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Systematic Torture by the Italian Police - Eddie Yuen


One of the most disturbing things going on is beatings and torture of prisoners. People being released now are leaving the jails covered in blood, with tales of being forced to stand for as long as 12 hours in groups and being beaten if they attempted to sit. Police spit in their face, threatened to kill them and told them that they had called their parents and told them they were dead. This has all been reported on Italian radio this morning. There are approximately 200 people unaccounted for, so it is very important for activists to find out if all of their comrades are safe, since the police have been committing their worst atrocities when they feel no one is watching. Among the unaccounted for are several reported fatalities and at least 2 women said to be in comas which the media has stopped reporting. Some people think that the government will only release the injured when they don't look as brutalized and announce the dead when the situation has "cooled off".
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