and American Food
Newbury St

Jewel of Newbury St
Statler Office Bldg


Restaurants suggested by New England magazine: Julien (ve)

Michela's (Athenaeum bldg?, ve), Rarities (ve).
Toscano (Charles St, e, tirami su not recommended).
Pentimento (344 Huron Ave, m).
Icarus (3 Appleton St Boston, e).
Stage Deli (275 Tremont St)
29 Newbury

Amherst, Massachusetts

Bub's BBQ
Sunderland, MA
Good catfish and ribs
The sides are great

Providence, RI

McCormick & Schmick's
Seafood & Steaks
in the Hotel Biltmore
Recommended but expensive

Burlington, VT


Istanbul Kebab House
175 Church St
11am to 9pm; Fri and Sat to 10pm

Queens, NY

Kabab Cafe
Egyptian food
25-12 Steinway St
1pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm
tends to be very crowded

One East Ocean Palace (Cantonese, good for dim sum and dinner)
113-09 Queens Blvd, near Kew Gardens subway stop

Peking Kitchen
37th ave,
Ok Cantonese, not first rang.

Nan Xiong Dumpling House
38-12 Prince St
Not tried, menu is limited, but people say its quality is good

Brooklyn, NY

242 Court St
Amsterdam ave branch was excellent and not terribly expensive

333 Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Some unusual delicacies, but menu is not broad.
Fairly expensive.

84 Court St (bwt Livingston and Schermerhorn)
Borough Hall station, walk away from Brookyn Bridge
Very good Italian, but pricey.

Not tried, recommended by Ruben
Jay and Lloyds Deli
2718 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY

In NYC, Manhattan:

Chama Mama
Georgian food
Food was good, but lunch menu was rather limited:
only half the dishes of the dinner menu.
149 w 14th st
This restaurant, like most fancy NYC restaurants,
is rather expensive and the service is overly effusive.


Golden Mandarin Court Restaurant
61 Mott St
Everything I tried was very good,
including the slightly boiled lettuce with garlic.


Bistro les Amis
180 Spring St (SoHo)
Not far from West Broadway
Pretty good, but fairly expensive

Bite of Hong Kong
81 Christie St
11am-11pm 7 days
Some unusual dishes, and the taste was good

Community Restaurant
2893 Broadway (112th and 113rd)
Closes 3:30pm to 5pm, then dinner until 10pm.

95 Fusion Tearoom
95 Christie St
Very good Cantonese food with
some unusual dishes.
They post a review which says they offer American dishes too,
but in the restaurant I saw no sign of that -- which is fine
by me.

Dim Sum VIP
68 Mott St
Delicious, but slow since cooked to order.
They have another list of dishes for the evening.
As of July 2019 it has a note, "temporarily closed"

Katz's Deli
205 East Houston Street, corner of Ludlow
Great meat sandwiches, good chicken noodle soup

947 Amsterdam (at 106)
Excellent and not terribly expensive
Also 338 E 8th St

Cafe China (very fine, expensive, somewhat specialized in Shanghai style)
(reservation needed)
13 E 37 St

New York City

Not tried yet
Rangoon (Burmese)
158 8th Avenue
Open noon to 10pm every day, but different menus, and I can't
understand which menu goes with when.

New York (Manhattan)

Cafe R
116 W 32 St
Was Korean and food was good.
Now reportedly "American food";
have not yet tried it.
Weekdays 6am to 9pm.
Sat 7am-7pm.
Sun 7am-5pm
One question: is it really in operation?
I walked past the old 31st st door. The door
said "closed" but the sign was illuminated.
I did not feel like walking over to the 32nd st door
to see if that door was open.

Pok Pok (Thai regional, not all spicy not yet tried)
117 Columbia St, Brooklyn 11231
Phone: 718.923.9322
Open: Mon-Fri 5:30 to 10pm
Saturday/Sunday Noon-10pm

Alta Great creative tapas-style food, expensive
64 W 10 St

211 E 43 St (east of 3rd ave)
in subbasement
Exquisite Japanese tapas, expensive
(Specializes in sake but you don't have to get that)
Reportedly much cheaper for lunch

The General
199 Bowery (near Spring St, north of Delancy)
Creative Chinese food
Not yet tried
2015: closed for construction

Yonah Schimmel knishes
137 E. Houston St.

Pho Nha Trang. (not the big one on Centre, the small one on Baxter)
Nha Trang
87 Baxter St, New York, NY 10013
Recommended but not tried. Not broad menu alas.

End of Freeman Alley
Rivington btw Bowery and Chrystie
Good and pricey.

East Village Cheese
3rd ave btw 9 and 10
Has "remaindered cheese" sometimes incl. aged gouda.

321 W 51 (8th-9th)
Tonkotsu ramen, interesting buns

Wu Liang Ye
36 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036
(212) 398-2308
Sichuan, but I liked it anyway.
Has some unusual dishes.

Cho Dang Gol
35th btw 5th and 6th
Closed Sundays

79th and Amsterdam.

126 W 13 St (between 6th and 7th)
New York NY 10011
+1 212-691-4886
Was recommended by Italians and was great when I ate there, in the 2000s.
I didn't have a chance to eat there recently, but I intend to.

Tocqueville 1 E 15 St
Very good, very fancy, very expensive

125 La Salle St

Sapphire (Indian)
Bway, around 61st.

Dan (Japanese)
68 and bway

Ruby Foo's
Bway around 75-ish

Golden Unicorn
East Bway, near Bowery

Congee Village
100 Allen Street (just south of Delancey)
very good, and very crowded on Saturday nights

Vegetarian Dim Sum House
24 Pell St (At Doyers St)
New York, NY 10013
Tel: (212) 577-7176

Noodle Village
13 Mott St
Noodle soup and lettuce w/ oyster sauce were both very nice

Not tried
Prosperity Dumpling
Next to Barramundi (address 67 Clinton Street - between Rivington and Stanton)

Cafe Luxembourg, 200 W 70th St
Good innovative European-ish food

11 Doyers St (downstairs)
Off Bowery, around 3 blocks south of Canal.

200 w 54th (3rd ave)
French/Thai, very expensive, said to be very good

Peking Duck
Mott Street?

Juice Bar, near Saigon restaurant
Bayard St near Mulberry St.

Nice Green Bo
66 bayard st
Not tried

Great Italian restaurant around the corner
from 110 Bleeker.
On Lafayette?

Supersol Kosher food store
Amsterdam near 85th.

Hangawi (Korean Vegetarian)
12 E 32 St
Very good, expensive, typically needs reservations

Sunshine Restaurant (Sri Lanka)
3 Corson Ave at Victory Blvd, Staten Island
718 876-9870

Not tried:

Uncooked dumplings to take out
Grand St (2 blks N of Canal) between Mott and Elizabeth, North side
Closes around 4pm

Harry's Noodle Shop
6th ave around 10th st
(Not just noodles)

Rubens Empanadas
Broome St and West Bway?

Brasilian restaurant in the village

Greener Pastures
68 and 3rd

Jim MacMillan's (sp?)
70th & 3rd
Recommended chicken pot pie

O'Neill's Balloon
66 and Bway



"global fusion tapas", but the dishes are middle-size
rather than true tapas
147 Mineola Blvd
Mineola NY
516-307-8055, 516-307-8056

In DC:

This page is quite old; I have not been in DC much since 2006.

Kam Fung Sea Food
7th Street just north of H Street
Seems to be best in Chinatown

Full Ki
H St near 5th.
Food tastes good but menu is much smaller than Kam Fung

Asia Nora
2213 M St
Quite good eclectic Asian mix

6th Street just south of H Street

Harvest India
2400 Wisconsin, DC
Above Fascia Luna

2447 18th St NW

Paradise Restaurant
Bethesda, Wisconsin Ave, a little south of the Bethesda station.
Afghan and Persian
I liked it, but Sarah says it is not as good
as another she knows.

African restaurant in 18th St near T st NW
Pretty good but menu is small

West African
Across the street from Fasika's
Said not to be very good.

Mama Ayesha's
Calvert St
I think I don't agree with the chef's sense of taste.

Lebanese Taverna
Across from Woodley Park metro exit
Very good Lebanese food, large menu.
Somewhat expensive.

near Childe Harold's, 20th just south of Conn Ave
Italian, pricy, very good.
The warm carrot-potato soup was quite different from
the usual carrot soup.

On or near Connecticut Ave, south of Dupont Circle
Greek, maybe other things

930? Bonifant Street (off Georgia)
Silver Spring, MD
Very good.

Columbia St
Interesting but very expensive for what it offers.

From several years ago:

Fortune Chinese Sea Food Resturant /* Good for Dimsum */
5900 Leesburb Pike, Falls Church, VA

Seven Seas Resturant /* Good for Dinner */
1776 East Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD

Tung Bor Resturant
Wheaton Plaza, Wheaton MD

Not tried yet; use Salatan's organic chicken etc.

Cashion's Eat Place - 1819 Columbia Rd. NW
Equinox - 818 Connecticut Ave. NW
Buck's Fishing & Camping - 5031 Connecticut Ave. NW

Inn at Little Washington - Middle / Main St, Washington VA
Obelisk - 2029 P St. NW
Tabard Inn - 1739 N St. NW
Reef - 2446 18th St. NW
Zaytinya - 701 9th St. NW

In Pittsburgh

Wilson's BBQ
700 N Taylor Ave
Pittsburgh PA
Mon-Sat noon to 8pm
Ribs are very good
Collard greens are spicy
Potato salad is nice, with less mayo than usual

Aladdin's (Lebanese)
5878 Forbes Ave
11am until 10pm or 11pm

In Philadelphia

3636 Sansom St
Philadelphia PA 19104
Creative Asian fusion. Food was delicious.
A little on the expensive side.
decor is gimmicky but not important

Xi'an Cuisine
4000 Chestnut St
Philadelphia PA 12104
Sun-Thurs 11am - 10pm
Fri, Sat 11am - 11pm
Interesting dishes and food was very good.
Alas, a lot of the dishes are hot.

White Dog Cafe
3420 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19104
Phone: 215-386-9224

Positano Coast
Walnut near 2nd street
Very good Italian, somewhat innovative

640 N Broad (btw Mt Vernon and Wallace)
Really great Italian food; would be good in Italy

112 N 9th st (between Arch and Race)
Excellent Burmese food

In Ithaca, NY

Hai Hong
Pretty good Chinese food
208 A.B. Dryde Rd
open till 10 or 11 every day

In Syracuse, NY

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
246 W, Willow St
Corner of Franklin St
MT 11-23 WTh 11-0 FS 11-1 Su 12-22

In Cleveland:

Creative and good
900 Literary Rd

In Detroit

Lockhart's BBQ
202 E Third St
Royal Oak MI
Watch out, the ribs are too spicy.
However, the non-spicy sausage is ok.

Ann Arbor:

Pacific Rim
114 W Liberty St

110 S Main St

Lansing, Michigan

Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant (Burmese)
3308 S Cedar St Suite 3
Lansing MI 48910
11am-9pm, Mon-Sat
The set of Burmese dishes is limited, but they were very good.
(The restaurant also offers Thai and Malay dishes.)
Some Burmese dishes, including mohinga, are available
only Friday and Saturday

The State Room
in Kellogg Hotel and Convention Center
219 S Harrison Rd
East Lansing, MI 48824
No particular genre, but food was good

In Chicago

The Dearborn
145 N Dearborn St
Tasty and somewhat expensive American food,
sometimes unusual.

Seafood Harbor Restaurant
2131 S Archer Ave
Sun-Thurs 11am - 2am
Fri, sat 11am - 4am
Great Hong Kong food, including a wide variety of
fresh seafood.

Lao Yunnan
2109a S. China Place
(in Chinatown Square mall)
Has some interesting Yunnan-style dishes;
quality was good.

837 W Fulton Market
(west loop area)
Creative menu that varies; the food I had was excellent.
Staff told me that if you go there twice
it does not mean you are a re-publican.

Ken Kee
2129-A S, China Place
Hong Kong style, food is delicious
Open every day, 11am - 1am.

Barba Yianni
Greek, best outside of Greektown
4761 N Lincoln Ave
Near the Western Ave stop on the brown line

Famous Dave's does have very good ribs

Cafe Luciano 871 Rush was very good

Tatra Inn
Good and cheap Polish food, but not great.
Near Midway Airport.

Greek Islands
200 S Halsted St
Interesting dishes on menu,
including kolokitakia skordalia.
I was quite satisfied

A la Turca
Lincoln Park

(Indian, recommended by Prof Venkatakrishnan)

2424 S. Oakley

La Fontanella
not far from Bruna's

1073 W. Vernon Park
Near Racine and Eisenhauer Expwy.

Shui Wah
In North Chinatown mall, just north of Archer St.
a few buildings down to the west, in south bldg.
Dim sum, some of it excellent, some of it blah

Hai Yen
1055 W Argyle St
Good Vietnamese; makes 7 kinds of beef.

Anh Linh Seafood
1032 W Argyle St
Vietnamese; looks worth trying

Another on Argyle St, a bit further west,
looked interesting too.

Old recommendations -- may not still exist

The Bird (Ben Moy's)
1119 N. 25 Ave, Melrose Park 681-0414
Very unusual Chinese food.

Helmand 3201 N. Halstead 935-2447

Cafe Ba Ba Reeba 2024 N. Halstead 935-5000
Spanish. Tapas.

Trattoria 10 N. Dearborn 984-1718 Italian. Black pasta ravs.

Prairie Omni Morton Hotel, 500 S. Dearborn 663-1143.
Inventive gourmet using Midwest traditions/produce.

In Champaign-Urbana

Golden Harbor
Taiwanese restaurant
505 S Neil St, Champaign.
Recommended, not tried

In Indianapolis:

St Elmo's steak house
Extremely high quality and large portions.

Bozeman, Montana


317 E Mendenhall
Most dinners include various kinds of homemade pasta
togoether with interesting other things
Mon-Sat 11am-9pm

Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que
I enjoyed the ribs and the catfish
1230 N 7th Ave,
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 586-0597
11am-10pm daily

Midtown Tavern
726 N. 7th Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715
4pm - 11pm every day.
Very nice food in a somewhat unusual style
(perhaps it is Montana creative food style)

In New Orleans:

Petunias St Louis St
Mr B's Bistro Royal St
Girod's Bistro Chartres St & St Louis, inside Napoleon House
Jaegers for Crawfish West End (by the lake)

Recommended but not tried
Green Goddess

From: Mark Benard
To: (Equality 7-2521)
Subject: Re: restaurants
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 11:05:00 -0500 (CDT)


One of the best New Orleans restaurants is Brigtsen's. Frank Brigtsen was
the night chef for Paul Prudhomme (who originated the Cajun food fad) before
he opened his own place. Now he is considered one of the best chef's in the
US. Sounds expensive but not really; certainly modest by big city
standard's. And maybe a bargain if you are willing to eat early, like around
5:30 or 6. They used to have a early bird special for something like $ 15
for a 3 course dinner. Call them and check. In any case reservations are
essential; it is not a large restaurant. It is located on Dante Street in
the last block before the levee, in Riverbend, more or less 2 blocks back
behind Camelia Grill.

For old fashioned New Orleans cooking, there is Zachary's on Oak Street. It
is not low-cal; the trout stuffed with crabmeat and fried is wonderful and
is really too rich to eat the whole thing - which I managed to do once. It
is black-owned but not soul food. It is about 5 blocks down Oak from
Carrollton, away from the university. My guess is a 3 course meal should run
$ 20 a person without alcoholic beverages.

Of the downtown restaurants which are modestly priced, I like Palace Cafe,
which is owned by part of the Brennan family. It is right on Canal Street
near the Marriott Hotel. I think you can probably get it without
reservations, but I would suggest them to be safe.

For a really good neighborhood restaurant, try Liuzza's on Bienville, about 2
blocks towards the lake from Jefferson Davis. That's out in mid-city between
Jeff Dabis and Carrollton. Very informal, cheap, and very popular. The
cooking is Italian-New Orleans. Enter though the bar. Cash only, I believe,
and no reservations.

For seafood I like Bruning's out at West End. Inexpensive and informal. For
po-boys at lunch, the large shrimp poboy at Louisiana Seafood Exchange is
amazingly large. They have only a few seats at a counter; it is on
Jefferson highway, maybe 5 or 10 blocks beyond the Orleans Parish line. Then
there is also Mother's and Parasol's for lunch. Parasol's is also open for
dinner, although I have never had anything other than poboys there.

In Austin:

House Park BBQ
900 W 12th St
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 472-9621
Est brisket I've ever tasted.
Open 11:00 to 14:30, weekdays only.

In Santa Fe

Amaya, in Hotel Santa Fe, was good

Santacafe, 231 Washington Ave, 984-1788
Food was interesting, but they undercooked the lamb badly

Casa Sena, 125 East Palace, 988-9232
Imaginative, but the dishes just weren't worth the expense.


Mariscos La Playa, 537 Cordova St, 982-2790.
Mexican-style sea food, cheap

Counter Culture, 903 Baca St, 985-1105
Eclectic food, said to be good and cheap

La Choza, 905 Alarid St (visible to the north from Cerrillos Rd),
"New Mexican cuisine", and mocha pie recommended as dessert.


Fung's kitchen, dim sum, near Chinatown

Pine Forest Garden, for vegetarians

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, all you can eat

Six ping, breakfast

Fogo de Chão, "a rodizio-style restaurant like the ones you would find
in Rio or in Southern Brazil"

Salt Lake City

Very good
878 S 900 E

Not tried, run by same people as Pago
1291 S 1100 E

In Phoenix:

Buca di Beppo
unusual italian restaurant serves only very large portions
not great, but maybe better than anything else in Phoenix.
1730 South Val Vista Dr, Mesa AZ

The Mining Camp
near the superstition mountains

In Albuquerque

Petra restaurant, near UNM, was surprisingly good
with cheap Arab food.

Kai's Chinese Restaurant
138 Harvard Dr
was recommended

In Seattle

1508 Melrose Ave
Fine creative Lebanese-based appetizers
and somewhat Persian-influenced main dishes
with interesting twists.

Din Tai Fung
University Village Shopping Center
2621 NE 46th St
Seattle, WA
Phone: +1 206-525-0958

In same shopping center
are other restaurants, some interesting.

The Original Pancake House
8037 15 Ave NW
7am to 2:30pm every day
Very good pancakes and waffles

Chiang's Gourmet
7845 Lake City Way NE
Good quality and has unusual dishes,
but you must order from the interesting menu,
not the one with all the usual Americanized dishes.

In Bellevue, Washington

Dim Sum Factory
4092 Factoria Blvd SE
(inside a large mall;
while entering from the road in front
it seems to be towards the left and inside a sort of nook)
Good dim sum all day, along with other nice dishes

10317 Main St suite 100
Bellevue WA 98004
Very good Chinese food with creative twists

In Portland, Oregon

Bewon, Korean restaurant, very fine
1203 NW 23rd Ave

In Ashland, Oregon

Omar's 1380 Siskiyou Blvd
Good for dinner, menu for lunch not interesting.

Morning Glory
"Crab melt" sandwich is good

In San Francisco:

Mostly Tai Shan cuisine which specializes in clay pot rice
but has some other things too.
1000 Clement St (at 11th ave)

Dragon Beaux (sic)
Dim sum at any time, hot pots, other dishes
Some are unusual and interesting; quality was excellent.
Rather expensive
5700 Geary Blvd
Kitchen seems to close at 9:30 or 10pm

Banana Island (Chinese, Not tried, but recommended)
Westlake Shopping Center
273 Lake Merced Blvd
Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 756-6868

City View Restaurant (dim sum, recommended by Norman)
662 Commercial St
San Francisco
(415) 398-2838

Jin Mi, Vietnamese,
recommended as best in Little Saigon
366 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 834-5007

City View Restaurant (recommended for dim sum)
662 Commercial St (off Montgomery St)
San Francisco

Green Island
4012 Geary Blvd
11:00-15:00 and 17:00-22:00
Has a lot of clay pot rice dishes,
and other things.

PPQ (Vietnamese) (2016, not tried)
1816 Irving St
recommended for imperial rolls, five spice chicken and the curry

Shanghai Dumpling King (2016, not tried)
Balboa St
recommended for Xiao Long Bao (XLB)

Viva Goa (2016)
2420 Lombard St
Good Indian, with some Goan dishes

Kingdom of Dumplings
1713 Taraval

Aux Délices Vietnamese
2327 polk st
Between Green and Union

Alta CA
1420 Market St
Open all afternoon and evening till 2am
Creative and expensive

Hayes & Laguna
German food, recommended by Gilmore

Yank Sing
Very expensive very creative dim sum all day
49 Stevenson St (from 1st to 2nd st, one block SE from Market)
Inside One Rincon Ctr at 101 Spear St

Food did not thrill me
1015 Battery St

Daigo Sushi
2450 Clement St (at 26th)
Very high quality, unusual kinds of fish,
rather expensive

The Slanted Door
Ferry building
Excellent Vietnamese-based creative cuisine
Tends to be full except late evening or 5:30.

La Bergerie
4221 Geary Blvd
Good French food

Koi Palace, great dim sum, very long wait on Sundays.
365 Gellert Blvd
Daly City
280 to Serramonte exit,
rt at end of ramp, then 1st left at light,
then 2nd entrance to shopping center on left near Hollywood Video

Phanh Long
4101 Judah, near 44th.
Specializes in big crabs; very good but very expensive.

North Star, good non-ethnic restaurant
18th and Connecticut (Goat Hill area)

Dong Baek, Korean
O'Farrell between Leavenworth and Hyde

The Empress of China
838 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA
(415) 986-1187
Good for banquets, not worth while for ordinary dinner.

R&G Lounge
631 Kearny (at Clay)
Recommended by PHR.

Ton Kiang on Geary St around 22nd ave, good dim sum
Very good i-mien with dried scallops and golden mushrooms.
Good dim sum at all hours.
5821 Geary Blvd (near 22nd ave)
Mon-Th 10-9:30 Fri 10-10 Say 9:30-10 Sum 9-9:30

Golden River
Geary right next to Ton Kiang
Open to midnight but not great.

4401-A Cabrillo St. (near 45th Ave)
Quite nice.
Has chicken stuffed with rice, with 1-day advance order.

Mandalay Burmese Cuisine
4348 California St (near 5th Ave)

Tu Lan
Vietnamese, not fancy but good food
5th and Mission
Actually I think their menu is not very interesting.

500 Valencia (around 16th)
Moderately good Vietnamese

Southpaw BBQ
2170 Mission (17th-18th)
Not tried. Closed Tuesdays.

House of Nanking
919 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: +1 415-421-1429
(Just south of Columbus)
Good Chinese with some unusual signature dishes.

Brother's Restaurant
4128 Geary
Very good Korean.
Will make bean pancakes with 1 week advance order
but minimum of 10 orders.

I have not tried the rest:

Try Lychee Garden, on Powell St?

I don't know the number, but it's on 24th St., between Vicksburg and
Sanchez. It's the only Japanese place there. If you go during the
summer, baracuda might be in season -- it's really wonderful.

Anh Hong Geary & Jones
Pagolac Larkin & O'Farrell

489 Third St.
San Francisco
California-style pizza.
Take BART or Muni Metro to the Powell St. Station, and walk to
the east end of the station to the corner of Fourth and
Market. Catch the 30 Stockton or 45 Union bus going down
Fourth St., away from Market. Get off at Bryant, walk one
block east on Bryant to Third.

California Culinary Academy
625 Polk St, at Turk St.

Turtle Tower Restaurant
Vietnamese resturant
631 Larkin Street
(between Eddy St & Ellis St)
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 409-3333

PQ Dungeness Island Vietnamese Cuisine
2332 Clement St
(between 24th Ave & 25th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 386-8266

Julie's Supper Club
1123 Folsom Street
San Francisco

Jakarta Indonesian Restaurant
612 Balboa St.
San Francisco
Be sure to try the sweet basil-seed drink -- it's unique.

Straits Cafe
3300 Geary Boulevard @Parker Avenue
San Francisco
Singapore style food

Basque Cultural Center
599 Railroad Ave.
South San Francisco
(415) 583-8091
Tuesdays only

Great sushi around the corner from the Hotel Triton which is at 342
Grant Avenue and next to the Chinatown gate.

In Berkeley and Oakland

Abby Dair
Eritrean and Ethiopean
6101 Shattuck Ave
Oakland CA 94609
510 250 9533

Royal Rangoon
2826 Telegraph Ave, between Oregon and Stuart
(not far from Ashby)
Excellent Burmese food, with many unusual dishes
11:30-2:30, 5:00-9:30 every day

Bay Fung Tong Seafood Tea House
(recommended by Norman for dinner, has not tried their dim sum)
1916 Franklin St (near 19th st)

Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant lunch & dinner (cantonese)
(recommended by Norman)
3199 Powell St, Emeryville
(510) 655-3388

Julia's Kitchen
A white tablecloth joint. good standard fair.
Berkeley City Club
2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley CA 94704
(510) 848-7800
Not tried, recommended by Norman

Battambang Cambodian Restaurant
850 Broadway St., Oakland, CA 94501
near Jack London Square
Not tried, recommended by Norman

southern cuisine (innovative)
2295 Broadway at 23rd Oakland CA
(510) 834.1000
Not tried, recommended by Norman

Brotzeit garten
outside picnic tables on the oakland marina wurst & spaetzel &
1000 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606
(510) 645-1905
Not tried, recommended by Norman

Asian Pearl (very nice dim sum)
3288 Pierce St
Pacific East Mall
Richmond, CA 94804

Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Rest (recommended for dim sum)
3199 Powell St
Emeryville CA

New Gold Medal Restaurant
389-391 8th St
Lots of interesting dishes on menu

32 14th st
Mon-Thu 11:00-15:00, 16:30-21:30
Fri-Sun 11:00-22:00
Lots of interesting dishes on menu

Oxford & Allston
Creative and somewhat expensive, said to be good

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant
328 10th St, Oakland
Reasonably good.
Hand-cut noodles were good. Dumplings were good.
The vermicelli with ground pork was disappointing.

Yung Kee
Oakland, in Chinatown, 2 blocks from Broadway (Webster?)
Open late

Great China
Kittridge btw Shattuck and Oxford
Recommended by Chinese people; has unusual dishes

5484 College Ave
Very good European-inventive food

Unicorn (Good Pan-asian)
Telegraph just north of Blake

Furenzu (also Pan-asian)
3986 Adeline St, Emeryville

Le Cheval
10th and Clay (turn onto 10th from Broadway in Oakland)

Rasa Sayang
San Pablo between Marin and Solano
Berkeley or Albany
Malay food

Not yet tried:

Oakland, "??? Palace", 10th street 2 or 3 blks from Broadway

Anh Dao
East 18th

Mermaid (Cambodian seafood)
824 University Avenue

Cafe de la Paz (Peruvian)
1600 Shattuck Ave (2nd Floor)

Vegie Food, Inc
2085 Vine Street

Tea: The Japanese tea house in Berkley I spoke closed their shop near
Whole Earth Catalog and relocated near 4th & Hearst St in Berkley CA:
Oh Chame
1830 4th Street

Sao Sang. Also called "Star Lite" restaurant in the phone book.
Hoai An recommends it.
8th St. in Oakland, 2-3 blocks west of Broadway.

Spettro new incarnation of California Topless Pizza
3355 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland
Sun-Mon 5pm-9pm; Tue-Thu 11:30am-2pm & 5pm-9pm;
Fri 11:30am-2pm & 5pm-10pm; Sat 5pm-10pm

Sujatha (Indian restaurant and sweet shop), 48 Shattuck Square, Berkeley.

Ajantha on Solano

Not tried:

Pyung Chang Tofu House (4701 telegraph ave)
Soon tofu stew and home style panchan. One of the best.
Dol Sot (hot stone bowl) bibim bab comes with a side
of tofu stew- you won't need to eat for a long time.

Sahn Maru (4315 Telegraph)
Great all around Korean. Love their Hai Mul Dol Sot bibim bab.
We call it the "big butt restaurant" due to the
many representations of oversized women's asses in sculpture...

Other great all around Korean places:
Koryo BBQ (4301 Telegraph)
Ohgane BBQ (3915 Broadway at 40th)
For the latter, the goat stew for two is
outstanding (let it cook a bit) as are other dishes.

In San Francisco Peninsula

Southland Flavor
10825 N Wolfe Rd #220
(near Ranch 99 supermarket)
lots of interesting Chinese food

Opa (Greek)
276 E Campbell Ave
Campbell CA 95008
Food was very tasty, but if you get
the zucchini chips with skordalia,
ask for it with less salt and pepper.

Alborz Restaurant
1245 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 440-4321
Monday-Friday 11:30AM–10PM
Saturday-Sunday 12–10PM

MaMa Chen's Kitchen
19062 Stevens Creek Blvd
at Judy Ave
11am-2:30pm, 5pm-9:30pm
Closed Tuesdays
Taiwanese home cooking.
Disappointingly for me, a considerable fraction
of the dishes use organ meats. But the other dishes
were interesting.

ABC in Foster City (not tried)
973 E Hillsdale Blvd B-5, Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 328-2288
Both dim sum and dinner

Mama's Vietnamese (not tried)
2456 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 525-9999

Santa Ramen (not tried)
1944 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 344-5918

Cooking Papa
949A Edgewater Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 577-1830
Food was good, but they made us wait an hour for
a dish after getting confused twice about it.

Vung Tau Restaurant - Near San Jose State University
535 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95112
Recommended by Khoa Bui <> (2013-11)
Recommended by Nicholas Nguyen too.

Saigon Kitchen - This place is in a Vietnamese mall called Grand Century.
1111 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95109
Recommended by Khoa Bui <> (2013-11)

Nha Trang Restaurant - This place is in Lion Plaza
1820 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95122
Recommended by Khoa Bui <> (2013-11)

Ha Long Bay Buffet - This is the only Vietnamese buffet I know and probably the
only Vietnamese buffet in SJ
1051 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123
Recommended by Khoa Bui <> (2013-11)

Yat Sing recommended by Mary, not tried
Woodside Plaza
38 Woodside Plaza
Redwood City, Ca 94061
Phone: (650) 368-8889
Marsh Manor Plaza
3770 Florence St
Redwood City, Ca 94061
Phone: (650) 368-8888

1818 Tully Rd, in a big mainly-vietnamese mall on southern side.

Tomi (Japanese, mainly sushi -- very good, also quite expensive)
Mountain View, a little south of Castro.
Exit from Bookbuyers, turn rt on Castro, turn rt
on next st, go a block and a half.

The Kitchen
279 El Camino Real, Milbrae
Cantonese, with many unusual dishes (2007)
2009: menu has changed, no longer quite as interesting.

Fat Wong's Kitchen
1780 El Camino, San Bruno (just north of Milbrae)

1213 Burlingame Ave

Asian Pearl (suggested 2007)
El Camino, 2 miles north of Milbrae
Reportedly very good tim sum.
Owned by those who own The Kitchen

Palo Alto, next to Gordon Biersch
Good Indian food, but not wildly special

China Village Seafood
600 Ralston Ave, Belmont
Good dimsum

Between El Camino and El Camino Way in Southern Palo Alto.

Il Fornaio
Cowper St (I think) in downtown Palo Alto

Peking Duck
On El Camino a little north of California Ave

Flower Lounge
El Camino & Milbrae Ave.
Another branch 2 blks north of Milbrae Ave
is less fancy but the food is a little better.
The branch in Palo Alto has a much smaller dim sum menu.

1190 California Drive, Burlingame CA
(At Broadway Caltrain station)
Exquisite and expensive
Reservations necessary

565 Bryant
Palo Alto, CA
(415) 325-8146

Straits Cafe
East side of El Camino, a few blocks south of Page Mill
Singapore style food

in Stanford Shopping Center

Somewhere near the California Ave train station

Not tried:

Applewood Inn
1001 El Camino Real (between Menlo and Santa Cruz Aves.)
Menlo Park, CA
(415) 324-3486
Unusual pizza.

Mango Cafe
483 University Ave.
Palo Alto
(415) 325-3229

Mandarin Gourmet
420 Ramona St.
Palo Alto, CA
(415) 328-8898
Said to have good vegetarian chinese food.

Hong Sing Tea House
1135 Lawrence Expressway
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 734-2828
To get there: Take 101 to Lawrence Expressway North (logical East).
Turn left at the first stoplight (Sandia/Lakeview) into the Dick's
Market center. The Hong Sing Tea House is pretty un-missable (big
Mandarain Chinese-roofed red place with big golden dragons or something).

Chez Sovan
2425 S. Bascom Ave.
Campbell, CA
(408) 371-7111

135 El Camino Real
San Carlos, CA 94070
(415) 594-2840

Joy Meadow
701 El Camino Real (at Brewster)
Redwood City
"East Meets West", that is, a number of quasi-Asian dishes
served in the Western style -- as a set-piece dinner.

Ocean Harbor restaurant, a very nice taiwanese style place with FRESH sea-
food. They also serve good dim sum every day for lunch for those interested
in that sort of thing. The directions are as follows:
From 880: Take the Stevens Creek Exit and go west on Stevens creek to
Winchester, make a left, and then left again at the next stoplight (just
short of the movie theaters). You will then be entering Town And Country
Shopping Center of San Jose, and Ocean Harbor is on your left after you get
past the savings and loan and its parking lot.

Gypsy Cellar
932 Middlefield Rd. (at a funny 3-way intersection near Jefferson, maybe?)
Redwood City, CA
(415) 367-1166
Allow a little time to find the place...the area surrounding downtown
Redwood City is weird and twisted and parking can occasionally be
problamatic. Your best be would probably be to take the Woodside exit
from 101 towards downtown and turn right at Middlefield and proceed
slowly. It looks somewhat like a converted Der Wienerschnitzel or
Denny's or something.

Maybe try La Galleria, Town & Country Village in Palo Alto.
Maybe try Theo's, 546 University Ave in Palo Alto.

Pearl's Oyster Bar; Ramona St. in Palo Alto

Kabul Afghan Cuisine
833 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 245-4350

Kathmandu West
20916 Homestead Road
This is in the shopping center behind the (ugh) McDonald's, at the
southeast corner of Homestead and Stelling. From southbound 85,
you can take the Homestead exit (just before you would have to
choose a direction on 280), then turn left on Homestead for several
blocks. Or, if you are already on 280, take the DeAnza Blvd. exit
and turn north (toward the Bay), then take the first left (Homestead)
for a couple of blocks.

3955 Freedom Circle (near Great America Parkway and 101)
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 960-6400
Think of it as Fine American Cuisine (I'm not talking about California
yuppie cuisine, though there is a certain amount of overlap).

Easily visible from 101, it is more difficult to actually get to than
it appears. Take the Great America Parkway exit from 101 and head
towards Great America. Take the first right onto Hichborn and then the
first right onto Freedom Circle. You'll come up to the first tall
building and the first entrance is labelled with a sign saying Birk's.
So far, so good.

This is somewhat misleading, as there isn't really any parking there
(it's a good place to let off passengers if I remember correctly). But
go ahead and take this entrance and follow the driveway around to get
a glimpse of where you'll need to walk. The driveway will lead back
around past the second entrance to the back of the complex where the
actual parking is. If things haven't changed, and I'm remembering
correctly, the "obvious" way to walk, around the 101 side of the
complex, doesn't really lead much of anywhere. I'm pretty sure you'll
need to go back around the building to where the first entrance is.

Restaurant Name: Eugene's Polish Restaurant
Address: 420 South San Antonio Road, Los Altos
Phone: (415)941-1222
Off Foothill, north of El Monte.

Paradise Restaurant
1530 Grant Road
Mountain View

Try Osteria, Hamilton and Ramona.

Pacific Breeze
The Oaks (across the entrance from Coffee Society :-)
Cupertino, CA
(408) 252-5311
Easiest way to get there is to find yourself on 85 heading towards
Cupertino. Go all the way to the end (Steven's Creek) and turn left.
Pacific Breeze is a block or so down on the left.

In Santa Cruz

Ristorante Avanti
1711 Mission St
Good and interesting Italian food

In Fremont and vicinity

BK's Bistro
Good, interesting chinese foood, incl dim sum at all hours
3113 Stephenson Rd
Fremont 94568
Open 10am-10pm
Weekends and holidays opens at 9am

688 Barber Lane, Milpitas
237 to McCarthy, L on Bellow, R on Barber Ln.
In Elforts mall, near the end of it.
From Fremont, coming S on 880, go to 237 East!

In Los Angeles

101 Noodle Express -- great dumplings as well as noodles
1408 Valley Blvd, Alhambra CA

Sarit gol Korean restaurant
3189 W. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles

Javan (Persian food) was good
11500 Santa Monica Blvd

Asakuma (Sushi and other Japanese)
11701 Wilshire Blvd

I Cugini
Broadway and Ocean
Santa Monica

Good deli on Broadway at 4th st, Santa Monica.

Mon Kee's Sea Food Restaurant
679 N Spring St, LA

Sam Woo, Chinatown
Also in Irvine at 15333 Culver Drive.

1043 Westwood Blvd near UCLA
Great Italian food

Golden Triangle Restaurant
7011 Greenleaf Ave
Whittier CA (40 miles from UCLA)
Good Burmese and Thai food.

1099 Westwood Blvd.
Westwood, CA 90024
(310) 209-0066 / T
North of Wilshire Blvd. / Cross street is Kinross Avenue.
Expensive and ok but not great

Three Seasons (creative Vietnamese)
518 Bryant St (just south of University)
Very good.

In San Diego

Philippine, not fancy at all but very good
1819 E Plaza Blvd
National City
477 6028

In Honolulu

Pho One
Kapi'olani opposite Pan Am building
Vietnamese with interesting dishes
including beef la lot and beef in fat sheet

Royal Garden (in Ala Moana hotel)
410 Atkinson Dr
Very good cantonese

Casablanca Restaurant
19 Hoolai St
Kailua, HI 96734
808 262 8196

A's Bistro & Catering (Filipino)
91-1001 Kaimalie St
Ewa Beach, HI 96706
808 689 9989

In San Juan, Puerto Rico

Marisqueria Atlantica
Great sea food restaurant


Red Star (cantonese)
Recommended by a Chinese that lives in Vancouver
8298 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z4, Canada
1 604-261-8389

In Montreal


Au Coin Berbère (algerian)
514 844 7405
73 rue Duluth Est
Montreal H2W 1Q9
Pastilla and couscous were very good
The only tagine on the menu is chicken with olives and
preserved lemon, but they can make
a tagine of lamb, candied fruits and almonds
with advance request

Le Petit Alep (syrian)
191 rue Jean Talon Est
514 270 9361
good. I said it was "hors Syrie".


Sushi St Jean
Very good quality of all dishes (not just sushi).
All you can eat for CAN 26.
1000 Boul St Jean
Pointe Clair, Quebec

Several other branches, reportedly similar,
1801 Rue Ste Catherine Ouest

1669 Rue St Denis

4110 rue Saint Denis
Exquisite creative cuisine, and prices to match.
Only open for dinner. Closed Mondays.

Kanbai Restaurant
1813 St Catherine
+1 514-933-6699
Closed 15h to 17h
Not tried, but has interesting dishes on menu

Restaurant de l'Institut
run by students in a hotel/restaurant school
3535 rue St Denis
514-282-5120 x 4016
ou 1-855-229-8189
Menu has few choices but the food was very nice

Resto Vego (vegetarian buffet)
Said to be very good; does not try to imitate meat.
1720 Rue St Denis

Restaurant P.M.
1809 Sainte Catherine Ouest
11:00 - 24:00 every day,
till 01:00 Friday and Saturday evenings
Very nice Cantonese food

Restaurant New Moon of India
2018 Saint Denis (at Ontrio)
Till 23:00.
Pretty good Punjabi food

Le Pégase
1831 rue Gilford
Superb creative French cuisine, inexpensive for such quality.

Y Lan
6425 Rue St-Denis
514 495-3812
Good Vietnamese; get the beignets de crevettes and the
salade de méduse.

Ganadara (Korean, good and cheap)
1862 Boul de Maisonneuve Ouest
a few blocks west of the Guy-Concordia metro station

443 rue St Francois Xavier
Fine occidental.

Nonya, Indonesian
151 Bernard Street.
Closed weekends for lunch.

2100 Crescent St

Ste Cathérine near McGill College, downstairs
(NOT the fancy new one near Peel St)
has good chicken-rice soup.

From: Alexandre Enkerli

Good Vietnamese on the odd-numbered (East) side of Saint-Denis,
between Jarry and Jean-Talon. It's the second building South of a street
corner. Their fish dishes are really lovely, especially with all these fresh
leaves. But they also have a wide variety of dishes. One of these menus you
take a while to peruse. My other favourite Vietnamese is Pho Tay Ho (6414
St-Denis). Their pho is quite good but I prefer their pork dishes. They also
have fish dishes but they're not as memorable as at this other place.
L'Express is one of the best-known French restaurants in town and their food
really is fantastic (3927 St-Denis). Close to there is Côté Soleil (3979
St-Denis) is another French restaurant that I also like. If you like Afghan
food, Khyber Pass (506 Duluth East) is another great place. My favourite
Iranian is Byblos (1499 Laurier East) but an Iranian friend prefers Tehran
(5065 de Maisonneuve W). Haven't been there in a while but Rites berbères
(4697 de Bullion) used to be my favourite Maghrib place.

In Quebec

Le Mezzé good Greek food
Open for dinner 5pm-10pm except Monday
Open for lunch weekdays from 12m
Has only a limited menu at lunch;
more interesting dishes at dinner.
95 Chemin Sainte-Foi
(The street is named Sainte Foi but the restaurant
is in the city of Quebec, a little west of the touristy area)
May require reservation a few days in advance.

La gueule de bois
207 rue de Saint Valier est
Somewhat creative cooking, great quality,
a little expensive. Menu focuses on abats, alas.

(2016, not yet tried)
L'affaire est ketchup
46, rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec
418 529-9020
Basically French, not wildly exotic
Closed Sunday and Monday
Lunch: CAN 15
Dinner CAN 20-30

Chez Amira (Moroccan)
526 Rue St Jean
Very nice pastilla, and other dishes are good too.

Il Matto
850 Ave Myrand
Was quite good

Recommended by Emmanuelle Huss but not tried:

Laurie Rafael

you could eat in L'Astral

In Toronto

Dragon Dynasty
2301 Brimley Rd, Scarborough
Mainly Cantonese.
Some unusual dishes, and everything was done very well.



Yang Sheng (cantonese)
622 Somerset St W, at Bronson
Food was authentic and good
Sun-Th 11am to midnight
Fri-Sat 11am to 1am

In Tokyo

Tsunahachi, 3-31-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
great tempura and sashimi
Also has other branches.

Tensho tempura restaurant. 2-26-9 Yushima Bunkyo-ku
03-3831-6571 Not as spectacular as Tunahachi, but cheaper.

>From Yushima subway station of Chiyoda line (The subway station
identifier: C-13), go outside using the exit #5. You will see Lawson
and Family Mart (convenience stores) on the street. Turn left at
Family Mart. The hill is called "Nakazaka". Going up four blocks to
the top of "Nakazaka", you will find traffic signal and Tensho on the
left. It is quite near from Yushima Tenjin (famous shrine).

Kani Douroku (crab heaven) is marvelous.
Several branches.

Chisin kushiage restaurant was very good.
North from Roppongi corner (away from Intl House),
then rt and half a block down.

El Castellano, on way from Shibuya to Aoyama U.

Okinawa-style restaurant in bldg on NW corner at Roppongi crossing.

In Osaka, Kobe, Nara:

Have not yet tried:

"Ninniku-ya", garlic restaurant. Because the chain was a success, many other
restaurants also use the name. The real ninniku-ya's have signs
in black on an orange background, and have the "THE ENTEC GROUP"
written underneath the kana for "Ninniku-ya".

Tokyo has only an imitation.

Aalborg, Denmark

Prinses Juliana
Vestre Havnepromenade 2 (it's a ship, not a building)
+45 9811 55 66
Very fine dining -- everything I tasted was exquisite,
starting with the bread and the things to spread on it.



Tagensvej 204
2400 København NV
Corner of Tagensvej and Tuborgvej
+45 35 82 83 33
Mon - Fri 11:00 - 22:00
Sat, Sun, Holidays 12:00 - 22:00
Familiar dishes (comfort food) prepared well.
I enjoyed it.

Th. Sørensen
Amagerbrogade 41
2300 København S
Tlf: 3295 0276
Great smørrebrøt (I had the home-style, Håndmadder)
A few chairs for eating there, but mostly people
get it to take out.

Bådsmandsstraede 43
1407 Christiania
17:00 - 22:00
Closed Mondays
+45 32 57 95 58

Era Ora
Overgaden Neden Vandet 11B
1414 Kopenhavn K
+45 32 54 06 93
Michelin star: Fixed menu,
extremely creative and excellent, with prices to match.
The meal was amazing.

In Amsterdam

Kantjil (indonesian)
Spuistraat 291
020 620 09 94
Indonesian; I liked it.
Partly because the food is not as burning hot
as it would be in Indonesia.

In London:

Pardis (Persian)
29 Connaught St
Hyde Park London W2 2RY
Near Marble Arch station, also Edgware Rd
Food was very good

Cinnamon Soho
5 Kingly St
London W1B 5PF
(0) 20 7437 1664
Indian fusion. Tasting menu was exquisite.

New Loon Fung (Cantonese)
42-43 Gerrard St
London W1D 5QG
(0)20 7287 9026
M-Th 12:00 - 23:30
F-Sa 12:00 - 00:00
Su 11:00 - 20:30

A Wong, 70 Wilton Road, London SW1 (020 7828 8931).
Got a very good review.
Rather expensive, perhaps 30 or 40 UKP per person.

The Palomar, 34 Rupert Street, London W1; 020 7439 8777;
recommended by Guardian review

2015: Not tried
Paradise Garage
254 Paradise Row, Bethnal Green
London E2
020 7613 1502
Quite expensive, review seems very interesting.

Not yet tried
Non-veg, also has sweet section
Fieldgate St
020 7247 6400
Near Whitechapel
also try dessert stores in that neighborhood

(Not tried)
The Marksman Pub
254 Hackney Road, London E2
020 7739 7393

The Manor
148 Clapham Manor St
Phone: +44 0207 720 4662
"Great review, not tried." ( - 2015-01-15)

Right next to Grain Store
020 7107 7661
Not tried yet, but looks interesting

Mr Kong
21 Lisle St
020 7347 7341
020 7347 0679
Open till 2am
Good, with some unusual dishes

Tao Tao Ju
15 Lisle St
020 7734 8822
020 7734 3828
Good, with some unusual dishes

Raavi Kebab
Drummond St (across from Gupta)
Good non-veg Indian

Leon's fast food is great.

Try the ice cream of
Chin Chin Laboratorists
49-50 Camden Lock Place
London NW1
07 885 604 284
Near Chalk Farm Rd
Makes ice cream instantly to order using dry ice
Last orders 18:15 mon, 18:45 other days

15-17 Broadwick Street.
Soho, London, W1F 0DL
+44 (0) 20 7494 8888
Great creative dim sum, but very expensive.

Cay Tre
42-43 Dean St
020 7317 9118
Good and varied Vietnamese food

The Lord Clyde
Islington, reachable from Angel station.

African Kitchen Gallery
102 Drummond St
020 7383 0918
(Next to Gupta's)
noon to 3pm, 4pm to 10.30pm.
Let me in at 5pm.

Gupta Sweet Ctr
100 Drummond St NW1
0207 380 1590 (or maybe 0208 203 4044)
262 Watford Way NW4

Star of India superlative Indian restaurant
Old Brompton Rd near Drayton
Not far from Gloucester Rd station
020 7373 2901

Simurgh (Persian)
17 Garrick Street
Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9BL
207 240 7811

Preem's on Brick Lane

Sarah Restaurant, Lebanese, near Shepherd's Bush roundabout

Raavi Kebab
Inexpensive and good Indian restaurant
on Drummond St.

La Porte des Indes
it's in Old Quebec Street, behind the Cumberland Hotel.

Rasa W1
6, Dering Street, W1 (off Oxford Street)
Nearest tube: Oxford Circus
Restaurant number is: 020 7629 1346
has Kerala-style vegetarian food and is good.

Lotus Garden Restaurant
15 Kenway Road
Earls Court

New Asia (Indian)
side street near Earls Court
good but somewhat expensive

High Street Chiswick
Good Persian food

In Luton

Red Chilli
94-104 Wellington St (Upper)
01582 480055 / 480040
Pretty good Indian

In Edinburgh

44 Queen Charlotte St
0131 554 1979
Creative and varied food

Cafe Kleofas
Polish, small, short menu, very tasty
340-342 Gorgie Rd
07595 022 666

In Sheffield:

Creative and very tasty:
The Milestone
84 Green Lane at Ball Street
Kelham Island
S3 8SE
Phone: +44 0114 272 8327

In Aberystwyth

Gwesty Cymru
19 Marine Terrace
01970 612 252
Very good; must reserve in advance

In Leicester

The Boot Room
27-29 Millstone Lane LE1 5JN
(0)116 262 2555
Creative and good

In Paris:

La Robe et le Palais (2016)
13 rue des Lavandières Ste Opportune
01 45 08 07 41
A little to the west of Chatelet
Very nice, but limited set of options each day.
Unusual selection of wines

Le Contrepoids (2016)
32 Avenue Anatole France
Choisy le Roi
01 48 92 21 21
2016: Not pretentious but very nice food

New Hoa Khoan Good Cantonese
15 ave de Choisy
01 45 85 81 31

Restaurant Menelik (2016)
4 rue Sauffroy
01 46 27 00 82
Metro Brochant (ligne 13)

Assanabel (lebanese)
38 rue Jacob
01 42 96 89 85
(Metro San Germain des Prés)

Le Petit Olivier
82 Rue de Cherche Midi

Le Pantruche
3, rue Victor Mass???
75009 Paris
Phone: 01 48 78 55 60
Métro: Pigalle
Fermeture Samedi et Dimanche

2013: Was very good
17 Rue Oudinot, 75007 Paris, France
Téléphone :+33 1 45 66 05 09
Métro : Vaneau

Chinese restaurant with interesting dishes and ugly menu
8 Rue Aristide Briand
Metro Blanche

Le Mouton Blanc
40 rue d'Auteuil
(Near Olivir's home)
01 42 88 92 02 21

Le Congrès Auteuil
144 boulevard Exelmans
Phone: +33 01 46 51 15 75

Le Bistrot de l'Alycastre
2 Rue Clément (Metro Mabillon ou Odéon)
01 43 25 77 66

Chine Massena (2014)
18 Ave de Choisy
01 45 83 98 88
In Chinatown. Mainly Cantonese, very good.

15 Ave de Choisy
Several restaurants here.
I tried one in the back which has Cantonese
food plus dim sum all day. It was good.

Le Plaisir
14 rue de Belleville
01 40 33 13 13
Has unusual dishes that were very good

Tai Yien
5 rue de Belleville
01 42 41 44 18
Good but expensive dim sum

You (Japanese, 2014)
11 rue Sainte-Anne
Mon-Sat 12h-14h30 19h-22h30
01 42 60 55 50
Went twice with Olivier. It is good but
its dishes focus in a direction I don't love.
It is expensive.

Gallopin (brasserie, very good)
40 rue Notre-Dame des Victoires
01 42 36 45 38

Noura (Lebanese, 2012)
Many good appetizers, not many main dishes,
desserts were a bit strange to my taste.
Rather expensive
27-29 Avenue Marceau
01 47 23 02 20

Al Diwan (Lebanese)
From Champs Elysees, down Pierre Charente, then left on George V.

135 rue Ranelagh 01 45 27 99 93
Very good Moroccan, with some unusual dishes.
Expensive, too.

Marrocan, good

La Bulle
48 rue Louis Blanc at rue de l'Aqueduc
(between Gare du Nord and Stalingrad, near Louis Blanc)
01 40 37 34 51

Zebra Square
3 place Clément Ader
01 44 14 91 91

Tong Yen
1 bis rue Jean Mermoz, near Champs Elyses station
Very good, many unusual dishes.
01 42 25 04 23

Mirama (Chinese, very much Chinatown Cantonese style)
17 rue St Jacques
01 43 29 66 58
Metro: St Michel, Maubert Mutualite, Cluny Sorbonne

Restaurant PIVOINE (Vietnamese)
15 rue Esquirol 75013
near Metro National or Campo Formio
01 45 85 10 03

Mondol Kiri (khmer)
159 Av de Choisy (near Place d'Italie)
01 53 79 75 96
closed Mondays

Ba Mien (Vietnamese)
180 Av de Choisy (nearer Place d'Italie)
01 44 06 42 32
11h30-15h, 18h30-23h
open every day
Not tried but menu looks appealing.

Near Etoile
Somewhat finer than Chez Katy, but much more expensive

La Gare
(ancienne gare de la mouette)
Food is interesting and somewhat expensive.
Music is annoying.

Le Grand Zinc, 5 rue du fbg Montmartre.
Not fancy, but very good.

Chez Tante Alice
31-33 rue du Chateau d'Eau
Cuisine traditionelle

L'Estaminet, Rue Oberkampf
Not fancy, but very good.
Some regional specialties.
Easy to get a table before 2030, ordinary days.

Au Trou Normand
9 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
Very traditional.

From years ago
Chez Katy (Moroccan) Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Phone: 01 45 08 40 10
I like this one. The street is so short that you don't need the
address to find the restaurant. Try the tagine with prunes or the one
with apples. The cous-cous is good also. The cous-cous with sugar
and cinnamon added is great for desert although they don't consider it
one. If Katy is there, you can try telling her that Richard the
American sent you, and she'll probably be happy to hear it.

Dalloyau (pastry shop) Near the opera, on the important street
that goes past the opera on the other side of a big square.
They have wonderful little cakes.

Chez Diep (Vietnamese) several locations; look it up.

There is a hole-in-the-wall Lebanese restaurant on Rue du Faubourg
Montmartre, near Rue Richer. It is good. Near it is a bakery where
the croissants au beurre are very good. Ask for precisely that,
because an ordinary croissant is a distinct item. There ordinarry
croissants are good, but they croissants au beurre are better.

L'excuse -- honey mousse was great.
14 Rue Charles V 4277 9897

Les Enfants Rouges
9 rue de Beauce

Marcolini, chocolatier
89 rue de Seine

Patrick Roger, chocolatier
108 boulevard Saint Germain

I haven't tried these yet:

Recommended by John Curuby:
1) L'Estaminet; Marche des Enfants Rouges, 39 rue de Bretagne: This is a bistro with all regional produce/recipes. 15 euros
for lunch.
(Apparently not the same L'Estaminet listed above, or else it moved.)

2) La Tartine; 24 rue de Rivoli: This is a small
bistro that has the finest onion soup I've ever eaten. 9 euros and well
worth it. They also have other 'terroir' produce and dishes which are also
excellent (especially their tartines)

3) Restaurant Astier; 44 rue J.-P. Timbaud (in the 11th): This is the most expensive of my preferences, but the food
is well worth it. 30 euros for lunch. Reservations are necessary.

Il Mimmo?
Bd Magenta

Ravi, ?? rue Verneuil
Authentic Indian food in a rather chic environment. A small dining
room, entirely waited upon by Ravi Gupta, so make reservations.

Le Petit Prince
12 rue de Lanneau 4354 7726

3 rue Boyer-Barret 4543 3606

3 rue Monsieur le Prince 4329 7492

Vero-Dodat 4508 9206
19 Galerie Vero-Dodat
Pres Chez Katy

Le Butte Chaillot 44278888 must reserve
112 Ave Kleber

Marianne & one other Jewish restaurant
Rue de Rosier (near Picasso museum)
Marianne is noisier than the other.
For one of them, you enter through grocery.

In France, outside Paris:

Nantes (2016)
Maison Baron Lefèvre
33 Rue de Rieux
02 40 89 20 20
Closed Sunday and Monday
Most of the dishes included foie gras or abats,
but the dishes I ate were very nice.

La Belle Etoile
115, Quai Maurice-Métayer
05 49 73 31 29
Very nice, and very expensive

Marly le Roi
18 Grande Rue
01 39 58 57 06

Near Mont de Marsan
Auberge du Vieux Moulin
05 58 51 12 27

St Etienne
48 Rue Balay
04 77 33 52 48

La Diligence (very fine and expensive)

Rennes (2015)
La Ville d'Ys
5 rue St Georges, Rennes
02 99 36 70 28
Best crêpes I've ever had

Arles, France

Place Nino Berberovo
13200 Arles
+33 4 90 93 37 28

Restaurant le Pont Van Gogh
18 rue Gaspard Monge 13200 Arles
(0)4 90 96 56 38
Not fancy, but the food was good.

Under Arles, France

La mule blanche
9 rue du président Wilson
13200 Arles
+33 (9) 87 33 87 79
The food was not spectacular, but I liked it


Iași, Romania

Fenice Palas
Complex Palas Iași
+40 332 730889
Good Lebanese restaurant with some Romanian food too.
Lamb Mansaf was good. The tabule was very good.
The "traditional soup", which is Romanian, was amazing.

Bucharest, Romania

281 Colentina St
+40 735 63 63 63
Very nice Turkish food

City Grill Covaci
Str. Covaci 19
0727 626 262
(three other locations)
Very tasty. Pork ribs
had a flavor very different from US barbecue.

Pui de urs
Str Econom Cez?rescau 42
0724 62 22 26
0765 16 62 66
Offers game dishes
Meatball soup was great

Timișoara, Romania

Pastry shop
0762 251 327

Senneville Gh. Lazăr 30-32, Timișoara, România
Luni – Sambata 07:00 am – 21:00 pm
Duminică 09:00 am – 18:00 pm


Senneville Unirii Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 5,
Timișoara, România
Luni – Vineri 07:00 am – 21:00 pm
Sâmbătă – Duminică 09:00 am – 21:00 pm


Calea Martirilor nr. 60, Timișoara, România
Luni – Sâmbătă 07:00 am – 21:00 pm
Duminică – 09:00 am – 18:00 pm



Les Armures
Rue Ouits-Saint-Pierre, 1
+41 22 818 71 72
Open all days from 12h00 to 23h00.
Wide range of traditional Swiss food
Very good, somewhat expensive

In Germany:

Outside Frankfurt
Schuch's Restaurant
Alt-Praunheim 11
Closed Monday lunch.
Kitchen closes at 22:00
+49 69 76 10 05
Very tasty food.
Several of the dishes use apples, and several use chanterelles.


Ludwig Hirsch Strasse 9
89130 Chemnitz
Exquisite and expensiv


Restaurant Hafez 069-23 23 01
Baseler Strasse 21 (near central station)
Really great Persian food. Open 1130-2400.


Shuhbeck's Orlando
Platzl 4 (Near Hofbrau Haus)
+49 89 23238718-0

guardinistrasse 4
(U6 holzapfelkreuth)
81375 münchen
telefon 089/71048222
Associated with Peccati di Gola.



Nola's am Weinberg
Veteranenstraße 9 (but it is not really on Veteranenstraße; it is
inside the Weinberg Park. If you enter the park from the entrance on
Brunnenstraße (near the pond) and walk in perpendicular to
Brunnenstraße, you will get to Nola's).
030-440 40 766
10.00 - 23.00 every day
Good Swiss food

Reuterstrasse 40
030 530 699 28
Every day until 9:30 pm.
Some traditional dishes, some international dishes.
The things I tried were tasty.

Avendi hotel restaurant
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Strasse 190-192
14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg
Food was very interesting


Bergmannstraße 30 corner of Heimstraße
10961 Berlin - Kreuzberg
030 694 444 0
Monday 18:00 - 23:00
Tues-Sun 12:00 - 23:00
Everything I tried was very good.
The large schitzel is enough for 3 people.
The dumpling appetizer is amazing and interesting.

Khoa-Bistro (Vietnamese)
Karl-Lade-Strasse 42

Gasthaus Wiesenstein
Viktoria-Luise-Platz 12
10777 Berlin
Tel. 030-21 91 24 05
Swabian food (maultaschen, etc) and some other German food.

Innsbruck, Austria

Innrain 2
Mostly local dishes, a few other influences.

Glasmalereistrasse 5
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 01:00
Sat 17:30 - 01:00
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Local dishes plus some other kinds.
Very nice.

Innrain 38
0512 908204
11:00 - 24:00 every day
(Very good Greek food)

In Vienna


Gasthof Wildenauer's
2362 Biedermannsdorf Laxenburgderstrasse
Phone 02236/710050
Good traditional Austrian food

Wolzelle 38
01/512 15 77
(other branches too)
Very fine local specialties including beef cooked in soup

In Brussels:


25 rue du Lombard (Corner of rue du Midi),
1000 Brussels (Just off the Grand'Place)
+32 2 513 78 84
Opens 17:00 - 22:00
Closed Mondays

Den Talurelekker
Rue de l'enseignement 25
Bruxekkes 1000
02-219 30 25
Closed sat and sun
Open for lunch and dinner, appears to close in the afternoon
The food was very nice but there were only around 10 options.
The chocolate mousse was good -- not overloaded with sugar.

Good frites at kiosk in Place Flagey,
but there are long lines on weekends.

Brasserie Georges
Avenue Winston Churchill, near the big park.

L'Autre Grain
Chaussée de Vleurgat, 9
1050 Ixelles
For L'autre Grain:
02/648 88 60
Not tried since it changed its name,
but it appears to be quite in demand.

Restaurant Kocharata
Avenue du Parc, 4, Saint-Gilles (in Brussels-Capital Region)
closed Sundays
service is very slow

9 place Rouppe
Pretty good and not too expensive.
Somewhat strange selection of dishes.

At Chaussee de Mons, approx #125,
there is a Tunisian restaurant that made good desserts.

Next two recommended for traditional Belgian food.
Not tried yet.

Hotel Le Plaza Brussels
Boulevard Adolphe Max
1000 Bruxelles,
Belgium +32 2 278 01 00

Comme Chez Soi
Lionel Rigolet
23 place Rouppe
B-1000 Bruxelles
Phone: +32(0)2 512 29 21 Fax: +32(0)2 511 80 52
Went there but saw the high prices and ate at Houtsiplou.

Not tried.

Bocconi Ristorante
Rue de l'Amigo 1
1000 Brussels, Belgium
02 547 47 15

In Gent

't klokhuys
corduwanierstraat 65
9000 Gent
09 223 41 41
Very nice Waterzooi and other things

In Dublin

Fire Restaurant
Dawson St to the right of the Lord Mayor's mansion.
Not very creative, but tasty. Somewhat expensive.

Roly's Bistro
7 Ballsbridge Terrace
353 (0) 1-668-2611

Avoca Cafe
Suffolk St
01 672 6019

In Moscow

Restaurant "Karlson"
Address: Овчинниковская наб., 20 стр1
or in english Ovchi'nnikovskaya naberezhnaya 20 bld.1
Phone +7 (985) 751-19-19
Great dishes, some of them unusual creations.

Ostozhenka 12/1
Georgian restaurant, with dance performances sometimes

In St Petersburg


Phali Hinkali
(They write h to stand for the velar fricative more often
transliterated as kh.)
Great Georgian food.
Several locations in St Petersburg; see

In Torino


Ristorante Farini da Lia
Specializes in seafood
Via Pallavicino 22
Open Tue-Sat evening and Sunday lunch.
Sea food and pasta; no land-animals.
All the food was great. The nero di seppia sauce was a little less bitter than usual, which made it especially enjoyable.

La Taverna del Bergè
Via Don Bosco 10/c
3274 559 492
Good, not super fancy, and a reasonable range of choices

Osteria La Capannina
Via Donati 1
10121 Torino
011 54 54 05
12:15 - 14:30 and 19:15 - 00:00
Closed Saturday lunch
Good quality, a good number of options, somewhat expensive

Ristorante il Circolo dei Lettori
Via Conte Gianbattista Bogino 9
011 432-6828
Tasting menu was exquisite.
I never saw the list of available dishes or the prices.

Gel Atelier
Corso Vinzaglio 28/a
011 53 74 85
Open until 20:00
Interesting gelato, less creamy than most

Il Chiosco dello Zoo
via Eusebio Bava 30/G
10100 Torino
346 747 0782
20:00 to 23:00, closed Mondays
Tasting menu only
A series of fish dishes, followed by a cannolo;
all were very nice.

Tratoria Piemontese
Via Napione, 45
011 812.27.14
Closed Monday
Specializes in gnocchi but has lots of other things.

Recommended by Marco.

Antiche Sere
+39 011 385 4347. Open Mon-Sat 7.30pm-1am

Da Cianci Piola Caffè
Open daily 12.30pm-3.30pm and 6.30pm-11pm

Porto di Savona
+39 011 817 3500. Open
daily 12.30pm-2.30pm (Sat and Sun until 3pm) and 7.30pm-midnight

Recommended by Guardian, not tried.

+39 011 669 6693,
Circolo dei Lettori
+39 011 432 6827, [43]
Trattoria Fratelli Bravo
+39 011 661 0435,
Osteria 'n Cicinin
+39 011 1945 4951, [47]
Osteria di Pierantonio
+39 011 674 528

Taverna i miserabili (2014-09)
Via Santa Giulia 3/g - Torino

Was very good for dinner, reportedly not as good for lunch

has interesting inventive food based on local traditions.
It was exquisite.

In Genova

Le Mele cucina sociale
Salita del Prione 27
Down from Palazzo Ducale
010 86 82 179
347 39 51 831
Some of the food is Genovese tradition.
Everything I tasted was very good.

Osteria della Piazza
Piazza Colombo 30-32R
010-576 0308
Menu was not extensive, but the food was great.
I recommend especially the testaroli con pesto.
Unusual kind of focaccia, baked next door.

Il Grillo Parlante
Via San Bernardo 7-9 RR
+39 010 2091156
+39 340 3122169
Menu is limited but food was very tasty and plentiful

Il Balcone
Pasta and minestrone were great, but were a bit cold.
Vegetable cakes disappointed

Ombre Rosso
Supposedly has better vegetable cakes

Squarciafico near cathedral very good

In Biella or vicinity:

In Piedicavallo

Il Gatto Azzurro
Unending wonderful food
Stayed open late for Juan

Pietra and Finale

Il Quadrifoglio
Via Opifici 5
Ceriale (although it seems to be actually across the line in Albenga)
Phone +39 0182 990 681
Food was excellent
They discussed with us which of the various fish to cook,

In Finale Ligure and nearby


Ristorante S Giorgio
Via XXV Aprile, 105
17027 Pietra Ligure
Closed Tuesdays
Good food, inexpensive, not touristic

Il Pozzo
Via Oddo, 2
Tovo San Giacomo
Very good, including regional specialties

Castelvecchio di Roccabarbena
0182 78181
Near side entrance to the town;
down from the main square
We arrived in the winter and asked if they
could serve us any food whatsoever,
and they gave us a delicious meal.

Il negozietto del gelato
via della resistenza, 15/17
San Bartolomeo al Mare
0183 405541
Great gelato, very good granita.
Reportedly also cannoli but I didn't have one.
Open only in tourism seasons.

Osteria "Grotesque"
Via Pertica 23
Open lunch and dinner (every day?)
Seems to have no secondi piatti;
at least that was the case for lunch.
Reasonable prices, good cooking.

U Magu
Piazza Castellino, 16
Pietra Ligure
019 624151
Very nice gelato

Osteria la Botte Gaia
Piazza Garibaldi 1
019 450 85 25
The menu was limited but the taste was exquisite.
For dessert, get gelato from the Bar Centrale,
also at Piazza Garibaldi.

Trattoria Gnabbri
Via Pollupice 1, Finalmarina
019 69 32 89
Stand before the large church of John the Baptist
on Via Roma, then go down the narrow street on the right side
of the church.
Very interesting antipasti and pasta dishes

Ai Cuattru Canti
Via Torcelli 22 Finalborgo
Closed Sunday evenings and Mondays
Outside summer, open only for lunch
019 68 05 40

La Piazza
Via Concezione, 64 (lungomare)

In Toirano

Rosa dei Venti
Via G. Polla 42
0182 98574

In Milan

El Big Bang (Peruvian, good)
Via Lepetit 10
+39 327 848 36336
+39 02 3656 0913

Mediterranea ristorante brasserie
Via B. Marcello, 93 (at Via Petrello)
20124 Milano
Tel. 02 2049611
Open every day

Osteria Papá Nicola
Piazza San Camillo de Lellis
20124 Milano
+39 02 91477272
Food was good, and had outdoor seating even in March

Vio Lecco 18
+39 02 2952 2711
Very nice dishes with unusual specialty pasta
but not a broad menu

Al cuoco di bordo
via Gluck 11
20125 Milan
Closed Monday and Tuesday
seafood only
many species of fish or seafood, only a few preparations
A little on the expensive side
Location: walk along the tracks from Milano Centrale on the left side.

Recommended by Eben Moglen, not yet tried
Osteria del Treno
("slow food temple")
Via S Gregorio 46
Down Via Vittorio Pisani, left on Via S Gregorio
Try the smoked breast of goose

Osteria della Stazione
Via Popoli Uniti 26
02 28381700

Osteria della Pasta e Fagioli
Via Venini, 54
02 2614 8014
Many unusual dishes, but only a fraction were
appealing to me.

Trattoria il carpaccio
Via Lazzaro Palazzi 19 0229405982
Closed Sunday evening and Monday
Very good

Ristorante Il Nodo
Via Pietro Calvi, 5
Phone: 02 7384589
Partly oriented towards Sardinian style

Trattoria Bagutta
via Bagutta, 14
02 7600 2767 02 3701 1235
Closed Sundays
12:30 to 22:30
Good but expensive

Ristorante Settembrini 18
02 29519494
Pretty good

In Albizzate (in the region of Milan but not very close)

Via Magenta, 2
0331 987527
Magnificent the GULLP people brought me there.

In Bologna and vicinity

Ristorante Donatello
Via Augusto Righi
40126 Bologna
051/23 54 38

Trattoria da Vito
Via Musolesi 9
051-34 98 09

Uliani Ristorante 051 917008
In Pioppe (town south of Bologna).
Very large menu changes daily

In Florence

in Pontedera (near Firenze):
La Pescaccia
Via delle colline, 4
0587 52384
Closed Sundays
specializes in fish
2015: very good

Le Carceri (in old jail)
Piazza Madonna Delle Nevi, 3
055 2479327
Very good, interesting dishes, and moderate prices.
Filled up around 20:00 on Saturday, but we arrived
by 19:40 and could sit right down.

Ristaurante Cibreo Via dei Macci near Church Sto Ambrogio
The cafe, trattoria and restaurant have the same food,
but it's cheapest in the cafe and most expensive in the restaurant.

Trattoria Casalinga
Via dei Michelozzi, 95
Phone: +39 055 218624

In Pisa

La Panacea
Via Provinciale Calesana 179
050 877170
339 384 9769
Closed Mondays

Ristorante del Cuore
via del cuore n. 1
050 579941
Quality was exquisite,
though only a fraction of the menu met my tastes.

In Lucca

Trattoria Da Giulio
Via delle Conce, 45
0583 55948
Closed Sundays
Get the farro and beans soup

In Siena

La Sosta de Violante
Via Pantaneto, 113
closed Sunday
0577 43774
2015: very good

In Foggia

La Teresina
Via C Battisti, 55

In Marsala

Le Lumie
District Fontanelle 178b
0923 995197
Great! Also, chef is a friend of Vincenzo's friend Michele

In Modena

Accademia dei Dissonanti
Via Berengario 112
Closed Tuesday

Il Patriarca
Via Vignolese, 1008
Closed Tuesday
Specializes in seafood

In Palermo

Arancine and other snacks
Via Gaetano Amoroso 1/3/5
+39 091 485797

Ai Vecchietti di Minchiapititto
Via Paolo Paternostro, 28
091 585606

In Rome

Osteria l'Altri Sostegno
Via di Bravetta 233
06 6615586

L'isola dei Sardi due
Vicolo della Garbatella, 1/9 ang. Piazza Pantero Pantera 17
06 5135 044
Closed mondays,

Prati: Via E. Faa di Bruno 26
Flaminio: Via Flaminia, 390

La Rosita, seafood, expensive but worth it
Via de la Rosita, near the Pantheon

Sabatini, in Trastevere

In Catania

Il Mare
Via S. Michele, 7
095-317024 (fixed)
Closed Mondays

In Calabria

Between Avellino and Salerno
Tavernetta Marinella
San Michele di Serino
via Cotone 3
349 6623766
closed sunday evenings and mondays

In Madrid


Dakar (African, especially Senagalese)
Calle del Ave Maria 32
28012 Madrid
632 029 934
What I had was quite good
Has outdoor tables

La Huerta
Calle Alburquerque, 14 (corner with Palafox)
91 593 41 65
(The food was exquisite, but the waiter tried to encourage
us all to choose from the menu of the day, which had only two options
and those the least interesting. I'm glad I led people
away from that.)

Taberna Gaztelupe (Basque food, very good but expensive)
91 534 91 16 or 91 534 90 28
Aviador Zorita, 32
28020 Madrid
(Near Nuevos Ministerios)

Costa Blanca
"has arroces and fideuá, and some other things."
Red line from Plaza de Sto Domingo to Parada de Quevedo
On upper side of Plaza Quevedo, on the corner with Fuencarral

Asador Real
Plaza Isabel II (near Opera, Esquina a C/ Escalinata)
91 547 11 11 / 91 559 85 85
Great cochinillo

Asador Alboka
calle Rosario Pino, 18
Tel: +34 91 571 38 85
+34 91 571 40 04
Basque-style, very good

The restaurant in Atocha station was good
(quite a surprise). There is also a candy store
in the station that sells almendras garrapiñadas.

Burgos, Spain

Rice Hotel restaurant
Fernán González 6=10
Excellent Spanish food

Jávea, Spain

Amarre Tapas
Av Mediterráneo 96
Primer Montañar
96 579 26 02
(no email)
Great fideuá, and very nice tapas

In L'Empordà, Spain (near Figueras)

Mesón del Conde
Plaça Major, 4
L'Escala. Empordà, Girona, Spain
+34 972 770 305
+34 672 005 139
OSM: 42.13973 - 3.11783
Great food, especially sea food.
I had the sea food tasting menu.
The black rice was also nice.

In Donostia--San Sebastián

La Bodega Donostiarra
Good creative pintxos
C/ Peña y Goñi, 13
+34 943 01 13 80
on-Thurs 9.30am-11pm, Sat-Sun 9.30am-midnight; closed Sundays

Campanario 11
943 421 904
Tasting menu was exquisite, with price to match

La Perla
Paseo de la Concha
943 46 24 84
Very good

La Bodega Donostiarra
Calle Peña y Goñi 13
Basically, pintxos; they were good.

Donibane Kalea, 71
20110 Pasajes de San Juan
Phone: +34 943 52 39 52

Arzak (very famous, not tried)

In Ciudad Real

Crta. Carrión
926 227 404
Buena comida tipica local
Owner is father of Cleto

In Vigo

Casa Esperanza
Luis Taboada 28
986 22 86 15

Restaurante La Abadia
Avenida de Bernardo Vázquez 38, Nigrán, España
+34 986 367 958
Propietario: Fernando
Was very good, had navajas and necoras.

Bar Manolo
Espiñero, 69
Phone: 26 47 52
Recommended by Pablo and Georg

In A Guarda (south of Vigo)

Porto, 34
986 61 03 21
36780 A Guarda
Specializes in arroz con bogavante

In A Coruña

Adega o Bebedeiro
Ángel Rebollo 34
981 210 609

Restaurante La Terraza
Avenida del Pasaje, 85
981 280 073
981 282 611

In Zamora

Not tried:

Los Caprichos de Meneses
Plaza San Miguel, 3 49015 Zamora
980 53 01 43

Jose says it is very good.

In Barcelona

C/ Argentería 74-78
08003 Barcelona
+34 93 319 58 89
Focuses on arroces; the one with duck confit and figs was

Passeig de Gracia 78
near Mallorca
+34 93 496 18 18

Japanese all-you-can-eat, dishes made to order
Carrer del Rossello, 373
Phone 93 208 27 55
Its sushi is good, but they have only a few kinds of
fish to use in it. They have some non-Japanese dishes too.

Casa Amalia
Passatge Mercat, 4-6
(Near Carrer Valencia and Carrer Girona)
93 458 94 58
Excuisite Catalan food.
Normally has fideuá on Thursdays,
but they might make it on other days for a group of four

Sopa Boba
Carrer Bruc 115
08009 Barcelona
Has a daily menu at lunch
and small dishes in the evening
M0F 08:00 - 23:00
S&S 13:30 - 16:00 and 20:00 - 23:00
+34 93 129 8475

Can Solé
Carrer Sant Carles, 4
93 221 50 12
Traditional Catalan food, especially seafood
wonderful fideuá
On the expensive side
Closed Sunday night and Monday

Terra d'escudela
Carrer Premià, 20 baixos
93 422 16 13
Roughly traditional, not fancy, very tasty,
not expensive
Closed Sunday
Till 1am, Friday and Saturday
Till midnight other days
Food is very well prepared, but the restaurant
specializes in organs and botifarra, and cod,
so there are not many dishes I like.

Carrer Girona 108

Mallorca 304
Open fairly late
Food was amazingly good

El Racó d'en Bauti
Calle Premià (Plaça d'Osca)
Specializes in arroces and fideuá.
Good mariscos too.

Salterio (tea and Moroccan pastry)
Santo Domingo del Call, 4
93 302 50 28

Diputaci???n 309
93 496 15 29
Independencia, 344
93 435 88 65
Both pasta and pizza are pretty good

Carrer Arago just NE of Passeig de Gracia
Pretty good and not too expensive

Elche (specializes in arroces, but they are for 2 people, not 1)
Vila Vilà 71
(near Montjuic).
93 44 130 89

El Nou Ramonet
Carbonell 5 (nearest part of Barceloneta)
(0) 93 268 33 13
Extremely good, but expensive.
My waiter used GNU/Linux.

Can Ramonet
run by same family as El Nou Ramonet,
and not far away.

Sagardi (basque-style tapas)
Calle Argenteria 62.
34 93.319.99.93
Near Jaume I station

Euskal Etxea (basque-style tapas, maybe better than Sagardi)
Placeta Montcada 1-3 08003 Barcelona
34 93 310 22 00

Cuines de Santa Caterina
(in Mercado de Santa Caterina)
Avinguda de Francesc Cambó s/n
34 932 689 918
The menu is a grid of categories.

La Taina (Tiberis Indecents)
Bruniquer, 24
(Near or in Gracia)
647-751-734, 616-274-360

Calle Urgel 186
Es pequeño y rústico (nada elegante), pero tiene aire acondicionado
Si nos visitas de nuevo en Barcelona quizás te interese conocerlo

A bit phony, but food is good.
In particular, the fideua was good.

Near Camallera, Spain (region of Barcelona)

Hostal Restaurante La Serra
St Esteve de Guialbes
+39 972 56 10 59

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Restaurante Trebol
Raiña 16
981 583 773
689 000 542
Open until 00:30 some nights
Traditional dishes made very nicely
I recommend the caldo gallego and the vieiras (scallops).

Cáceres, Spain

Tapas and dining
927 26 10 52
3.00 - 16.00
20.30 - 23.00
Plaza Mayor, 26
Caceres 10003
Somewhat creative, very good

In Castellon

Calle Alcora 246

Tapelia was pretty good, but makes rices only for 2 or more people.

In Girona

El Celler de Can Roca (very famous, not tried)

Hostal Restaurant La Serra
Sant Esteve de Guialbes, Vilademuls, north of Girona
+34 972 56 10 59
Enjoyed the meal.

In Bilbao

Martin Berasategui (very famous, not tried)

Los Fueros
Calle de los Fueros 6
609 940 077
94 415 30 47
Tapas and meals
Was pretty good

Jaén, Spain


La Manchega
Bernardo López, 8
953 232 192
Many tradiional dishes.
I loved the gulas y gambas.

In Pamplona

Calle San Nicolas 32
948 22 20 21
Creative pintxos (tapas)
Was quite good

In Huelva

Vasquez Lopez, 22
959 25 75 28
Tapas, was good.

In Oviedo, Spain

Casa de comidas
Plaza de Trascorrales 10 B
33009 Oviedo
985 219 044
Specializes mainly in seafood;
dishes are traditional rather than creative.
Fine quality.

Valencia, Spain

La Caseta (great horchata; helado also)
General Pastor, 10
+34 96 165 52 06
Av. de las Corts, 16
+34 96 292 90 91

Swagat (good Pujabi food)
The Kulfi was espeically nice
Av. de las Corts Valencianes
L'Eliana, Valencia 46183
+34 960 82 09 58
+34 623 49 43 67
Also two other locations in Valenca proper

Canalla Bistro
Calle Maestro José Serrano 5
+34 96 374 05 09
Interestingly eclectic.
The "sharing menu" was very nice.

Casa Ou
Carrer del Matematic Marzal 11
46007 Valencia
+34 951 107 848
+34 607 666 715
They serve Wenzhou-style food, which I am
not very familiar with, but the food was great.

Love Hut
Carrer Comte d'Altea 44 bajo izquierdo
+34 963 744 361
Fri, Sat 13:30 - 16:00, 20:30 - 24:00
Others 13:30 - 16:00
Extremely delicious vegan food.

Orchata, helado
In Alboraia or Almassera
96 185 75 34
phone for directions

Valladolid, Spain *

La Parilla de San Lorenzo
Calle Pedro Niña, 1 (at San Lorenzo)
983 33 50 88

Juan de Austria I
983 25 82 09
Paseo de Zorrilla 336
983 66 11 12
Daniel del Olmo 5
983 22 69 20
Pastelería, its specialties are "bombones",
chocolate shells filled with various flavors of creams

Los Zagales
Calle Pasión, 13
983 38 08 92

In Navacerrada, a small town near Colmenar Viejo (north of Madrid), Spain

El Rumba
Plaza Dr Gereda, 1
+34 91 856 04 05
Food was exquisite
I had the day's special 12-course tasting lunch menu,
but I'm told that the ordinary daily menu is very good too.

In Miraflores de la Sierra near Colmenar Viejo (north of Madrid), Spain

Paseo de los Alamos, 5
28792 Miraflores de la Sierra
+34 91 844 35 67
The food was quite nice
The bar downstairs has the same food as the restaurant upstairs
but the bar is cheaper and less fancy.

In Castellón de la Plana

Restaurante Mediterraneo
Buenavista, 46
964 26 46 09
Grao Castellón

Urbanización El Pinar
Islas Mancolibre, 4-A
Has a wide variety of arroces, and fideuá, and
many other dishes. Everything we tried was great.

In Zaragoza

Restaurante La Granada
San Ignacio de Loyola, 14
E-50008 Zaragoza
Tel: +34-976-223-903
Fax: +34-976-222-168

In Córdoba

Taberna las comedías
cl. Velazquez Bosco 12
957 479 120
great variety of tapas
Don't recall whether I tried it

In Gran Canaria

Casa Montesdeoca
Vegueta, Las Palmas
Calle Montesdeoca, 10

In Lisbon

Taberna Anti Dantas
Cecilia Meireles, 11
I don't remember the details
but I liked it enough to save the name and coordinates

Taberna Anti Dantas
R. Cecilia Meireles, 11
+351 917 494 749
Was good, but I don't remember more after more than a week.

Rua das portas de Santo Artão, 25
+351 21 342 14 66
12h to 01h30 every day
Was good, but I don't remember more after more than a week.

Sr Lisboa
Rua de São José, 134-136
+351 213 423 512
Was good, but I don't remember more after more than a week.


Bologna, Italy

Trattoria Paradisino
Via C. Vighi 33
+39 051 566 401

Cosenza, Italy

La Locanda
Corso Mazzina, Trav. Via Galliano, 4
+39 09 84 21685
+39 379 249 6115
Try the pasta with pistachio sauce

Via G Marconi, 114
+39 0984 403 959
+39 347 768 9552
+39 338 464 0533
+39 340 270 5100

Milano, Italy

El Big Bang di Salazar Gordillo
Good Perufian food in a family-owned restaurant
I reommend the causa acevichada
Via Vitruvio 43
20124 Milano
02 3656 0913

Piza, Italy

La Pergoletta
Via Delle Belle Torre, 48
+39 050 542458
Food was exquisite, in traaditions but quite varied
Reservations are generally needed in the usual dinner hours.

Reggio Emilia, Italy

Giorgio Palcaldi
Antica Salumeria
Via Broletto 1/P
+39 052 243 2795
+39 335 621 9795

Pasticceria Pallotti
Via del Borgo di San Pietro 59
051 242417
Nice italian pastries

Trento, Italy

Rosa D'oro
Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore 21
Trento 38122
+39 0481 261792
Trentino traditional dishes, and other Italian dishes.
The panna cotta was marvelous.
I was disappointed by the regu d'naatra -- it was rather
sparse, so it did not add much to the pappardelle.


In Stockholm

Rolfs Kök
Tegnérgatan 41
Phone 08-10 16 96
Very good, but few options for vegetarians.

Bistro Bestick
Bryggargatan 8
111 21 Stockholm
Phone: +46 08-20 31 20
Has a limited daily menu butthe food was good.

In Östersund

Excuisite meal, among the best I have ever had.
Pråstgatan 44
Östersund, Sweden

in Helsinki

Near central bus station.
Creative Finnish

Töölömkatu 27
(0)9 2709 0973
Creative Finnish

In Prague

De(hacek)nická 28, 17000 Praha 2
220 875 900 / 777 201 770

Zátisí (s with hacek)
Liliová 1
+420 222 22 11 55
Both Czech traditional and international dishes were great

In Krakow

Kawiarnia Grill
ul. Stolarska 8
Great Zurek, and the rest was good too.

Gospoda na Woli
great traditional Polish food

In Athens

Erontas & Stamnangkáthi
Panórmou and Doukíssis Plakentías 73
210 69 84 846
Cretan food

Kerameikou 49 & Akadimou
211 1834789
Interesting dishes and good quality.
However, I did not like the tahini-flavored ice cream.

I Kriti
Veranzerou 5
Kaniggos Square
+30 210 38.26.998
Good Cretan food

Achilleas / Vergina
62 Valtitsiou St
branches off from Themistokleous St at Exarchia Square.
Wonderful stuffed vegetables and pastitsio,
and chalva, and grilled tagarino cheese

2 Themistokleous Str at Panepistemiou (near Omonoia)
210 38 38 485
Ate there with John Curuby
Very traditional

34 Mitropoleos Str (near Syntagma)
210 38 38 485
Different menu from the other one.

Years ago
Cucina Povera
Euphorionos 13, Kallimármaro


The Courtyard of Deucalion
8 Lisimachou Kalokairinou Str.
+30 2810 244215
+30 6944 906542


2015, both of these were very good.

Chrisostomos Restaurant
Defkalionos and Ikarou Str. (near the Venetian Fortress eastern moat)
Chaniá, 73100
Tel. +30 28210 57035

Akti Topazi 12 (on the harbor in middle, near old mosque)
Tel. +30 28210 55527

Kyrenia, Cyprus


Edremit Village #2 Trimiti
North Cyprus
0548 644 6000
0542 860 1920
Traditional food, very good.
I recommend the kleftiko lamb (order in advance).

Lefkosia, Cyprus


To Pantopoleío
38 Metochiou Str
+357 22 67 51 51
Creative versions of traditional food
Very nice -- I went there twice.

To Achilleion
1 Kanari St, Agious Omologités
22 66 95 32
99 45 68 31
Traditional meze

Ohi roundabout
Inside the old city next to the walls
I was in a group dimmer having the full meze,
which was a series of perhaps 15 different dishes,
which were prepared nicely.

Perikleous 36
(inside the walls)
+357 22 671549
+357 99 559494
Mostly makes traditional local dishes, very well.
I loved the pork cooked with coriander.

Taverna i Stoa tou Dimitri
Diyeni Akrita 28
Ayios Antonios
Wide range of traditional dishes

+357 22 34 30 30

Petra tou Romiou, Cyprus


Panoramic View
Uphill from the coast road
near the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite.
+357 26 999005
+357 99 655760
Pick your fresh fish and they will prepare it.
The fish soup was great, too -- without the overpowering
fishy taste that some fish soups have.
They have non-fish dishes too.

Belo Horizonte

Fogo de Chão (churrarrasqueria)
Rua Sergipe, 1208
Very good, rather expensive.
Also in some other cities in Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro

Estacao Republica
Rua do Catete 104

Siqueira Grill
Rua Siqueira Campos, Copacabana

In Sao Paulo

Wan Wan
555 Galvão Bueno
Quite good Cantonese food

Figueira Rubaiyat
Rua Haddock Lobo 1738
11 3087 1399

Tenda do Nilo arab
Rua Coronel Oscar Porto 638
11 3885 0460

Dalva e Dito creative
Rua Padre Joao Manual 1.115
11 3062 6282

Kinoshita expensive creative Japanese
Rua da Gloria 168
11 3105 4903

In Campinas


Erasmo Braga, 235
Bonfim, Campinas
Specializes in seafood, more or less traditional

Nico Panateria
Av Andrade Neves, 2386
3243 1542
(from outside Brazil) +55 19 ...
(from outside Campinas) 0 XX 19 ...
Bakery downstairs, buffet of soups and salads upstairs
I tried the upstairs and liked it

Solar Dos Pampas
Good buffet
Av Romeu Tórtoma 165
(19) 3289 1484

In Porto Alegre

Dona Zefinha
(NE Brazil food)
Rua General Lima e Silva, 776
(51) 3072 5557

Riverside was a great seafood buffet,
but no longer specializes in seafood.

Galpao Criollo
has folk dance perfomances
as well as churrasco

In Brasilia

Brasília - DF, SCES – Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul, Trecho 2, Lote 2,
Conjunto 26, s/n - Asa Sul
(61) 3252-0156
M-F 12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00
Sat 12:00-22:00
Sun 11:00-21:00

Dom Durica
Street 201 N

Mar del Plata, Argentina


Espigón de los Pescadores
On a pier leading out from the beach:
Escollera Club de Pesca
Boulvard Marítimo y Avenida Luro
(0223) 493-1713
Great fish and seafood;
one local says it is the city's best.

Mendoza, Argentina


Anna Bistro
Av Juan B Justo 161
Ciudad Mendoza
8am - 1am every day
very nice creative European food

Tucumán, Argentina


25 de Mayo 230
06:00 to midnight
03865 570509
Nice food, including seafood, and good soup

In Mexico

Cuetos (seafood)
Brasilia No. 469
Colonia 5 de Diciembre
Puerto Vallarta
air conditioning
11am - 11pm
(322) 223 0363
I found the food delicious.
A friend told me he didn't recommend their octopus,
so I didn't try that.

In Puebla, Mexico

Meson Sacristia de la Compania
6 Sur Numero 304
Callejon de los Sapos
Centro Historico, Puebla
(2) 242-35-54

Mi Viejo Pueblo
It's a chain, but the food was amazingly good.

In Mexico City

Cluny (French cuisine and other things)
Avenida de la Paz
San Angel, CDMX
55 50 73 50
55 50 73 59
The onion soup is truly French style, and very good.

La Covacha de Vos
Calz Azcapotzalco la Villa 1203
San Bartolo Atepehuacan GAM CDMX
Metro Lindavista
Argentine restaurant

El Cardenal
Palma #25
Centro Historico
Avenida Juarez #70
Great, but not open for dinner

International and creative Mexican food
5616 1601
5989 8972

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Dila's (Interesting Asian Fusion)
Salida Real a Querétaro 187 int 5
Phone 1541212
cell 4611539222
Creative and tasty

Juan's Cafe
Calle Reloj (relox, on street signs) near the
"biblioteca pública"
I had the soups and the specials; they were very nice.

Panio (bakery)
One block east from the parroquio church.
The baguettes and sweet pastries are good

Torreón, Mexico

La Patata
Spanish food
Centro Comercial Cuatro Caminos
871 7 47 22 22
13h - 22h every day
The fideua was not very good, but some other things were nice.

El Agave
Interesting Mexican food
Centro Comercial Cuatro Caminos
871 7 47 20 20
Try the roasted cauliflower appetizer.
If there are less than 4 of you, perhaps ask for the smaller portion

Todos Santos
Mariscos and other things
871 668 22 57

Brazilian-style rodizio de churrasco
Big variety of salads, as well as meats
Not everything is as good as in Brazil,
but some things are.
Blvd Indepencia 2727 Oriente
Colonia Nuevo San Isidro
+52 871.226,8078

In Guatemala City

6 C 7-55 Z-9
Guatemala - Guatemala, Guatemala
Teléfono(s) : (502) 23315265
Surprisingly good Cantonese food

2a Ave. 13-44 zone 10
Phone: 3374188-9
Creative adaptations of precolombian recipies.

Panaderia y Pasteleria San Martin
13 calle 1-62 zona 10 Local 6

In Caracas

Da Guido
Av Francisco Solano, local #8
Sabana Grande, Caracas
(0212) 763-0937

El Budare (in Mercedes) has great chupe de pollo,
but not every day.

Mandarina House
Av Francisco Solano López con Calle Paraiso

Gran Yen
Plaza Venezuela

Terraza Castellana
Ctro Empresarial Coinasa P.B.
Avenida San Felipe, frente al antiguo locatel
+58 (212) 267.9798 - 266.5935
Everything I tried was good; the garlic soup was very interesting.

In Bogotá:

Creative adaptations of traditions
Carrera 4A #26D-90

Casa Vieja
Avenida Jimenez 3-63
342-6752, 334-8908
Two other branches
Good and varied traditional Colombian food

Bellini (Italian)
Cra. 13 No. 28A-31 Piso 3 288-8560 288-8750

Calle 45 #28-08

In Asunción region

La Palmera
(0291) 32787
Mcal. López 555

In Ecuador:


Fried Bananas
Foch E4-150 (con Amazonas)
Mon-Fri 12:30-22:30
Sat 12:30-16:30

Hasta la Vuelta Señor (comida típica rica)
Various locations

Creative and very good
Pontevedra n24-442 y Francisco Salazar, La Floresta
Alexander Lau +593-9-8350-3501


Restaurant Rincón de Borgoña
Parque Pucará de Podocarpus


in Arequipa

El Cameroncito
La Italiana
El Montonero
El Mesón del Virrey
Che Carlitos
Same owner. La Italiana was good; the others reportedly are
equally good.


Viña del Mar

El Austriaco
(32) 2683692
3 Norte No 105 esquina 6 Poniente


La Concepción
Papudo 541
closed Mondays

Il Paparazzo
Papudo 424
32 3279197

Victoria No 2788
closed Mondays


Ana María
Caupolicán 372
Not fascinating but pretty good,
especially for a touristic town.


Restaurant Oregon
Recreo 530

Puerto Montt

Pa' Mar adentro
Pacheco altamirana 2525, Angelmó
(065) 26 40 60
Probably requires reservation


Restaurant Valdiviano
Libertad 50
22 40044
Mostly seafood

Cosas Ricas
Perez Rosales 644
+56 63 222 0606
I had the Quinoa "risotto", which also contained leeks, alfalfa sprouts, and
various mushrooms. Also the ceviche. Both were very nice.
Be careful: there is another branch, smaller, which has only the daily menu.

Saelzer #020, Isla Teja
+56 63 254 1038
Specializes in creative adaptations of local traditions.
Very interesting, and some were very good.

In Canberra

Ruby (02) 6249 8849
Dickson (Wooley St?)
Lots of great things, including
2 kinds of noodles with dried scallops and mushrooms (not on menu)

In Sydney

Marigold 9281 3388
683 George St
Perhaps best dim sum I've ever had,
even on a week day. Good other dishes too.

Cafe Mickey
Oxford Street in Paddington
Eclectic. Pumpkin & feta pizza was good.

Dance company's restaurant
Very good imaginative cuisine, also very expensive.

On quay near opera house

West Harbor area
Italian, said to have great risotto.

In Melbourne

Burmese Kitchen 9486 7088
356 St George Rd Fitzroy
Very good. May be closed for lunch.

Red Rice 9415 7513
193 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Good Vietnamese

555 Sydney Rd Brunswick 3056 (03) 9387 2679
Turkish. Good variety of good main dishes,
but the pastries were not the best.

In Brisbane

Lefkos Taverna
Pretty good Greek food.
Has skorthalia but not grilled vegetables to have with it.
Great kataifi.

In Wellington, NZ

71-81 Cuba St
Oaks Complex
04 385 0735
Quality was very good

45 Tory St

Breton Bistro
87 Upland Rd

Tinakori Rd

In Auckland

Jimmy Wong's (asian fusion)
5b Lorne St
09 300 6381

In Christchurch

Foodsing (Chinese)
Upper Riccarton

Bodhi Tree (Burmese, famous)
808 Colombo St
03 377 6808

Nobanno (Bengali, from Bangladesh)
Corner Armagh and Colombo

In New Plymouth, NZ

Next to Puke Ariki museum

Small cafe just west of river across from public toilets

In Istanbul

Haci Abdullah
Atif Yilmaz Cad. #9/A
(0212) 293 85 61

Altın Balık
Under Galata Bridge
(0212) 251 62 54 - 55
Even though it is touristic, many Turks eat there.
The fish was good, but the mezze were great.

In Delhi

Moti Mahal Delux
20/48 Malcha Marg Market
Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi 110021
26118698, 26872760, 26115625

It's 9 Bakery Café
(restaurant with some Indian dishes and some European; they were good)
1st Floor Yashwant Place
Chanakya Puri (near Bikaneer Walla)
New Delhi
+91 11 24121520/21

City of Joy (Bengali)
Unit 2, 1st floor,
Aravali Shopping Complex
Alaknanda, New Delhi

Bangali Pastry Shop and Snack Bar
34 to 37, Bengali Market
New Delhi
2335 5591, 237 1064

Baboo Mashai
Bengali food
K-1/52, Chittarajan Park
Chittarajan Park

Oh! Calcutta

In Bangalore

South Indies
840/A 100 ft rd
+91 80 41636363

In Hong Kong

Luk Yu
best dim sum in Hong Kong

In Shanghai

International Seafood Buffet
Was nasty and regarded their menu as secret.

Jia Jia Tang Bao, 90 Huanghe-Lu (the street is perpendicular to Nanjing Rd
at the People's Park). They had the best dumplings, and it is close to the
center of town.

Chun Restaurant, 124 Jingxian Rd (in the French Concession). Call +86 21
6256 0301 immediately (someone who speaks the Shanghai dialect would be
best) so that you can get a reservation. There are only 4 tables, and it is
always full. This restaurant was the best food we ate in China! You eat
what they serve. There is no menu.

In Beijing

Not tried:

The Gou Bu Li restaurant group has a fabulous spot on Dong Zhi Men Street
(I'm not sure if it's east or west. but it is only two blocks from the Dong
Zhi Men subway stop. I am looking at their card, but it doesn't have the
exact name or address of the restaurant.

In Jakarta

Saung Sunda
Pondok Indah mall
Has Sunda-style food; it was very good.

In Casablanca

La Sqala
in the old medina, facing the port
Creative and great version of traditional Moroccan food.

In Iceland:


Fish Market (Fiskmarkaðurinn)
Aðalstraeti 12
+354 578 8877
Evenings from 18:00 to ?
Tasting menu was exquisite (but expensive)

Not yet tried, but said to be equally fine
Laekjargata 2A
+354 571 7777

Snorrabraut 54
+354 571 4200
Very good burgers, and frites as good as in Brussels.


Einsi Kaldi
Vestmannabraut 28
481 1415
Great creative food

Cafe Maria
Good modern not ethnic food

In Texcoco

Santa Bertha
Primera Cda. de Nezahualcóyotl 213,
Texcoco de Mora Centro
56100 Texcoco de Mora
Interesting variety, and was tasty.

In Zacatecas

Las Costillas de Sancho
Bldv José López Portillo 216
Guadalupe Zacatecas
(492) 899-11-44/45
Good ribs as well as other things

La Garufa (Very nice Argentine food -- try the empanadas de espinacas
and the lentil soup, as well as the meat)

Mesón de Jobito
Nice food in a hotel made from an old building
Jardín Juárez 143
01 (492) 924 17 22

In Tampico:

Los Curricanes (Tasty, good crabs)
Calle Mexico 411
Colonia Guadalupe
(01 833) 2 17 02 17
(01 833) 2 13 15 47

In Oaxaca:

Zicanda Creative, elegant, delicious food
Manuel García Vigil 409
Col Centro
(951) 50 1 07 16

In Guadalajara:

Av. Ingleterra 3128
33 3647 7774
Creative variations on Mexican and other traditions.
Most of the food was very good.

El Sacromonte
Pedro Moreno 1398
Col Americana
(33) 3825 5447

In Portugal

Braga, Portugal

O Gato do Rio (exquisite traditional dishes)
Travessa de Linhares, 4
(Variante do Fojo)
Este - S. Pedro
4715-435 Braga
+351 937-258-135
+351 253-675-238 (that one is fax as well as phone)

In Bern:

Restaurant Rosengarten
Alter Aargauerstalden 31b
CH-3006, Bern
Phone: +41 (0)31 331 32 06

Very nice.

Sassafraz Urchig Modern
Aarbergergasse 57
CH-3011, Bern
Phone: +41 (31) 311 7950


In Fribourg:

Café du Midi
Rue de Romont 25
1700 Fribourg - CH
Phone: +41 (0)26 322 31 33

In Zurich:

Hiltl Sihlpost
Vegetarian buffet with an enormous selection,
and well prepared.
Europaallee 1A
8004 Zurich
+41 44 344 11 11

Very fine Italian food, and open late
Langstrasse 35
Phone: +41 (0)44 240 04 75

In Angers:

Rue Henri Faris
Phone: +33 (0)2 41 72 06 09

Le Moulin
2 Route Nationale 162
Phone: +33 (0)2 41 42 30 45
(Also La Brasserie; Phone: +33 (0)2 41 42 33 57)

In Casablanca

95, rue du prince Moulay Abdellah
Beautiful garden, and delicious food

In Trivandrum, India


Opposite Nikunjam ipark
8606314422 8606324422
Very good (though sometimes too spicy) Malayali food.
The menu is only in malayalam

In Kozhikode (Calicut), India

(2018, 2022)

Kannur Rd
0495 276 7020
0495 276 1020
Reportedly the best restaurant in Kozhikode, and I can believe it.
The meal made me sigh with satisfaction for at least half an hour.

In Delhi, India


Barbeque Nation
Ground Floor G86-G87
Spaze Platinum Tower
Sohna Road
Sector 47
Various other branches in Delhi and some other Indian cities.

In Montpellier, France

Brasserie du Dôme
traditional French food
Angle Clémenceau - Gambetta
34000 Montpellier
+33 (0)4 67 92 66 70
Mon-Sat, 7h to 0h.
Sun, 7h to 15h

Le ban des gourmands
5 Place Carnot
34000 Montpellier
This is a short walk from Gare St Roch,
but tourists wandering around from there would
not come across it.
+33 (4) 67 65 00 85
Food was very good.

In Ukraine

MAMA MANANA (Georgian food)
Kyiv, V.Vasilkivska street, 44
050 425 04 04
Other branches:
G.Kipri street, 5-B
phone 068 722 00 77
Nizhniy Val street, 23
phone 073 432 42 32
Prozirna street, 22
phone 073 777 09 04
Pavlivska square, 20
phone: 050 416 10 17

In Sopot, Tri-City, Poland

Spoko Sopot
ul. Mestii 3
(this street runs along the beach in Sopot)
+48 530 659 666
The food was tasty, and unusual to me.
I got a cold tomato soup
and crispy breaded hake
It was too cold it eat in an entirely outdoors space,
but the front area was partly enclosed and well-ventilated.

In Gdańsk, Tri-City, Poland

ul. M. Hemara 1
80-280 Gdańsk
Reservations +48 570 191 810
At our event dinner we had a
magnificent creative menu.

In Warsaw

Stara Kamenica
UL Widok 8
(in city center)
22 11 44 333
Mostly traditional dishes

Near San Vicente de la Barquera

Bar Restaurante La Gloria
Poblado Serdio, 15
39549 Serdio, Cantabria
The food is good enough and not expensive.
The advantage is that is out of town, so you can park there.
It will be difficult to park in San Vicente
and may be difficult to get into any good restaurant
(and it will be too expensive).

Under Rapperswil, Switzerland

Hauptplatz 11
8640 Rapperswil
+41 55 220 00 50
Mixure of Swiss standbys and Italian and other influence.
I enjoyed my lunch

Under Geneva, Switzerland

Cave Valaisanne
H. A. Dumoulin
Boulevard Georges-Favon,23
CH1204 Genève
+41 22 328 12 36
Excellent quality, wide varienty of Swiss dishes,
some of them specialties of Valais.

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