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Reasons not to use Zoom

Zoom is unjust, first of all, because it requires users to run a nonfree client program. Using a nonfree program puts you under the power of its owner — in this case, Zoom. That power includes the power to make the program mistreat users and limit users.

In the case of the Zoom program, that power stops users from adapting the program to use some other server instead of Zoom's server. Zoom's server mistreats users in various ways. I've just begun to build up this file; more instances will follow.

  • Zoom lied to users for years its software's encryption capability and security. It also installed malware to override security features of some browsers.

    Those actions bespeak an attitude towards users: treat them as prey. No matter what the company might promise not to do, with that attitude it will look for some other nasty thing to do to users.

  • Zoom enforced Chinese censorship against commemorating the anniversary of China's murderous repression of the protests at Tien An Men square in 1989.
  • Zoom sends users' personal data straight to Facebook.

    The article is shocked that it does this even for users that don't have Facebook accounts, but is it acceptable to do this for users that do have Facebook accounts?