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Spotify flaunts how it tracks what each user listens to, and invites users to boast about Spotify's knowledge of them.

This devious scheme is all the more vicious because it operates at an emotional level which most the manipulated victims can't even recognize as manipulation.

Out, out damned Spotify! If you can't stop yourself from using it yet, at least stop yourself from promoting it.

If you have the strength to reject streaming, you can proudly say this How about this slogan:

Any song I listen to,
I can share a copy too.

If someone chides you by saying that sharing is illegal, you can respond with, "The music companies bought the law, but they can't make sharing wrong."

What sharing slogans can you think of?

Like most "music screaming" dis-services, Spotify is based on proprietary malware (DRM and snooping). Recently it demanded users submit to increased snooping, and some are starting to realize that it is nasty.

However, it was nasty all along. Any "service" that is based on discouraging or impeding people from having their own copies is a scheme to interfere with sharing.

This article shows the twisted ways that they present snooping as a way to serve users better — never mind whether they want that. This is a typical example of the attitude of the proprietary software industry towards those they have subjugated.

Spotify will invite musicians to compete for publicity by cutting their tiny share of the company's income.

Spotify can tell whether users are happy or sad, based on what they listen to. It will use that data to manipulate them. The data will sooner or later be combined with other personal data, to control people according to the corporate will.

To protect yourself from this tracking, do as I do — get an actual copy of the song, and listen to it with free software. Then no company will know what you are listening to.

Out, out, damned Spotify!

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